Sharon’s addiction…

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Hey baby, we are seeing each other tonight, right?

Not sure, I may watch the game with Jeff and the guys over at Rick’s place, you know the Birds are playing -not missing that… Besides, I thought you were calling me earlier, before I made plans.

Your such a dick, I would’ve called after work, but I freaking stopped by the barbershop to shut your ass up about my god damn hair, it took him longer than I thought, I was fucking in the chair for over an hour! I hope you like this shit because it’s damn short.

You did what?

I got my haircut you asshole, you freaking nag the shit out of me about my hair, “you need a haircut”, or “I’ll take you to my barber”, “that shit is getting out of control”, – you fucking know – don’t act so innocent. I stopped by the barbershop and got a haircut… Now I look like a fucking Marine… It’s a wonder I’m not bleeding back there, he just kept cutting and cutting, this shit is so fucking short, I swear, I have no hair left…

I’m sure it looks great babe, I’ll meet you at Conner’s later, just save me a seat at the bar -I should be there by 8 for sure.

At least you answered your damn phone this time, you damn well know I do this for you, you better be there, or I’m going kick your ass when I see you.

TEXT received:

Got us 2 seats at the bar, freaking place is packed, this second glass of wine is taking the edge off – can’t wait to see you baby. Better not be late, I can feel the hair already growing back on my nape… #cumonmyneck

Later @ Conner’s

Excuse me sir, is this seat taken?

You asshole – you’re such a dick. What the hell did you mean by that shit?

Nothing sweetheart, I just thought from behind that you were…

I was a what- a fucking dude with short hair? I fucking can’t win with you- I practically go bald for you and you say that shit. You said you wanted a triple 000 or whatever the fuck back there, now it’s too fucking short?

No way babe, but I’ll still need to raise the hairline up tonight before I stick my cock in your mouth, how does that sound? But wow, he did take you short, it feels quite smooth back there – do you like it?

I guess I have to or you fucking don’t call or want to see me, this hair fetish of yours is out of control… Oh and I ran into my ex this afternoon at the gas station and he naturally had to chime in about my hair… He laughed and said I looked fucking stupid, go figure… He and that bitch he’s dating drove off laughing –

Does that bother you?

He’s a dickhead – parading around with his new eye candy bitch flipping her hair around – the bitch is damn near 60 years old, may be time to let loose of that horse mane herself…haha…

Sounds like someone I know is a little jealous. I guess you think she would look better with a bald ass head like yours? I’ll bet it would be nice to have a lady with hair long enough for me to yank from behind or perhaps wrap my cock around her tresses and jack off in her mouth, what do you think? Maybe that’s why I’m not available at times babe, maybe I’ve got a piece of ass at the house, pounding her like a hunk of meat and pulling her long sexy hair- pounding that pussy. You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you..?  Nothing to grab back there, your bald ass nape, maybe you should try growing that shit out and start looking like a real fucking woman, right? Or no, maybe I’ll just save my load, you’ll need me to massage it into on your bald ass neck – it may help your white scalp from getting a sunburn, right?

Fuck you, you’re such a dick sometimes. I keep my hair like this because of you, you can be so damn mean, WTH…?

I’m so just kidding sweetheart, what man wouldn’t like his lady to have a skint fucking head, right? I’m sure all the guys at the bar are just itching to come over and rub your stubble, hell some of them probably use the same barber – ya think? Or maybe you can just stay the night and when I take you to the barbershop in the morning, you’ll run into a few of these good ole’ boys?

You’re such a freak – I just got a haircut less than 4 hours ago, and now you want me to go shorter, you’ve got a fucking problem… but it’s your money dumbass, pay for the haircut and I’ll do whatever, it fucking doesn’t even matter anymore…

Whispering in her ear

Yes baby I know I’m a freak, but when I stick my shaft in your sweet tight ass, you fucking love it when I pound that shit and go harder & deeper, the shorter you are, the more I pound that ass. And you had better of kept that bushy pussy of yours tightened up as well, the triple 000 blade suits you well up top, and down below. I swear if I get one fucking pubic hair in my mouth when I’m licking your cunt like a cat, I’m going to…. Sshh.. no need to answer, I’m going to shave all that shit off downstairs, ya know, smooth ass bald…

Oh god damn baby, that makes my pussy so fucking wet…  I so need a dick fix, I want your cock so fucking bad baby, lets please go back tp your place.

“You got it babe, my cock is all yours tonight, and so in the morning it’s back to the barbershop for a G.I. – we’re getting rid of all this mess..” I said as her hand now reaching for my cock…

Later @ Home

Barely in the door, Sharon was now on all 4’s -doggie, begging for my cock. And in the drunken state, very few words were spoken, just a quick lube of Vaseline and the assault began.

Oh god fuck my pussy baby, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me… Your cock feels so damn good baby, don’t ever fucking stop, god damnit, please don’t stop.

As I grabbed her by both arms and slammed her face into the bed I needed her to tell me exactly what her fate was to be the next morning.

“So you’re getting a haircut in the morning babe?, I want you to fucking scream and tell me you need a fucking haircut, and tell me you want a G.I. baby or I’ll st……..”

My girl fucking begged “No please don’t fucking stop honey, please – I fucking need a haircut baby, oh fuck me, I want you to watch me get butchered at the barber baby, does that make your cock hard? I need this shit gone, rub my bald ass head while you fuck this cunt baby, don’t fucking stop, don’t ever fucking stop please – go deep baby, deep, deep…

Tell me again how you want it cut you fucking bitch? By now I was pounding her so hard she could barley complete full sentences.

Oh god, I want a G.I. – A FUCKING G.I… take it all off baby, oh fuck baby, tell the fucking barber to buzz the shit bald, just don’t stop fucking my cunt, please don’t stop…. God damn I can’t wait for those clippers to run up my neck baby… I want a fucking G.I. – Tell him to take it down to the bone, don’t leave a fucking hair on my head god damnit, not a fucking hair…

But all the guys in the shop will think you’re ….

“Fuck them, I want you to watch me get sheared like a damn sheep, God I need your dick, don’t ever stop fucking me baby — oh shit it feels so damn good.. oh god, oh god…..”

“Ssshhh..Bitch…You fucking talk too much..”

I stopped for a brief moment teasing my lady with the tip of my cock…

“Baby please don’t fucking stop, I want every fucking person in that barbershop to watch me get clippered, they’ll fucking know I’m yours baby, I want a a G.I., I fucking want a G.I. haircut sooo fucking bad baby, I swear to god I want those fucking shears pacing up and down my nape – I want that shit bald mother fucker – take me down to the bone… I want you to watch him take me short, clipper my ass to the skin, all at your direction baby – just make sure my ass is bald baby…

Ramming her with everything I had, I implored her to tell me the words that always made my cock rock hard. “Tell me your ass is shorn bitch, fucking tell now” as I pounded her like a battering ram

“I’m fucking shorn baby, oh god I’m so fucking shorn, keep pounding it baby, pound my tight shorn ass” she says by now literally screaming from the top of her lungs.

My lady now was enduring a pounding in both holes and a occasional throat fucking like no other. The mix of her pleading for a haircut combined with the sight of me literally gagging her made my cock rock hard. This was no way to treat a lady for sure…

Turing over my erect Penis found it’s way in her ass – oiled up and ready for insertion. By now I was pounding her with everything I had. And after a severe pounding on my girl’s ass…

“I’m coming baby, don’t fucking stop baby, god damn I can’t wait for those clippers to scalp my ass baby, I want the 5-0 blade baby, fucking shave that shit bald, shave if fucking bald… Oh god damn I’m almost there, oh shit.”

I rolled her over and purposely pulled my cock out…. “Tell me again how much you love your hair cut baby?”

“Please stick it back in, I swear to god I fucking love my hair shorn, I love it shorn, I want you to watch me get scalped, I’ll tell hem to take me so fucking short- I want it so short.”

Rolling over I inserted my cock in her wide open mouth and began a total assault on her throat.

Tell me you love the clippers on your neck, tell me to shave your pussy bald right fucking now, tell me you want a G.I. haircut…

What the fuck are you saying, stop with the gurgling, tell me you love those loud ass clippers, tell me what the fuck you’re going to tell him so you don’t fuck it up….

Sharon tried desperately to make full sentences, but the obstruction in her throat was just too much to bare. After an eternity of what seemed to be an all night fuck session, we both feel off to sleep, my cock raw, her tight pussy totally beat down.

The next morning

Morning babe, holy shit you freaking wore my ass out last night, I can fucking barley walk. What the hell. I’ll bet your drunk ass doesn’t even remember the fucking cucumber you shoved up my ass, you’re a fucking weirdo for sure…

An hour later we’re at CITY BARBERS, Sharon in 6 inch heels, tight jeans and a loose turtle neck sweater.

After walking across the lot, my poor baby reminding me that her ass and pussy were so sore, she was in pain just walking…

“NEXT” as the old barber snapped the cape, removing all the hair form the gentleman he had just cut.

“Time for your G.I babe, go on – ole’ Jimmy will have you cleaned up real quick.” I said motioning for Sharon to take her turn in the chair. She gingerly walked across the shop ever so slowly. Watching her strut her big ass across the shop, and struggle to climb in the classic barber chair made my cock rock hard! She began speaking with the barber as he asked her how short are we going…

Overhearing the conversation I could hear Sharon in her southern accent.

“A G.I., I believe that’s what it’s called. I want it all off” she said looking over at me while I sat, dick rock hard, just a few feet away.

I sat watching, as the chair was pumped up and the loud clippers came to life. Snapping on the zero guard the last words I heard were “All the way down.” Sharon dropped her head and the clippers began to run back and forth, up and down, over her scalp. After several minutes, I walked by her chair.

“I need to take this zoom call, I’ll be in the truck. That’s starting to look great, she does LOVE it short” as I walked past the barber, as he continued to run the clippers up my girl’s neck. I watched from just outside the shop and started to notice a few tears gather on my gals cheek as the last clippings of stubble now begun to build on her neckline. I watched from just outside the door while the cream was applied around her ears and on her nape, the old dude carefully shaving the rest with precision. The combination of straight razor, tonic and finally talc hardened my cock immensely. I walked to the truck…

“Where the fuck are you” Sharon said standing just outside the doorway of the shop, on her mobile, peering over the lot looking for my vehicle.

“I moved the truck to the end of the lot baby, near McDonald’s – I had to take a zoom call and the signal is better over here, can you walk down and we’ll grab some breakfast” I answered with a quick TEXT. I watched as she used a small mirror from her purse to examine the damage done to her head. I loved seeing her try to tussle what little hair she had left, stroking the nape area – nothing but smooth skin to the touch! Her nape shining, bright white, her scalp bald, smooth and shiny.

Watching her slam her phone in her purse, Sharon began the long walk down the walkway to the end of the plaza, headed to McDonald’s. As I watched her walk, I could only imagine what was going through her mind. She strutted ever so slowly down the breezeway with her fresh GI haircut, her heels making it so difficult to walk, considering the pounding her pussy endured the night before. Her plump ass moving from side to side, again reaching for her phone.

“Where the fuck are you asshole, I don’t see your truck” speaking into the speaker of her cell… I’m fucking raw as shit down there you dick, I’m not chasing you around the parking lot.” as she kept walking at a snails pace.

Moving the vehicle and pulling up behind her, I lowered the window…

“Excuse me sir, do you need a ride?”

I’ve never met a bigger asshole than you – god you can be so damn mean sometimes…

I thought you were getting a G.I. BABE, he left the top a tad long, don’t you think?

Holy fuck you asshole, it’s not even a 1/2 inch, what the fuck?

We drove toward home, her sucking my cock vigorously, lying across the seat of the vehicle. This was our normal routine, she knew the consequences of not “getting me off” she had been there many times before.

“Your loosing’ your touch babe, better do something, Chong is probably not busy and we’re coming up to her place soon” I pulled in the lot, parked facing the front, the barber pole turning outside and not a car in the lot. My gal sucking harder and harder, knowing that if she didn’t taste my hot load in her mouth soon, she would be in the chair again, Chong’s chair, her bald head shaves were legendary.

Climb on in babe – we’ can make it before she closes, this shaggy shit has to go!

Sitting moments later, caped, tissued tightly, the conversation was iconic.

“Take her down to bald Chong, she’s been acting up some lately, not being a good partner like you say all Korean women are” As I sat only feet away in the empty chair to the right.

The “scnick” of the clipper the drop of the head and Chong’s comment sent me straight to the bathroom to finish what Sharon could not.

“Real straight young lady, maybe this help you take better care of your man” the last image I saw was the powerful military clippers running front to back… Sharon now learning her fate.






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