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Hi…..It’s not my story , heard from my friend this is real story.

The characters in the story are madhu: Is a housewife she live in Tamil Nadu her hair was up to her butt-locks long black hair and had only child name is rekka hair was below breast  her husband was in aboard this story take place in 2016 madhu was 38 year old and her daughter was 15 year old, I am going to narrate as her daughter is a hairfestish in the story.

Rekka:mom, can we go the shopping?

Madhu: wait I am combing my then I will braid it wait for 10 mins.

Rekka:mom you always late to get ready because of the long ,I think you better shave it off.

Madhu: (smiled) and said if you company me I will do it.

Rekka: who is getting late to get ready? It only 2min to comb my hair and make it in a ponytail. If you want me shave my head I am willing to do, do you I think I am afarid of loosing my hair. If you want me to shave I will do it right now call the Baber, but condition you promise me u to want to shave your head.

Rekka was didn’t get afarid to shaving her head because she get hairfestish​ in the age of 12. Her parents forced her shave her head,madhu was vow to temple and they didn’t give the hair sacrifice so they forced her to shave. Rekka get so embracing because the baber was sit the road because of the crowd in the temple. But rekka loved the bald head . And she began to brower it in the internet. She see some headshave Video when she is alone.

Madhu:hai… Chill I am just joking, I am ready we can go to shopping . Leave this topic

Rekka: fine….Let’s go.

After few month the summer came and summer holidays for rekka.

Madhu husband:Get a phone call from her husband, me said I got promotion in my office

Madhu: awesome honey best of luck I am so happy about darling.

Madhu husband: but one problem I didn’t say to rekka about it, I vow that rekka want to bald in front that Lord balaji. I am sorry

Madhu: we want to convince her because rekka told that she  was willing to shave her head.

Madhu husband: thank God ,but the condition is that temple in our street corner, the important thinks is in front of the temple not in inside, after the shave burn her hair.

Madhu: what you vow tell fully?

Madhu husband: I vowed if I get promotion my daughter will shave her head in front of Lord balaji temple and after the shave she was to burn her shaved hair. For ever month for 6months she want to shave her head in the same place.

Madhu: ok.. she will shave her head tomorrow bye.

After few hours rekka came home she said mom my summer holidays start today

Madhu: good how long you got holidays

Rekka: two months mom, Its summer so I am to salon to cut my hair few inches give me money

Madhu: Don’t need it rekka, you going shave your head tomorrow

Rekka : It’s joke right,I already told I am willing to shave my head. Don’t lie to me

Madhu: your calls​ me few hours ago and he get promotion so he vowed to shaved to head to the Lord balaji.

And rekka go to her room and do ever hairstyle she can,she thinks again that madhu had hair and showoff to rekka .

In madhu bedroom she takes a nice headbath and put the coastly hair shampoo and after she finishes the bath she make a bun , After she put the clothes she sit in front of the the mirror and blow-dry her hair and make a braid and went to sleep

In the morning they of them get up early and madhu told rekka to headbath. Rekka was angry on madhu she didn’t speak to her . Rekka to the bathroom and madhu went with her and madhu unbraid her and told her to sit the floor naked and poured water in rekka head and she put the shampoo in rekka hair after the bath madhu braid rekka hair and the move the temple first for prayer in 8:00am they finish the prayer in 10:00am because of the crowd. Madhu flower in the rekka single breast length braid.

Rekka: (Angrily) mom where I want to shave my head? where is the barber?

Madhu: follow me( she lead rekka to Temple entrances and told wait)

Rekka: why are we standing in the road.

Madhu spotted a babershop in front of the temple the babershop was so small and only had one mirror and one rolling chair. The shop was on the road with any roof.

Madhu bring rekka to the shop and told her to sit the ground and wait.

Madhu: sir, did you shave my daughter’s​ hair.

Baber: (looked at rekka ) and said ok but wait for 10mins. I will do it

Rekka: mom your again embracing me. Ok fine. I am brave , No hair on care here after I am only in boy cut until my marriage

Madhu:ok do what you want but for next six months your in bald head.

Rekka: ok…..Cool(crying)

Everyone in the road was watching rekka was ready to shave her head in the babershop in road.

Baber: madam,tell you daughter to sit in the chair.

Rekka was sit in the chair her eyes is full of tears. The baber took cape and put on rekka . Rekka: shave my head with cape.baber took off the cape

Baber: madam, unbraid your daughter’s hair.

Madhu unbraiding rekka hair madhu the put the hair pins and butterflies clips and the rubber band to the baber

Baber pour water in her head until her whole hair was wet and  then sperated her two-sided and make a two knots , baber: rekka your going to bald and now say bye bye to your hair. Rekka: baber do it quickly

Baber load the half blade in razor and bend her head back rekka was facing the sky and baber put the balde in the forehead and slowly move to backwards rekka can feel her head and madhu was watching fully. Rekka hold her hair in the knots and the baber finish the left side of rekka head and the hair was fall to rekka lap she took the hair and hold it madhu came and grab the hair from rekka put it in a carry bag . The baber move to right and her finished . Rekka get and madhu told her to sit and madhu told baber to smooth her head the baber apply shaving cream in rekka head and shaved it again. Now rekka was get up and took her phone and took some selfiv

Madhu: sir , can you shave my head also.

Baber: but you want to sit in road because the chair won’t carry your weight madam

Madhu said fine and sit in the road, rekka was happy her mother also going to bald rekka think long hair queen now bald head queen. Rekka was laughing a and on the video Camera in madhu . Rekka put live in madhu Facebook.

Baber wet madhu hair rekka move to baber and said I will give 100 rupee make my mother half bald and leave it for 10min tell any reason and go somewhere​ and come. Baber said he will do it

Rekka was sit near to madhu and take Video. Madhu was so embraced right now . Rekka said more to come.

Now Baber load half blade and bend madhu head her chin was touching her breast and the baber ask to rekka , rekka Said same as me. The baber unbraid madhu hair and put it in a pigtails. The barber put blade in the right side and shave it quickly and rekka was hold mad hair as soon as the hair fall rekka show to the camera. Now madhu was half bald. The barber said madam wait the I am going buy the bald the old one is now sharp less. The barber left the place now rekka take photos and she put it in the Facebook selfiv with my half bald mom. Madhu was crying and she feel the embracing and everyone in the road laugh at madhu. The huge crowd was on the road to see madhu. The baber came after 10mins and he shave the rest of the Hair and rekka told the baber to apply the shaving cream and told I want her head so smooth. The shave madhu head again. Rekka the money to the baber. Madhu get up and rubbe her head while seeing the mirror and madhu told to the baber every month rekka will come to your shop shave her head smooth.  Baber said he will do it they both go the home and madhu burn the hair in road …..

If you want part -2 about rekka’s every month headshave. If I miss anything comment it and how do you guys like the next story comment it.

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