shaving a bear’s head

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i’ve known phil for a few years now. we’ve become good friends and at this point i regularly give him haircuts. he’s practically balding and i try my best to make do with what little hair he has. his hair is thin and soft, but the rest of his body is covered in dark fur. he’s a big stocky hairy bear.

one day phil came over for his usual haircut, but i thought i would finally ask him the quesiton i’ve been wanting to for a while now. i want to shave his head completely smooth bald. i know he’s self conscious about his hair, and i think it might be the best move for him. i sit him down in my chair, as he whips off his shirt, revealing his big hairy chest and back. i run my hands through his thin hair “hey phil, what do you think about me shaving it all off?” i say. “you know what? let’s do it” he says, to my surprise. i didn’t think it’d be that easy. “ok then… here we go” i flick the clippers on as i bring them to his forehead. i run them through the top of his head. “it feels so weird” phil says. i continue to shave the top of his head with the bare clipper. i work my way on the sides and back, careful not to shave his thick, but trimmed beard. i watch as the hair falls onto his already hairy body. it’s been a while since his last haircut, so there’s a lot of hair now on his shoulders and falling on his chest and back. it’s hard to tell what is loose hair and what is his fur. i continue to run the clippers all over his head until there is nothing left but a thin stubble. i turn the clippers off and give his head a good rub. “you’re bald buddy” i say happy with the way it turned out. “yeah it looks good thank you” phil says. “but we’re not done yet” i say as i think about creaming his head.

i wipe the loose hair off his furry body and wet his stubbly head. i get the first bottle of shaving cream and the razor i’m going to use. i had this idea to cover him in shaving cream for fun. it’s a good thing i have way too many extra cans. i squirt a big wad of shaving cream into my hand and i begin to lather up his head. “how’s it feel?” i say. “oh this feels awesome” phil says back, clearly enjoying it. without warning i squirt another big handful of cream into my hand. i start smearing his face and neck from behind with shaving cream. phil doesn’t say anything, but i can see him smiling in the mirror. i stay behind him as i squirt the rest of the shaving cream and start applying it to his entire head. in the mirror before me is a big hairy bear and a white creamed head. i decide to take out another can and i squirt it all over his chest and back. i rub it in to his fur being sure to cover every inch of his body. it feels nice to run my fingers through his big hairy chest with the shaving cream. after doing his chest i do his arms, and his back until he completely covered in a thick coating of shaving cream. “ok now that you’re all lathered up, it’s time to get shaving!” “we definitely have enough cream on there” phil says sarcastically. i definitely don’t plan to shave his body (today at least). i pull out the fresh razor and begin shaving his scalp. with each stroke revealing a shiny part of his new bald head. i run the razor over as it easily removes the think little hairs that once grew on his head. i went over his head 3 times, grabbing extra shaving cream from his chest. at the end of it all, i have him sit in the shower to rinse him off. i gave him a towel for him to dry off all that fur and his shiny new head. “i really like it” he said with a smile, and gave me a big hug. my face pressed against his wide hairy chest. “anytime” i say, happy with the result.

after the headshave, we went back to my room where we were watching tv and had a few drinks. phil still had his shirt off and i was using his chest fur as a big pillow. he was running his hands through my thick hair. “i wish i had hair like you” he said in a sad tone. “hey you can pull off the bald head well at least” i told phil, reassuring his new style. “you probably could too” he said as my heart dropped. i’ve always wanted to get my head shaved bald but i never had the guts to actually do it. i don’t think i would look good since i’m a lot skinnier and shorter than him. we continue to lay there and cuddle and phil continues to run his hands through my hair. some time passes with no talking until phil says something as if he’s been thinking about it the whole time. “what do you think about me shaving your head bald?” phil has never even cut my hair before . i hesitate for a few seconds before i kind of just say “do it” without thinking. he smiles as he grabs me and pulls me into the bathroom. like i said, he’s a pretty big bear so he could easy grab me and bring me wherever he wants. he puts his big arms around me as we go into the bathroom where i just shaved his head not too long ago. he sits me down and pulls my shirt off. he’s standing behind me and i can feel his hairy chest rubbing up against my smooth back. “you ready?” he says excitedly. “uh.. y-yeah”i say nervously. he flicks on the clippers and he runs his hands through my hair for the last time. “here we go” he says as he grabs my head and runs the clippers slowly over the top. my heart drops seeing this big hairy man shaving my head completely bald. phil isn’t too experienced with haircutting so for most of the buzzing he had my face pressed up against his furry chest as i can feel the clippers being run through the back of my head.he went over it a bunch of times until he got every last hair off my head. “part one done!” he says as he puts his big hand on top of my stubbly head. my head looks like a much thicker stubble than his was. “jeez your hair is so thick, reminds me of my body hair” he says jokingly.

before i knew what he was doing he had a can of shaving cream in each hands and began squirting it all over me. once the cans were emptied he lathered up my entire body with his big strong hands until i was a big white blob in the mirror. it felt so good getting covered in shaving cream by  someone else. he began shaving my head with the razor, a lot slower than i did his. “i have to be careful i don’t break this razor trying to shave your head here, this is some thick stubble” phil says. “just be careful not to cut me” i say, still in shock that this big bear of a man is shaving my head clean. “don’t worry buddy my beard is this thick and i can shave that no problem he says while stroking his trimmed beard with his free hand. he continues to shave down my head, jerking my head around and placing it up against his chest for easier access. he shaves my head fully about 5 times to make sure it was as smooth as possible. every minute of it felt awesome. when he was risning me off and toweling my head, i was sure to wipe the extra shaving cream that got into his chest hair. each hair was so long i had to run my fingers through it slowly to get it out. he toweled my head as we both looked in the mirror. we were both shaved bald. i couldn’t believe it. it was weird seeing two completly different looking people in the mirror with bald heads. i was a lot thinner and shorter than him, and i was practically hairless. where phil stands huge in the mirror with a shiny bald head and dark brown fur covering his big buff body.

that night we went to bed and as i buried my face in his chest he rubbed my freshly bald head. it felt so good to get it rubbed with his big hands. “we should make this a regular thing” he says as he rubs both of our smooth heads. “maybe i can give you a full body shavedown next time, eh?”


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