Shaving Everything to Get Revenge

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Lizzy and Dave had been together for over four years. When they first met, Lizzy was 18, having just been kicked out of her parents house. Growing up, Lizzy had always been made to keep her hair as long as possible, because her church preached that a woman’s hair is her crown. That was the feature that first drew Dave to her. Not long after they started dating, Dave confessed to Lizzy about his hair fetish. Not only did he like women with extremely long hair, he liked body hair as well. So, for four years now, Lizzy had not shaved or trimmed any part of her body. In fact, she used a conditioning regimen on her armpit and pubic hair that allowed it to grow longer and smoother than it could have otherwise. The blonde hair on her head had reached almost to her butt when they met. It was now down to her calves, and would be touching the floor if she weren’t 5’11”.

All in all, Lizzy spent 3 hours a day on her hair routine. She didn’t have a job, as Dave felt that the man should be the sole provider and dissuaded her from getting one. He had convinced her, though, to start an OnlyFans as well as a few other ways to sell explicit content over the internet, in order to pay her share of the bills. As he told her, her beauty was a gift that would be shameful not to share with the world. He enjoyed taking her to the beach and watching the reactions of people when they saw a gorgeous girl take off her dress to reveal two massive bushes of underarm hair, pubic hair that spilled out of her bikini bottom almost all the way up to her belly button, and legs with thicker hair than most men. She preferred to wear less revealing clothing at the gym, though. She didn’t enjoy the stares she got when she wore clothes that revealed her body hair, and Dave was never with her when she went for her daily workouts.

Dave had been gone a lot lately. He was not able to tell Lizzy where he went or when he would be back, because he was working as a bodyguard to high-profile clients and was sworn to secrecy. He would often be on an assignment for days at a time. Tonight, though, was his 43rd birthday, and Lizzy had a special surprise planned.

After a special birthday dinner at Applebee’s, Dave had consumed so many drinks that as they got home, he could barely maneuver his Ford Raptor into his parking spots at the apartment complex. Lizzy led Dave into the bedroom. She undressed him and sat him down in a chair. She picked up a roll of duct tape from the night stand and tied Dave’s wrists and ankles to the chair, thoroughly and tightly.

“Kinky! I like where this is going already” Slurred Dave.

“Oh, then you’re going to love where this is going next” Lizzy said seductively, as she slowly undressed. “Just wait until you see the surprise I’ve got for you in the bathroom.”

Dave grinned widely. This was going to be the best birthday ever.

Lizzy opened the bathroom door. “Come on out” she said.

Out of the bathroom emerged Elena, Dave’s other girlfriend. Dave’s smile turned to shock. She was also naked and held a bag.

Elena was 20 years old. Her hair was not as long as Lizzy’s, since it was only shoulder length when she met Dave two years ago, but it now reached to her butt. She was half-Japanese and got her shiny, jet-black hair from that side of the family. She had been following the same regimen as Lizzy with her body hair and sported similarly expansive groves of black hair under each arm and between her legs.

As it turned out, Dave was not a bodyguard for high profile clients. In fact, he hadn’t held a job in two years. When he told Lizzy he was at work, he was with Elena, and vice versa. Lizzy had found Elena when she had decided to look for other hairy female models for inspiration, and found the wording on all of Elena’s profiles was eerily similar to hers. She got suspicious and started snooping around to see what else Dave was hiding. When she checked Dave’s bank accounts- which weren’t hard to get into, since he typed very slowly and she could tell that all of his passwords were “Dave123456”, she saw that his only income was from her and Elena’s online ventures, plus $2,000 a month his mother was sending him.

“Wait, I can explain” said Dave, as he began to visibly sweat.

Lizzy grabbed the roll of duct tape again and placed a strip over his mouth. “That oughta shut him up.”

Though Dave knew he was in big trouble, he couldn’t help but admire what stood before him. Two beautiful, naked women with massive amounts of body hair, just the way he liked it. He was sporting a noticeable erection.

“Say, El, what’s in the bag?” Lizzy asked

Elena pulled out a set of electric hair clippers. There was no guard attached.

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen one of these.” Elena said sarcastically. “I think it’s a comb.”

Elena flicked a switch and a buzzing sound started, Then she placed the clippers at her belly button and mowed a path through her pubic hair all the way down. Her thick, black bush was now interrupted by a stripe of pale skin down the middle. “Ooops!” She said slowly.

“No! nononono” Dave screamed, his voice muffled by the duct tape.

“Shut up, Dave!” Elena yelled as she bent over and continued to buzz the hair off her crotch. When she was done, she picked the hair up off the floor and put it into a Ziploc bag.

“Do mine next!” beamed Lizzy, spreading her legs to give Elena better access.

Elena kneeled and went to work on Lizzy’s bush, which was light brown and thicker than hers had been. After a few passes of the clippers, the once-formidable patch of pubic hair was now a pile on the floor. Lizzy got another Ziploc bag and stuffed that hair into it. Lizzy had spent the last week lining up buyers.

Lizzy then lifted up her arms as Elena made quick work of four years of growth, placing the removed hair in another bag. She handed the clippers to Lizzy and lifted her own arms, and Lizzy returned the favor. Both girls now only had a slight bit of underarm stubble.

“I can’t wait for this next part” Said Lizzy.

She lifted her right leg up onto Dave’s chair, putting her nearly hairless cunt close enough to his face for him to see and smell it, but not be able to touch it; he never would be able to again. She ran the clippers down her leg, making sure the clippings would fall onto Dave’s crotch and itch when they mixed with the sweat. She worked slowly, savoring the look on Dave’s face as his prized possession was destroyed.

“You just love watching people stare at this, don’t you.” She scolded, now working on her other leg. “Well I’m done being your circus freak you creepy fucking pervert.”

When Lizzy was done, Elena did the same thing, rubbing herself to make sure that Dave could tell how much she was enjoying this. When she was done, she took a pile of leg hair and rubbed it all over Dave’s face.

Both of Dave’s girlfriends stood in front of him, now hairless from the neck down save for a few bits of rough stubble. He had spent years training them to be beautiful to him and disgusting to most other men, but now they would be gorgeous to any man, free to find someone else. He thought they were done, but they were only getting started.

Lizzy reached into the bag and pulled out a handful of zip ties. She gathered some of the hair in the front of her head into a pony tail and tied it with the zip tie. Elena helped her get the back until all her blonde hair was tied into six ponytails, each over 5 feet long.

“She isn’t going to cut off her beautiful hair” Dave thought to himself as he panicked.

But she wasn’t just going to cut it. Without hesitation, she turned towards the mirror, took the clippers to her head and pushed them into the first ponytail. She kept going until she held it in her hand, fully severed as it brushed against the floor. She carefully laid it down on the bed.

“Let me do the next one!” Elena pleaded, giddy with excitement.

Lizzy handed her the clippers. “Try to get as close to the scalp as you can. I want my buyer to get his money’s worth.”

Following her instructions, Elena carefully clipped the hair as close to the scalp as she could. They took turns removing the ponytails until nothing was left. Just minutes ago, Lizzy had hair that almost touched the floor, and now she had nothing but tiny blonde fuzz that was barely even visible, and her long, luxurious hair sat on the bed without her.

The winning bidder for Elena’s hair requested it be sent in braids, so, taking one side each, the girls arranged her hair into two long braids. Elena attached a #4 guard to the clippers and gleefully took them to the braid on the right side of her head. A minute later, one side of her head sported a dark braid that ended at her belly button and the other half was less than an inch of fuzz.

She handed the clippers to Lizzy to do the other half. when the last of the hair had been buzzed off, Lizzy held it up like a trophy, waving it in Dave’s face before putting it on the bed.

Lizzy reached into the bag and pulled out what looked like a toothpaste tube.

“Is that the Nair?” Elena asked, as Lizzy squeezed out a generous dollop onto her hand.

“Not quite” Lizzy replied as she spread it all over her legs and crotch.

“I did some research online…” She dispensed more cream from the tube and spread it all over her arms and armpits.

“Apparently Nair is just for legs and stuff, but it doesn’t work…” Lizzy continued as she squeezed more gel out of the tube.

“…on your head” she said, after pausing for dramatic effect, as she spread the gel all over her scalp, covering her thin eyebrows with it after she was finished.

She handed the tube to Elena and continued to rub the cream all over her body, making sure she hadn’t missed a spot.

Elena applied the gel to her own body as Lizzy continued.

“I found out about this stuff from a bald guy at the gym. It’s from Brazil apparently. You just have to leave it on for about 5 minutes and it dissolves the hair. Gets the hair way smoother than shaving. But if you leave it on for 15 minutes it starts to sting, and it will destroy the follicles and remove the hair permanently.”

“Interesting” Elena responded as she rubbed the cream over every bit of the skin below the neck.

“We should probably clip your hair down a little more before we put it on your head.” Lizzy added.

Elena stopped her “Actually, I think it looks kinda cute like this, with a little fuzz on top.” I’ll go to a barber tomorrow and have it cleaned up a bit.

“No worries” Lizzy responded. “Last thing I’d want to be is another person telling you what to do with your hair.”

“So how do you get this stuff off?” Elena inquired “The shower?”


“Well then you should start to run the hot water, it’s almost been 5 minutes since you put it on” Elena reminded her.

“Yeah.” Lizzy quipped. “That means I’ve still got 10 minutes to go. Actually better make it 15 just to be safe.”

Elena realize what that meant. Lizzy was going to make herself permanently hairless from head to toe. She stepped towards the bathroom to run a shower but stopped herself. She realized, as soon as her body hair started to grow out, she would always think of Dave, and how he must be jerking his pathetic little dick to some other girl’s armpit hair. She knew she would never let her body hair grow back.

In the mean time, Lizzy waddled over to the laptop on the desk, her legs spread and arms held up, careful not to rub any of the cream off. Dave was crying at this point. One by one, Lizzy made him watch as she went through all of the accounts that Dave used to sell her videos to strangers, and deleted them. Some required two-factor authentication, so she had to violently yank the duct tape off Dave’s face a couple times to get his phone to recognize him and unlock. He wasn’t even protesting anymore, just resigned to the fact that his two hairy goddesses were now hairless, and his only source of income would be charity from his mom.

It had now been 20 minutes since Lizzy first applied the cream, and both girls could feel a stinging sensation all over. “Go ahead and run the shower” she instructed Elena.

The girls got in the shower together and washed the gel off each other. After drying off, they emerged from the bathroom. He could barely recognize either of them. An hour ago, Lizzy was one of the hairiest women in the world, with golden locks almost reaching her feet, and now she was smooth from head to toe, glistening in the fluorescent light. Elena was just as smooth below the neck, and all that remained on top were her eyebrows and some short, black fuzz.

“Ooh that feels so good” Lizzie purred as she rubbed her smooth scalp. All of her life, men had told her to grow her hair longer, and the feeling of absolutely nothing there was incredibly cathartic. Without the weight of her hair, she felt as though her head was floating.

“You know what would be awesome right now?” Elena asked Lizzy “Pizza! Dave hasn’t allowed me to eat carbs in 2 years.”

“Oh hell yes!” exclaimed Lizzy “and then lets get some ice cream.”

The girls dressed themselves and packed the baggies and ponytails into a suitcase.

“Wait, one thing before we go.” Lizzy added.

She picked up the clippers again and shaved the hair off the top of Dave’s head, then applied a generous amount of the hair removal cream.

“That oughta make it a little harder next time he tries to convince a teenaged girl that he’s still young at heart.” she said sadistically.

They walked out the door with the suitcase and left him in the chair. His arms and legs taped and screams muffled, there was nothing he could do but sit there as the hair on top of his head slowly melted away.

“Wow” Elena said to Lizzy as they got into the car. “I can’t believe you made yourself permanently bald.”

“Well” she responded “Unfortunately, that’s not true. I just said that so that Dave would freak out when I put that stuff on his head. Everything should start to grow back in a month or two. The only way to get rid of hair for good is laser hair removal. That’s why I booked an appointment for the day after tomorrow. The deluxe package on the website it everything below the neck, but hopefully they can zap off all the hair above the neck too.”

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