Shaylee’s Long Hair Predicament

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Shaylee had just started 10th Grade in Pinewoods Ridge High School in New South Wales, Australia and instantly became a campus-known sensation.


Her curly breast-length, fiery orange-red hair with deep crimson highlights lit up everyone’s day. Shaylee’s hair was inspired by “Paramore” ‘s lead singer Hayley Williams. She helped everyone and juggled her schedule. Despite always putting herself last, she always gets her work done.


One day, Shaylee woke up and looked into her mirror as always. Instead of breast-length hair like she always had, her hair was at least 15 feet long and was dragging on the carpet. Her bangs grew out, so she had trouble seeing.


It was Sunday and the salons were closed for the day, Shaylee had to do something. She then remembered a hairdresser on campus, and she looked at the campus map she kept in her bookbag, but it didn’t say “hairdresser”; it said Barbershop.


Shaylee had never gotten a haircut at a barbershop, but because she was desperate. She put on a flannel top, jeans and leather combat boots, she snuck out of the room so her roommates wouldn’t wake up.


Shaylee got to the Barbershop after a good 10-minute walk across campus. She went in and saw three strict-looking barbers, all in their mid-20s to late-30s. The first barber didn’t have anyone while the last two had an 11th Grade boy getting a Fauxhawk and a 9th Grade girl taking a couple inches off.


Shaylee sat down, but the last barber said he was ready for her. She got up and went to the chair. Her arms went on the armrests and her feet flat on the footrest. The barbers’ name was Cameron, he said he was a military barber. He asked what she wants to do with her hair, as he turns her to the mirror.


Shaylee didn’t know, Cameron offered a Mohawk w/ Bangs, a Short Pixie Cut w/ Shaved Sides and Back, a Bob with an Undercut and Side-Shave, etc. She also heard him say Cropped Pixie, Pageboy, Eton Crop, Induction Cut, Butch Cut, Bowl Cut, Flattop, Liberty Spikes, Long Bob, Mullet, Pompadour, Short Back and Sides, Flapper Bob and Random.


Her friend Hanna got a Flattop because she let Cameron decide. Shaylee was getting a bit tired off her long hair and asked for a Short Pixie with Short Bangs and a Shaved Nape/Undercut.


He wrapped a piece of tissue tightly around her neck and put the camouflage cape on her body. Shaylee’s hands and feet poked out of the cape.


After caping Shaylee; Cameron turned her around, while taking his spray bottle and a comb to wet her hair.

He pinned the top section of hair. Cameron then took a big pair of Oster 76 clippers and he started shaving the left side. Shaylee never had clippers used on her before and it felt soothing to her. Cameron then shaved the right side and added a design he used in the military: A creative lightning bolt-like design that he shaved into the side of her head. He then shaved the back until it was an 1/8 of an inch longer than the sides.


Cameron then put the large clippers down and worked on the top. He used the scissors to cut off the large bunch of hair that he held above Shaylee’s head to about 2 inches long. He then used the Cut-Over-Comb method to take off the long, uneven chunks to create the Pixie Cut. Cameron also used the same method to even out the sides above the shaven areas.


He then combed the hair down towards the front to make the short bangs. The bangs would make Shaylee’s face more attractive.  Cameron then used the black gel and a small, fine-toothed comb to make the hair a bit stiff. It was odd for Shaylee, but Hanna said it was ok.

She had the neck strip taken off and it was replaced with a towel. Shaylee was then reclined into the wash basin, where the gel was washed out with warm water, a shampoo and Cameron’s smooth, gentle fingers. Cameron brought Shaylee back to the upright position, used a towel to get rid excess water. She was then blow-dried, combed and brushed; so, the hair would be neat. Cameron used a bit of hair wax to give her some style and spikiness up top.


Shaylee was turned around and saw herself looking very different. She was very happy about it and thanked Cameron.


Shaylee gave him $20 and told him to keep the change.


Back at the dorm, her friends had Hanna over and look over at her asking where she was. She told them about what happened this morning.

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