She called ahead.

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I realized our mutual interest in short hair a bit unexpectedly.

My girlfriend and I had been together about 4 years and we were anticipating graduation from graduate school in the next month.  Our relationship had become comfortable and we knew each other very well.  I thought I knew everything but was not aware of Chris’ preference of short hair on men.  I should have had a clue as she wore a variety of short styles from bobs just beneath her ear lobe with a shaved nape to her current undercut pixie.  I was usually a bit more reserved with my cuts wearing a short back and sides that I usually kept a bit shorter in the summer.  It was time for my usual summer transition when this happened.

Friday had been typical, we didn’t have afternoon class and Chris and I had taken the afternoon to walk around town.  We had been in and out of the usual shops that left me hauling a substantial number of bags.  I informed Chris that I was going to drop the bags in the car and meet her back.  She thanked me and continued shopping.  I returned a few minutes later and found her with her long time friend Claire.  I must have put in more work than I thought as Chris commented “Babe, I it hot out there?”  Wiping my brow I realized I had worked up a good sweat.  She then sheepishly asked “Would you mind if I shopped a bit with Claire?  You could get your haircut now with Cindy while we shop.”  I had planned on stopping at the barber before returning home and the thought of getting out of shopping peaked my interest.  “Great idea!  I would be nice to get some of this mess trimmed with the summer coming up.”  Claire lit up smiling.  Chris gratefully stated “Thanks babe!  I love your summer cut.  I saw a guy while you were gone with a really sharp cut.  I’ll call ahead to Cindy to make sure she can take you.”  Chris turned to Claire as she got on the phone.  They conversed briefly before the call was answered.  Chris smiled turning to me “Cindy is free right now and said to walk over.”

Chris and Claire thanked me as I made my deft escape from the boutique to the Barbershop.  Cindy was an old friend of mine and Chris from high school that I actually had dated for a week back in the day before we both quickly realized we were only friends.  She had been cutting my hair since she finished barber college. The walk to Cindy’s shop was just two blocks away.  Entering the shop she greeted me with a hug as usual.  “I am glad Chris called! I was getting bored in this empty shop.  I only had one client so far this afternoon! Have a seat.”  I took my place in her chair as we exchanged some small talk about our day and plans for the summer.  After caping me and securing the tissue around my neck it was time for business.  Placing her hand on my shoulder Cindy directed the conversation to my haircut.  “Chris said you were coming in for your summer cut when she called?” she inquired.  Thinking nothing of it I replied “Yeah, I need it.  It is getting so hot I broke a sweat carrying Chris’ bags to the car!”  Smiling Cindy exclaimed “Well you will love the cut Chris mentioned when she called.  She must have seen my other client from this afternoon in town.  He left looking sharp I might add!”  A bit bewildered I admitted that had not been there when she saw the guy.  Cindy reassured me as she ran her fingers though the back of head.  “Don’t worry, you are gonna feel great when we get this mess under control.”

She turn and reached for her clippers the whirred loudly as she changed the blade and sprayed them.  Turning her attention to me she gently nudged my hear “Chin down please.”  The clippers cold steel touched my nape and she swiftly moved them up the back of my head much higher than I anticipated.  I could feel the cool air on my scalp as she began the next swipe.  “That feels pretty short?” I stammered.  “Oh, yeah.  You’ve never gone this short before.  Didn’t Chris tell you what she wanted?” she said obviously surprise.  “No.” I admitted quickly.  Cindy revealed, “The guy she saw had what I call a burr cut.  I took him down to the wood with a five 0. That is what she said you wanted.”  As she talked she continued shearing the back of my head in a methodical manner almost nonchalantly.  Again she reassured me with her free hand.  “Don’t worry I promise you will love it.”  Moving to my right I she raised the clippers to my temple removing my sideburn and a large plug of hair that slid down the caped.  For the first time I viewed my scalp in the mirror as it was left bare by the clippers in amazing efficiency.  She repeated the process on the left as my bare scalp rendered my body covered with goosebumps.  She obviously notice as she ran her fingernails up my nape, “I knew you would love it!  Let get this finished up.”  The clippers were then directed to my forehead as she quickly removed what remained of my hair.  She finished up the edges with a trimmer and then proceed with hot lather and a straight blade.

Removing the cape she offered me her mirror “There is Chis’ summer cut!  She or what she asked for!”  Staring at my naked scalp I muttered “ Boy did she.” as I admired my white dome.  I quickly realized that I didn’t look bad and rather liked it.  I could use some sun but could get used to it.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  If Chris had requested this then I needed to regain some control.  I looked Cindy in the eye “I do like it but can you take it all off with your razor?”  She smiled “He’ll yeah.”  She caped me again and applied oil and a hot towel to my head.  “If you liked the other cut you will really love a smooth shaved head.”  she mentioned in a satisfied tone.  She proceeded expertly lather and shave my head.  It was quite the experienced and I became undeniably aroused.  She finished and removed the cape.  “This one is on me!” Cindy exclaimed.  Reaching up to feel my bare scalp for the first time was exhilarating.  I could wait to see the look on Chris’ face.

I returned to Main Street finding Cindy and Claire outside the coffee shop enjoying a cigarette.  As I approached I caught Chris in the middle of a drag.  Seeing me she exhaled and exclaimed “Damn boy, you went all the way!”  I had all of her attention.  “Like it?” I questioned.  “Oh yeah.  That is really what I wanted.” as she stood caressing my bare pate with her free hand deeply dragging again on her cigarette.  Claire, apparently equally mesmerized, approached “Can I touch it to?”  I complained dipping my head toward her.  “Just saying, that’s sexy as hell.” she said quickly realizing her slip.  In that moment things changed significantly.  Chris made eye contact with me and then Claire.  “Babe, Claire should come over for dinner tonight. Right.”  “Sure” I quickly replied.  “I am free.  That sounds amazing.”  Claire released.  Chris grabbed us both by the hand.  “Come over around seven?”

What transpired that night was a monumental shift in our intimacy and is another story all to itself.




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