Shearing to save our city

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The 4th shinobi war had just ended and Konoha already had a NEW Hokage Kakashi Hatake aka Copy Ninja was already Hokage.

Kakashi summoned Naruto to his office and after giving him a really important mission for village Naruto left and headed to Hyuga mansion.

Hinata I know we made plans for the wedding but Mr. Hokage just assigned me a really important mission: said Naruto to Hinata and her family.

Naruto we understand that it is an important mission and do not worry we will perform your wedding rituals as soon as you return: said Hiashi Hyūga as he watched at Hinata as Blushed in front of Naruto.

Thank you; said Naruto and after kiss Hinata on the cheek he left.

Meanwhile, someone was eagerly waiting for Naruto to leave Konoha.

So Fox leaves Konoha, my plan could not work if you are in the village.

I did not expect that the end of the Uchiha would make my plan so easy by leaving the village of his own free will.

Anyway as soon as the Fox leaves I will be free to do as I please with the Konoha: said one person as he stood in the shadow and looked out of the Konoha gate.

What if he most had not accepted my mission, no Hokage was under my Jutsu so he will do as was ordered.

It was harder than I thought to control Kakshi’s Mind but it was worth it, now he is Hokage: said the person in the dark.

Come on fox get out of the village, then you will have a surprise when you return: he continued.

And so Naruto left the village Accompanied By Hinata to the gate.

Oh no look Hinata Hyuga is accompanying the fox, that idiot has such a sexy chick can not believe it: the person hidden in the dark spoke.

A few days passed from the moment Naruto left the Village and a person who looked identical to Naruto but with the only difference that he had black hair entered the village gate.

Hey, Naruto you came back so fast: said One of the guards at the gate of Konoha.

Oh great these remember that I am Naruto: thought Menma.

This will make my plan easier: continued through Menma.

Well, it was not a mission so difficult: said Menma.

But what happened to your hair: said the guard who was at the gate.

I had to dye for the mission and now I have to wait almost 1 year until they turn yellow again: said Menma.

“Oh, I see it, anyway. I’m glad you came back safe and healthy: said the guard.

Menma smiled and after greeting him he started walking through the village.

As Menma was walking through the village an evil grin appeared on his face as he created a Jutsu similar to Rasengan but with dark red color.

Before he could reach the Hokage Mountain he simply threw his Jutsu into the air.

And after Menma went to the mountain of Hokage, he started collecting his chakra.

This attack is one of the best I have but they require a lot of chakras, luckily for me, black Kyuubi helps me with enough chakra: said Menma.

Menma spent the whole day collecting his chakra and when he made sure that the whole village was asleep he simply released all his chakra towards the moon.

Menma began to breathe deeply and fall unconscious.

When Menma woke up she was rubbing her head damn it looks like someone hit me on the back of the head: Menma said as she shook his head.

And after he saw above at sky a smile appeared on his face.

Nice now is showtime: said as he rose into the air as if he were flying.

The village of Konoha is the time to listen to me, and do as I say: he said.

As soon as they saw what was standing in the air they started asking each other why Naruto was standing in the air.

People of Konoha your end is near you can do nothing to save: said Menma.

Hey, Naruto what the hell are you doing in the village did I not give you a mission: said Kakashi.

However, as soon as the Kakashi finished the sentence The whole village was covered in darkness and a meteor appeared behind Menma’s bak blocking the sun.

Get ready: said Kakashi addressing an Anbu team.

Also if you something try to hurt or kill me, you will simply speed up the meteor it’s way to Konoha.

How can we believe this: said Kakashi.

But as soon as one of the ninjas hit Menma, Meteor started approaching faster towards Konoha.

Stop Said Tsunade.

We can not fight with him. there are many citizens: she continued.

Kakashi stopped the Anbu squad and saw how a large group of shinobi left the village.

I do not think we should use it so soon but we have no other choice: said Kakashi.

Mr. Hokage does not think it is a good idea to use the chakra cannon: said Menma.

And why so, and who the hell are you: said Kakashi.

My name is Menma and think a little about what the chakra cannon will do: said Menma.

The chakra cannon will fire a chakra beam against the meteor and destroying it: said Kakashi.

Exactly how the power of the beam that would pass through the cannon would affect: said Menma.

It would destroy half of the Konoha: said Tsunade as her eyes widened.

“And then the Jutsu will need a certain period to release another beam, while with a snap of my fingers is enough for me to call another meteor: said Menma.

And after he snaps his fingers a second meteor appeared on the horizon, just like this: he said as he snapped his fingers.

What do you want from us: said Tsunade.

I’m glad you asked: said Menma and started flying in the air again.

I want Kakashi to create a stage in the middle of the village: said Menma.

Tsunade looked at Kakashi and simply said: he is right we must meet his demands.

Kakashi used the land style to create a stage in the middle of the village.

Even now: said Kakashi.

Menma sat down in the middle of the stage and said: the people of Konohas are in your hand if you want to save your village.

You just have to bring here 4 girls handcuffed using Tejoo, if you want to save the village: said Menma.

Who they are: said one of the villagers.

They are: Tsunade Senju, Sakura Haruno, Ino Yamanaka and…; tha Menma.

Who, who is the 4th girl: shouted some of the Villagers.

Menma smiled even without seeing from Kurenai

The 4th girl will be captured and handed over by you Kurenai, and she is Hinata Hyuga: said Menma.

The village was divided into 4 groups and one of the groups led by Kurenai headed towards the gate of the village, where Hinata was located.

Lady Tsunade we’re sorry but we have to do this: said One of the Villagers who approached her.

Tsunade clasped his hands and said: do not worry I will not object.

So Tsunade’s hands were inside the tejoo and she walked with the group that was there to catch her.

Since the Tsunade group was closer to the stage they were the first to deliver Tsunade on stage.

But as soon as Tsunade was on stage Menma approached and whispered something in her ear.

Tsunade closed her eyes and tears began to form in her eyes.

Meanwhile, the second group headed to a camp that was set up to help the wounded if there were any.

Sakura Haruno surrender: shouted some of the villagers.

Sakura saw Shizune and came out of the tent.

How can help you who is injured: said Sakura.

Please surrender he is asking us to hand you over or he will destroy the Village: said One of the Villagers.

Sakura saw how nervous they looked and walked towards the Hokage tower, let’s go: she said.

One of the villagers put tejoo in Sakura’s hands, we are sorry but we have to do it: said One of the villagers.

Sakura smiled and I was not saying anything as he followed the group, which also handed Sakura over to the stage.

As soon as Sakura was on stage she saw that Menma said something.

Menma does not do this: said Sakura.

Wait we’ve met before: said Menma.

Yes, you are Naruto from a parallel dimension Discovered by Minato and Jiraiya: said Sakura.

Menma started laughing out loud.

What’s so funny: said Tsunade.

Nothing simple I just realized that you can not beat me.

It was not long before Kurenai’s group returned with Hinata, Kurenai accompanied her to the stage and after kissing on the forehead whispered: do not worry nothing bad will happen I promise.

I am not so sure about that: Said Menma.

As soon as Kurenai left the Stage Menma grabbed Hinata’s ass, oh god I loved your body and started kissing Hinata’s neck.

Hinata pushed her and when she did this she ended up on the floor facing Menma.

N N N Naruto: said Hinata as she blushed.

Get up Whore: said Menma.

Hinata rose from the ground, Naruto why are they Doing This: said Hinata.

Menma grabbed Hinata’s beard because I can and I want to do it: he said.

Tears were created in Hinata’s eyes, please Naruto if you do not stop this our wedding will be canceled: said Hinata.

Menma kissed her on the lips like I fucking care if you cancel the wedding when I’m done with you, no one will want to marry you: Menma said as he laughed out loud.

You are not Naruto: said Hinata.

Yes yes, I am Naruto; said Menma as he stroke Hinata hair.

Meanwhile, Ino group had some trouble catching Ino and some people were holding Ino on the floor as one person placed Tejoo.

And why with Tejoo in her hands She was still fighting but it was in vain as she could do nothing against 30 people.

It was not long before Ino was in the middle of the stage.

N Naruto, what is this what they are doing: said Ino.

Well, Menma saw it and said: nice you 4 come here, now we can start.

Ino tried to run and Menma simply passed in front of Ino in a flesh and grabbed her hair, as he pulled her towards the other girls he placed a seal on her hand.

And now is the time of are show: said Menma.

Ladies and gentlemen I have gathered you here to witness how these 4 girls will get a Makeover: said Menma.

Tsunade comes in the middle of the stage: said Menma.

She simply walked straight towards Menma and as she was on the left side of Menma she saw how a barber chair appeared in the middle of the stage.

sit; said Menma.

Tsunade did not understand why but like any other member of the village she could not oppose Menma and simply sat down in the barber chair.

Menma took a cape and after putting it on Tsunade’s neck he started looking for something.

Tsunade wanted to run and get away but she could not Her body would not react at all as if something was keeping her sitting in the chair.

Hey, can I ask something: said Tsunade, as she saw how he passed Tsunade and had a clipper in his left hand.

Of course: said Menma.

What have you done with the village, what Jutsu: said Tsunade.

Menma smiled and after placing the clipper on her forehead he said: well it is a new Jutsu which I was working on and made all the people who are under that jutsu obey me: said Menma.

oh my god what are you going to do to us: said Tsunade as she felt how a vibrating and cold sensation moved from her forehead even to her neck sending large tufts of hair into her lap.

I’m shaving your head and do not worry you will not have bad hair days anymore: said Menma.

Tsunade could not believe her ears soon she would be bald and, she could not resist.

Menma also combed a few passes shaving the top of her head and neck.

Crossing after crossing even more of Tsunade’s hair ended up on the floor.

Tsunade was not believing how her hair ended up in her lap and she just closed her eyes.

But as soon as she closed her eyes she felt Menma place the clipper move to her left ear and move it up to the top of her head.

But as Menma folded Tsuande’s ear and began working over Tsunade’s ear, what she did not know was that the clipper that Menma was using was not common.

Menma was using a clipper that if used guardless it would damage the hair roots leaving the person permanently bald.

Menma switched to the left and after doing the same process he turned off the clipper and with the help of a mirror showed her the new model.

Tsunade rubbed her head and surprisingly it was so soft and it looked like her hair was never exist on her head.

Oh god, what have you done to me why my head looks like this: said Tsunade as her eyes widened.

Menma did not speak he simply removed the cape and said: Sakura your turn.

Sakura walked towards the barber chair and after she sat down she could not believe she was obeying Menma’s orders.

Meanwhile, I could see how Tsunade looked like and her eyes widened and she started crying.

No, I will not shave my head: said Ino and started running again.

Stop going back to where you were: said Menma.

Ino simply returned to where she was and could not believe that she was simply obeying him.

Meanwhile, Menma had placed the cape on Sakura’s neck and turned on the clipper.

After he pushed Sakura’s head to the left he placed the clipper next to her right ear and began to move it slowly upwards and then above her head and continuing to the left,

Menma continued to make the same pass and after a few minutes, Sakura had hair behind her head.

Menma smiled when she saw how some tears had formed in her eyes as she watched more and more of her hair fall into her lap after each passage of clipper.

It did not take her more than 7-8 passes and now Sakura’s head was just as soft and shiny as Tsunade’s, and it looked as if she had never had hair in her life.

Menma took off her cape and said: Hinata my dear wife come sit down.

Hinata walked towards the barber chair and sat down.

As soon as she sat down she felt how Menma put the cape on her body.

Hinata saw how he took the clipper again and after placing it over her left ear she moved it up.

Hinata closed her eyes and some tears were created in her eyes.

Open your eyes I want you to see this: said Menma.

Hinata simply opened her eyes and in front of her was a mirror and she could see her bangs and her sideburn were the same.

But she could feel the clipper while cutting her hair.

Menma pushed Hinata’s head until her chin touched her chest.

Hinata felt how the clipper was placed on her neck and moved up to a few cms before it reached the hairline.

She did not understand what Menma was doing but did not want to talk and upset him.

Menma did the same process over and over again until he was happy with the result.

He turned off the clipper and with the help of a hand mirror he showed Hinta her shaved head beside the bangs and her Sideburn.

Hinata started crying when she saw how she looked.

I’m like a punk how can you do this to me: said Hinata.

Oh, dear, your transformation is not over: said Menma,

What do you mean: said Hinata.

We will also do some tattoos on your body: Menma said with an evil grin on his face.

Hinata gulped and none of the girls had noticed that the whole village was gone.

Ino your turn: said Menma.

And as soon as he finished the sentence Hinata got up from the chair being replaced by Ino.

Ino started crying as she felt the clipper to be placed on her neck and without wasting time Menma put an attachment on the clipper and placed it on her forehead.

Ino was watching from the mirror as the clipper sent her hair to the floor being replaced by short reeds.

Ino could not believe her eyes but she could do nothing against Menma Jutsu and simply accepted her fate while crying.

Ino you will look great on my striptease bar: said Menma as she pushed Ino’s head towards her chest.

As soon as Ino’s beard touched her chin she felt how the clipper was placed on her neck and started moving up to the top of her head.

Menma combed and another pass and then another and a 3-rd one, after he had made almost 5-6 passes he crossed to the left side and placed the clipper in her left ear and started moving it high up to the top of the head.

Ino could not believe that all her hair was being shaved as if it were some sheep.

The only thing Ino could do was cry as she watched as more and more of her yellow hair fell into her lap.

Menma combed and a few passes and after he made sure even the left side was Buzz at number # 2 he removed the attachment by placing a really small attachment and started performing the same process as a little while ago.

What are you doing: Ino said as she watched as more hair was falling out of her lap.

I’m giving you a crew cut with high and tight fade, at the moment I’m using an ½ attachment that will leave your hair no longer than 1.5 mm at the sides and back: Menma said as she continued to buzz the sides and back of Ino.

Ino could not believe what she heard and just stood and watched as her hair became shorter and shorter.

But after a few passes, Ino’s eyes widened when he saw how Menma removed the attachment from the shear and threw it into her lap and began to fade the sides and back of her head to the blade 000.

After Menma had finished fading the sides and back he saw from the clipper.

Damn: said Menma.

What’s wrong: said Hinata.

He showed her the clipper, this is wrong: said Menma.

The girls looked nervous, and Menma removed the cape from Ino’s neck.

Ino goes to the others: said Menma.

Ino simply got up and passed to Tsunade, Hinata, and Sakura.

This is not a common clipper if used directly with its blade it damages the roots of your hair: said Menma.

Sakura’s eyes widened and she fell to her knees: noooo why did you do that, Sakura said as she rubbed her head already permanently bald.

What does this mean: said Ino.

It means that my hair and yours will never grow: said Sakura.

No, it is not true: said Ino.

Yes, it is: said Menma.

Wait it means I will have this model for the rest of my life.

Not exactly Sakura and Tsunade will have their head bald for the rest of their life, while you and Hinata will have hair but only the part that is not cut directly from the blade.

Hinata Glupet and started crying.

Kneel: said Menma.

Hinata simply kneels and was looking at the floor.

Ino you too, while you both do not need me at all leave: said Menma.

As Ino Kneel, Sakura and Tsunade left.

As soon as they left Kakashi came with a letter in his hand and After Menma signed it he said: you two are no longer anything more than my two whores and you will work as a stripper at my bar, so follow me: said Menma.

Hinata and Ino followed and after he went to a newly built building he showed Hinata a door.

Go there whore your transformation is not over yet: said Menma.

Hinata still under the Menma jutsu simply headed to the door that Menma showed.

After a few days

Menma was sitting in an armchair and after calling Hinata and Ino he got the clipper again.

Ino and Hinata entered the room and were standing in front of Menma and both were wearing micro transparent bikinis.

Menma simply moved his finger downwards and Hinata and Ino immediately got kneel.

Menma took the clipper and passed after Hinata since you two were quite obeying I decided to reward you and turned on the clipper.

After he placed the clipper behind Hinata bangs and moved it towards her forehead.

It did not take me more than 5 passes and already Hinata’s head was permanently bald.

Ino saw how Menma passed behind her and after placing the clipper on her forehead he simply moved it up to her neck shaving and reed that was left on her head.

Menma combed for almost 8-9 passes and already Ino’s head was shaved just like Hinata.

Ok now go customers do not pay if you both do not dance for them: said Menma.

Of course sir and forgive us for bothering you: said Hinata and Ino as they left Menma’s office.

As they came out Ino saw from Hinata and said: does it hurt.

What: said Hinata.

Tattoo: said Ino.

Not at all, he used a machine that chases chakra and it is permanent: said Hinata with tears in her eyes as she touched her forehead.

A few months passed and when Naruto returned to the village he heard, Naruto something is wrong I can feel my chakra: said Kyuubi.

It did not take long and Naruto realized that the whole village was under a Jutsu but unlike Madara, the Moon was not being used as the source of Jutsus.

This is strange as he created some clones.

Naruto clones were scattered throughout the village but when Naruto went to the fountain from where he could feel the Kyuubi chakra he could not believe his eyes.

Ino what are you doing: Naruto said as he saw how Ino kneeled in front of a man and was bobbing her head.

Naruto saw how Ino got up and after receiving some money from the man she turned to naruto.

Naruo help us: said Ino.

Finally, you are here Fox: Menma said as he passed Ino.

Ok now you can go whore: said Menma, while slapping Ino’s ass.

Ino simply left a few feet away.

What have you done to them: said Naruto.

Do not worry no one is hurt, and you can’t kill me, I am dead without a physical body anyway: said Menma.

Where is Hinata: said Naruto, and saw how Menma’s hand began to disappear.

I made a small gift for you and do not bother to change it are permanent: said Menma.

Where is Hinata: said Naruto as he created Rasengan and started running towards Menma,

But Rasengan and naruto just passed through Menma.

Start searching for your wife, hero if you can not find her where she is hiding she will die, and Ino does not dare to tell where Hinata is: said Menma as he disappeared into dust.

Ino where Hinata is: Naruto said as he grabbed Ino’s shoulders.

Ino closed her eyes and was crying.

Naruto endures and a few seconds jutsu will disappear: said Kyuubi.

After a few seconds, Ino cried and said: to your old house, but you have to prepare for a radical change of Hinata.

Naruto went to his old house and when he opened the door he fell to the floor from what he saw.

Hinata was standing tied to a chair and all her hair was gone just like Ino and in the middle of her forehead was written the word ‘Whore’.

After Naruto released Hinata he saw that there was something in her whole body that looked like a chain which revolved around the neck of Hinata and after coming down and behind the shoulders it continued in a spiral on both Hinata arm.

Also, the same chain continued around Hinata’s body, and in her crotch, she had a lock.

While on her back there was a hand which was holding 2 chains and below it read ‘Menma’s property ”

While behind Hinata’s head he read “I like to suck you”.

Naruto could not believe his eyes and immediately he took a napkin and started wiping Hinata’s forehead, but in vain the tattoo would not go away.

Hinata hugged him, forgive me please: said Hinata.

Naruto grabbed her chin, hey it was not your fault but mine that I was not there to protect: said Naruto with tears in his eyes.

Understood if you do not want to marry me: said Hinata as she placed her head on Naruto’s chest.

And why wouldn’t I want to marry you: said Naruto as he rubbed Hinata’s head.

Look at me I was a beautiful and noblewoman, while now I look like, like, like any cheap whore: said Hinata as she cried.

Do not worry we will find a way to get rid of tattoos, and your hair will grow back again: said Hinata.

Well, this is a problem I have shaved my head from the moment you left the village and my hair has not grown never: said Hinata.

Naruo kissed her and said: do not think this is a problem.

A few days later Hinata and Naruto got married using a wig and for the tattoos used an illusion jutsu for the wedding guests.

But mom did your hair ever grow back: said Boruto as he looked upset by Hinata’s story.

Hinata kissed her on the forehead and simply removed her wig, no hun did not grow: said Hinata.

And tattoos: said Hiwamari.

Hinata turned her back and after lowering her blouse her children could see the hand holding the Chains and which revolved around Hinata’s body.

One part but one part was permanent; said Hinata as she walked to the door and put on her blouse.

Good night: said Hinata as she turned off the light.

That’s what bravery means: said Borruto as he lay down to sleep.

Shearing to shave are city now I get why they call like that: continued him


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