Shelly and Friend

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This is a true story and happened about 40 years ago. I have always been interested and excited about watching women getting their hair cut. And the shorter the better! I can remember watching a TV show that presented women shaving their heads in a contest called Miss Bald America and the parent was presented by a magazine titled “The Razor’s Edge”. I was watching this show with at the time my girlfriend, Shelly. She was a beautiful brown-eyed beauty with a long pixie and was just perfect.  We looked at each other after the segment was finished. I looked at her and said you would be stunningly beautiful with a buzzed head or even a shaved head. She looked at me and smiled and said do you think so? I said Oh yes and we left it at that.

A couple hours later, Shelly kissed me and told me to have a good week at work and she would see me next week. This show stuck in my mind all week and occupied my mind most of my thoughts. Friday evening I received a call rom Shelly asking me if she could bring one of her friends over on Saturday afternoon for just a visit. I said sure and we talked for a little longer.

Saturday afternoon I was mowing (seems like I can never get away from mowing) and Shelly and her friend Debbie arrived. Both got out of the car and I stopped mowing and Shelly introduced me to Debbie. Nothing outstanding about Debbie. She looked as if she was of Italian decent with the black frizzy hair and deep olive complexion. They went inside and I finished mowing. About an hour later I was finished. I cleaned up the mower and put it away and went inside. I found the girls in the living room watching TV and talking. Both had a glass of wine and they were just chatting. I told them I needed to take a shower and get cleaned up. I took my shower and then shaved my face and put on shorts and a comfortable T-shirt.

It was about 4pm and we had ordered dinner and I went to pick it up. We ate ribs and they drank more wine and I had a beer. Soon the second bottle of wine was popped open and I had another beer. We cleaned up the kitchen and by now the girls had each had about a bottle of wine each and me only 2 beers. Then what happened was a total blow my mind moment. Shelly asked me if I would like to shave not only her head, but Debbie’s also? Oh my goodness, yes but I do not have clippers or anything. Shelly said Debbie and I came prepared! Shelly had brought her overnight bag and when she opened it, she removed a clipper set with guards, comb and cape.

Well, where do you want to set up your shop? I made room in the kitchen for my makeshift salon. Pulled a chair from the table and asked who wants to be first? Shelly sat down first. But first she took off her blouse to not get hair on it. Debbie said, go ahead and take your bra off also. So Shelly did more than that, she removed her bra and slid her shorts off also. So now she had only her panties on. Debbie followed quickly after leaving only her panties on, but her bush curled around the edges of her groin. Shelly laughed and said that Debbie wanted me to take care of that also. This was getting fun!

I asked Shelly to select a guard and she said none! So, a bare blade head shave was coming up. No need for the cape, I plugged the clippers in and popped them on. The low hum made both girls nipples rock hard. I tilted Shelly’s head a little forwards and began by sliding the clippers up the back of her head. This left a nearly bald stubble in its wake. I did this several more times, each time hearing Shelly moan a little. After shaving the sides I had her raise her head a little and ran the clippers over the top of her head. This is when I heard Debbie moan loudly and exclaim, I just came! We all chuckled and I heard Shelly say that she had 2 silent orgasms while I was shaving her head. I was finished with Shelly and brushed the hair from her shoulders and the rest off her head. When she stood up, her panties were soaked.

I said next. Debbie stood up and I noticed she was already soaked to her navel. She sat down and I ran my hand through her thick wirey hair. I asked her if she was ready and she nodded. I popped the clippers on again and this time I started with the side of Debbis’s head. The clippers made quick work of the thick brushy hair. I worked around to the back and the other side. Then I pushed the clippers slowly over the top of her head too not to pull any hair. Oh, my, she had another orgasm that made her gush her womanhood all over the chair and some ran down her leg. Shelly went to the bathroom and returned with a towel to wipe her off. I was finished with Debbie and she had grey stubble on her head. She asked me if I had any new razors to shave head. Well, Shelly had a new package of not only razors, but shaving cream as well. Ok, let’s do this. I ran a hand towel under hot water and wrung it out, wrapped it around Debbie’s head for a couple minutes. Shelly looked at me and said I am next after Debbie. I nodded and removed the towel and sprayed cream into my hand and lathered Deb’s head. Shelly handed me a new razor and I let the hot water run in the sink to rinse off the blade. I started on the back of Deb’s head and shaved up and then walked my way around her head. The new razor worked its magic! Debbie’s head was totally bald. I wiped the rest of the cream off and she felt it and said this will be short enough! She stood up and since her panties were now soaked, she just took them off and wrapped the towel around her. She had such  thick bush, you could not see her vagina!

Before Shelly sat down int he my chair, she removed her panties and exposed a freshly shaven pussy. It was just perfect! I did the same as I did Deb’s head. Wrapped a hot towel around her head, spread the cream over her head and Debbie handed me a new razor and I did quick work of her stubble. We were finished.

Debbie asked me if I would shave her pussy. I said yes. I gathered my clippers and my towel and we went into my bedroom. I found an outlet to plug the clippers and asked Shelly to sit and lay back. She did and after she spread her legs, her aroma was hypnotizing! I asked her if she was ready, she nodded and I again popped on the clippers. I gently ran the clippers across her pubis and then carefully down the sides not to cut the lips. I wiped off all the hair and placed the warm towel on her and waited a couple of minutes. To my surprise, Shelly kissed Debbie and fondled her beautiful breasts. She had large dark nipples that were at full attention. I removed the towel and spread cream all over. Shelly handed me another new razor and I began to gently shave Deb’s womanhood! When I was finished, I wiped off the excess cream and just had to taste that juice. I placed my head between her legs and just as I did, Deb reached down and pushed my head into her. I tongued her rock hard clit until she exploded with a wild orgasm.

I quickly took my clothes off exposing a rock hard purple pole. I laid down on the bed and Shelly quickly climbed on top of me and slid my rock hardness into her. She and I rocked and Debbie straddled my face. Just as I was going to explode, Shelly asked if she wanted to trade places? They switched places, Debbie sat on my extremely happy place and I felt all of her wetness and we rocked for a couple minutes and I erupted with a fire hose of hot semen.

We finished, all 3 of us laying on the bed exhausted. We got up and cleaned up and wiped up and got dressed. The girls were getting ready to leave and Debbie looked at me and asked if I would keep her bald and shaved? Every 2 weeks that entire summer and into the fall, Debbie came too my house for a shave and a haircut. Shelly would also get a little touch up, but never totally bald again.

If you have ever thought about shaving your head, just do it. You have thought about it. It is hair and will grow back. And, you may just look amazing and wonder what took you too long. Happy shaving!

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