She’s Finally Going To Let Me Do It

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For my birthday this year my girlfriend gave me a sexy coupon book that could be used at any time. In it there is the usual; back massage, hand job, blow job, but the last coupon read “Act out any sexual fantasy”.

We’ve talked about our sexual desires after dating for a couple weeks and I confessed my love of hair play then. I told her I liked playing with it, cutting it, and even shaving it. Her only response was brushing her fingers through her long brown waves of hair and smiling back at me. For over a year it was never brought up again though. While making love I would sink my fingers into the nape of her neck, massage her scalp until I reached the top and pull on her hair as I was about to ejaculate. I could tell she liked it, because she would orgasm the same time I’d start pulling her hair. She’d only gone in for trims so her hair looked relatively same as it did then. Waves of chocolate brown cascaded down her back resting below her breasts.

Over the course of a month I used up all of my coupons except for the last one. I’m saving it for a special night and that is going to be tonight. I planned a special dinner at a nice restaurant so she would get all dolled up. She’s wearing a bright red dress that is low cut enough to show of her cleavage, but still remain elegant. Her hair is put up in a loose bun with tendrils that framed her face. After dinner we stop for ice cream and then head back home.

Once we enter the door I reach into my pocket and pull out my last remaining coupon. She looks up at me and bites her lip while twirling a lose tendril and asks

“What’d you have in mind?”

“I’ve got something, but first this has to come down.” I tease, pulling her dress down and revealing her supple breasts.

She starts blushing being the only one nude except for her panties.

“Are you going to join me?” she asks flirtatiously, resting her hand on my chest.

“Soon” I reply, brushing my hand up the side of her cheek and into her hair.

I pull her in for a kiss and as my tongue wrapped around hers, my fingers worked on freeing her hair. Her bun exploded and her hair fell like a waterfall behind her back. I grab a handful and pull hard enough her head tilts back and whisper in her ear.

“I need to grab some things, stay right here”

She obeys my command and I come back with all of my supplies. I brought a chair and had her sit on it. I brush her hair until it completely envelopes her head, her face hides behind a wall of hair. While she is blindfolded by her hair I remove my pants and underwear to release my throbbing hard cock. Standing in front of her with my cock inches from her face she reaches out with her hand and feels my member. Her head starts leaning forwards, my cock disappears into her hair and I feel her warm mouth surround it. Placing both of my hands behind her head I push my cock into her throat, holding it there until she needs air. I reach over, grab the pair of scissors next to me and push my cock into her mouth again.

“I want to see you with my cock in your mouth” I say, placing the scissors at what I think is her forehead.

crunch crunch

Her hair tumbles and rests at her crouch while others still hang from my cock. Her eyes widen watching them tumble away. I make my way across until she has short blunt bangs that sit halfway up her forehead.

“That’s a good girl” I say brushing that loose hairs around her face away.

She looks so sexy with her eyes looking up at me holding my cock in her mouth. I gather the rest of her hair up and pull it above her head. I push my cock back and forth into her mouth and place the scissors just below my hands.

crunch crunch

Her hair falls and the tension on her head is released. I feel her head drop before she continues working on my cock. Her hair unevenly brushes against her shoulders and her breasts were no longer hidden. I brush her face and breasts with the handful of hair before I drop it on her lap. I set the scissors down and with both hands explore her newly shortened hair before entering deep into her throat and ejaculating.

“You are so fuckin sexy” I moan, wiping her mouth clean as she swallows the load.

“So when’s my hair appointment?” She smiles fumbling with her hair.

“In about five minutes, lets jump in the shower”

While in the shower I can’t keep my hands off of her, especially her hair. I wash her body, making doubly sure I get her breasts and ass. After rinsing off I lather up her hair, massaging deep into her scalp and playing with her little bangs. Once out of the shower I instruct her to go sit down again. While she heads to the chair I grab her hair dryer and my clippers.

“What kind of style did you have in mind with those?” She asks pointing at the clippers.

“Oh I think you know” I reply cheekily “First lets get your hair dry again”

I plug the hair dryer in and get to work making her hair dry again. It dried much faster than before it was completely dry in no time at all.

“Now for the fun part” I tease plugging the clippers in and turning them on

Loud hums fill the room. I tilt her head to the side and place the clippers at her jawline. As I plunge them forward the hum gets louder.


Hair falls down brushing past her shoulders before hitting the floor. I continue to work my way around her head until she is left with a chin-length bob.

“Damn, you’re definitely going to have to get this style again.” I admire, ruffling my hands through her hair.

“Let’s get this and you off before I decide to keep it” She winks

My cock is nearly erect before she finishes winking. I pull her out of the chair and reposition her, turning her around and bending her forward. While she uses the chair for support I enter her from behind. One hand supports her neck pulling her head back, the other holds the clippers placed below the center of her bangs.


The clippers make short work of her hair. Her hair glides down her back until it reaches the floor, and nothing but stubble remains behind the clippers path.


Pass over pass is made and more hair meets its fate hitting the floor. I can tell she’s enjoying it by the faint moans coming from her. The top of her head is completely barren so I release my grip on her and let her head drop. I move the clippers to her nape and plunge them forward.


While the back of her head is being denuded, her hair to falls in front of her face and piles onto the chair.

“Oh fuck” she murmurs

Before I can get to the sides I feel her vagina clench my cock. Not being able to resist the feeling of her squeezing I explode as she climaxes. As the squeezing continues I finish up the sides of her head. She was like putty in my hands, exhausted from all the pleasure.

“One more shower” I say, slapping her ass.

As she follows me to the shower drops of satisfaction leak out of her, leaving a trail behind. I make sure to thoroughly clean her body again. Instead of lathering her with shampoo though, I use shaving cream and spread it all around her head. While standing behind her I grab my razor and glide it across her head.

schk schk schk

Starting from her forehead I guide the razor down to her neck and repeat the steps over and over until she is completely bald. I help her rinse off the shaving cream and feel how smooth her head is.

“You better enjoy this because it will be awhile before you can do it again” She says

“We’re going to do this again?!” I respond enthusiastically

We made love several more times that night and as she slept I rubbed her head excited to do it again.




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