Shining New Trend: Chapter III

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Chapter III: “Debuting the New Look”

Is been a month since Julie’s shave, things have been pretty normal at the salon, attending regulars and taking appointments for cuts and hairdressing. The only big change was that Julie has now been using the same pixie wig style that Kate and Linda, only that it comes in her natural black color. Linda and Jackie have been waiting for the next step to begin, but all that Kate told them was that when the time is right, both of them will know. One morning, the girls were taking care of some clients, when suddenly Kate entered through the door without wearing her wig, and her head was in all of its shinning glory, Linda and Julie look at each other smirking and both thought: “This must be her signal”.

At first the salon clients were really shocked, but after a few days the regulars got used to seeing Kate bald pretty quickly and many complimented her on her looks, saying it look unique and extravagant. Weeks passed since then and it was time for the next phase, just as before one quiet morning out of the blue, Linda came to the shop bald with no wig to be seen. Once again the customers were surprised, although not as much as the first time with Kate, but still didn’t figure Linda would shave her head, when some asked her why she simply answered “I guess Kate inspired me” While she winked at her hairdressing partners.

That night at Linda’s house her daughter Hannah arrived at night.

“I’m back mom, where are you?”

“In the kitchen dear, I’m thinking ordering some pizza”

“Sounds great mom, I’ll like some soda too as…” Hannah froze mid-sentence when she entered the kitchen and stared in disbelief as her mother was completely bald.

“Oh right, I didn’t tell you, I’m bald now” said Linda smiling.

I didn’t take Julie as long to make her bald debut in the salon a couple of weeks after Linda. By this point their clients weren’t as shocked anymore; it even became a running gag among them that it was uniform requirement in their job description. It was particularly funny for the girls because to an extent it was kind of true, and they were hopping that it will also become the salon’s signature look.

There were three regular customers that were impacted by the new bald staff, a small group of friends Betty, Maggie and Carol. They were all moms around their late thirties, that lived close in their neighborhood, all of their kids and husbands were pretty good friends and shared a lot of time together. When the salon just opened, they became of their very firsts customers and have been coming regularly ever since. One day after their visit to the salon, they a grabbed a bite in a near café:

“So, with Julie I guess they make three” said Betty

“Yep, they all went bald, so I guess I won our bet, the coffee is on you Carol” pointed out Maggie.

“I really didn’t think that all of them would shave their heads, to be honest I’m still not used to it” said Carol with amusement.

“I know what you mean, it seems so strange at first, but to be honest I can’t keep my eyes out of them, it’s like hypnotizing or something” said Betty.

“Well it probably helps that the three of them really pull it off, I mean they really look gorgeous” pointed out Carol

“Yeah, kind of makes you wonder if someone else could look that good bald” said Maggie giggling.

“Yes, makes you wonder…” said Betty while losing herself in her thoughts.

Two weeks later at the same café…

“Hi Carol, sorry I’m late, I had to drop Joe at work” said Maggie while taking a seat

“Don’t sweat it girl, we still waiting at Betty, wonder what is it that she wants to show us” responded Carol

“Hello guys, be honest, do I look hot or what?” said Betty while she posed with one hand grabbing the back of her pale bald head, all while Carol and Maggie were left speechless.

“OH MY GOOD!!! Betty you’re bald as an egg” exclaimed an astounded Maggie

“How? When? Why?” said Carol who was just as surprised and intrigued.

“Well I guess all started when I saw Kate bald for the first time, her appearance really stood out to me, not because it looked weird, on the contrary, she seemed so elegant, appealing and most of all, beautiful. Then I started to think about baldness more often when Linda shaved her head, I was secretly hoping for Jackie to join them soon and lucky me, it came true. After that, I knew it was only a matter of time before I became a baldy myself; I started fantasizing about shaving my head and imagining myself bald. Finally, yesterday I marched to the salon with the sole purpose of getting my head shaved, Kate took me in right away, she told that I had been bitten by the baldness bug, and boy was she was right.” Said Betty grinning as she finished telling her story while patting her head.

“That is quite a story alright, so how are you feeling Betty?” asked a concerned Maggie.

“Fantastic!!! To be honest, I have never felt better about my looks in my entire life, I can’t stop looking myself at the mirror and feeling my smooth head, you girls should give it a try” said Betty in a persuasive tone.

“I don’t think the look is for me Betts, but I must admit you look great on it” said Carol a bit nervously.

“It suits you really well Betty, I’m just glad you are happy” said Maggie while touching Betty’s head

“Oh I’ll be even happier once I manage to get you both under the razor” said Betty while the three of them started laughing.

One week later at the café…

Carol arrived at the café, I didn’t take her long to spot Betty’s table her head was shining with the sun’s light.

“Good morning Betty, your shinning head help me find our spot” said Carol giggling

“Another of the many perks of being a bald lady” said Betty proudly

“Well I hope you wouldn’t mind putting me up to speed with those” said Maggie at her arrival, while stroking her freshly shaved white head.

“My God!!! Maggie you too?!” said Carol in surprise

“I love it honey!!! Girl you look fabulous bald” praised Betty enthusiastically

“Right back at you Betts, after all you were my inspiration, after I saw you last week with your head shaved, I couldn’t stop thinking about trying it out myself. I also have been fascinated with baldness since I saw the salon’s girls bald, so after you did it I started thinking that maybe I could also pull off the look. So today I went early to the salon and asked to get my head shave, Linda was so happy to get it done, also Kate and Jackie couldn’t stop complimenting me, and who could blame them, with a head this gorgeous” said a smiling Maggie while slowly caressing her smooth head.

“So I guess the only question left is, when are you getting rid of this mop, Carol? Said Betty with a smug smile in her face, while grabbing Carol’s hair.

“Quit it Betty, I already told you the look isn’t for me, I could never pull it off like you two, besides I don’t have the guts” said Carol while self-consciously touching her hair.

“You need to have more self-confidence Carol; I know you will look beautiful bald” said Maggie with a comforting voice while holding her hand.

That weekend…


Carol was on her way to the salon for her appointment, she was looking forward for getting a new haircut, although she couldn’t decide which one she was going to ask for. She started thinking about Betty and Maggie being bald, they both have spent all week posting pictures of their new look on social media, she also spoke with them on the phone, chatting about how theirs kids think that they look so cool and that theirs husbands love it too.

As Carol entered the salon, Julie welcomed her right away and guided her to the chair. Then Carol noticed that Betty and Maggie were also there, both covered in white foam, while Kate and Linda were shaving them with razors.

“Hi Carol, guess we booked the same day” said Betty

“After we get our heads done maybe we can go the café to grab some breakfast” said Maggie

“Yeah, that sounds good, just let me take care of mine first” in that moment something flipped inside Carol’s head and she realized it was time.

“So Carol, what are going to do with you today?” asked Julie

“I guess everyone already knows it by now, but to clear any doubts, I would like to get a full head shave, with clippers and razor, make it as smooth as possible, please” said Carol without a doubt in her voice.

“One smooth head coming right up” said Julia cheerily, while Betty and Maggie were smiling at each other.

Julie clipped Carol’s hair quickly, after a few passes nothing but short shadow stubble was left. She then proceeded to put a hot towel on Carol’s head, after a couple of minutes she covered her in foam and started to shave her with the razor, while Carol was enjoying each stroke, closing her eyes.

“Feels amazing doesn’t it?” asked Maggie

“Heavenly…” suspired Carol

“You’ll get addicted to feeling, we know by experience” said Betty while smirking

After Julie was done, she covered her again with the foam for the second pass, and then she massaged her head with lotion and finally rubbed some oil for a good shine. Carol displayed a big smile while she rubbed her own head, she couldn’t stop looking herself in the mirror. Maggie and Betty approach to her chair and hugged her while the three of them were facing the mirror.

“Welcome to the Cue Ball Club darling” said Maggie

“It was about time you got in with the program” said Betty

“I know girls, but thank you both for being so patient with me, you were right I look sensational bald” said Carol with gratitude and joy.

The bald friends then went to their usual café, grabbing some stares along the way, but they were fully aware and enjoyed very much. The trio posted a picture online with the caption: “And with Maggie there are 3, the Cue Ball Club has arrived”.

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  1. This is a fun idea, but I wish we were getting more visual descriptions. What did the three friends look like when they had hair? How did the haircuts go? I kind of feel like we’re missing the good bits.

    Also you have a typo in your title. “Shining” only has one “n.” 😀

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