Shiny Bald Couple

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Nick got out the shaving foam, sprayed a dollop into his hands, and lathered it all over head. After that, he wiped his hand and picked up the razor to begin shaving his head. First, he began going against the grain, from the nape of his neck, all the way to his forehead. He did it a few more times and ensured after every pass that there was zero stubble left behind.

He finished up with shaving the rest of his head. Afterwards, he wiped his head with a towel and put some lotion on his bald head.

“Hey hun, why don’t you come in here?” Nick called his girlfriend, Jessica, into the bathroom. He gently caressed the stubble on her head. “Do you want me to re-shave your head right now?”

Just three weeks ago, Jessica let Nick know about his fantasy for bald women and being bald himself. After he shaved his head, Jessica loved Nick’s bald head, and didn’t think it would hurt to do it once, as long as Nick got her a wig afterwards for while it grew out. Well Jessica ended up loving her smooth bald head and wanted to keep it for a while. It was a dream come true for Nick, for both him and his girlfriend to be completely bald. 

Nick lathered the shaving foam onto her head, then began making longer strokes with the razor. He rinsed the razor every two passes, and made sure after each pass that it was smooth. After that, folded her ear to get the hairs behind them, and then gently pushed her head forward to get the back of her head, as well as the nape of her neck.

Nick began to rub Jessica’s head to make sure not a single hair had missed the razor. Nick began to clean up everything while Jessica took great pleasure in rubbing her freshly shaved scalp. When he was done cleaning up, Nick clutched Jessica’s head and began softly kissing it. 

After that they both looked in the mirror, and took in the beauty of each other’s shiny domes. Nick suddenly remembered the lotion, got it out and scooped some into his hands. “Let me put this on your head, babe. It will make it feel softer than even better.”

Jessica got close to Nick and he began rubbing the lotion into his girlfriend’s beautiful bald head. She then ran her hand over her head. Nick kissed her head again, and they went to cuddle on the couch.

Jessica layed her head into Nick’s lap. He began caressing her head for a couple minutes before saying “Hey honey, I have an idea for tonight.” Jessica replied, “Yeah? What’s your idea?”

“There is this restaurant I’ve been wanting to take you to. We haven’t had a formal date night in a while, and I think this is the perfect place to go. I’ve seen pictures online, and it looks beautiful. I think we should go tonight.”

Jessica smiled. “Babe, that sounds amazing. I’d love to go with you.” She sat up and put her arms around Nick, and started kissing his bald head around his ear.

Later that day, they began to get ready. Nick put on a black dress suit that he hadn’t worn since high school, but to his surprise, it still fit him. Meanwhile, Jessica put on a dark blue wrap dress, some red lipstick, and blush. She also put on a gold charm necklace that Nick had gotten her for their anniversary. 

Nick saw how his date looked, and was stunned. “Wow. You look amazing.” He walked closer to her. “I have something that will make the both of us really stand out. Stay right here, I’ll be back.” Nick went into the bathroom to grab a small bottle of baby oil. 

“Babe, what is that?” Jessica asked. Nick replied, “It’s baby oil. It will make our bald heads look even shinier.” Nick squirted a small amount to rub onto his own head, and the living room light reflected off of it. He pointed to the top of his bald head. “See? We will really be the stars of the show tonight. Let me put some on your head.”

Nick squirted more baby oil into his hands and rubbed it into his girlfriend’s head. He loved the shine that reflected off of her bald head. “Looks amazing. Alright, let’s hit it.” Nick gave Jessica’s head and lips a quick kiss. Finally, they got in the car.

Nick drove them to the restaurant, and they began to walk in. “Oh yeah, you were right, this place is beautiful.” Jessica said. Nick smiled and took her hand as they walked up to the counter.

The hostess was taken aback, seeing a man and a women who both had shiny, bald heads. “Table for two, please.” Nick told her. As him and Jessica followed the hostess to their table, everyone turned their heads to stare at the couple. Nick and Jessica took their seats at their table.

“Did you see everyone staring at us?” Jessica whispered to Nick. “Honey, they aren’t staring at us for something bad. I told you we’d stand out.” Jessica reluctantly smiled as Nick took her hands from across the table. The waiter came over to take their orders.

Everyone who walked by their table admired both of their bald heads. Nick and Jessica continued to laugh and talk, even as their pasta dinners came. During their meal, Nick was reminded of what they used to do early on in their relationship before life got in the way. He always found Jessica beautiful, no matter what, but it was the first time they had gone on a date night since their heads were shaved and she looked extra sexy and gorgeous. 

They finished up and paid. Afterward, they got into the car. Then Nick’s eyes began to lock on Jessica. She eventually caught his gaze and stared back at him and smiled. Nick couldn’t help but lean in and kiss Jessica while clutching onto her head, and Jessica returned the favor by clutching Nick’s head. 

They kissed for what felt like forever, before Nick pulled Jessica in closer and began to kiss Jessica’s bald head a couple times. Subsequently, he decided to give it a few gentle licks, which he made sure Jessica liked before he continued. After that, he pulled away smiling. Jessica moved closer and her and Nick began to French kiss. It was a perfect moment. Just the two of them in their car, in front of a elegant restaurant, kissing each other like they had when they first met.

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