Shravani is a transformed beauty

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It was 2008. Shravani, a 23 year old beauty from a vegetarian family started loving her senior 27 year old Vijayan in her Bangalore based IT Company. But all her advances were politely rejected by Vijayan who said that he will marry the girl chosen by his Coimbatore based parents. He told her “Shravani, we will not form a good pair at all. You are vegetarian, Kannada speaking and from an orthodox caste. I am from a different caste, Tamil speaking, non-vegetarian. I and my father take drinks moderately. I do not want to do anything to distance my parents from me. Once they retire from their jobs, they will join me here or wherever I am. I doubt that you can ever adjust to my parents. So forget it.”

But Shravani would not listen. She told her parents that she is in love with this guy and will marry him only. After knowing that the boy is non-veg, they said no. But she did not listen. Through an intermediary, she approached Vijayan’s parents on skype and told them of her love. They repeated what Vijayan had told her. She told them “I will make any sacrifice to marry him – even eating non-veg food. But do not ask any dowry. Neither I nor my parents have that kind of money. And once I marry your son, my parents will disown me. But I promise that I will adjust to your house and culture and be a good wife to Vijayan. All I expect from you and him is love.”

Finally Vijayan and his parents succumbed to her pressure. Their family has a tradition of five yearly family tonsure in Palani where all including females tonsure fully. When this was told to Shravani, she said “No problem. I will also tonsure happily with the family”. Vijayan also started loving her deeply.

A low key marriage happened in June. As expected, Shravani’s parents distanced themselves from her and boycotted her marriage. Unlike many cases of such love marriages, Vijayan’s parents did not do any wrong thing with her like asking for dowry or beating or any such thing. She on her part became a voracious non-vegetarian and learnt to speak Tamil. She forced Vijayan to visit his parents in Coimbatore along with her at least once a month. This increased the bonding between her and Vijayan’s parents, his engineer brother Chandran and college going sister Rekha.

At their Bangalore home, she started cooking non-veg dishes also. Vijayan wanted Shravani also to take drinks in moderate quantity once in a while. Shravani was very happy about his desire. Her m-i-l, a nice and sensible lady, was very happy with her daughter-in-law. So Shravani sought permission from her and obtained it to take drinks in moderate quantity with Vijayan. Vijayan became very happy. She persuaded Vijayan to open a home bar and the two started to take drinks at home once or twice a week. She stopped taking it when she learnt that she was pregnant. In under 12 months after the marriage, she had a girl child in her hand which they named as Kruti. She appointed a baby sitting lady to look after the child when she went for work. She happily started taking drinks again twice a week with Vijayan.

Though she had been cut-off from her parental family, she used to speak to her mother occasionally. She sent the photo of Kruti to her mother. Her mom was happy and informed others in her house. By now they had mellowed and now they visited her in her flat and were happy to see the child.

When Kruti completed 10 months, the family went to Palani for their five yearly family mottai in April 2010. From Coimbaotore all – Vijayan’s father’s parents, Vijayan’s parents, Chandran, Rekha, Vijayan, Shravani and Kruti – went to Palani. Four ladies, four gents and one girl child got tonsured. Shravani was on cloud nine after the tonsure. She looked very beautiful with her bald head. What impressed her was the beauty of a family tonsure – all, including women and girls, happily and beautifully bald.  She resolved to continue and promote the practice throughout her life.  Her m-i-l and Rekha congratulated her on her bald beauty. Seeing her bald photo, her mom also congratulated her on her beauty with no hair. Vijayan was very happy to see his beautiful bald wife.

At work place, many congratulated Shravani on her bald beauty. She found that with no hair, she was feeling exquisitely happy and also light headed and with a lot more spare time. She requested permission to keep her hair a boy cut. Both her m-i-l and Vijayan happily agreed. The condition was for the family mottai in Palani she should have hair below her shoulder – a growth of two years from a gundu. So she decided to keep a boy cut for three years with intermittent mottai and grow it for two years.   And at Vijayan’s suggestion for thrift, she went to a barbershop and got a nice clipper boy cut four months after the Palani tonsure. If the movement of the razor on her head in Palani was one type of heaven, the movement of the humming clippers on her nape and sides in the barbershop was another type of heaven. Seeing the beautiful boy cut wife of his, Vijayan became very horny, made her take an extra peg of whisky and drilled her for an hour that night.

In summer, eight months after Palani tonsure, she went to Tirumala with Vijayan and Kruti with in-laws permission and got a tonsure for all the three. Vijayan suggested that she tonsure like this next two summers also. And Shravani was very happy to hear it.

It is 11 years since Shravani’s marriage. She has three kids – daughter Kruti and sons Ramanan and Asokan. Her family had family mottai in Palani in 2010 and 2015. Since both Vijayan and Shravani liked a head tonsure, she and her little family tonsured in Tirumala in summers of 2011, 12, 13, 16, 17 and 18. Barring the two years of growth in 14 and now in 19, she maintained a nice clipper boy cut for her and Kruti in the remaining period.

Shravani is a transformed, happy and proud lady. A long haired, teetotaller, vegetarian is now happily a boy cut, drinking and non-vegetarian girl.   Her in-laws have shifted to Bangalore after Vijayan’s mom retired in 2016. Her parents have happily patched up with her and she visits them once in a while with her husband and kids. And she is a cynosure and source of strength to her m-i-l and Vijayan. And her beautiful bald head in most summers and a nice clipper boy cut at other times are the envy of many young ladies who don’t have the guts or permission to cut their hair.

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