Shreya’s Haircut while sleeping

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Hi I’m Vicky and I have a best friend, Shreya. Both of us are friends for almost 4 years and we were too close. Shreya has a great hair, thick and silky smooth up to waist length. Even she has those gorgeous hair, she is much reluctant to go for a stylish haircut. Only person cuts her hair would be her mom and that too one or two inches per month for split ends. Even I have told her to try layers and other cuts. Even asked her to cut at least curtain bangs but she hesitated.
One day we were watching movie in our home. I placed my fingers in her head and ran through the hair slowly. For my surprise she fell asleep. I then started playing with her long hair till she is awake. Since I found this, I repeated the same many times and played with her hair. One day I though to cutting few strands of hair while she is sleeping. I grabbed a scissor and slowly took little from her forehead and cut it to the length below her face. Since it is only few, she did not notice the changes.

First haircut

One fine Sunday she came to me and asked me to trim her hair for split ends. I got my spine chilled for a second and asked her about mom. Her mom went to native and she wanted to get rid off the split ends. I told okay and asked her to sit in a chair and started combing her hair. I then put a comb about 3 inches from the bottom and told her that these much should go. After thinking a lot, she accepted. Then I turned on my trimmer. She freaked out and stood up
She asked “what are you doing with that!” I replied and convinced her that trimmer would be much easier and will cut more evenly. Then she sat on the chair. I cut her 3 inches of her hair and started to comb again. Now I place the comb 2 inches above the chopped hair and started to cut with scissors. She asked “are you cutting more” and I told Those were finishing touch. After this she was happy and left.
Then we had a conversation about my hairstyle. She asked ‘why are you cutting your hair like uncle, why don’t you cut something stylish? Or even shorter?”. I replied “I’m not comfortable with latest trends”. She laughed at me. I asked “what style would you prefer on me?”. She then showed a picture of some mode. After sometime we left.
Next day I went to salon and had that haircut. Then we met and she was shocked to see me on this haircut. I said that changes are inevitable and we need to get out of our comfort zone, then I asked her “how about you, wanna go for haircut of my choice?”. She was speechless and shocked. She then went off without a word.

Next haircut

Next day she came to my home and told me “I thought a lot and decided to cut my hair. But not in the salon, you cut my hair however you want”. Now I’m speechless and asked her to sit on a chair.
After she sat, I opened her lustrous long hair and begin to comb. Suddenly I got an idea and began to massage her head. She soon fell asleep. Now I placed the scissors in mid back of her hair. I bought a pair of sharp scissors and stated to cut her hair. Gorgeous hair fell in the floor. Now I combed lot of her front hair and placed the scissor below the nose and chopped it off. Again, I thought Straight bangs would be better on her than curtain bangs. I started to cut above the eyebrows now. Only ‘SNIP SNIP SNIP’ sound filled the room and she has a beautiful thick bangs.
I thought of reducing the length even shorter and went to her back slowly without waking her. Now I started to chop near the shoulder level. Then I combed hair at the top and began to cut it shorter than the length backside. This would appear as layers. At this point of time she was awake and shocked on seeing this. Full of hairs on her and around her. She then asked “are you going to cut still?” in a low tone and I replied “No. just finishing up”. I then started to cut 2 more inches and then made it as a U shaper touching here shoulders. And told her “Done”. We then did different hairstyles and posted in Instagram. She was happy to be transformed by me.

After and year, her hair grown till her mid back and she told “lets cut little shorter this time”. I grabbed my scissors thinking of a short bob, maybe a Pixie cut.

To be contd…

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