Shy girl agrees to a haircut!

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A true story I want to share and this seems like the right platform! I’m very adventurous in bed but for some reason I’ve always liked shy girls the most because I enjoy watching the change in them as they find their dirtier side. My girlfriend is very shy and like all shy girls had very long hair when I met her. Over time I worked on her until the sex got more and more interesting but I knew I wouldnt be satisfied until she got a haircut. I think long hair can be beautiful but I nothing is sexier than a girl with very short, masculine hair. I was especially excited to see my girl with a nice short haircut because she has a gorgeous, very feminine figure, with quite big, perky tits and a soft bum and I love the contrast of a short spiky military flattop on a gorgeous soft woman. I also love her nape and ears and wanted to see more of them and have access to them in bed.

I started dropping hints but she was very firm that she would never in a million years consider short hair. I kept working on her and bought scissors, clippers and a cape in case she ever changed her mind, so I could make the most of it before she changed it back again!

One night she accused me of flirting with a short haired beauty at the bar and we had a small argument. I told her I loved being with her but I had a high sex drive and for the sex to improve this was my ultimate fantasy, not with anyone else, only with her. I told her if I was only going to sleep with her and be faithful, she would eventually probably have to part with her lovely hair that she so loved to hide behind!

Long story short… she finally agreed!

I was going away on business for a couple of nights but let the anticipation build.we sent dirty messages while I was away fantasizing about the night I would come home and give her her first military flattop. She found it a turn on too as she loves making me very aroused. I could hardly wait to get home.

When I returned I instructed her to wear a sexy white silk nightgown with no underwear and come through with her hairbrush. I set up a mirror and chair and side table with the scissors, clips, clippers and a number 1 and 2 guard. She looked nervous when she sat down and I felt her shaking a little so laughed it off and told her she was the shyest girl and ever met and she was going to look very sexy with her new haircut. I explained to her for the first time it was going to be a military flattop and it was going to mean her hair wouldnt get in the way while we were making love and I couldnt wait to kiss and lick her shaved nape and ears. I pushed her head forward and felt a huge bulge in my pants as I shaved that nape, a feeling I’ll never forget! The I folded each ear and shaved well around them and a good inch above!
I sprayed her hair up with water and buzzed over creating a very high and tight little flattop. I told her to remove the nightgown and we had sex for hours, and I admired her new, extremely short military haircut from every angle.
I dont know how I managed to persuade the last woman on earth who would ever get a short haircut to get a flattop but I now get to redo it whenever I decide! I think when she saw my performance she realised it was worth it. I feel like the luckiest guy alive so thought I’d share my story!

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