Silvia’s chignon

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Silvia was a pretty girl looking for work. She was 22 years old with a slim body and a pretty face. Her best asset was her thick, long, perfectly straight blonde hair that reached down to her waist. Silvia had taken a job at a local restaurant as a waitress and at work she always wore her hair up in a bun or braided it. At home, however, her hair would be hung in a ponytail or pulled back behind her so she didn’t have it too tight all day. At her work the huge chignon she wore on her head attracted a lot of attention although no one has ever had the opportunity to see her hair down to her waist. Silvia lived in a rented apartment and was curious to meet her new roommate, Jolanda, who would arrive in the next few days.

At her work there was a regular customer, Gianni, who came to her every day and didn’t stop staring at her. He was 6 feet 5 inches tall with a well built muscular body, always dressed smartly and rode a bicycle. Silvia thought he was extremely attractive, but for some reason she was never comfortable with the way he stared at her and often glanced at the bun on the top of her head.

One day after work, when Silvia returned home, she discovered that the new roommate had arrived and it was finally time to meet her. She walked in and saw a girl who was about the same age as her and had a perfectly athletic body. She had tattoos all over her arms and piercings on her eyebrows and navel. She wore skinny jeans with a black top. “Hi, you must be Silvia. I’m Jolanda”, said the girl.

“Oh yes” Silvia said “the landlord told me you were moving” she said approaching the new girl to introduce herself.

Jolanda was now an absolutely carefree girl, she worked as a dancer in a strip club and returned late at night. One fine Sunday afternoon, when Jolanda woke up, she saw Silvia cleaning her bed. She was wearing a knee-length black dress and her hair was pulled up in a loose bun. Jolanda got out of bed and went to the bathroom and when she came back she saw that Silvia was busy cooking something in the kitchen. She lit a cigarette, went over to Silvia and stopped behind her. Silvia was too engrossed in her cooking and didn’t see Jolanda standing behind her who was observing her from top to bottom. “You really have a lot of hair,” said Jolanda grabbing Silvia’s chignon. Silvia turned immediately and said; “Oh you scared me” but by now Jolanda was pulling Silvia’s bun and Silvia’s long hair fell down to her waist and she shook it a bit.

Jolanda admiring the length of Silvia’s hair replied “you have too much hair and very long” running her fingers through Silvia’s silky locks. “I’ve been growing it out since I was 16 Silvia said” with a smile and Jolanda said “I think you need a shorter style”. “Why?” Silvia asked with a slight apprehension as she began to stroke the tips of her hair. ” Because with work and the various chores you have to do, you won’t have time to take care of it properly and it will be more cumbersome than anything else” said Jolanda with a smile while stroking her bob that reached her chin. “If you want I have a stylist friend who could do you an excellent job”.

“No thanks” said Silvia moving away from Jolanda and going to the mirror to arrange her hair. She pulled her hair sharply into a ponytail and then started wrapping it into a bun with an exasperated look on her face and said “I will never cut my hair and trust me I will always have time to worry about my hair” she Silvia said irritably as she tied her chignon.

For the rest of the week Silvia didn’t talk much with Jolanda so as not to reopen the subject of her hair. Finally it was the weekend and when Silvia woke up she found that Jolanda wasn’t at home and thought she had stayed at her boyfriend’s house, then she noticed a note on the fridge that said “I’m leaving for an urgent job and I’ll be back soon. In case my boyfriend drops by, ask him to wait for me. The only problem was that Jolanda hadn’t mentioned her boyfriend’s name. Silvia got dressed and was cooking when there was a knock on the door. Silvia opened the door and found Gianni in feet in front of the door. “Hello, you must be Silvia. I’m Gianni and I’m Jolanda’s boyfriend” she said extending her hand.

Silvia couldn’t speak for a moment but then she said “Hello, take a seat Jolanda she will arrive soon she told me to ask you to wait for her”.

“No problem,” Gianni said as he entered.

“Can I offer you something?” Silvia asked. “Sure” answered Gianni.

Silvia brought a tray with sandwiches and coffee and put them on a small dining table offering them to Gianni who sat next to Silvia.

After some minute of silence while they ate Gianni noticed that Silvia was blushing and continued to stare at her making her even more agitated.

“Thanks for the coffee” said Gianni breaking the silence. Silvia looked away from him and in a low voice she said, “You’re welcome.”

Gianni observing the chignon on Silvia’s head said

“Your chignon is really big” said Gianni and this made Silvia turn around looking at him with a smile while she blushed further.

“I’m sure your hair is very long” added Gianni as he continued to stare at the bun on Silvia’s head. Silvia instinctively reached out and touched her huge bun “I like long hair on girls”, added Gianni while Silvia kept stroking her head.

“I’m sure they’re even more beautiful when they’re completely melted” said Gianni putting down the cup of coffee and seeking Silvia’s gaze.

“I don’t know,” Silvia said shyly. “Why don’t we find out, undo your hair?” Gianni said moving his hand towards the blond girl’s chignon. Silvia stepped back slightly from her protecting her bun with her hand but Gianni took her hand and looking into her eyes he said “Don’t hide them”.

Saying this he stood up, grabbed Silvia’s arm and made her stand up. He brought her in front of the mirror and standing behind her he took both her hands and put them behind her back and leaning against her, preventing her from moving her arms, he took her sandwich and squeezed it gently pushing her head forward . He put his other hand on the nape of Silvia’s neck and began to massage her.

Silvia was breathing heavily and was getting aroused at the same moment she felt Gianni’s fingers on her neck and her head was being pushed back and forth. Gianni then used both of her hands to tug at her bun and begin to undo her bun. Jane’s long thick locks of hers fell all over her body to her waist and Gianni began to stroke her beautiful straight hair.

“Your hair is beautiful,” Gianni said as he gathered his hands full of her hair, lifted it over her head and let it fall. Silvia’s hair fell down her back and her face. He brushed her hair away from her face and began to tuck it into the back of her neck. Then he stared at the reflection of her eyes in her mirror and ran his fingers through her hair and began to gently massage her scalp. Silvia’s head rocked back and forth once again before her gently and then as her massage became vigorous and Gianni could hear moans coming from her. He separated her hair into 2 ponytails and grabbed each of hers with both hands at the base of hers and started kissing her neck.

Silvia was in a total trance now and she didn’t want this to end. Gianni then unzipped her dress and unzipped it from her shoulders. Her dress fell to the floor revealing Silvia’s petite figure. Gianni gathered her hair into a single ponytail and pulled it with her left hand from the nape of her neck. He put his right arm around Silvia’s waist and lifted her up. He carried her to the bed where he got her down on all fours and standing on her knees behind her still pulling at her super long ponytail and unzipped her pants pulling her throbbing cock out of her. He pulled her panties down and entered Silvia. Silvia moaned loudly as each thrust of hers was more painful than the one before. Although she was a shy girl and was jealous of her hair, she didn’t want all this to end and she hoped that Gianni would continue to pull her hair and push her harder and harder until she went crazy.
Soon Silvia reached her orgasm and Gianni drove her warm liquid inside her. After a while Gianni got up and undressed completely. He slipped next to Silvia and once again fucked her really hard. After an hour Silvia got out of bed to get dressed
Her back was turned to Gianni who was constantly looking at her hair which he was once again trying to pull up into a bun. Gianni walked behind her and picked up her sandwich and once again pulled it down. Holding her hair with both hands, he led her to the bathroom and grabbed a brush. He brushed her hair for a while and then, holding it halfway, pulled it down off her by pulling her head up.

As he did so he noticed a pair of scissors on the sink and picked them up. He pulled her hair upwards, which made Silvia lower her head, and out of the corner of her eye she saw Gianni holding her pair of scissors in his hand. She quickly turned around and said, “I thought you liked my long hair” “I do,” said Gianni and that’s why I want to get it.”

“Please don’t cut my hair,” Silvia pleaded as her eyes filled with tears.

Gianni let go of her hair and put the scissors aside. She gathered her clothes and dressed. Silvia too was now dressed in her black dress and with her hair pulled back in a loose bun. As she was about to leave Silvia called him and said, “Gianni, please don’t be annoyed, I’m really confused right now. I don’t want to annoy you but the thought of cutting my hair scares me.”

Hearing those words Gianni got angry and thought that she needed a strong persuasion to be convinced to cut her hair. With an intense look in her eyes he moved towards her. Silvia backed away a little but he took her by the arm and made her turn around. He gripped her bun tightly and pushed her head down while maintaining her grip. Silvia could feel an aggressive tug on her sandwich and with tears in her eyes she said “Gianni, please don’t do this.” but before she could finish her sentence Gianni had completely let her hair down and was now wrapping it around her hand. Eventually Silvia felt her grip squeezing her head behind her as Gianni kept half of her hair wrapped around her right hand tightly against the back of her crown and the rest of her flowing loose to her waist. her. With her left hand he lowered first her dress and then her underpants stripping her completely.

“I’ll cut your hair whether you like it or not and it will be very short” whispered Gianni in Silvia’s ear. Then he took the scissors from the bathroom and led Silvia, who was now crying loudly, into the bedroom. Gianni wasn’t paying attention to her tears and continued with her plan. His goal was simply to tie all of his hair into a thick ponytail in her hands. Soon he was holding Silvia’s ponytail in her hands and making her kneel on her bed he penetrated her as he continued to tug at her long ponytail. Silvia liked to be fucked hard even if she kept crying because she knew what was going to happen to her. Gianni tied her tail with the elastic he had used to make the chignon and pulling her hair very hard he said “Say goodbye to your beautiful blonde hair” and so he positioned the blades between the elastic and Silvia’s scalp and he started cutting her hair. SNIP SNIP SNIP SNIP SNIP the sound of the scissors making their way through Silvia’s thick blond hair resounded throughout the room.

“NOOOOO, PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!” Silvia continued to cry but despite her displeasure she was having the best fuck of her life and she didn’t try in any way to stop the advance of the scissors through her hair. The more the scissors advanced, the more Gianni forcefully pushed his enormous cock inside Silvia who was now at the mercy of the man. After the last SNIPs of the scissors, the ponytail had finally been severed and was hanging from Gianni’s hand who, with his last thrusts, came once again inside Silvia’s pussy, who had come too shortly before.

Silvia lay motionless on the bed with fatigue but Gianni thought it was time to complete her work. He ran to the bathroom and picked up the cream and the razor that the girls used to shave her hair but before pouring the cream on Silvia’s head with the scissors he started making random cuts to her hair so as to reduce it as short as possible . Silvia was without strength and she did not resist while Gianni continued to cut all her hair. A little later Gianni put down the scissors and filled Silvia’s head with foam and taking her razor he began to shave her from the forehead towards the center of her head. It was very fast and after a few minutes Silvia’s head was completely smooth and Gianni could admire her work. It was then that he got dressed and before leaving she called Jolanda who arrived shortly after and found Silvia lying on her stomach with her head completely shaved.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA I see that Rapunzel has decided to go bald” so he approaching Silvia of her stroked her head making fun of her

“I told you you should try a shorter style and this looks great on you”

Silvia couldn’t understand what she was saying, she and Jolanda kissing Gianni said

“We’ve been thinking about this plan for a week and I see we’ve succeeded,” she said as she picked up the long ponytail that lay on the bed next to Silvia.

” I knew you liked Gianni and I asked him to try in every possible way to convince you to cut your hair and if he didn’t succeed he could go even further as long as he made it as short as possible even if I didn’t expect to see you bald”

So Jolanda kissed Silvia’s tail and concluded “I’ll keep this one so I can play with it a bit but don’t worry your hair will grow back and when it’s long again you can always call Gianni”
and taking Gianni by the hand they went away.

After a few hours of sleep Silva woke up and hoped that everything that had happened was just a bad dream but the blonde locks that lay next to her they made her understand that it was not so. She stood up and went in front of the mirror to look at herself and as she touched her head she burst into tears. The feel of her wasn’t bad but she missed her long blonde hair.

She returned to the room she cleaned the bed from the hair and thinking back to the good fucks that she had done that afternoon she hoped to relive them but without having her hair cut anymore.

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  1. This is a rework of an older story from the old 1hss site. You should make sure you call that out even if you are the same author of the original work. At one point you refer to Silvia as Jane, which I believe was the main character’s name in the original story.

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