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It was just an ordinary day in the lab. All of my projects were basically on autopilot, so I sat there with my legs kicked up on a stool, catching up with the latest news. 

“Goddamn it!” I heard Mark shout from the next lab over.

You would like that a shout like that would send everyone in our proximity running over to see what the commotion was, but coming from Mark, none of us were concerned. A moment passed before I saw Mark’s head pop into my doorway.

“My life is over.” He exacerbated while he waited for me to invite him in. “There’s no way the execs will keep me on board after this fuck up.”

“What is it this time Mark?” I asked without looking up.

“I put my eggs in one basket and it’s failed miserably.” He replied, still in my doorway. I could tell he was uneasy and wanted desperately for me to invite him in. However, it is there where I made him wait. I always believed in maintaining firm boundaries. As a woman in my mid thirties, I needed to remain assertive, especially in a male dominated field.

I stood up and adjusted my glasses before walking over to one of my active work stations.

“Who knows who they’ll replace me with when they find out what happened.” Marked said, seemingly baiting me into a conversation.

“Hopefully someone quiet.” I said back with a smirk.

“Do you have a moment to hear me out?” He asked from the doorway. “I need help.”

“It’s going to have to wait.” I replied from my chair. “I’m busy.”

Mark stood there quietly watching me work before he spoke up. “I’ll do anything.”

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“I’ll do anything for you if you help me.” He replied

“You don’t have anything that I want.” I said turning back to my station.

“I’m begging you Crystal.” He said in a hushed tone. “Just come look.”

I gave in and stood up before following Mark into his lab, which was a total disaster area.

“I’ve been working on sexual disfunction drug to enhance stimulation, which has yielded some fantastic results, but a side effect has been present in all of my trials.”

“Which are?” I asked as I looked around as the disgusting environment that he worked in.

“Hair loss.” He said dejectedly

“Okay?” I replied. “That’s pretty common and most men probably don’t care as long as it’ll give them an erection.”

“The drug is aimed at women.” Mark continued. “And the hair loss is total and permanent. I just can’t figure out the right protein chain to use.”

“So you drug makes women horny and bald?” I asked. “Clearly can’t take that to market.”

“I know!” Mark cried out. “I need to find out a solution or I’m fired.”

I stood there for a moment and poured over his trial findings.

“Give me a sample of the drug and I’ll run some tests.” I said peaking over my glasses. “And do not speak a word of me helping you. I have a reputation to maintain.”

“Thank you Crystal!” He exclaimed before handing me a large vial. “Do you need any mice?”

“No.” I replied. “And keep it down.”

“I’ve been dosing it at 5mg just under the skin behind their neck.” He said back in a much quieter voice.

“How long does the hair loss typically take to be noticeable?” I asked

“Hair fall is increased over a day or so. Complete depilation after 2 weeks.” Mark replied. “Do you think you can fix it.”

“I’m not sure yet.” I said. “But you will owe me something regardless.”

With that, we went our separate ways; Mark remained in his trash den, while I retreated to my spotless lab. As I set out to work on Mark’s mistake, I caught myself looking at my reflection in my desk top mirror. For 35, I still felt as beautiful as I was in my twenties, I just looked more mature. My dark chestnut hair was contained in a tight bun sitting on top of my head, but I couldn’t help wondering about the side effect of Mark’s compound. What would I look like if I was rendered completely hairless? Although I was able to push the thought from my head, I caught myself fantasizing about it while I worked. Before I realized it, the work day was over and I packed up my bag to go. I don’t know what possessed me to do so, but I drew 5mg of the drug into a syringe before securing it into my bag.

At home, I was greeted by my partner Jill. She met me at the door wearing nothing but a frilly apron and holding a martini. 

“Special occasion?” I asked taking the martini from her hand and kissing her passionately on the mouth. “I didn’t get this kind of treatment last month on my birthday.”

“This is better than your birthday.” Jill replied as she untied the apron and let it fall to the ground. She stood their naked and placed both hands on her stomach. “I’m officially pregnant! The last round was a success.”

I was over the moon excited, as we had been trying in vitro fertilization for months now. “You mean we’re finally going to be moms?” I asked, holding back tears.

“Yes dear, and now it’s time to celebrate!” Jill pulled me into the house and led me to our bedroom where she proceeded to undress and push me onto the bed. She buried herself into my mound and began pleasuring me with her strong tongue. She knew just what spots to hit as she continued to lapse at the juices streaming from me. Before long, my back was arching as I screamed in ecstasy and squirted all over her face. I was once self conscience about squirting, but Jill always made me feel like it was the sexiest thing about me.

“I’ll take it as you enjoyed your after work treat my dear.” She said as she began to clean herself up.

“Why don’t you lay down so I can return the favor?” I said as I patted the bed.

“Honestly dinner and a back rub is calling my name right now.” She replied as she passionately kissed me. “You can get me later.”

After dinner, we migrated to the couch where between Netflix and talking, Jill drifted off to sleep. I got up to pee and on my way back to the couch I tripped over my bag that was casually tossed to the side when I got home. When I recovered from my tumble, I saw my syringe sitting on the carpet. I bent over to pick it up before settling back onto the couch and moving Jill’s head back to my lap. I sat there stroking her beautiful red hair as I continued watching the movie when I found myself fantasizing about dosing Jill with Mark’s compound. What would my partner look like complete denuded of hair? I found myself becoming aroused at the thought. I continued to pet and fantasize until I moved aside enough the hair on her crown to expose her scalp. Without thinking, I uncapped the syringe and gently slide the needle just under her skin. I kept it their for a moment as I battled with the idea before temptation took over and I pushed the plunger, emptying the drug into Jill’s scalp. I slid the needle out and recapped it before examining the area. My efforts had left a small bubbled area that weeped the clear liquid that I had just injected. Jill didn’t make a sound as I sealed her fate. After I let the drug seep into her scalp, I continued to rub her hair. Although, at first, I didn’t notice any more hair fall than usual, I found that I could easily pull out a hair with little effort. On the very end of the test hair pulls were the follicles. As I sat there complete entranced with what I was doing, Jill began to stir.

“Let’s go to bed honey.” She said groggily as she stood up and walked to the bathroom.

“I’ll be right there.” I replied as I hid the needle back in my bag and joined her for our bedtime rituals.

As we both brushed our teeth, Jill kept reaching up and scratching her head where I had injected her.

“You okay?” I asked, spitting into the sink.

“My head is itchy.” She said as she dug her nails into her scalp.

“Well you better not be bringing fleas into our bed Jill.” I smirked at her.

“Look and see if it looks like a bug bit or something.” She said as she continued to scratch. “It really itches.”

She bent her head over to show me the spot. The area was completely inflamed and felt hot to the touch.

“It’s red, but it doesn’t look like a bite.” I replied touching the spot with my finger tips to the area. “Stop scratching it or you’re going to get a bald spot.”

“I’ll take a bald spot over this itch any day.” She exclaimed before returning to the bed.

“Well at least let me be the one to give it to you.” I half joked before sliding into bed.

She gladly placed her head onto my lap as I proceeded to dig my nails into her scalp. She moaned with relief/pleasure as I focused my attention on the spot on her scalp. The more I worked on the area, the more hair I noticed was falling out. After 10 minutes, Jill was left with a gloriously smooth bald spot the size of a quarter. As I continued to run my finger over this newly created bald spot, Jill began to bury her face into my crotch. I was positively soaking in my own juices from my efforts on Jill’s scalp and she took no time in lapping it all up. As she continued to pleasure me, I kept touching her bald spot, fantasizing about the rest of her hair slipping from her beautiful head. Before long I arched my back in an orgasm and collapsed onto the bed.

“Thank you for that.” I said out of breath.

“Thank you for the head rub.” She said as she wiped her mouth. “It’s feeling better already.”

We quickly fell asleep where I was greeted with the strangest night of dreams. I couldn’t get the thought of the serum out of my head. When I awoke, I started doubting if last night had even happened until I looked over at Jill’s pillow and saw several red hairs laying on it. At the end of each hair was an intact follicle. I found myself becoming aroused again at the thought of Jill losing all of her hair and I wasn’t quite sure why. Every bit of me wanted to pluck each hair from her delicate head until she was as bald as a cue ball.

I was snapped out of my cerebral state by Jill walking into the room with breakfast.

“Good morning darling.” She said carrying a tray of goodies, wearing nothing but her apron. “Breakfast is served.”

“You spoil me too much Jill.” I said as she placed the tray over my lap.

“And I’ll be expecting another head rub from you afterwards as a thank you.” She said touching the crown of her head. “My scalp feels sore and could use a little loving today.”

After breakfast, Jill cleared the tray and rested her head onto my lap. Upon closer inspection, I could see that her bald spot had widened over night and was still very red. Clearly the serum was attacking and destroying their follicles as it swept across her scalp. Absolutely no growth could be seen below the skin and the patch was absolutely smooth to the touch. As I ran my finger tip over the denuded area I could hear Jill purr with delight.

“That feels beautiful.” She said with her eyes closed. “But don’t stick to one spot.”

With her urging, I ran my fingers through her hair, which today felt dry and lifeless. I was delicate at first, especially as quite a bit of hair shedded into my fingers after the first pass.

“Don’t be shy baby.” Jill moaned. “Pet me like you mean it.”

I began digging my fingers along her scalp from her forehead to her crown, releasing what seemed like a handful of red hair into my hands.

“So much hair is coming out Jill.” I said placing the shedded ball of hair onto the bed. “I think we should stop.”

“No.” Jill replied back as if in a trance. “If it takes being bald to make my scalp feel better, I don’t care. Keep rubbing.”

I could feel that I was positively dripping down below as I became more rough with Jill’s lifeless hair. Like a child unwrapping a present on Christmas morning, I yearned to see what lay beneath the curtain of red hair. Each stroke sent long red hairs onto my lap and left her hair looking thinner.

“I can see your scalp clearly Jill.” I said with my mouth running dry. “If I continue, you won’t have any hair left.”

“Pull it for me.” Said Jill with her eyes closed. “It feels good when you tug on it.”

Without thinking, I gathered her thinning hair from heir hairline to her crown into a limp pony tail and proceeded to lightly tug on it.

“God that feels good.” She purred. “Harder.”

I tightened my grip at her urging and wrapped it once around my closed fist causing her to moan with pleasure. I thought for a moment that my grip was slacking off, but quickly realized that the pony tail was slowly detaching from Jill’s head.

“Harder.” Jill said again with her eyes shut.

I wrapped the hair around my fist once more to increased my efforts. Before long the pony tail had completely come off in my hand, leaving behind only a few wisps and a halo of read hair behind.

“Holy shit.” I whispered, holding out the hair in my hands.

“Mmm, that feels much better.” Jill said as she began to bury her head into my soaked shorts. 

“So much hair.” I replied back, staring at her detached red hair. 

“How bad does it look?” Jill asked as she pulled back my shorts and started kissing me.

“Bald.” I said as I held her pony tail to my face and inhaled. “Very bald.”

Jill said nothing as she pushed me flat onto the bed and ripped my shorts off. She rummaged through our toy drawer and pulled her strap-on into place. She stood over me with the strap-on poised near my glistening vagina. She looked ridiculous with just the hair on the back and sides of her hair remaining.

“This bald bitch is going to fuck you right now, and afterwards you’re going to finish pulling the rest of this mess from my head.” Jill said as she inserted herself into me. “Are you okay with that?”

“Yes.” I replied with a moan.

“After that, I think you need a little haircut as well.” She said with a thrust. “Something short. Are you okay with that?”

“Yes.” I moaned again.

“After I’m through with you, I want you to be as bald as me.” She said with an even deeper thrust. “Tell me to shave your head.”

“Please.” I moaned back.

“Please, what?” She began thrusting harder and faster. “I need to hear it.”

“Bald.” I replied.

“Good girl.” Jill said as she continued to pummel me.

Jill and her red halo straddling me was the last image I had before I blacked out.

When I awoke, I found myself in my bed with a splitting headache. I wasn’t sure what was and was not reality. I looked over as Jill’s pillow and didn’t see a single red hair.

“Was it just a dream?” I said to myself, putting my head in my hands.

I could hear the shower running in the bathroom, so I got up and walked in.

“Did you sleep well?” I heard Jill call out from the steamy shower. “I couldn’t wake you up this morning.”

“Sorry about that hun.” I replied, rummaging through the drug cabinet. “My head is pounding.”

With that, I heard the water turn off and Jill pulled aside the curtain. She stood before me and I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was completely bald. Her head glistened in the light of the bathroom.

“How do I look?” She asked, running her hands over her smooth scalp. “It feels so much better, getting rid of the rest of it.”

“Very bald.” I replied with my eyes locked on her scalp.

“Yes dear.” She said with a smile. “Don’t you remember?”

”Where did it all go?” I asked, reaching up and touching her head.

“Into the trash where it belongs.” She said motioning to our bathroom trashcan, completely overflowing with red hair. “I was going to shave the rest of mine, but thankfully, I was able to pull the rest of it out with ease. Did I miss any?”

She gave me a little twirl. All I saw was a completely smooth head.

“No.” I replied.

“Good.” She said, wrapping a towel around her and planting a kiss on my cheek. “Are you ready to say goodbye to this mess?”

“Goodbye?” I asked still staring at her shining scalp.

“We’re shaving all of your hair today like you wanted.” She said as she ran a hand through my hair. “Honestly, I attempted to pull some of yours out while you slept, but your stubborn hair wouldn’t let go. So we’ll have to tackle it the old fashion way.”

With that, Jill picked up a razor and a can of shaving cream.

“Sit down.” She said with a smirk.

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