Sitting at the park

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I love sitting in the park on the weekend afternoon. This is the time when I get to see lots of people, people I meant women with long hair.  Examining women hair is my hobby, through years of examining women hair quality, length and type. I could easily spot high quality set of hair on a woman head. Like all other weekends the park have tons of people, I sit on my favorite spot where I could girls go for a run, playing soccer, and doing other activities.

One day after work, I decided to go to the park and relax from all the stress. I sat at my usually spot and looked around. There’s few people in the park, nothing special, didn’t spot any beautiful hair so I look at the tree and sky, enjoying the nature and watch the sunset. I noticed a woman appeared and sat on the same bench as me and also relaxing. I didn’t take a look at her because I was relax by nature beauty. We sat there for 5 mins and I started a conversation. “Beautiful park isn’t it?” I said. She nodded and with the sweetest British voice replied, “Indeed.”

After I heard her voice, I turn my head and saw a beautiful girl with long blonde braided hair. Her hair caught my attention, it is healthy and thick, well taken care, her hair length reaches most probably to mid-thigh because it is so long that she could put her braid on her lap. We chatted, her name is Madeline from the U.K and she’s quite new in town. Madeline is in Chicago for her Masters in health science. We had a nice conversation. The sun is almost setting, I invited her invited her for dinner at a Chinese food restaurant, and she gladly agreed.

At the restaurant, I found Madeline to be a friendly, chatty, and funny person. She enjoyed Chinese food i ordered, I never seen a slim girl like her eat so much dim-sum. “What were you doing in the park?” I asked. Madeline answer still chewing on her dim sum, “ahh, I was stress in my research, and decided to stop by the park relieving myself from these pressure.” “Well… it seems you’re relieve from now.” I joked. Madeline laugh and we had a wonderful dinner. I paid for her dinner, she was reluctant but I told her “in return, let me take you out again.” She bushed for a moment and willing to let me pay for her. As we exchange contacts, I send her off to the nearest bus stop. When she turn around hopping on the bus, I couldn’t stop staring at her golden mid thigh length braid, she turns around waving good-bye and off she went.

For the past week, Madeline and I have been contacting and seeing each other at the park. All focus now is her long golden braid. I wasn’t paying attention to other girls hair at park. Madeline hair is the best I seen in terms of, quality, thickness, and length. My focus was how to find an excuse to touch her braid. I was fed up trying to find an excuse and overthinking about her hair, so I decided to just go ahead and ask whether or not if I could hold her braid on our next meeting.

The day came and I was nervous, how would she react if I asked her to let me hold her braid. Madeline and I were sitting together, talking about her school and research. As usually, Madeline braid was on her lap. Out of nowhere,  a gust of wind suddenly blew and I could smell her sweet fragrant hair. To my surprise, her braid flew to me from the gust of wind. My Hairfetish instinct and desire grab hold on her braid. The feeling of holding such quality braid is unexplainable. The softness, thickness, and length is heavenly. I was stoking her ends with excitement and enjoy, without thinking what I was doing. Madeline said with a smile, “How is it? Are you enjoying my hair?” I was brought back to reality in an instant by her voice. I was embarrassed and  trying to keep my composure, I replied honestly, “You hair is amazing, I never seen such healthy hair, I’m sorry that I was playing a little, I hope you don’t find it weird.” She giggled and said, “thanks for the complement, no, I don’t mind, you could touch it anytime.” Her answer was heaven to my ears, I was given the golden ticket to her golden locks. I continue stoking her ends with my fingers while she talk about her hair. Everyone in her family has wavy blonde hair, but Madeline hair is straight and the thickest among them. Her last haircut she had was 6 years old. And she continue on talking about her family and other stuff. After our chat, she stood up and her braid side smoothly away from my hands back to her.

“Would like to come over to my place tonight? I’ll be cooking today, and I want you to have a taste of my food” she asked with a smile. “That invitation, I would take anytime.” I replied while holding my excitement and off we went.

At her place, I was eating her food that she was cooking, it is delicious. After that wonderful dinner, we head to the living room and had some wine. We talked about her food, I told her it was the best food she had eaten for dinner. She was really happy that I like her food, and she joked that she put poison in the food to make taste better. As we chat, Madeline unbraided her hair, I pause for moment to look at her her magnificent hair being unbraided. Once it was fully unravel, Madeline uses her fingers as a comb to comb her hair. She looked at me and said, “Could you get a brush please, the brush is inside my bag and help me brush my hair.” I quickly went to get her brush, Madeline tuck both hands under her neck she push up forward to move her hair behind the chair. I was behind her and I could smell that fragrant hair that was touching the floor. I begin brushing her silky thick hair. When I was done her hair shiny even brighter. Madeline turn towards me looking straight into my eyes and I looked back. I didn’t know what come into my mind I started kissing her.

The next day, I woke up with Madeline long golden hair all over my face. Madeline was looking and said “Good morning darling.” I was enjoying being buried under her hair and replied, “Morning”. She smile and kissed me together with her hair that I am buried in. Last night was amazing, I played with long hair all night long, stoking it with my fingers and pulling her hair as we have sex. I was still feeling hard for some reason even thought I just woke up. Madeline saw that I was still feeling it, she wrap my elephant with her long hair and started stoking it. I hit my climax after a good 5mins of hair. Madeline and I went the shower and this was a day of new beginning between us.

A few months had pass, Madeline graduated from her studies. At my place, we sat on the crouch, I was stroking and playing with braid. We talked about her next plan. She did well on her research and was offer a scholarship for her PhD from Duke University. Madeline wanted to finish her PhD but she can’t, she didn’t want to leave far from me. I too don’t want her to leave, I’m too attach to her long golden hair, and yet I also care about her future. “Madeline, I think you should go, this opportunity doesn’t happen to anyone. Don’t worry about me. 4 years pass really quick” I said, while unbraid her hair. “Are you sure, you want me to go? What if something happen us? she said. I pick up a comb and start combing her golden mane. “Madeline… you have a bright future ahead of you, don’t worry about me, I’m not going anywhere.” I replied, still combing her hair. She turn around hugging me tightly, she knew what I said is the best for her. I pat her head and ensure you that I’ll be waiting.

The day before she leave, I was playing with Madeline long hair for the last time. I do a bun, ponytail, pigtail, side ponytail and fishtail braid on her hair. I was having fun with her long hair while Madeline just sit on the chair looking at her phone. Suddenly, Madeline put her down the phone down. “H.T, I want a haircut. I want it cut today…” Madeline said. I got confuse and ask her “why, it so beautiful and long” She said it going to be problem taking care of her hair while doing her PhD, she won’t have time for her hair. We talked about it for moment, inside me was about to explode cutting such beautiful silk, furthermore she wanted a buzzcut, that got me crazy. I tried to convince her not to cut so short but she still insisted, it easier to maintain and quicker to dry. Madeline promised me she will grow it out, when we meet again after 4 years. If I don’t cut it, she will go to salon, so I agreed to cut her hair.

I brush her long hair for a good 10mins with care and love. After that, I used my fingers to comb that silk, caressing down her hair all the way to the floor. Madeline undress herself, she feel more comfortable and relax without her clothes and said, “If you’re done playing with my hair, could do a braid and cut it off please? I want you to have my braid.” I followed her command and braided her hair. When I’m done braiding her hair, I took a scissor and look at her through to mirror. She a nod her head nervously, giving the sign to cut it. I grab her braid, put it to my nose to smell the fragrant of her hair, and kissed it. I took a scissor, place it close to her head, and started cutting. Sniiipp, sniiipp, sniippp, cutting through to the braid. I was putting so much strength and effort cutting through 5inch of hair. Sniip, Sniipp, Sniipp, half way through, after 2mins her braid was finally free from her head. I saw that she was crying, I gently hug, she saw the braid I was holding and was amazing how long and thick. Now her hair is at cheek length. She wipe all her tears away and told me to continue cutting. I plug in the clippers, put it in the middle of her head, and gently pulling it back. Slowly more hair started to hair, when I am done doing the middle, moved to the sides. Finally revealing her ears, and I move to the other side to finish the job. Madeline was crying losing her golden mane. I hugged and said “I will treasure this braid until you come back to me.”. We kissed, and had a wonderful sex.

The next day at the airport, I think Madeline looks sexy with that buzzcut, but I still prefer her long hair. It weird touching her head last night, not used to the short hair, but it is still nice. We kissed each other and say our farewell. I went home, I grab freshly cut braid, and took a last smell of that fragrant hair before it seal in a bag.

Four years had pass, I was sitting at the park, remembering and missing Madeline long hair. Suddenly, both my eyes were shut by someone else hands. Beside that, I felt something soft and silky over my shoulder. I remember that fragrant smell, it was Madeline hair. She remove her hands from her eyes. I saw beautiful Madeline, her hair was at waist, thick and golden. We smiled.


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