Ski competition pt. 2

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The Sun rose to enlighten the third day of the competition. All the class was raping the new snow that had fallen during the night. They enjoyed that slope-keepers decided to keep some of the slopes unmaintained. Freeriding wasn´t something they would do every other day. It didn’t take them very long to change the soft fresh snow into rough bowls. Then they learned to ride in them. Boys seemed to cope with the difficult terrain better than girls but even some of them did well. Especially Ann looked like she was flying above them which put her in position of a favourite for the afternoon race as it was decided that it would be held in the bowls. Of course, they couldn’t set exact track among the bowls, so they just set the start, the finish and two long curves so they don’t just ride straight down. As first girls dove into the snow waves it was clear that difficulty of the track was beyond their abilities and they didn´t finish in a reasonable time. Others, though, managed to finish and set time for the competitors. The track was rather short, still its difficulty was enough to keep the best times above 30 seconds of tough ride. Maria began the race finishing in time with good distance from the deadline. Kate was next and though it was close she made it in time too. Ann affirmed her favourite position beating even Maria by full second. The group of yesterday victims was closed by Natalie. She rode aggressively but one of the bowls kicked her into the air blowing her chances off. Hannah, Jane and Veronica placed among Maria and Kate so Natalie was the only one who still might get a haircut. She didn´t feel sure in the bowls but after all other girls made it in time, she decided to take the risk and get a second try. She started more carefully this time as not to fall again. When she hit the finish line, she seemed really happy. However, she couldn´t know she was past the limit which meant a double haircut for her.

All the girls gathered in the bathroom again in the evening. There wasn’t to be as much haircutting as the day before but still it was some 8 inches for Natalie. Ann prepared herself scissors, comb and a towel and let Nat sit in the chair. “I was thinking about it and I want to withdraw from the contest.” She said when she sat. “What?” came as a reply from the rest. “Do you remember you have to cut another 20% of your hair for that? That´s 60% off you know?” “Yes, I know that. As I said I was thinking about it and decided. There are still 2 more days and most probably I would get at least those 20% cut off and I don´t want to risk getting complete head shave. That is not what I was going for. I overestimated myself and I am ready to pay for it, but I am not ready to be bald.” “Well, if you are sure about this I will do as you wish. Get ready to get lot of hair cut off. You won´t have much more than Kate had at the beginning.” “I know… let’s just be done with it, please.” “Ok, I will begin, just tell me – you want to keep those 10 cm all over or may I cut your back and sides shorter and keep the top slightly longer similar to what Kate had?” “Whatever you think would suit me best as long as the average length is about those 10 cm.” “Hey, I have an idea. Couple of days ago I saw a girl with great short haircut. She had sides and back cut rather short about 5 cm on average, but the top was about 15-20 cm long in average highlighted with blond streaks and swept to one side like bangs and over her ear. She was super-sexy. I think you could try it. I will cut it and you can have the highlight done when we return.” “Sounds really interesting but I am not sure about those super-short parts. I have always had long hair.” “In average you will get the same length. And you will stand out from the crowd and be hot. And those 5 cm isn´t much difference when you lose another 30 anyway.” “Ok, I´ll give it a try. I hope it will look at least half as good as you say.”  “Great, you won´t regret.” Ann combed all hair from the top and clipped it there. She began on the right side. She fingered small part right below the clipped top and cut it off 5 cm from the scalp. More than 30 cm fell on Natalie´s shoulder. She took it in her hand and tears began to well in her eyes. Ann continued cutting, always taking part of short and part of long hair to keep it at the same length. Long hair was piling on Nat´s shoulder and below her on the floor.  When the whole right side was done Ann changed position behind Natalie. Again, she started at the top, but she made the first layer a bit longer and as she carried on downwards, she cut the hair gradually shorter down to just about 3 cm. When the back was done, she connected it with the right side which was about 5 cm long everywhere and then cut the hair around Nat’s ears off and added awry cut sideburn. Then she moved to the left side where she began with cutting the upper layer in a straight line over 5 cm long. Everything below was cut between 3-5 cm long. “You should put highlights in this upper layer, too, to create softer connection and have the short hair thinned.” Ann explained her vision. Finally, she released the clipped long hair. She began with vague connection of the short hair on back to the 10-15 cm long hair she cut on the crown. Then she continued cutting forward keeping the hair longer towards the front with the longest locks almost 20 cm long so it could be tuck behind the ear. Eventually, she brushed all the long hair on top to right side and it created long side-bangs tucked behind ear with the rest reaching to middle of the ear at longest and creating soft layers towards the top. “I am done, the rest is job for your hairdresser. I recommend you have it thinned out and get the long hair on top and the longer hair on the left side highlighted. It´s based on the highlights so it doesn´t look that awesome, yet, but still it´s cool. Have a look.” Nat stood up and turned to the mirror. “Wow, is it really me? I can´t believe I let you cut all my hair off, but I must say this is really cool. I can´t wait to have it finished. You have done great job, thank you, Ann!” “You´re welcome, it was my pleasure. I always wanted to suggest and cut someone´s hair.”

Everybody was shocked when they saw Nat without most of her hair, with short and a little extravagant do, but she got plenty of compliments, too, and everybody was eager to see her with her future highlights when she told them it´s not finished yet. Some girls even asked her who cut her hair and were surprised to hear about Ann´s unknown skills and debated whether they would have their hair done by her someday though none seemed to be really serious. Ann was also proud of herself getting a lot of approvals from her classmates and was hoping someone might ask her to at least to trim his or her hair. The manner of haircuts was already common knowledge and hair and haircutting was one of main themes that evening. There were even some bets about who will get what kind of haircut in the two remaining days. It was Jane who got the chance to build a track that suited her, and she made a classic slalom track with short corners. The noncompeting girls, newly including Natalie, began racing to set time for those competing. Some had problems turning so fast and had to slow down or they would get out of the track. When there were enough measured times to set the deadlines, the time has come for the contestants. As usually, they began in reversed order of recent results. Because Natalie gave up, Kate was the first to ride. She tried hard but was unable to deal with the difficult track and was left in the field of defeated awaiting another haircut. Hannah, though she had some troubles, managed to finish in time and saved herself from the scissors. Veronica had some trouble, too, but end up significantly in front of the earlier girls given the fact they were from the group two and, what´s more important, made it within her own deadline. Next was Jane, who benefited from her own track and surpassed Veronica with significant margin. Maria wanted to finally get her first victory and started without respect which led into missing a gate which was classified as if she fell. The last one on the start was Ann. She didn´t take a lesson from Maria and decided not to let her sis win which led into exactly same result as by Maria. They both decided to try again with mixed results. Neither pushed herself over the edge but Maria hit a “gate” of ski holes with the tip of her ski after which  its edge got locked in the snow and though she was able to keep her balance she missed the next gate because she didn´t have time to turn. She tried to get back on the track and finish but she couldn´t finish in time. Ann´s safe ride couldn´t surpass Jane and ended just within a tenth of second before Veronica which easily might be mistake of the time keepers but she was happy she saved herself from haircut.

As usually, all the girls gathered in the bathroom to keep the punishment part of their pact. This time, Maria was really nervous. Going from below waist length to mid-back length may not be easy but going from that to short bob or shag is something completely different. Especially given the fact that both dramatic changes happened within three days on a school trip, so most people think you went from hip length to short hair. However, she didn´t complain and without further invitations sat into the chair. “How do you feel? Are you OK?” Jane asked her. “Last time I was a bit nervous and really curious. This time I am really nervous and less curious. But I knew what might happen when I signed in, so I am not going to try to escape it.” “Glad to hear that. It´s time to decide what to do with you. I might give you a short bob like Veronica has, or a layered shag, but I am not sure how that would end up.” “Hmm, I am not really sure. I want to keep the pony again so the bob would be better for that while with shag you would have to cut the pony lower somewhere by shoulders which might not be enough to sell and you are not really confident about cutting a shag. On the other hand, Veronica got a bob and I want to get something at least a bit different, though I know she has a sidecut.” “In that case I see two options, and both include cutting your hair a bit shorter than necessary. Firstly I might cut a bob with straight line across the top of your neck and cut the rest shorter into layers so it´s something between a bob and a shag but the difficulty of layering remains here, or I may do a short bob with buzzed nape.” “What do you mean exactly by the short bob with buzzed nape?” asked Maria. “I would cut the bob line across the back at the level with top of your ears and either angled across them or straight above them at the sides with everything bellow buzzed with clippers to quarter inch. I might try to cut it gradually shorter from the bob line but I think it´s even more difficult than the shag because the gaps would be more visible in the short hair and I don´t have any experience except trimming my sis ends so it may end with the buzz anyway.” “The graduated version seems to be much less dramatic but on the other hand it´s not much difference when going from mid-back or basically waist length and I think it might be fun to have a buzzed nape. If I am to get sheared then let´s do it properly, right?” smiled Maria. “OK let´s do it your way. I will cut off the pony and then we´ll decide on details.” Jane decided and ended the debate. She gathered Maria´s hair and made a ponytail between her ears to make it as long as possible because the hair at its base was to be buzzed anyway. From the rubber band to the end of longest hairs it was 35cm so only cutting the pony was already enough to “punish” Maria. Maria twitched at the sound of scissors biting through her hair at her nape. Jane began to cut the pony without any notice and as close to the skin as possible. Minute later, she held the pony as a trophy and gave it to Maria. The other girls watched it silent aw and respect to Maria.  When you looked carefully you could see skin behind the hair barely half inch long at the shortest patch where the pony´s base was. Remaining longish hair hung to top of the ears at the back and grew longer towards the front where it reached the chin. “The worst is done. Now what about the rest? How high you want the buzz and the line of bob? And the sides shall be straight or angled?” “I don´t really know. You had the idea and you wield the scissors so do what you think is the best.” Jane thought and combed through the remaining hair for a while before she decided what to do.  She began by clipping everything above the ears so she could work on the nape. Then she asked for the clippers and plugged them into the wall socket.  She put on a quarter inch guard and turned them on. She placed them at Maria´s nape and drove them into the hair sending tufts of short hair to Maria´s shoulders. Several passes were enough to cut all hair below the ear top into stubble. Just a tiny part of the buzz was hidden under the long hair – most of it was obvious to anyone who happened to look at Maria from behind. With the nape done she released the first layer from above the ears and nape. She began on right side at the chin, more or less following the shape given by cutting the ponytail, only evening out the ends. When she got at the highest point at Maria´s back Jane angled the scissors horizontally and cut the other side just below ear´s tip. In similar manner she continued with the rest of the hair. Only difference was she left front locks at the short side longer in an attempt to give it more shape. When she was done, she inspected her work. The only thing she didn´t like was the few long strands she kept at the short side, so she took scissors again and swiftly severed them. Now she was content with the result she asked Maria to look at herself. Maria stood up and looked at a mirror. “Wow, is it really me?” She exclaimed at the sight. “It´s so short. I never ever had my hair this short since I began to grow it.” “I am sorry for your loss but it´s just hair and it will grow back.” “It´s ok I don´t blame you or anybody I knew what could happen. I just need to get used to it. However, I love the asymmetry and the buzzed nape feels so cool. I only wander what people will say.” “Fuck people´s opinions as long as you like it yourself. It´s trendy to have a side-cut or undercut anyway so I wouldn´t be afraid of that more than of what they would say about that you cut off so much of your hair.” “Yeah, I guess you are right. That won´t matter much compared to such dramatic change. By the way I fancy bangs. Do you think they would go with this?” “I don´t think it would work with the asymmetrical cut. The long side works as side-bangs so I wouldn´t advise cutting short bangs as it would kind of fight each other. Maybe when it grows out a bit you can have the lengths evened and add some bangs than.” “You are right I will wait with it. I think I won´t be afraid to experiment with my hair after this.” Maria laughed and Jane and other girls joined her.

Kate was the second girl awaiting her haircut that day so when they finished debates over Maria´s new short hair she sat into the chair. Jane knew that was going to be much easier haircut because she would mostly use clippers. She walked behind Kate and brushed her hands through her hair asking how to cut it. “Theoretically I should shave your sides and back and cut the top to about an inch, but I think it would be much better to buzz the sides and back to 9mm and cut the top between 1,5 and 2cm.” “I definitely agree with you. Maybe you could even buzz the top too. If I remember there is 15mm guide so it won´t be any difference and would be much easier to do.” “Yeah I will do that if you don´t mind. Buzzing is much easier.” “I don´t really mind. Do that if it will make it easier for you.”  “Oh, it will.” Jane attached a #3 guard and turned the clippers on again. She tilted Kate´s head forward and placed them on her nape below her left ear. Slowly, not to miss any hairs, she moved them up to her crown. Extremely short hairs were flying everywhere. Kate was glad she wore only her underwear because she wouldn´t be able to get those tiny hairs of her cloths. Jane made pass after pass moving from left to right. It didn´t take long to buzz all the back into mere 9 mm. Jane followed with right side guiding the clippers above Kate´s ear to her temple and then back little higher. Then she used her empty hand to hold the longer top hair out of the reach of her clippers as she moved them up in lines from back to front buzzing all the already buzzed hair even shorter. When she was done, she repeated the process on the left side. With both sides and back done there was sharp contrast between the stubble and still longish top which now seemed out of place. However, it didn´t have long lasting. Jane quickly switched the guards and began dealing with the top. She placed the clippers at the forehead and pulled them back. Inch long hairs began collecting in front of the clippers only to tumble down Kate´s back when Jane reached the crown.  Jane continued with another pass next to the first one. After several passes all hair was buzzed. Jane switched back the shorter guard and blended the sides with the top and finally released Kate.  She couldn´t stop touching her new crop loving the way it felt against her palms. She allowed all girls to touch it too. Some liked it others didn´t but none wanted to have such haircut herself.

The last day came and an official race was scheduled. The girls decided to use the times from the race to calculate the deadlines and to compare the girl’s times with it. First on start was group three which didn´t have any effect on the girls.  There was only one guy and a girl who have never skied before. They were followed by group two with Kate and Hannah involved. Hannah finished with quite good ride, Kate, however, slipped on an icy patch and crushed. Feeling gutsy she decided to try again later. There were Veronica, Maria and Ann with Jane in the first group. Maria and Jane looked really well but Ann and Veronica had some troubles. Ann was looking great until the before-last curve where she almost fell. The last to ride was Kate with her repair ride which she managed to finish. As well as the others she had to wait till evening to find out whether she would get another haircut because the results were kept secret by teachers. After announcing the winners, the girls calculated the deadlines and had their times confronted with them.  They found out that Ann, Veronica and Kate finished just outside the limit, so they would have to give up 10%, and Kate 30%, of their hair. The winner was already known because Maria was announced as the best girl of the race. The overall winners were Jane and Hannah with no haircuts. As usually, they gathered in the bathroom after all the common activities. Because this was the last night, the evening activities lasted longer, and the girls should have been sleeping by the time they got to the bathroom, so they had to be really quiet. Thus, they postponed Kate´s and part of Veronica´s haircut because clippers would be too loud. Ann was seated in the victim´s chair and Maria stood behind her. She briefly brushed her hair and asked for meter and scissors. She measured 7cm and cut them off. It was obvious she didn´t have any experience because the result wasn’t very even. She asked Jane to repair it and then asked Veronica into the chair. It was obvious she has to shorten Veronica´s bob. She looked at the tape to get 3cm into eye and then began cutting. She began on Veronica´s cheek, continued across her ear, half of which she exposed, and further across her nape. Again, Jane cleared her imperfections and cut hair on her nape below the bob-line to less than one cm to be buzzed the next morning with the short side.  Kate was awaiting a complete buzz cut, so she had to wait until the morning. After a breakfast they returned to the cutting. At first, they finished Veronica. Maria buzzed her nape down to 6mm to look neat and tidy and the side to 15mm. Veronica, however, asked her to buzz it also to 6 mm after she examined herself in a mirror. Finally, the time has come for Kate. Maria didn´t have to even switch the guard. She placed the clippers on Kate´s forehead and pushed them forward. Short hairs were flying everywhere as the clippers made their way through the hair. Only few millimetres were shorn from the sides and back because they had been already buzzed to 9 mm earlier. After all Kate´s hair had been reduced to 6mm she examined her new look and stunned everybody by asking a complete head shave.  “When I have gone so far I can as wall go a little further and have my head shaved bald. Maria may enjoy it after losing so much hair.” Maria was really hesitating but when Kate ensured her that she really wanted it, she agreed to do it. She buzzed her head without any attachment and then leathered her head with shaving gel. Jane had to unpack her already packed bag to get her a safety razor. Several minutes later Kate´s head looked like a cue ball. She has never had that much eyes on herself as when she entered the dining room where most of the course attendants were already waiting to leave.

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