Slave 781

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When Anna came too she quickly realised she was bound, gagged and naked. Exploration with her tounge revealed that her gag had a hole in it, allowing her cries for help to be a little louder but now by much. Suddenly there was a whirring and a robotic voice said “Welcome to the slave training program, enjoy your initiation!” Something clamped around her neck, it felt like leather? Suddenly a tube entered the hole in the gag and began moving in and out, Anna felt like she was chocking and had no choice but to bob her head with the tube as much as her restraints allowed. “Beginning hair removal stage one” said the robotic voice. Another tube snaked towards her pussy, this time holding a pair of clippers, the flicked to life and we guided across her mound shearing her pubic hair. The clippers fell from the tube and it moved to enter her, she let out a gasp as it began vibrating, the first tube still working her mouth. “Dispensing permanent removal” echoed the voice and she felt the tube in her vagina released something into her, not stopping it’s vibrating. Her pussy burned for a second then the sensation stopped. She hopped that was the end but she wasn’t so lucky.

“Beginning hair removal stage two.” The voice spoke and she felt clippers buzzing around her ass, the tube that shaved her ass now moved to join it’s college and entered her from the back and began to vibrate. She felt so violated with all of her holes now filled but it didn’t stop there. “Dispensing permanent removal” The voice said again and she felt a release inside her ass hole, the same burning then nothing but the growing arousal from being filled.

“Beginning piercings” Piercings?! Anna thought to herself, she’d never even had her ears pierced, how would she explain this to her boyfriend? Suddenly a tube emerged and put at least 5 piercings on each ear, shooting them like a staple gun. Then a comically large ring was placed in her nose and a chain was attached to it, rings were then placed in her nipples and the chain went through both of those until finally another ring was placed on her labia and the chain was also pulled through that. Now every time she bobbed her head with the tube in her mouth, her nipples and cunt were being stimulated and despite trying to fight it she could feel herself getting hornier.

Suddenly the lights in the room came on and she found herself surrounded by mirrors on every wall and even the roof. She could see herself clearly now, her legs were spread wide and the tubes seemed to come from under the frame she was hung to, entering her pussy, ass and mouth. He blonde hair was down behind her, brushing the base of her spine. The leather she felt earlier was the only thing she was wearing, a collar. “Increasing chest adequacy” The machine said and suddenly the tube in her mouth dispensed a foul tasting liquid which she had no choice but to swallow. Suddenly her boobs ballooned, her once modest chest now looked like it was straight out of a porno. All the tubes now were thrusting in and out of her making her tits bounce and the chain connecting her ring piercings pull and stimulate her sensitive tits and pussy. Moans slipped past the tube and gag in her mouth.

“Commencing hair removal part 3” More hair? She thought to herself, what more could they take? Suddenly she watched in horror as her precious hair was gathered behind her and cut close to her nape. She looked at her reflection in horror, her once waist length hair now a choppy high bob. She then saw a tube with clippers approach her hair and she began to struggle, all 3 tubes in her released something at once and she suddenly felt even hornier. The clippers buzzed her hair down to stubble but her body betrayed her and she was on the edge of climax, once she’d climaxed she realised in horror she’d missed a straight razor being taken to her head and now her head was completely smooth. Upon closer inspection she realised her eye brows were gone too. She felt so humiliated, bald and being penetrated in all of her holes. The voice crackled to life again, “Dispensing permanent removal” it said for the 3rd time and she had a clear idea of what it meant by ‘permanent removal’ by now. The tube in her mouth snaked back out through the gag and sprayed a white goo all over her face and head, a tear slipped down her face as the burning sensation came and went and with it her precious hair. Soon the tube that sprayed her head was back in her mouth thrusting once more.

“Commencing branding” said the voice, Anna didn’t want to know what on earth that meant. Another tube emerged with a pointed tip which touched her skin and she realised it was a tattoo gun! She tried to squirm away again but like the last time the 3 tubes in her dispensed something that brought her to climax. Once she came around again she saw that ‘SLUT 781’ had been written across her forehead and ‘property of mistress Beatrice’ has been written across her tits, ass and pussy. Who the hell was ‘mistress Beatrice’? Her master obviously! She quickly shooed that thought away, what on earth was she thinking?

Suddenly a door opened and from it appeared a tall woman dressed fully in leather, she had stunning features and her hair reached her knees. “Oh looks like I missed my new whore getting ready, shame” She said, “You may be confused now but I am your mistress and you are my slave, you will only speak when asked and will address me as mistress, do you understand slut 781?” She bent over and removed the gag from Anna’s mouth. “Fuck off what the hell have you done to me?” She cried. Beatrice tsk’d “I suppose I didn’t miss the full transformation aftercall. Auto, turn the next stage up to full power.” She said and took a seat on a tube that had come out of the ground, who was Auto? The robot? Suddenly the tubes came to life again moving faster than they ever did before endlessly filling her up with something, she could see in the mirror white gloop dripping from her cunt, mouth and ass, filling her up so much she thought she’d burst, but… she was enjoying it? No! But she was, her whole body was trembling with every thrust, more tubes appeared, two sucking on her huge nipples and one caressing her smooth head. She was in bliss she felt herself about to climax, ready to burst. She wanted more, he wanted to be filled up she wanted her mistress to fuck her and treat her like the slut she is. She loved being transformed into a toy for her mistress and was quickly forgetting her old life. The tube left her mouth and she lapped up its goo wishing it would come back. Mistress Beatrice smiled, “What’s your name?” she purred. “Slave 781 mistress” the former Anna replied.

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