Slave 1012

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Lisa woke up to a tiredness all over, panic set in when she realised she was strapped in a x shape, she frantically tried to pull on the restraints to no avail. “Good morning princess.” said a voice, she looked over and saw a man sat in a chair across from her. He was tall and well built. “You’re probably wondering what you’re doing here, well just sit back and enjoy the ride and you’ll like the outcome a lot more than you will otherwise.” He spoke cryptically, she tried to reply but was stopped by a gag in her mouth. “Auto get to work.” he said and something whirred to life under her.

“Commencing hair removal part one” something spoke in a robotic voice. A tube came out from under her and she then realised it had clippers attached to it! It ran over her vagina a few times and her bush was gone. She struggled and the man smiled “Auto, stop announcing what you’re doing and turn everything up to max, don’t dispense any of the ‘special’ stuff though.” He said sending a wink at Lisa. Suddenly the tube penetrated her pussy and began thrusting, she fought hard not to move her hips then suddenly the tube dispensed something inside of her and she saw the stubble of her pubic hair fall.

Another tube found it’s way into her ass and began thrusting too, like its partner it sprayed something inside of her too. Next  another tube came into her mouth through a hole in the gag and began sliding in and out, she had no choice but to bob her head with it if she didn’t want to choke. Simultaneously the tubes in her  released something and her chest and ass felt tight and her pussy felt sensitive. She looked down and realised with horror that her boobs were growing. Her small B cups were now D no DD no DDD! She looked like some kind of porn star. But that wasn’t the only thing, her ass also grew, not as much as her tits but enough to be noticeable. “Hmm Auto I want bigger tits on her” The man said flashing her a smile. Bigger? How much bigger could they possibly get? The tube in her mouth dispensed more goo down her throat and her boobs grew again. Two more tubes snaked up and attached to her tits and began sucking on them, god they were sensitive it was harder for Lisa not to get aroused.


Suddenly a tube with a gun-looking attachment rose from the ground and moved towards Lisa’s ear, it snaked through her long black hair to reach it’s target. Lisa felt 6 pinches then it moved to the other ear and did the same. It moved to her nose and put a ring in it. Oh lord it’s piercing me?! Lisa thought. “Wow you really look like a cow with those huge tits and a ring in your nose” the man laughed. The tube moved down and put large rings in her nipples which made her moan. It then moved down and pierced her belly button and a ring was placed in each of her folds. Then the tube working her mouth dragged her tounge out and it also received a piercing.


“Oh you’re gonna want to see the next part” the man said with a smile holding up a mirror. She watched as the machine gathered her long black hair behind her head and cut it at the base of her neck. It then separated two small pigtails on either side of her head and tied them up with a ribbon. Lisa was on the verge of tears now, she loved her long hair and she now had an ugly bob, not to mention the other alterations that’d been made to her. “It’s not over yet sweetheart.” the man said as Lisa heard a buzzing behind her head and saw clippers attacking her hair. It sheared all her hair except for her bangs and the two small pigtails. A straight razor then appeared and even removed the stubble from her head. The tube in her mouth retreated and sprayed white goo over the bald parts of her head, it was absorbed quickly by her scalp and the tube returned to her mouth. “That’s permanent hair remover honey.” The man said “Only place your hair’s gonna grow is those bangs and those pigtails, a man needs something to hold onto you know. Though…” He mused and stood up picking up some scissors and cutting her bangs an inch above her eye brows, or where her eyebrows should have been. The goo seemed to have depleted those too. The man returned to his chair.

Next a tube appeared with a tattoo gun, she hoped they were for her eye brows but she wasn’t so lucky. Property of master Jake was written over her tits, pussy and ass and she was informed that ‘SLUT 1012’ was written across the back of her head. ‘Cum dump’ was written on her lower abdomen with an arrow pointing to her pussy. She was mortified.


Then the tube in her mouth dispensed another goo and she felt a tingling in her lips, she dared a look in the mirror and her lips had swelled. “Hmm looks like it’s dealer’s choice here.” The man, who she assumed was Jake, mused looking at a tablet. “So many choices… I could make your cunt grow into a dick, fatten you up, remove your teeth…Why don’t you chose dear?” He pressed a button and the tube left her mouth and the gag fell out. “Help” Lisa began to scream, quickly silenced by the tube entering her mouth again and Jake shook his head. “That wasn’t an option, you see you are now my slave and I’m your master, when I ask you a question you’ll answer it properly. You have one more chance before I really ruin your day.” Another button tap and the tube rescinded. “Fuck you” Lisa spat and the tube once again found a home in her mouth. Jake smiled and taped a button on his control panel. “Fine you asked for it, this next one is going to make you addicted to cock in the same way a crack whore loves crack.” Ha as if, Lisa thought to herself. Suddenly all 3 tubes were dispensing once again more furiously than ever. Lisa’s whole body twitched and tried to fight her own arousal. The liquid flowing into her mouth was undeniably delicious and she began lapping up, the flavour unlike anything she’d ever tasted. The goo flowing into her ass and cunt were warm and electrifying, before she knew it she was rocking on the tubes and sucking off the one in her mouth as much as she could. She needed more of whatever this was.


All too quickly the machine tuned off and the tubes left her, goo dripping from every hole. She needed more, she needed to be filled. Lisa was panting hard still in bliss, swallowing the goo in her mouth. “What a filthy little whore.” Jake remarked. “You want this don’t you?” He said pointing at his cock. “Yes master please fuck me” She blurted out. “Alright 1012, all in good time.” He said putting a collar around her neck and a padlock on the two rings on her cunt.

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