Slave Shearing Season, Part One

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“Line up, girls. Present yourselves.”

Master Faraday paced back and forth along the patio in his backyard, surveying his three slaves as they got into position. Each young woman wore her hair long and loose; when he was cruising dating sites for potential live-in subs, hair was was one of the first things he noticed. All three of these women had been living in his spacious house for at least a month now, and had agreed to live with him for much longer.

“Good work, you three.” The slaves had all posed themselves with their heads bowed forward, letting their hair hide their faces. Their hands were clasped behind their backs. Master Faraday ran a hand over the first girl’s skull, his fingers tangling in her thick, silky black locks, hanging straight and smooth almost down to her knees. She trembled slightly at his touch.

“Do you have something to share, Hannah?” The girl shook her head. “Use your words.”

“It- it feels good, my scalp, I mean…” Even though Master Faraday couldn’t see Hannah’s face, he could tell she was blushing. Despite her extensive list of kinks and her willingness to try everything at least once, Hannah maintained a certain sweetness that he found incredibly enticing.

“If you’re good, I’ll massage your scalp more later.” He moved down to the next girl. Her hair tumbled down in loose, snake-like waves, a honey-blonde cascade. She didn’t flinch as he pressed his hand against her head, not even when his fingers tangled in her locks.

“Hmm, still messy…” Master Faraday made his voice a bit more stern. “Didn’t I tell you to brush your hair this morning, Vivian?”

“I did brush it, Sir.” Vivian’s voice was small. “Punish me if you must, I know my hair doesn’t stay neat for long.” Master Faraday didn’t reply, but made a mental note of her submissiveness. She had not been the easiest sub to train, but she was a good learner when she put in the effort.

The last slave was a brunette, with an impressively thick head of hair that hung just past her shoulder blades. When it fell past over her face as her master had instructed, it obscured the long, blunt bangs that she carefully spent every morning combing and arranging. Her scalp and hair were both beautifully smooth to the touch.

“Well done, Lilliana.” Master Faraday petted her head. “Your hair looks lovely, your pose is perfect. Now then,” he stepped back to address all three women. “Today is a special day in the life of one of my slaves. Remember how your contract spoke of a physical transformation at my hands? That transformation begins today. You will begin by removing your clothes, except for your collars, of course.”

Right away, the trio of slaves slipped out of the loose grey cotton shifts they were allowed to wear around the house while completing chores. They were naked underneath, save for the metal collar clamped around each one’s neck. Master Faraday had each slave fold her shift and place it on a table he’d prepared, then made them all kneel at the edge of the patio, hands behind their backs in reverse prayer. He would have them hold that pose unless one of them acted out, in which case she would be tied in place.

When he stepped off the patio, the girl’s heads were at a level with his chest, and he could touch them without having to bend over.

“Eyes on me.” He gestured to a table he’d prepared while the slaves were washing and styling their hair, lifting a cover from it. The slaves gasped as they saw what was on it; a bowl of water, a stack of towels, and, front and centre, a set of wireless clippers and an old-fashioned straight razor.

“…Sir?” Vivian’s blue eyes were huge.

“You know your safe words, girls.” Master Faraday pulled a large pair of metal shears from his belt.

“Who’s going first?” Lilliana bit her lip.

“Well, since you asked…” Master Faraday snipped the air with his shears a couple times, teasingly holding them in front of Lilliana’s face. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and


It came loose in his hand, leaving behind a pale, irregular patch right at the top of her head.

Lillana’s eyes welled with tears, but she didn’t say her safe word.

Since Vivian hadn’t properly groomed her hair, Master Faraday made a point of pulling it, gathering it all in one hand and twisting until the girl whimpered.

“That’s the last time I’ll be doing that in a long time.” He grinned, severing Vivian’s long honey-gold locks from her head. She was left with a shaggy, irregular bob, as well as several strands of long wavy hair strewn over her shoulders and thighs.

Master Faraday tossed Vivian’s hair to the ground before shearing a lock of hair from Hannah’s head. Now one girl had been reduced to a bob cut, while the other two had nearly bald patches on their heads that would be incredibly difficult to hide, unless they wore hats. But Master Faraday didn’t let his slaves wear hats.

He stepped back to admire his work, only to close in on Hannah again. The other two watched intently as he snipped away at the top of her head, turning all the hair above her ears to a short, patchy mess less than an inch long, while leaving the back and sides untouched. She was blushing scarlet, her eyes huge as she watched the pile of hair on the ground around her growing.

“You’re all doing wonderfully, my pets.” Master Faraday rubbed Hannah’s short-cut head as if she were a dog. “But I’m just getting started with the three of you…”

[To be continued]

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