Small Town Makeover

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I was just finishing-up a long assignment undercover as a state law enforcement officer.  I had worked several months in a small town to investigating graft and corruption. It had been necessary to grow out my hair and beard in order to fit-in with the locals and gain their confidence.  

On the eve of the arrest of several local officials including the Sheriff, and most of his department, as well as judges and other local officials, I was told by my boss to “get all cleaned-up in order to look respectable again.”

I didn’t want to go to any of the larger barber shops in town to do this because I didn’t want other customers or barbers seeing the transition and to connect me to what was about to happen the next day.

I had seen a small one-chair barber shop in town and a pretty lady coming and going from there numerous times and assumed she was the barber.

So late in the afternoon, I walked over, being careful to not park my car where it would be noticed.  I walked in and a small bell rang on the door. A voice from somewhere said “I’ll be right with you in a moment.”

I sat down and waited a few minutes and looked over her shop.  It was nicely decorated and furnished with a large traditional 60’s style barber chair, shampoo basin and chair, chair-type hair dryer, and 3 or 4 waiting chairs.

As promised the lady walked in and introduced herself as Cathy.  She was a pretty lady with shorter layer-cut hair with lots of blonde highlights, deep piercing blue eyes, and a nicely-shaped body.

She asked me what she could do for me, asking if I needed a proper haircut.  I told her I needed to lose all the facial hair and a good haircut. She smiled, and patted the back of her chair and told me I had come to the right place.   She turned the chair towards me and invited me to have a seat.

She told me since this makeover was going to take quite some time she was going to close-up the shop and making me her last customer of the day.  She put up the “Closed” sign, locked the door and pulled down the shade over the large window.

She told me she had seen me once or twice in town and asked if I had recently moved there.  I told her I had been working in town temporarily, but I didn’t elaborate further.

She placed a red and white striped cape over me and loosely snapped it in the back.

She got out a comb and a pair of clippers and began to comb-out my beard carefully so as not to pull the hair.  She looked me right in the eye and asked me “So do you want it all gone? No moustache, no goatee, sideburns or anything left?” I told her “Yes Ma’am.”   She smiled and said OK here it goes.

She turned on the clippers on and began removing more of it. I felt the clippers going deep in the beard starting up my right side from the chin line and saw the hair begin to fall onto the cape. Then it was the neckline under the jaw, followed by the other side.  She said she was deliberately going very slow to avoid pulling any of the hair. Then she did the chin area and moustache. After doing that, she told me to close my eyes. She ran a comb up through my eyebrows and sheared the length down to a more acceptable level.  She turned off the clipper and sat it down and picked-up a tiny edging clipper. Cathy told me “This will take it down further,” as she ran it over the various facial areas. Once this was done, she unclipped the cape, and allowed all the clippings to fall on the floor, and then immediately replaced the cape around my neck but did not snap it this time.

A headrest was inserted into the back of the chair and She grabbed the handle on the side of the chair and moved it.  I was looking at myself in the mirror. She locked the chair and said “Ok, back you go.” With that the back of the chair reclined and the footrest came up, putting me in a very comfortable reclining position.  

I heard a whirring noise and Cathy proceeded to rub hot lather on my face. She then covered my face with a very hot towel from the steamer, while patting it down on my face to make good contact with the skin.  Once it began to cool, it was removed and my face was lathered again.

Cathy picked up her straight razor and put in a new disposable blade. She put a small towel up near my shoulder and began shaving my face and wiping the lather and facial hair shavings  from the razor on the towel. She would shave one area, then check it with her hand to make sure it was smooth with no sign of any hair left behind. Once finished, she re-lathered and shaved a few spots around the chin a second time.

When satisfied all the facial hair had been shaved, she smiled and placed a cool towel on my face telling me it was to close the pores.  She splashed some great smelling aftershave on my face and gently rubbed it in. I found she had great hands and touch.

She pulled the lever on the chair again and I was back to the sitting position.  I looked a bit strange, cleanly shaved with the wild hair left. She asked me, while gently pulling on a long strand of hair “OK, so what are we doing with this mess?”  

I told her “Cutting most of it off.” She smiled and said “I can do that very well for you.”   “Any particular style or length you want?” “Short on the sides and back, and longer on top,” I said.   “Off the ears and neck?” she asked “Yes” I replied. “Ok let’s do that first then talk about the top.” She placed the paper strip around my neck, and fastened the cape tightly around it.

I was still facing the mirror and saw her with shears literally chopping off the length in back and taking huge chunks from the sides.  She was relentless in her pursuit of my bare scalp it appeared.

After a little while this stopped, and she picked-up a large pair of motor clippers, changed the blade and put a plastic guard on them.  She told me to lean his head forward, then bent it even further and held onto the top of my head. The clippers came to life and I felt them starting up my neck and the back of my head. I began to wonder if she was ever going to stop going higher, just as she pulled them up and out of my hair. She then made several more passes up the back of the head. I couldn’t see how long the hair that was she left really was, but I could tell my head was beginning to feel lighter. She was being careful not to let most of the hair fall on the cape and go forward so as not to alarm me. She thought, he is going to get a real barbering.  Once she completed the back, she touched him under the chin and raised his head back up. With that she began to run the clippers straight up the sideburn area and backwards around the ear, then from the nape of the neck forward and up and around the top of the ear which she had bent over. With that large chunks of his hair began falling on the cape. I began to feel like a small child whose father had taken to the barber shop, and it reminded me of some of my first trips to the barber shop.

Cathy cut the other side in exactly the same manner, making the mountain of clipped hair grow in my lap.  Finally, she shut off the clippers and put them back in the holder. She picked-up a hand mirror and showed me what she had done to the back and turned the chair so I could see the sides.  “Short enough?” she asked. I thought it looked great, but told her to go shorter. “Ok she said that is an inch, let’s try ½ an inch ok?” By this time, I would have agreed to having his head shaved bald or completely cut off my body. Her cuteness, beauty and sweetness had me completely under her spell.

So out come the clippers again and after changing the blade she began again.  Even more hair was falling off onto the cape, but this time it was in shorter pieces.  She did the back and sides again and then asked me if it was short enough. This time he said “Yes.”

She put the large pair of clippers down and picked-up a silver pair. “Head down again” she said holding my head down again like she would a little boy who was reluctant to get his hair buzzed. I felt the clippers start up my neck but not nearly as far as they had before.  “I am just tapering the back and sides” she said before beginning to use the clippers over a comb as she traveled up the back of my head and sides.

It dawned on me that this is going to be a pretty short haircut, but I was so enjoying it and receiving it, that thought was dismissed.

She turned off the clippers and put them down and wet down the top of my hair with a spray bottle. She picked up the bottom of the cape and dumped the clipped hair to the floor, touching my erect organ while doing so.

She combed my hair several different ways, tried several parts, including a center one, and no part, then pulling it all back tightly and looking at my appearance.  She told me I could wear almost any style but the top was going to have to be rather short in length to go with the sides, and asked me what I preferred.

I hadn’t given it much thought and asked her what she recommended.   She told me that her personal preference would be to cut the top rather short, but not short like a crewcut or flattop, but more like “the messy look” with the hair gelled standing up about an inch in length.  

I agreed with her and she began taking strands of my top hair, pulling them straight-up and slicing them off with her shears.  This took a while since my hair was so long and large chunks of it again started building up on the cape.

All this time she had been making “small talk” with me about my job family where I was from etc.  I had to be very careful what I told her so as not to “spill the beans” about the raid that was going to happen the next morning where several corrupt officials including judges, lawyers, the Sheriff and several deputies etc. were going to be arrested.  I also asked her about herself and found a husband had broken her heart when he cheated on her with one of her best friends and she had divorced him. Neither of us had any kids.

She finished with the top and then started blending the top, sides and back together.   My hair was definitely a lot shorter, but I couldn’t really tell what the finished product was going to look like.

Cathy used a brush to brush away all the loose hair around my neck, and removed the cape, letting all the clipping add to what was already on the floor.  She assured me “I am not finished yet “when she saw the look on my face.


She placed a plastic cape on me and asked me to move over to the shampoo chair.  I did and she carefully leaned me backwards until my neck rested on the basin. She ran the water until it became warm and then began wetting my head, asking me if it was too hot or too cold.  I told her it was fine.

She wet my now short hair and squirted some shampoo in her hand and massaged it through my hair.  Her fingers felt divine on my scalp. She continued massaging the temple area and all over the head.  I was so relaxed but completely turned-on by this. She rinsed out the shampoo and placed some very nicely scented conditioner on my head and again massaged it in.   She got up close to my ear and whispered “I can see you like what I am doing very much” as she reached under the cape and placed her hands around my erect organ. “What gave you that idea I asked? Could it be the sighs and my breathing?”

“How about we have dinner after I finish with you?” she asked. “Absolutely!” I replied.  She rinsed out the conditioner and assisted me in sitting back up.

“OK back in the chair” she said. I got back in the large barber chair and she combed out my hair, towel-dried it and put some sort of waxy stuff on the top. She used a blow dryer to dry the hair while pushing the top straight-up.

“OK a little touch-up” she said, carefully snipping a few strands on top of my head.   With that she placed a white paper towel across the back of my neck and I heard the lather machine running again. She then covered the sideburn areas, up over the ears and down the neck and across the back of my nape with more hot lather.   She skillfully shaved the area clean and then wiped off the bits of lather that remained.

Cathy asked me if I was ready to see the results and I smiled and told her I was.   She turned me to face the mirror. I really liked when I saw. My hand went up to check and feel the back, sides and then top.   I was smiling from ear to ear. She dusted me off again and removed the cape.

I asked her how much I owed and she told me $20.  I gave her 2-$20 bills, and asked her if she was ready to go to dinner.  

Over dinner she asked me more about what I did for a living. About all I could tell her was that “Tomorrow will be an interesting day in your town.”  I was enjoying her presence and I could tell she was enjoying mine as well. After a drink I was invited to her home and spent the night there.

Since the Sheriff and most of his 6 or so deputies were arrested overnight, other officers and I ended up providing local law enforcement for the community for several additional months. We also continued the investigation which resulted in even more arrests, and the release of numerous people in the county jail who had been placed there by the corrupt Sheriff’s regime.

Cathy and I saw a lot of each other during that time. I ultimately decided to leave the state agency and run for election as Sheriff. I easily won the election and Cathy. We were married a few months later.

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