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First Story honest Feedback would be nice.

A bit of information about me.

You know being small isn’t always bad, yeah sure I can’t reach everything and I get overlooked very easily but the plus side is, the teacher doesn’t pick me to answer questions and I could easy pass through crowds.

I’m sure you want to know how small I actual am, right?

Let’s just say I could pass as a bigger kindergarten child with the rights clothes.

And one thing prior, I am bit of a sleepy person, just keep that in mind.

Now to the actual story.

It was one of the normal days at school, boring classes, boring Teachers just a normal day for a normal Student.

I got teased as always, but it didn’t bother me at all.
I got called things like Shortstack, Smurfette or just simply Tiny but I ignore it and sometimes I take it as a greeting and greet them back, just to piss them of a bit.

I the last few weeks where a new construction site near my school and as they finished it revealed a new Kindergarten or Daycare for the Area.

A little party was thrown and you could visit the building freely.

I was conflictied, one side of me wanted to just go home and begin studying, but my other half curiously wanted to look inside.

I threw a coin and, you guessed it, landed on the visit.

So I deposited my bag at the wardrobe of the place and went exploring.

It was very easy to get around, everything was built for kids and people of my height.

Some of the already playing kids invited me to play with them but I declined and kept one going.

After a long while, I couldn’t tell how long later, I began to feel drowsy I remembered I needed coffee.

I began to stumble a bit and eventually someone guided me gently to a room.

Without even questioning I followed, in the room were multiple sleeping mattresses and within not more than a few minutes I slept.

About 1 hour later I got woken up by the sound of a bell.

First I thought I slept in school, but then I remember the kindergarten.

I sat up and stretched myself.

“Hello sleepy head, did you have a nice nap?” someone asked and in my state I just nodded.

“Let’s go to the main event, I am sure you will love it.” the person added and began to lead me to another room.

I could hear some rattling and strange buzzing sounds and a lot of laughter.

She guided me to a crowd of little girls and boys, who all seemed to standing in a line.

My head was mush and I took everything as granted as the line went on.

Some kids got behind me in the line and one by one in front of me got taken by another young woman.

Step after step my brain tried to reboot, but without caffeine it took way longer than usual.

As I was starting at the front of the line I saw 3 or 4 women working on what seemed to be the kids hair.

My gaze wandered down and onto the masses of hair laying around each chair.

I was amazed by the many colors, the different textures and mostly the amount of hair.

In my head it didn’t made sense, what was going on and even less as a woman guided me to her chair and sat me down.

Don’t they see that I am not a little girl?

The woman swirled a long pink cape around me, sweeping my hair out of the way to tie it tightly at the neck. Then she brushed it down the back of the chair with her brush and spent a few moments preening my mane.

My hair hung halfway down my back, was dark brown and relatively thick.

I was curious why she didn’t ask me, but instead just started to cut large clumps of my hair.
Like she followed a predetermined path to an already chosen style? Did that make sense? In my head it didn’t, but one thing did my head tell me.

Whatever I could do or say she had to finish it no matter what.

So I sat there and let her massacre my hair.

She cut and cut and cut and with each one my head felt lighter and lighter, it felt strangely good not having my hair drag me down.

I was wondering what my hair would look like when she was finished, shoulder length? Maybe neck? Or even shorter? I let my gaze wander and right at this moment a girl beside me stepped of the chair, her hair reached just below her chin and she had straight bangs.

It looked good on her I was wondering if this hairstyle would suit me too.

I didn’t realize this was the exact haircut every girl was getting, including me.

Suddenly the cape got removed and I just hopped off, my hand traveled up to my hair and as I expected i felt hair around chinlength, all around and blunt cut bangs above my eyebrows.

I felt happy and a little bit sad as well, I hadn’t planned on getting my hair cut and certainly not in this hairstyle, but I was glad I didn’t have to pay anything.

My way guided me back to the wardrobe, searched for my bag and left like nothing happened.

Nobody questioned me or tried to stop me on my way out.

This happened about one year ago, I maintained the haircut since.

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