Smith Sons part 2. Buck was Shorn.

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Smith Sons part 2- not original- Original is by BraidedandBound.


When I woke up after waking up from his “nap”, he had found himself in the basement of my shop, tied to a sturdy wooden chair with thick matted rope. This rope felt different from what a normal rope felt like, but that was the least of his worries. His eyes shined in the light emitted from the singular interrogation light that I set up after he began to nudge himself awake.


My vision was disoriented at first with the light blinding my view of the individual sitting in front of me, and I could not help but notice the growling in my stomach as it pleaded for some nourishment. How long was I asleep in the chair? Once I was able to regain my vision after my eyes had become adjusted with the abnormally large light in front of me, did I look down at the ropes that had been bound to the chair. TO my horror I could see the seeds and petals of flowers stuck and intertwined in the dreaded braids, meaning this was hair! And it had to have belonged to Shane! 


I yelled, “SHANE! Where are you!”. I knew that he would have never allowed anyone to cut his dreads while he was alive meaning…  


The dreads were luscious and perfect ropes that bound me to the chair, and separated me from the security curtain of my waist-long ringlets. Then out of nowhere I could see a man enter the room from the backdoor, and he was followed by three individuals who followed him as an entourage.


The man stepped forward into the light and I could see him for what he truly was. HE WAS THE GUY WHO I MET IN THE STORE. He smiled at me and started to twirl my ringlets in his fingers as he reached into his back pocket for something.


I yelled, “YOU PIECE OF SH!@. Get me out of this chair right now or else I will skin you alive”. He ignored these threats and continued to grab the metal device that was located in his back pocket, but was not clear enough to see.


“Stop! DON’T CUT MY HAIR! I HAVE THE BEST HAIR IN MY FAMILY!”. I could feel his hands grab the nape of my neck and hold onto all the ringlets and thick hair that I had grown every since I was a baby. I knew it was the end of my curls. I prepared to meet my doom. 


However when the man started to straighten my hair I was relieved in the tension alms immediately. He was quite good at it, being able to take my thick patch of curly ringlets and transform them into straightened locks almost immediately. On one hand I was sad that my curly ringlets would be permanently damaged by the heating but on the other hand I was relieved because I believed they did not want to cut my hair. I let out a sign of relief, and the man noticed that so he began picking up the pace of straightening my hair, until the entire mass of dreadlocks that had once tied me down were covered by a cascading waterfall of my blonde hair that reached my knees. I had never realized my curls were this long since the curls help reduce the length till only my waist. He then grabbed an elastic from his hand and tied it in a tight ponytail that ended up reaching the floor of the basement. The elastic was right on the tip of my nape, so it revealed my nape slightly, allowing the cold air of the basement to ruffle and tingly my neck, giving me a cooling sensation.


Then the guy from the store left with the next individual following shortly behind him. I did not recognize him at first due to his similar yet different appearance but I soon realized it was my youngest brother Eric. Now I could definitely see his true and small figure, which was contrasted by the bulky jacket and clothing he wore, paired with his trademark and distinguishable well oiled ginger braid. He was slowly walking towards me with something in his pocket, with an intimidating demeanor, very unlike his natural nature.


Once Eric had reached me he said, “Hey older brother! You’re probably wondering why you are tied with brother Shane’s dreads, but I won’t ruin the surprise. Because now it is time for my revenge, and time for you to be punished for all the time you bullied me!”. 


I was still shocked by how intimidating my little brother had become so I was dumbstruck whenever he uttered those powerful words in front of me. Then, Eric began circling around to my back and held my ponytail in his hand. My blond straightened hair was not long enough to reach the floor and extend a couple inches, which Eric clearly despises as his braid was only half as long as Buck’s.


In this rage and without consideration, he grabbed Bucks ponytail and reached into his pants to reveal a new pair of shining metal scissors. I saw these in the corner of my eyes and pleaded to him, “PLEASE ERIC DO NOT DO THIS. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE MY HAIR, ESPECIALLY MY RINGLETS. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU IF YOU CUT MY HAIR!”. In this disarray I expected him to completely sever me with my prized blonde locks but he almost seemed pitiful as if he had directions to not completely cut my hair off. He placed the scissors about two feet up my ponytail and crunched the two handles together. The fallen locks were extremely thin compared to the rest of my hair near my nape so I was not scared or very sad about my loss, as my blonde tresses still reached up to my lower thigh/knee area. I still had a lot of hair!


Then Eric grabbed the blonde locks that had fallen and intertwined them into his own ginger braid that he kept very neat, as if he were planning on preserving them for later. Eric left the lighted area and the next individual came to the light. It was Paul, and his distinguishing factors was his massive hair bun located on top of his crown, He had grown his hair for even longer than Eric, so when his hair was released it graced the lower half of his ankles and when it was in a bun, it was as big as two footballs, needing an absurd amount of hair spray, elastics, and hair clips.


Paul came close to my face and whispered, “Remember the time that you pulled out my hair from my bun in the middle of class and then intertwined it with my chair so I would fall towards the ground when I stood up? You probably don’t because you were twirling those awful blonde ringlets of yours, but I never forgot. And for that I am here for my revenge”. 

Now this reaction scared me because Paul was the most “feminine” of my brothers so most of the time he was complacent with whatever I did to him and rarely picked a fight with me since I was authority. 


Just like with Eric I began pleading, “PLEASE PAUL FORGIVE ME. UR HAIR BUN IS AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL. JUST DROP THE SCISSORS AND WE CAN GO HOME TOGETHER. I PROMISE I WILL WASH AND BRAID ALL YOUR HAIR TONIGHT.” In a rage of fury I added, “IF YOU DARE CUT ANY OF MY HAIR, I WILL CHOP OFF YOUR BUN RIGHT AT THE BASE AND SUFFOCATE YOU WITH IT WHILE YOU SLEEP!” This was the final straw. The only thing Paul wanted more in the world was to see Eric with short hair, without his pride. Without hesitation, he grabbed the ponytail of Buck that was now ankle-length and snapped it off to the middle of Bucks back. The long chunk or segment of the ponytail was very thick and luxurious and was evident to be well groomed and oiled, almost as much as Eric’s braid. I was stunned. But Paul did not have enough yet, He continued to tear at Buck’s soul by cutting a centimeter of his hair at a time until he reached 1 inch below his shoulders. Buck did not have hair this length since he was 3 years old! At this point I was too tired and emotionally drained to yell at Paul anymore as I knew I would clearly be shorn bald by my last brother. I watched as Paul dramatically dropped the scissors on my lap and handed the baton to my last brother- Shane. While Shane was walking towards me, I could only keep looking at the two massive chunks of hair each of my cousins had taken from my skull. Was I really that mean to them? Did the guy from the store really infuriate them that much?


All I could see then was a figure that looked like Shane emerged past the light that blinded me and grabbed the scissors from my crotch, making sure to pinch me while doing so. Shane looked somewhat different now then when I saw him last. His long dreads no longer looked as thick as they did before, and it looked like he cut many more dreads than what he cut to bind me to the chair. I would say total Shane has close to 70 thick locks of hair and used about 20 to bind me to the shair. However when I looked at him, it looked like there weren’t more than 30 on his head. I looked at him with surprise and he said the same to the chair and said, “Hey Buck, Don’t mind all the hair I cut, it is nothing compared to the amount of hair you lost and are about to lose. I used up alot of my dreads to bind them to your chair, but you will see what the rest will be used for later”. He lifted his hair into a dread bun. HE HAD AN UNDERCUT! His dreads and braids used to be super thick and weighed 2 pounds each all around his head, but now his sides and back were completely shaved clean and hsi dreads on the top were neatly trimmed a foot less. 


He said, “Now let’s get this over with. You know what will happen.” I didn’t even try to yell because I knew all of it would be in vain. Ever since Paul had cut my hair to my mid-back, I knew I would be shorn like a baby. I closed my eyes and felt the clippers begin to buzz. They looked like the same clippers that SHane had used to cut his hair and he started from the front of my hairline and moved in a slow motion until I reached my crown. It was too late to protect my hair.


5 minutes later I was shorn bald with my head clearly feeling lighter and much colder, losing all the warm blanket of the blonde ringlets. Shane dropped the shears to the ground and grabbed the braid that Paul had cut off the hairs that were a foot long, which he clippered off. He handed the braid to Paul, which he held on to, and would hopefully wrap inside his bun to keep as a memory. Shane began intertwining my blonde hair into his dreads just like Eric until I could see the blonde act just like highlights to his dreaded mane. 


It was over and I had lost. I didn’t even have the energy to explain or question the actions of my brothers. I hoped that my head had acted as a reprimand for all the bullying I had done to them over the years, and just sat in my chair, without movement. Once Shane was down intertwining my hair into his dreads, he grabbed the scissors and hesitantly cut his severed braids that bound me to the chair, which loosed me and allowed me to fall into my own pile of chopped locks. I admitted defeat. I would not fight for revenge. Then Shane went back to the door from where they entered and came back with a thick ponytail of dreads wrapped with a scrunchie (30 dreads) that was almost thicker than a basketball. He brought the dreads to where I lay in my hair, and the man from the store, and two other brothers came to join him. They took out the elastic holding the dreads together and stratified wrapping me in the hair like a mummy, first wrapping my hands together, then my feet, until I could not move at all. I mean, I gave up movement once Shane buzzed my head, so it was not a challenge for them to wrap me in the dreads.


Once they were done, I just lay there, covered and tied with Shane’s dreads. Then the man from the store then said, “Let’s leave him here to let the message settle in even more. I will leave him here with some food and water every couple of hours, and in a few days I will cut the birds and release him. You do not have to worry about him trying to get his revenge.”


The three brothers nodded their heads in agreement and all started to ascend the stairs from the basement in the back door. The last thing they did was a broker Buck being binded and stuck with thick coarse brunette locks, laying atop his former-past floor length hair and ringlets. Pity started to enter the room. A fire for revenge was rekindled. 


After they left Buck crying in the room, all of the brothers(except Buck) and the man went back to my shop where the man from the store laid a basket of fresh fruits and snacks. The same apples that Buck had eaten…


PART 3 coming soon!

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