Soft and fuzzy

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My hair was getting pretty long, to the point it was going around my ears completely. My roommate Tom’s hair was also getting longer, but not nearly as long as mine. He would normally buzz his head every 3 months or so. And that time was coming soon. Tom asked me if I could buzz his head for him, to which I obliged. “What number do you want?” I asked. “I was thinking a #1 for the summer. I like it short and fuzzy.”

I put on the #1 guard and flicked the clippers on. I ran them through his light brown hair, right down the middle. I continued mowing over the top and pushed his chin down to work on the back. Tilting his head whichever direction needed as I buzzed his head down to a short fuzz. I put the clippers down and rubbed his stubbly head with both my hands. “All done” I said. Tom then told me he wants to buzz my head now. “Oh I don’t know, I think it will look bad.” “Nah just buzz it you’ll feel a cooler.” “Alright, fine. But nothing too short.”

Next thing I know I’m in the chair and Tom is standing behind me with the clippers. “I can’t wait to buzz all this off” he said as he ran his hands through my long hair. “I’ll start you with a #3 your head will feel like velvet… we’ll see if we want to go shorter once I’m done.” Tom put the #3 guard on the clippers and flicked them on. He placed them right above my forehead. He gripped the back of my head with his hand and  “ZZZZZZZZZ” he hummed as the clippers ran through the top of my head. He forced my head downward as he buzzed all of my hair on the top of my head. He then worked his way around the sides and around my ears. He then placed his paw atop my fuzzy head to do the back. It felt so nice having his hand on my short hair. After he finished he rubbed my head like he did mine. “I think I wanna buzz you all the way like mine.” Tom said. “Why don’t you go shorter than that?” I said before I can think about what I just said. “If you say so he said as he smiled removing the guard.” Without much time to give me a second thought, he grabbed the back of my buzzed head and ran the bare clippers down the middle of my head. “We’re shaving it all off my friend”. I can see all of the velvety fuzz that was on my head get sheared away and left a short stubble, shorter than Toms. My hair was a lot darker than his so i was really starting to look bald now. Tom continued buzzing all over my head until there nothing but a sandpaper stubble on my head. I had been shaved. Tom put down the clippers and rubbed my bald head with both of his paws. “This feels really nice” he said as he massaged my head with his big hands. It felt amazing.

“We might as well shave the both of us down” Tom declared. “We might as well” I said, figuring there isn’t much a difference. Tom grabbed his foil shaver, as well as a bottle of shaving cream and a razor. Tom started rubbing the foil shaver all over my head. “I’m shaving you next Tom just so you know” I said as he whipped my head all over to shave me. “Oh I know, I’m looking forward to having a smooth head.” Tom finished up with the foil shaver and it was really starting to feel smooth. Before creaming my head, we switched spots and I decided to buzz him down like me. Tom tilted his head back in relaxation as I ran the bare clippers all over his buzzed head. “It feels so good getting all this fuzz shaved off. You’re really skinning my head” When I finished with the clippers I grabbed his foil shaver and started rubbing it all over his head. This part was a lot different because I had to rub the shaver over his head multiple times like he did mine. Tom closed his eyes and smiled as I shaved him.

Once I finished I have rubbed his head and grabbed the bottle of shaving cream. I squirted a big blob in my hand and started lathering his entire head. I took the razor and began running it’s down his head in strokes. “Oh wow I can’t wait to do this to you. It feels so good getting shaved” Tom said clearly enjoying the experience. After I finished, I wet his shiny bald head and rubbed it with a towel to dry him off. He then put me in the chair and squirted a huge amount of shaving cream into his hands. He worked a lather on my bald head with his big hands. I never felt anything like it. He then took the razor and skinned me completely bald.

Once he finished up, he wet my head and then dried me off with a towel. It felt so weird feeling the towel on my freshly shaved head. “It looks like we’re both bald now” I said we rubbed eachother’s heads. We decided to make it a tradition to buzz our heads every few months- and save the headshave for the summer.

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