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‘I’m not sure that I want to go to one of those ever again’ I said, coming out of the Community centre.

‘Yeah, it doesn’t take much to bring out the worst in people’ Rob agreed.

We were just leaving a town meeting that had been called to hear objections to a new barber shop opening up. People didn’t object to a barber shop as such, it was more the theme that had got people riled up. The “Unique selling point” was that the staff would be female, attractive and dressed in bikinis, or so word on the street had it. That had struck fear into the insecure women in town who thought that it would encourage their men to stray. If their men were that way inclined, it would happen regardless, was my view. My concern was more along the lines of what it could lead to, what other shady businesses would follow in its footsteps.

The meeting had been arranged by the local business community to hear positives and negatives. As you’d expect, it was mostly negative. The thing that impressed me though, was that the barber shop’s owners turned up to hear all that was said. They were attractive, but conservatively dressed, as befitted the occasion. The pair of them listened respectfully and answered questions politely. I tried to picture Rob getting his hair cut by one of them. Would it titillate him to have his hair cut by a woman in a bikini? Probably. Would he make a move on one of them? I doubt it. Would he come home and work off his frustrations? Hopefully.

A week or so later, we heard through the grapevine that the place was opening for a trial period. On opening day, the early talk of mass protests became a gathering of three or four women with placards highlighting their concerns at what it would do to their children. If they hadn’t drawn attention to it, their kids would’ve been none the wiser. It featured on the local news a few days later. Business wasn’t great, one of the owners said. Their clients didn’t want to be shamed as perverts in public. I felt sorry for them.

As you’d expect, people soon found other things to get agitated about and couldn’t spend the time standing around outside a barber shop when the deterrent appeared to have done its job. The pickets withdrew, but kept the shop on its radar.

I happened to meet one of the protest’s prime movers in the supermarket a few days after they’d withdrawn. You’d never know to look at her that she could be quite so firm in her views and so prepared to stand up for them. To me, she was someone that I’d met at a social function and got on well with. She was a mom with a couple of kids around 9 or 10, who seemed to regard me with pity because I was in my mid-thirties and childless. Rob and I haven’t given much thought to a family and are quite happy as we are. We enjoy the freedom that we have, being able to go away at the drop of a hat, do what we like, so why spoil it? Rob earns well, I have my own part-time “hobby business” as he calls it, that I run from home and all in all, life is good. Suzanne, however, seemed to thrive on the stress and a young family just wasn’t enough. She had to go in for the community activism thing too.

I’d gone to that meeting about the barber shop with Rob to see what all the fuss was about. I didn’t want to change the world and as long as it didn’t impact my existence, I wasn’t too bothered. Suzanne, however, had taken my presence as something more. She’d thought that I’d joined the cause. Hence my surprise at what she said once we’d finished talking about the weather and how great her kids were.

‘We’re looking for someone to help us out a bit. I was going to give you a call because you seem ideally suited to it. That “place” has had the audacity to advertise for a part-time receptionist. What sort of barber shop has a receptionist, but we thought that it would be the ideal chance to get someone on the inside, someone who can be our eyes and ears, if you will’ she said.

I looked at her before the penny dropped.

‘You want me to…I’ve got my business. I haven’t got time’ I objected.

We went backwards and forwards until she managed to make me feel like a traitor to my community, to my gender if I didn’t do it. I agreed to put in an application, secretly hoping that I would get trampled by a hundred better-suited applicants.

I mentioned it to Rob at dinner. He laughed.

‘No, I’m not going to wear a fucking bikini’ I objected, when he raised the idea.

‘You might have to’ he countered.

‘Maybe I will then. Just so that Mr Wakefield from down the road doesn’t have to use his imagination anymore.’

‘He doesn’t?’

‘Damn well does. Must be seventy, but he just has that way of looking at you that makes you feel horrible.

‘Good for him!’ Rob replied with a smile that faded as soon as he saw my disapproval.

‘Anyway, what sort of barber shop has a receptionist?’ he asked, echoing Suzanne’s thinking.

‘I think they want to make a good impression, show that they’re a cut above a regular barber shop.’

‘Very funny’ he replied.

‘Oh, “cut above”. Sorry, didn’t even know that I was that smart’ I replied with a sarcastic grin.

It went quiet for a while, before I woke the sleeping dog.

‘I’ll make it a condition of accepting that I don’t have to wear a bikini, but it doesn’t appear to bother you that I could be on display to any pervert that wants to look.’

‘There’s a simple answer: don’t apply for it’ he said sensibly.

‘She’d never talk to me again.’



‘Is that such a bad thing?’

‘I know you’re not one for having more than one friend, but some of us do like to have a circle of friends and I don’t want to upset her.’

He looked at me with an exaggerated bemused expression.


‘I want to know who this friend is, that you think I’ve got’ he said with a smile.

‘Sorry. Should’ve known better, Mr Island.’

‘Anyway, shouldn’t you be more concerned about the ethics of being a spy than whether some guy’s checking you out. After all, you wear a bikini to the beach and that’s a hot-bed of pervs.’

‘I guess so’ I agreed. ‘Anyway, I don’t actually have to tell Suzanne anything. I can just say that it’s all above-board and there’s no need to worry. That might be the best thing that I could do for everyone.’

To cut a long story short, I applied and despite my lack of relevant experience, I got an interview.

The interview was like no other that I’ve done. I wasn’t nervous, I did no preparation and I walked in there not caring whether I got the job or not. If I ever applied for a job that I did want, I needed to get myself in the same frame of mind and take the pressure off myself.

My only concern was whether they’d want to see me in a bikini as part of the selection process. There was something unnerving about that, standing there, being the centre of attention. There was no mention of it in the interview confirmation, so I took that to mean that it wasn’t a requirement.

I wore a smart pair of trousers and a shirt, hoping that I’d come across as stylish, but suitably informal. At least the trousers fitted so well that they’d be able to see that I had a decent body for my mid-thirties, a backside that I’m proud of and Rob professes to adore. My hair was the only issue when I was getting ready: ponytail or down? My hair was just past my collar, a fairly recent adjustment at the prompting of my stylist. She’d been telling me to lose a bit of length for ages and on my last trip before our recent holiday, she’d persuaded me that there was no better time. Rob was fine with it and I was fine with it. Six inches less to look after and still enough to have options. I went with the ponytail.

I sat in my car at the back of the barber shop, feeling a little bad at what I was doing. I was depriving someone else of a job and I was being disingenuous to the business owners. I decided that I would quit after a month if I got the job. I took a deep breath and walked to the shop. I opened the door and did my best to take everything in. There was a guy in the chair having his hair cut by an attractive woman who was wearing jeans and a tee-shirt, her long dark hair looking as glossy as it did at the town meeting. Her name was Sylvia, if I remembered correctly. She turned to look at me.

‘You’re here for the interview?’ she asked, pausing in her task.

‘Joanna Turner’ I announced.

‘Let me just give Kate a shout’ she said, with a glance at the guy in the chair that said she’d have been a bit more welcoming if it wasn’t for him.

Kate appeared after a brief pause. The other woman had picked up where she’d left off.

I responded to the beaming smile and the out-stretched hand and followed her into the corridor that she’d just come out of. Again, no bikini. She was wearing a summer dress, tanned arms and legs on display, but nothing to frighten the horses. What was Suzanne so worked up about? Maybe I really should just tell her that this is a legitimate business run by a couple of women and that they should receive every encouragement, rather than the treatment that had been meted out.

She poured us coffee, we sat in comfortable seats in what looked like the rest area. And so began the least formal job interview that I’ve ever had. We did touch on the usual areas, such as what I did currently and why I wanted the job, but other than that it was just a chat about nothing relevant to the purpose for my visit. The only thing that stood out while we were talking was that one of the benefits of the position was free haircuts for partners, which seemed like a nice little gesture. Not that Rob would take it up. He had a place that he went to, and had done for years, pretty much the same as me.

We got to the “Any questions” part of the interview.

‘Bikinis’ I said.

She smiled.

‘As in, “do you need to wear one?”‘

I nodded.

‘Sylvia and I might at some point, but there’s no compulsion for you to wear one. Obviously we’d love it if you joined us, but it’s your choice entirely. You’ve certainly got the right bod for it’ she complimented.

‘But you’re not wearing them at present?’

‘We’re waiting for the hullaballoo to die down, but it’ll probably happen at some point’ she added with a smile.

We wound the meeting up and I took one last look at what was a perfectly friendly, respectable woman who appeared to be just trying to run a business. The only thing that wasn’t genuine about her was the platinum blonde bob, but she could be forgiven that. It set her fine features off perfectly.

I headed back to the car and went home. The kettle had barely boiled before the phone rang and I had a job in a barber shop. I was stunned. Rob, when I told him, said that he wasn’t surprised.

I’ve been in the job for nearly two weeks now and there’s been no hint of anything untoward. Kate and Sylvia have kept their clothes on, customer numbers are steady, if unspectacular. Suzanne is disappointed with what I’m reporting back.

I’d just got in that morning when Sylvia told me that she and Kate wanted a little meeting before the shop opened. I thought that the idea was quaint, because there were only the three of us, so when we had a coffee, it was effectively a full staff meeting anyway.

‘Just to let you know Jo, we’re going to have a little promotion to try to get the customer numbers up.’

‘That’s good’ I replied, wondering why it needed a meeting to tell me that.

‘We’re going to have a free headshave event, something that’ll get people talking, you know’ Kate explained.

‘Wouldn’t you prefer paying customers’ I ventured, deploying all of my business acumen for their benefit.

‘The first challenge is to break someone’s habit. They’ve probably been going to the same place for years, but if we can get them through the door, we can show them what we can do and maybe they’ll come back.’

‘This doesn’t involve bikinis, does it?’ I asked.

‘I think that’s on the backburner forever now’ Sylvia replied. This town isn’t ready for that sort of thing’ she added, laughing. In a way, I was pleased to hear it. I waited to hear more.

‘There’s not much more to it’ Kate said. ‘We’ve got the advertising flyers with the printers, got delivery people lined up. Then we wait.’ End of meeting.

Two days later, a package was delivered that I had to sign for. Not in my job description, but then I didn’t really have a job description as such. Sylvia came over as soon as she was free and tore open the package to reveal a bundle of brightly-coloured flyers. Just as she was moving away to go and let Kate know that they’d arrived, she tugged one from the bundle and handed it to me.

‘For your man’ she said, walking away. I glanced at it, looked back up to watch her disappearing into the breakout room. I put the flyer down. Rob would never go for it. I wasn’t sure that I could even imagine him without his “Hugh Grant” floppy hair. I put it in my bag to throw away once I was out of sight of the shop.

A little light went on in my head while I was cooking dinner. Rob was terrible for hiding promotional leaflets that came through the door in amongst my post if he was first to get to it or behind cushions if there was no post. Every now and again, I’d shuffle through envelopes and come across a flyer for weight-watchers or some political party at election time. At times I wasn’t sure how to take the weight-watcher ones. I thought that I had a good figure, was careful with what I ate, but was he trying to tell me something? I always convinced myself that he was just joking, but you never know. I usually told him that he could go elsewhere if he didn’t like what was on offer, which always resulted in me being taken for a guilt-induced meal somewhere nice. Silver-linings and all that. Anyway the leaflet from the shop was the perfect riposte and it found its way into his mail for the day.

When he got home, I tried not to watch when I heard him come through the door and pick up his letters. I heard him laugh. ‘Good one’ he exclaimed, coming in to the kitchen.

‘Anything interesting?’ I asked, trying to keep a straight face. He held the flyer up.

‘The ladies are trying to drum up business’ I clarified.

‘Strange way to do it’ he observed.

‘I said that, but they’re just trying to get people through the door to show them what’s on offer and maybe convince them to ditch their usual place.’

‘Bit extreme though?’

‘It’s about time you had a haircut’ I said, rushing to pull a pan off the heat before it boiled over.

‘I’ve been too busy to go, but I’ll try and get in this week, if it bothers you so much’ he replied.

‘It doesn’t bother me’ I replied, trying to pay attention to what was going on on the stove.

Nothing more was said until after dinner when I was going in to the lounge to take him a cup of tea. The flyer was on the hall table with his new bank statements and other post.

‘You haven’t thrown it away then’ I observed, handing him his cup.

‘What?’ he said, looking away from the television.

‘The flyer. You haven’t thrown it away.’

‘I meant to. I got distracted’ he replied.

‘I think you quite fancy the idea’ I joked, sitting down.

‘Can you really see me as a slap-head?’ he said, laughing. I looked at him, tilting my head this way and that, as if assessing him.

‘I think I can’ I replied, nodding slowly to re-enforce my conclusion. In truth, I couldn’t, but it was payback time for all of the times that he’d got me with various pranks. He dismissed the idea with the snort that he reserved for such occasions, and went back to the television. I was pleased. I’d clearly got him with a good one.

We were reading our books in bed (who said romance was dead?) when our earlier exchange flashed through my head again. I put my book on the night-stand and turned the light off, which was the signal to him to finish the paragraph that he was reading and to do likewise.

He flicked the switch on his bedside lamp. He rolled towards me to kiss me goodnight, which he could usually do with impunity. This time, my hand was waiting for him.

‘On a school night?’ he said.

‘Mmmm’ I said, feeling him starting to take an interest.

‘If you insist’ he said in the flippant tone that he knows I find annoying. Tonight, I was prepared to let it go. He’s usually quite considerate with foreplay, but he lost no time in letting his own fingers do the walking.

‘My, who’s a horny little bitch’ he said, discovering my wetness.

‘Fuck me’ I almost begged, more direct than I would be normally. I usually liked us to take our time, but on occasions, there needed to be no messing about. This was one of them. Rob knew what he had to do. A minute ago, we’d been a couple with apparently no interest in each other (not true). Now, I’d got my ankles crossed behind his back and was part of a mattress test while he pounded me. I reached up and ran my hands over his head, through his hair. I grabbed a handful and pulled his head back sharply, which drew a firm response. I don’t think that he liked it.

‘Harder’ I urged. He grunted, but responded. The mattress was taking its punishment well. Rob’s intensity increased and then he was done. He lay on me briefly and then rolled off, panting. Less than five minutes ago, we’d been reading. I stared up into the blackness, wallowing in what had just happened. His hand searched out mine.

‘Wow!’ I said, still not having the breath for a more detailed critique of his performance.

‘What was that all about?’ he panted.


‘Pulling my hair.’

‘Sorry’ I replied.

‘Bit rough, that’s all’ he said, his breathing starting to get back to normal.

‘Didn’t you like it?’

‘Just didn’t expect it.’

‘You know the answer then.’

‘Answer to what?’ he asked.

‘Me pulling your hair.’

‘What’s that then?’

‘Don’t have hair’ I replied, surprising myself almost as much as him. Silence. Exhausted sleep came quickly.

I was awake before Rob and had showered and made coffee before he came downstairs.

‘Morning’ he said as he came into the kitchen.

‘Good morning’ I replied with a grin.

‘Sleep well?’ he enquired.

‘Very’ I replied.

‘Me too. Had the weirdest dream though. About this gorgeous woman who begged me to screw her. No expensive dinner, no witty conversation. Just wanted me to screw her’ he said with a smile.

‘Aren’t you the lucky one. I read my book and was out like a light’ I replied. He pretended to be angry, but went and sat at the table.

‘Can’t we put another record on?’ he said, holding up his new place mat. It was the flyer, that I’d slid underneath his cereal bowl.

‘Can’t you take a hint?’ I replied. He looked at me. He folded the flyer rather deftly into a paper plane.

‘Can we be serious for a minute? Are you being serious?’ he asked pointedly, aiming his plane at me. It did a lazy loop-the-loop and crashed miserably without getting as far as me.

‘That needs to be streamlined. Like you’ I replied. He looked at me again.

‘You should never have taken that job. Those women have done something to you’ he said, pouring cornflakes angrily into his bowl.

‘You should let them do something to you’ I replied, amused at how I’d got under his skin. I couldn’t picture him without his hair. I loved his hair, but now that I’d found a way to rile him, I wanted to enjoy it. After all, I’d lost count of the number of weight-loss flyers that he’d taunted me with, so this one was payback for every one of them.

He took out his silent irritation on his cornflakes and went upstairs to finish getting ready. I’d make it up to him.

I got a perfunctory peck on the cheek as I was clearing up.

‘Have a nice day!’ I called after him.

‘You too’ he replied. I smiled.

It was a slow day at the shop which gave me the chance to think about last night. I hadn’t planned it, but I’d certainly enjoyed it. It had jolted us out of our routine. I suspected that it had jolted my neck a bit, too. I wondered how much of the excitement had been down to me thinking about Rob cutting his hair. It was his trademark. He’d had it as long as I’d known him, over ten years, which was probably as good an excuse as any to go for a change. But something so extreme? I looked across the salon to the young guy getting his clipper cut refreshed. Could I imagine Rob like that? Shorter than that? I slid an appointment card out of the rack.

There was no post when I got home, so when Rob put his car keys and wallet on the shelf, the card was there in full view. He looked at me.

‘Don’t shout at me’ I said as he picked the card up. This was the point when I’d bring the curtain down if I had to. I’d had my fun, but that’s all it was and it certainly wasn’t something to fight over, however many times he’d pulled his pranks on me. He tossed it down dismissively and undid his tie.

‘Hi honey, I’m home’ he said wearily. I kissed him with a bit more interest than he’d normally get, just for coming in through the front door.

Dinner passed, the evening passed. The next day went quickly because it was one of “my” days, when I indulged myself with my “hobby business”. Greetings cards and balloons may be frivolous to Rob, but it brought in a reasonable amount of money and I enjoyed it. Anyway, it took my mind off “that” flyer and the way that he’d tossed aside the appointment card.

The next day was a slow day at the salon. Sure, there was a steady trickle of customers, but the day just dragged. Every time I answered the phone or checked someone in, I was taunted by the final entry for the day. “Rob” it said sparingly. I’d come close to scribbling it out several times, but there was something about it that I liked. It let me pass the time with “What ifs” and “If onlys”, it took me back to that intense fuck a few nights ago. I was brought out of my day-dream by Kate, checking to see what was left.

She wasn’t happy.

‘I’d close up early, if it wasn’t for that one. Haven’t we got a number so that we can see if he wants to come in sooner?’ I could hear the recrimination in her voice, as if she were saying “Make sure you get contact details in future”.

‘I know he can’t make it any earlier’ I said defensively, which appeared to take the sting out of her a little. Should I come clean or just let her curse a “no show” when it happened. I made her a coffee in an attempt to improve her mood. She let Sylvia go home.

5:15 came and went. I wanted to tell her, but decided it wasn’t worth it. I could sense the irritation building. She’d swept up twice since the last customer an hour before, but she’d got the broom again. I quietly tidied my reception desk.

I heard the door. I looked up. Rob.

‘Sorry I’m late’ he said.

‘You’re here. That’s the main thing’ I replied.

‘You must be Rob’ Kate said, looking first at Rob and then at me.

‘This is Rob’ I said. ‘My Rob’ I clarified.

‘Ah, that explains it’ she said, without clarifying what it explained. ‘Do you want to come on through?’ I knew that he didn’t, but he followed her anyway. I tagged behind and gave his hand a secret squeeze just before he sat in the chair.

‘So, you’re Joanna’s man, then. I wondered how long it’d be before she persuaded you’ Kate said, swishing a gown over him.

‘Yeah, well, it’s a bit hard to ignore when that flyer appears all over the house’ Rob said.

‘Flyer? Oh that. You’re a week early, but there’s no time like the present. We don’t charge for boyfriends and husbands anyway, so it’s all the same’ she said. She ran her hand over his crown, through the floppiness that I knew so well.

‘Time for a change, eh?’ she said.

‘Jo thinks so’ he replied.

‘So he’s doing this for you? It must be true love’ she joked, looking in my direction.

I studied him sitting there, his usual confidence gone. He seemed deflated, unsure. That was understandable, I suppose. Kate was fastening the gown, trapping him there. I watched her reach intuitively for the clippers that were hanging from the little shelf. They’d thought that their work was done for the day, but here they were, being called into action again. Thoughts tumbled through my mind. Arguments. Objections. I was forming a sentence. A sentence asking her to hold on so that we could talk about it. The sound of the clippers prevented me from reaching the end of my virtual plea.

The blades of the clippers were half-hidden from view by the rest of his gorgeous hair that clustered protectively towards the violated strip across the top of his head. There’d been no talk of holidays, questions about where we’d met, any sort of conventional chat. She’d just gone and done it, really done it, without asking him if he was sure, without asking me if it’s what I wanted. Was it what I wanted? It was, when the thought of it got me turned on the other night, but this was real. There was no going back. In the time that it took me to come to the realisation that I’d done something terrible to the man that I loved, she’d stripped the top of his head bare. She looked at me.

‘Won’t be long Jo. Soon have him looking just as you want him’ she said in my direction, with a smile. My smiled response probably wasn’t very convincing.

I wanted to puke. He’d hate me. Why had I taken that thing home? I couldn’t look away. He wasn’t Rob anymore. Not the floppy, cuddly Rob that had my knickers ready to slide down the first time that I set eyes on him across a bar. This was a very different Rob. Rob with an edge. She was working on the side of his head, the side facing me. She was taunting me, but if I wasn’t mistaken, I was getting wet at the sight of what she was doing to him. The doubts were sliding away with each pass of the clippers. I wanted to check whether I was mistaken, but suspected that fingering yourself at your workstation probably counted as grounds for dismissal. I’d have to ask for a copy of my contract, so that I could check.

Kate carried on silently transforming my man. I could see tufts of his hair on her shoes. I tried to think of ways that I could make it up to him. A blow-job as soon as he got home was a no-brainer, as probably was the sanctity of my arse. The threesome with Lucy Knowles was probably harder to arrange, but I might have to try. I’d never had one, but local folklore maintained that such scenarios were run of the mill for her. I’d probably need a course of antibiotics, but it would be the least that I could do for him. His expression hadn’t changed, even as his appearance had. Kate was round the other side now, on the home straight. I didn’t know what I’d say to him. Maybe he could go on sick-leave until it grew back a bit. How long would that take? Weeks?

Kate was going over bits that she’d already done. I’d watched this scenario quite a few times, with more interest since she floated the idea of the promo, so I knew how she worked. She stripped everything away with ruthless efficiency before any second thoughts could creep in. Then she went over the whole head again as if to rub in the fact of what she’d done. Then she’d go for the shaving cream. I couldn’t let her shave him bald.

I looked at him. He was bald. There was no getting away from it, so what difference would it make what she did to him now? I just waited for the looks of recrimination when eventually he looked in my direction. If he ever did again.

The clippers were back where they belonged. The can of shaving foam was disgorging its contents into her hand. She was spreading it on his hairless scalp. The scalp that I’d said that I wanted to see. Fuck, it was turning me on watching her spread that cream over his head. She’d sensed me having that last thought. She smiled at me benevolently.

‘I’m going to make him extra smooth for you’ she said generously. Oh God!

I wanted to go to him, show him how sexy he looked, show him how wet I was. I wanted him smoother than smooth. If only Suzanne could see what was going on without any of us shedding a piece of clothing. She’d never talk to me again, that was for sure.

Kate convinced me that she was telepathic when she re-foamed Rob as soon as the first shave was complete. I’d been counting down the razor strokes left until I could touch him, but now she’d reset the counter. His head was a white helmet again. He still hadn’t uttered a word.

The last couple of strokes seemed to take forever, but eventually she put the razor and soapy towel to one side. She got a hot towel out of the cabinet and pressed it to him. I wanted to do that. Wrap him in a towel, hug him, tell him how gorgeous he looked, but instead, it was my boss caressing him, looking at him from too close. The towel was tossed aside, the chair was turned, in the most unnecessary “reveal” that’s ever been done.

‘If you don’t mind me saying, you look fabulous. If Jo doesn’t want you, I’ll have you like a shot’ she said to Rob before turning to me. ‘What you wanted?’ she asked.

‘Everything and more’ I replied, trying to convince everyone in the shop, myself included. I looked at Rob, trying to make Kate disappear. I wanted it to be just the two of us.

‘Hello, new Rob. Would you like to come home with me?’ I said. I wished that I hadn’t said that out loud, not when I have to work with the woman who’d just done something so spectacular to my man.

His hand went up to his head. It looked like he was expecting it to hurt. First contact was tentative. I went over to him to kiss it better. I put my arms around him.

‘He must love you’ Kate observed. I’d never doubted it. I could see Rob looking at himself in the mirror. This strange new version of himself. Kate released him from the cape. He could run now, but there wasn’t any point. He stood up. He was Rob below the neck, but above the neck was a whole new ball game. His balls would be the game, once we got home.

‘Thanks so much, Kate’ I said. ‘I’m sorry that you had to stay on. You must let me pay you for this one’ I said.

‘Okay’ she replied.

‘I’ll just get my purse. Can’t ask Rob to pay for it, can I?’ I said.

‘Don’t worry about that’ she said. She’d just said that she was fine with me paying her for a cut that was supposedly a freebie for my partner, now she was telling me not to worry about it. I looked at her with my favourite puzzled expression.

‘I don’t want money, but I would like to chop that ponytail off, if Rob here will let me’ she said, looking from me to Rob.

I was stunned.

‘Rob looks like he’s too pre-occupied with his own new look to have an opinion on one for you’ she chuckled. ‘Maybe another time, but I think you should. Particularly now you’ve got an edgy-looking man. He’s not going to want a soccer-mom on his arm, is he?’

My look must’ve told her that she’d gone too far.

‘Sorry, but you know what I mean. You’ve updated your man, so it’s only right that you have a bit of a makeover too’ she said, in an attempt to mollify me. I looked at Rob. Annoyingly, I could see what she meant.

‘Do you want me to?’ I asked him, trying to exclude Kate from our huddle.

‘It’s up to you’ he replied.

‘No, it isn’t. I pressured you into doing this. It’s only right that I do something that you want me to do’ I replied.

I looked at Kate. She gave me an approving look.

‘How about I decide’ Kate said to Rob. ‘Is that okay with both of you?’

I looked at Rob. I felt sorry for him. I decided for him and got into the chair, ignoring the fact that I was sitting on bits of him that had been attached until a few minutes ago.

Kate appeared to be pre-occupied with Rob. She couldn’t take her eyes off him.

‘Shit’ she said suddenly, ‘I haven’t locked the door. Last thing I need is a walk-in now.’ She scurried off to the front of the shop, flicking the sign round, drawing the bolts top and bottom and finally pulling the blind down.

‘That’s better’ she said, walking back towards us. I was standing up again, having taken the opportunity to give Rob a hug and a taste of what was to come while Kate’s back was turned. Rob had responded and it was all too obvious to Kate as she got closer.

‘You two know how to make a lady feel left out’ she said, with a wink.

I was only too well aware that I was blushing.

‘You’ll get us a bad reputation, you know’ she added, laughing.

‘Sorry, Kate. We should go’ I said.

‘Don’t go on my account. We’re all grown-ups’ she said. We were all looking at each other, wondering what to do next.

‘Why don’t I get us a drink. We’re off the clock, so we can all let our hair down’ she said. She gripped Rob’s arm affectionately. ‘Sorry Rob, bit too soon?’ she added.

‘Sounds great’ I said, relieved at the prospect of being able to grab a few seconds with Rob on our own.

‘Are you sure you’re okay?’ I asked quietly.

‘Never better’ he replied.

‘Don’t be like that’ I said. ‘You look wonderful. I’m dripping’ I added, hoping that the last comment would boost his battered confidence a bit.

Kate took a bit longer than I’d expected but eventually came back, clutching the bottle of wine that I knew she kept in her office, together with three glasses. It tasted wonderful, although I wasn’t sure that the one bottle would be enough.

Smiles broke out when we realised that we weren’t really talking. We were either looking at Rob’s transformation or wondering what was in store for me. I had butterflies in my stomach at the thought of walking out of the salon with a different image. I’d had my hair long enough for a ponytail since I was at school, so the thought of someone cutting it off was mildly distressing. However, I couldn’t be too much of a wimp in the light of what I’d done to Rob.

‘How about we get started again?’ Kate said.

‘Fine’ Rob said, seeming more at ease now.

‘I hope you don’t mind, but I thought that this was an ideal opportunity to try something out. Something that Sylvia and I have been thinking about’ she said.

‘Sounds intriguing’ I replied.

‘Splendid. I’ll be back in a jiffy’ she said, heading for the office. Rob and I looked at each other, smiling, wanting to be somewhere else, at least in my case. Kate’s “jiffy” started to drag, but then I heard her coming back. She’d padded away from us almost soundlessly, but now I heard the clicking of heels. I looked towards the doorway.

‘What do you think?’ she asked.

Rob’s face was a picture. The casually dressed stylist who’d just cut his hair was now standing there dressed in black. Black underwear, that is. Basque, suspender belt, fishnet stockings, high heels, the full “slut get-up” that I only put on for him once in a blue moon. This was my employer standing there with her not ungenerous boobs barely restrained by the cups of the basque, wearing knickers that concealed nothing. If I wasn’t mistaken, she’d shaved this morning, that was how ineffective her knickers were at covering her modesty.

‘Wow!’ I uttered.

‘We’re thinking of having a sort of loyalty scheme, so that every few haircuts, a client gets to have us wear this sort of thing for a free haircut. Do you think that would catch on?’ she asked with a broad smile.

‘I’m sure it would, but what about the pitchfork mob? Won’t they be back as soon as they get wind of it?’

‘It would have to be out of hours, and we’d have to swear the client to secrecy or something.’

‘I’m sure it’ll be very popular’ I said. ‘What do you think Rob? Would that have made your haircut a bit more pleasurable?’ I asked.

He nodded slowly. ‘Yeah’ he clarified.

‘So it’s all a bit late for you’ I said, not wanting to sound like I was rubbing his nose in it.

‘Maybe, maybe not’ Kate said, reaching for the bottle to refill our glasses.

‘Do tell’ I urged.

‘We could make it interesting, if you like’ she said. I took a sip of wine.

‘”Interesting”, how?’ I asked.

‘Well, we can all go home now, no harm done, or we can have a little bit of fun on “Vegas” terms. Nobody ever speaks of what went on’ she said with a melodramatic expression.

‘I can sense something naughty in the air’ I said, regretting that I sounded like a virgin.

Kate reached up and stroked Rob’s naked scalp, trailing a finger down and down, pausing at his midriff.

‘Let me go and get another bottle’ she said, not waiting for a response.

I looked at Rob. I gave him a more intense look. He held his hands out in a “Don’t ask me” gesture.

‘Do you want to go?’ he asked after a pause.

‘”Do I want to watch you fucking my boss”?, is that what you mean?’ I asked.

‘Looks like she’s all-inclusive’ he said, in that infuriating way of his.

‘”Do you want to watch her fucking me?” Is that the question I should be asking?’

‘We either go now or we need to agree that this doesn’t count. We’re both in the room, so all’s good’ he replied.

‘You want to, don’t you?’ I said, more as a statement than a question. He’d been presented with his threesome opportunity and he wasn’t going to pass it up.

When Kate returned with a fresh bottle, I was being “trumped” while Rob kissed me. His hand was firmly clamped to my crotch through my dress and I really didn’t care that I was in my workplace.

‘I guess that’s my answer then’ Kate said, putting the bottle down.

Rob released me and Kate slid her hand into the space between us. She brushed his bulge with the back of her fingers, but then moved her hand forward to mimic the way that Rob had been holding me when she’d come back. I suspect that she could feel the heat that I was generating. She eased Rob out of the way so that she could embrace me with the other arm and kiss me. I’d never had another woman’s tongue in my mouth, but here I was, making up for lost time. Her tongue burrowed insistently, darting here and there. I felt her hand run up my back and then my head was sharply pulled back by my ponytail. She didn’t mess around.

‘It’ll be a long time before anyone does that to you again’ she said, her excitement at the situation quite clear. She was still gripping my hair, but had eased back so that she could see my uncertainty. The hand on my pussy departed. I heard the sound of a zipper. Rob’s turn. I reached out, my hand joining hers, which was wrapped around my boyfriend’s dick. She kissed me again, a woman who had so unexpectedly disturbed our status quo. I was trying to adjust my thoughts from dealing with the imminent loss of my ponytail to the imminent re-balancing of my relationship with Rob. As far as I was aware, he’d never cheated on me. He’d made no secret of his interest in a threesome, but it had never happened. Now it was a very real prospect and I was having to prepare myself for the notion of my boyfriend fucking another woman, with me present to witness the deed. It wasn’t too late. She released her grip on both of us. Refreshment time.

‘What do you think that protester woman would say if she saw this?’ Kate asked with a smile. I returned a wry smile while I tried to look at her without being too obvious. She smiled and fixed my gaze. She presented her index finger to my lips. Freshly dipped. My first taste of another woman. I looked at Rob whose expression gave little away, as usual.

‘I was going to cut your hair, but I can think of something I’d rather do’ Kate said, looking pointedly at Rob. My expression must’ve changed as the sense of relief coursed through me. She noticed. ‘I think you should cut it yourself’ she added. Another change of expression.


‘I want to watch you do it’ she said with a deliberate, comedy-like run of her tongue across her lips.

‘I’ll mess it up’ I objected.

‘No you won’t, you’ll be fine. I’ll be right here if you get stuck.’

My trepidation returned. The finger that she’d hooked into the waistband of my jeans was telling me that it was time to shed some clothes. This was getting serious.

I was the focus of attention. I didn’t like it. I’m certainly not ashamed of my body and have no problem stripping off in a changing room, but the circumstances here were different. I slid my jeans down, realising that she was easing Rob out of his trousers at the same time. She stood back once she’d started us on that path, observing as we got naked. It was awkward. Rob’s erection belonged to me, but she’d got her hand wrapped around it now. She glanced at the styling chair. I’d been in it what seemed like an age ago, but my world had shifted since then. She signalled to me to turn the chair towards her. I felt the leather on my bare thighs. This whole haircut scenario was strange now. How was I going to do it so that it looked presentable? I couldn’t see behind me to know what I was doing. She let go of Rob and picked up a pair of scissors. I reached out to take them from her, but realised that she had another use for them first. She snipped the flimsy waistband on her knickers, catching them before they tumbled. She whisked them away to confirm that she did indeed have the world’s smoothest pussy mound. How did she do that? Could I ask her for tips? Probably wasn’t an appropriate time. Now she held the scissors out to me. I took them from her.

‘Cut it off’ she said, leaning in towards me. Her hands were on her legs, just above her knees.

‘I can’t see where’ I objected, realising all-too slowly that she was positioning herself for Rob. The preparatory finger, splitting her pussy lips was sufficient clarification for the slow of understanding. I was sitting there, about to cut my own hair, about to watch my boyfriend slide “my” cock into my boss. You couldn’t make it up!

‘Not yet’ she instructed. It was meant for Rob rather than me. ‘Not until she cuts’ she clarified. I looked at her for guidance that wasn’t forthcoming.

I reached behind myself awkwardly to grasp my ponytail to ready it for the scissors that I held in my other hand. It’s one thing to have someone else do the deed, it’s quite another to be put in the position of having to do it yourself. I fumbled and then managed to get some hair between the blades. I looked at Kate, bent forward, boobs spilling out of her basque, my boyfriend standing expectantly behind her, no doubt urging me to hurry up before matters ran away with themselves for him. I closed the blades, feeling resistance. I was cutting something, even though I couldn’t see what. Rob took that as his cue to become unfaithful to me. Kate’s changing expression confirmed the deed. It should’ve been me getting it.

‘I can’t see what I’ve done’ I said, still finding it weird to be faced with a woman getting screwed by my boyfriend only inches away from me.

‘Don’t worry. Just keep going’ she urged as if there was nothing more innocent than the current tableau.

I reached round for another piece, trying to work out by touch alone what I’d done. I was fairly sure that part of my ponytail was the original length and that part of it was a good bit shorter. I’d foolishly dropped the evidence behind me, so wasn’t able to see for sure. I went again, painfully aware that the eyes that I needed to check what I was doing were actually giving me a view of Mr Metronome fucking Kate with gentle, measured strokes. She didn’t seem to be in any hurry.

This cut definitely reduced the overall length of the ponytail. I brought my hand round to the front again so that I could see that I was clutching a clump of hair about six inches long. I went in for another go and another. I felt the back of my head to see what was left. I had a stumpy ponytail, but it was still bound by the elastic band. There was hope that it could be salvaged, fashioned into something short, but sassy.

‘I think I’ll need you to tidy it up, but it’s pretty much gone’ I reported. I was sitting here with my personal live-action porn performance.

‘Open up for me’ Kate said. It took a moment for the penny to drop. Really? I opened my legs a few inches, immediately aware of Kate’s disdain. I went for it, revealing all that I had to offer. It must’ve been a bit of a revelation for Rob too, because I wasn’t usually that brazen, even for him. My inhibitions were clearly falling away, although I was conscious that my shaven pussy was no match for the result that she’d achieved.

‘Don’t stop’ she said. Was she talking to me or Rob? Rob was still keeping perfect time, so it had to be me. “Don’t stop” what? I couldn’t get my legs any wider, so it had to be the hair.

‘Keep cutting’ she said. Now it was clear.

‘I’ve cut it as short as I can get it, It’s only a stump. I’ll show you’ I said, preparing to twist in the chair.

‘Just keep cutting. Until he’s finished, just cut’ she said.

What sort of weirdness was this?

‘I can’t cut it any shorter’ I objected.

‘Lose the band and just cut. Start on the top and just cut’ she said impatiently.

‘Not just the ponytail then?’

‘Not just the ponytail’ she reiterated.

‘At the rate he’s going, I’ll have no hair left’ I observed. I watched her expression. ‘That’s what you want me to do, isn’t it?’ I said, suddenly realising the objective of her little game.

She smiled her response. Oh fuck. She wanted me bald all along. I looked over her to examine Rob’s bald head. He looked good without hair, but I couldn’t imagine myself without anything at all. A crop maybe, but nothing at all?

I was willing Rob to stop doing the Tantric shit and just shoot his load, but he seemed quite content to enjoy the view. Looking at it from his perspective, he was balls-deep in a gorgeous woman he’d only just met, watching his naked girlfriend cut her hair off while sitting legs-splayed in her workplace. What wasn’t there to like for him? It was a battle of wills, although I knew that I could drag my haircutting out longer than he could hold Nature at bay. The fucker looked serene though!

I picked up a tress from the top of my head and bowed to the inevitable. I cut it off an inch or so from my scalp, wondering whether I could be that consistent all over, leaving enough to be crafted into something acceptable. I was going super-short, a concept that had never really crossed my mind. I worked in a barber shop, where long hair was a rarity and nearly everyone who came in submitted to the clippers of some length or other, so I should be used to the idea. But somehow I’d managed to keep work scenarios and my own hair compartmentalised. I segregated another length and snipped it off, watching the satisfaction spread over Kate’s face. I’d slap her tits for her for making me do this, if I got the chance.

My progress was consistent, but I noticed that the pace was picking up opposite me. Rob was looking flushed, Kate was struggling to maintain her balance. She’d done well; I’m not sure if I could’ve held out so long, without something solid to brace against. It was a talent that must come in handy for a quickie on a night-out!

Rob was going for it now, about to deliver his load to the wrong address. It should’ve been mine. Kate wasn’t focussed on me so much now, for some reason! He was really pumping, hands on her backside for purchase. They were both grunting. I waited for the tell-tale sign that would announce his final thrust. There it was. He was done and I still had hair on my head. I even had a couple of tresses that were as long as they’d been when all of this nonsense started. I lowered my arms to give them a rest and closed my legs, now that the sideshow wasn’t needed anymore. Rob looked a bit sheepish. Kate stood up and stretched. She reached between her legs and came closer.

‘I think some of this is for you’ she said, slipping her gloop-laden finger into my mouth. I licked her finger clean. It would’ve been rude not to. She turned round and gave Rob a peck on the cheek. ‘That was lovely, thank you’ she told him politely.

‘Look at you’ she said, turning her attention back to me. I wasn’t facing a mirror, so I didn’t know how hideous I looked. She took the scissors from me and ruffled what was left of my hair. She perched on me, my thigh between her legs. I could feel her wetness. She was examining my boobs, cupping them, tracing circles round my nipples. I’d have to work with this woman and here she was dressed like a tart, playing with my boobs. She adjusted her position so that we could kiss. It was a dirty kiss, full of intent. She broke it off and stood up, much to my relief. The last thing I needed was for my knee to pop. She moved behind me and reached over with both hands to continue her exploration of my boobs. She was gentle and rough, caressing and squeezing. It was wonderful. She let go long enough to re-position my arm so that my hand was in my lap again. I was being used as a pornographic version of one of those “grab” machines that you see in shopping malls, where you come tantalisingly close to picking something up before it tumbles out of the clutches of the mechanical fingers. Her control, though, didn’t need to be that precise. She’d signalled her intent and left the final execution to me. Rob was in front of me, watching another woman encouraging his girlfriend to play with herself. I opened my legs and went deep.

Distraction created, Kate released me. I hadn’t seen her pick up the clippers, but I felt them alright. My notion of a cute crop was consigned to my lap, as the first of my short tufts tumbled. For a few minutes, I’d been willing myself to accept the idea that I was going to look great with super-short hair, but now I’d have to start all over again. Could I convince myself that I looked good without hair? That would depend on what sort of horrific childhood scars Kate revealed, what sort of peculiar bumps I had underneath my hair. She was paying no heed to such things, she was on a mission. As for my boyfriend, he was standing in front of me with his newly-energised cock in his hand and a smile on his face. I showed him full flaps.

I could feel the progress that she was making with the clippers, knew that my hair was tumbling even though I couldn’t necessarily see it going. I knew that the shaving foam would be next. Hadn’t she got any compassion for a fellow woman? Surely she knew how important hair was.

The clippers did their return visit to make sure that they could do no more. They fell silent and the inevitable happened. She squirted foam into her hand and then smeared it over my head. She was about to do a terrible thing to me and the feeling was exquisite. If I put my mind to it, I could’ve cum from the way she was sliding her fingertips over my scalp. I closed my eyes and let my own fingers do what they wanted, while she sent a myriad sensations darting through me. I was caught in the moment, like a butterfly mounted on a board. I didn’t care what I looked like, I just didn’t want her to stop. The razor blade caressed me the way that it had Rob, barely making itself felt, but doing its work regardless. It covered the ground efficiently, insisting on a second pass for completeness. My eyes were still closed. I anticipated the warmth of the towel. I didn’t anticipate the warmth of what Rob had just deposited on my thigh. I’d never known him re-load that quickly. I scooped some up on my index finger and savoured it. This was mine and I wasn’t going to share with Kate. She appeared content to give my head a final grip between her palms before taking the towel away. I looked at Rob. Rob looked at me. Not a hair between us. On our heads anyway, but I’d deal with his bushy pubes at my leisure. He looked good. I had no idea what I looked like.

Kate swivelled the chair for me, pointing me at a mirror. I put a hand to my mouth to stifle the gasp. I was naked. I was bald. I was fucking bald! ‘I look so strange!’ I said.

‘Rubbish! You’re beautiful’ Kate assured me. I stood up to get closer to the mirror, as if that would make any difference. I was still bald, still strange-looking. My focus was on my reflection, but I was aware of movement behind me. Rob was in view. His arm out-stretched in invitation. There was no point ushering me back into the chair, I’d got nothing left to give. I turned. He was ignoring me. His attention was on Kate. The invitation was for her. She paid no attention to it and closed the distance between us. Her curious finger was tracing a path down my mound as soon as she was within range. Her head was angling for the perfect approach, so I was kissed and penetrated simultaneously. I’d have gasped if I could, but any sound was swallowed between us. I was obscenely wet and both embarrassed and pleased to hear the sound that her finger made when it slid in and out. Make that fingers, plural! My tongue duelled with hers, neither giving any quarter while I steeled myself to do what I’d never done before.

I touched her boob half-heartedly before telling myself to do it properly or not at all. I squeezed it, I kneaded it, I tweaked her nipple, all the while jousting with her tongue. The moment came. I moved my hand downwards, I was going for gold. My fingers left the safety of the material of her basque and breached unknown territory. I felt only skin. Midriff skin became belly skin, which transitioned to forbidden flesh. Her pussy felt different from mine, her lips more prominent. They parted readily and I became an honorary lesbian. I was up to my knuckles in another woman. She purred her appreciation.

No, it wasn’t purring, but it was a familiar sound. Rob had taken the opportunity to get closer than I’d expected. The two of us became three; four, if you counted the clippers in his hand. The first clump of Kate’s hair had fallen between us. She didn’t appear to have noticed, or if she had, she didn’t react. I reclaimed my fingers and eased away so that I could watch what Rob was doing. She put a hand out to stop him, but it was only to urge him to pause while she sat in the chair. She got comfortable and closed her eyes. Getting comfortable meant pushing her pelvis to the edge of the chair in invitation to anyone who wished to indulge. I sank to my knees, took a breath and clamped my lips to those closest to me, tasting her as she was meant to be tasted. Rob had surprised me, probably surprised her, but I had to admire him for his initiative. The idea hadn’t even crossed my mind. I listened to the sound of the clippers, aware of clumps of platinum blonde hair trying to gate-crash the party that was happening below, but paying no attention to them. I was too busy trying to give the impression that I knew what I was doing. The hand pressing on the back of my bald head served as encouragement that I was going in the right direction.

When I surfaced for air, the Kate that I’d known wasn’t there anymore. Rob had clipper-shaved her completely and was he standing there brandishing the clippers as if he were holding a smoking gun. I braced for the storm, but it didn’t come. Kate reached up and ran a hand over her hairless scalp and smiled. She picked up a couple of clumps of severed hair from her lap and looked at them dismissively.

‘That’ll help set the scene for the fund-raiser’ she observed with a smile. She held out a hand to me and bent forward to kiss me. Her hand stroked my bald head.

‘I hope that I look as good as you’ she said after pulling back from the kiss. I settled back on my heels and ran a finger along the line of her lips, pausing at her clit, just because I could. I looked up at her.

‘You look wonderfully different’ I assured her.

‘”Wonderfully different”. I like that’ she said. I looked past her, to Rob, and smiled at him. ‘I hope you’re not going to try and do the shaving foam thing’ I said.

Kate butted in. ‘I’ll give Sylvia a call. She’s a dab hand with a razor.’

‘That’s probably safer’ I laughed. ‘I need to get up’ I added.

I stood up, more conscious of not having hair than standing naked in front of my boss.

‘You must tell me where you get yours done’ I said, brushing my fingertips over my mound.

‘I will, but let’s keep it as a surprise for your man, shall we?’ she replied, her fingertips joining mine as if to make a professional assessment. I nodded my agreement.

‘Well, I’d better get cleaned up’ I said, unable to think of what else there was to do.

‘I feel bad’ Kate said, getting out of the chair, which sent the few remaining clumps of her hair tumbling to the floor.


‘Your man gave me the most delicious fuck and you missed out’ she explained. I shrugged.

‘I’m sure there’ll be other occasions’ I replied sanguinely. The soft hand on my shoulder didn’t provide the comfort that she meant.

‘Help me get out of this, would you?’ she asked, turning her back on me. I undid the fastenings on her basque and couldn’t resist admiring her in just stockings and suspender belt. And the high heels, of course. She might’ve been a couple of years older than me, but everything was holding up well. Rob and I watched her walk away from the styling area towards the break-room, bare backside inviting.

We looked at each other, hesitation and uncertainty evident. Rob held out a hand to me. I went to him and settled into his arms.

‘That was interesting!’ he said, nuzzling my bald head.

‘Just tell me that you didn’t enjoy fucking her’ I replied. He pulled away and looked at me. ‘I could…’

‘…but you’d be lying’ I finished for him.

‘Ask me no questions…’ he smiled. I had his over-worked balls in my hand. His expression became more serious.

‘Okay, okay. But you’ve got to give me a pass, because you got what you wanted.’ I looked at him.

‘I liked the idea, but I didn’t expect you to actually do it. I was thinking that you could go a bit shorter, try something new, but I didn’t think you’d be bald’ I confessed.

‘Really? What about all the hints, the nagging?’

‘I was just teasing.’

‘Well, I suppose you got yours too’ he replied.

I rubbed a hand over my scalp. ‘I was up for something different, but not this different.’

‘At least you can wear a wig’ he said.

‘There’ll be no wigs in this shop’ Kate said, returning to the fray, minus the high heels. That’s why we hadn’t heard her coming back.

Rob and I eased out of our embrace, but our fingers still touched, like a couple of teenagers.

‘I just rang Sylvia’ Kate said. We both waited for more.

‘You’ve no idea how annoyed she sounded when I told her what she’d missed.’

‘You told her..?’

‘She’s more broad-minded than she lets on’ Kate revealed.


‘The two of you have a decision to make. She’ll be here in a few minutes. I asked her to come and shave me, but we both know that I’m not going to let her go home with hair.’

‘So what do we need to decide?’ I asked.

‘Well, she’s bringing her boyfriend. I suggested that you’d entertain him while she and I play hairdresser.’ I’m sure that my jaw dropped.

‘You make it sound like a stud farm. Bringing a stallion in to cover a mare’ I said, thinking back to my teenage Saturday job at a stable.

‘That’s one way of putting it’ she replied.

I looked at Rob.

‘For a moment there, I thought you were considering it’ he laughed.

‘So it’s okay for you to fuck someone else, but not me?’ I objected.

‘Whoa, hold your horses’ Kate urged appropriately.

We both looked at her.

‘I didn’t mean to cause trouble. If you’re feeling left out Rob, I’m sure that Sylvia would be more than happy to take your mind off whatever Jo may or may not be doing.’

‘That would still leave him one ahead’ I said mischievously.

‘Don’t I count, just a little bit?’ Kate countered.

‘Sorry’ I said, looking at Rob.

‘Well, lover. Your choice. I’m okay either way’ I said magnanimously. I could see the cogs whirring in his head.

It was at this point that I noticed that Kate was holding something.

‘Think about this Rob’ she said, holding her hand up. It was a piece of cloth or something. ‘Think about me putting this on Jo and you just sitting there watching her getting fucked by a man that she doesn’t know and can’t see.’ I realised that it wasn’t a piece of cloth, it was a blindfold. ‘How many times would you dine out on that story?’

‘And you just happened to have a blindfold in a barber shop’ I challenged.

‘Sylvia and I have been toying with various ideas to keep people coming back’ she said, twirling the fabric round nonchalantly.

‘Don’t I get a say in this?’ I said.

‘Of course, dear. Doesn’t the idea turn you on, just a little bit though?’ Kate said.

I looked at Rob. She was seriously suggesting that I let a man fuck me while my boyfriend watches, a man that I can’t even see. What if he’s Quasimodo? Stupid thought. If he’s Sylvia’s boyfriend, he’s going to be hot. If I tried, I could talk myself into the idea. Rob wasn’t helping. I looked harder.

‘You want to fuck a guy you’ve never met, it’s up to you’ he said eventually.

‘Would it turn you on or would you want to kick his head in?’ I asked.

‘Are those the only two choices?’

‘Pretty much’ I replied.

‘You know I’m not the violent type’ he said.

‘Which leaves you being turned on’ I said, cupping his balls. ‘I need to hear you say it though. Tell me that you want to watch a stranger fuck me.’

I watched him look at Kate and then back at me.

‘I want to watch a stranger fuck you’ he said quietly.

‘If that’s what you want…’ I said, before looking over to Kate.

I could see her looking around, trying to work out the best place for her astounding idea. I was still holding my boyfriend by the balls, feeling stirrings of interest.

‘Promise you won’t hate me’ I said to him quietly as I pecked his cheek.

‘I won’t hate you. You seem okay with what I’ve done, so I’ll have to deal with it, won’t I?’ I gave him a little squeeze.

Kate approached and then went behind me. The world went dark.

I was now a stranger’s plaything.

I heard a knock at the door. Heard it open and sensed people coming in. I waited for the reassuring sound of the door closing again. There was no speaking. I was guided for a few steps and then after a false start, understood that I was at a chair and being urged to sit down. Not what I’d expected. I felt hands on my boobs. Man hands, squeezing me like I was a piece of meat. Softer, smaller hands traced the same path, soothing my skin.

There was a new sensation on my head, face and shoulders. By the process of elimination, I determined that silent Sylvia must be swishing her hair across me, probably the last time she’d be able to do that for a good while, if Kate had her way. The swishing was repeated, but Sylvia must have stopped, positioning herself above me so that her hair was draped over me. Then the sensation changed. I could feel hair on my bare thighs, but I could still feel it brushing my face, touching my shoulders. Unless Sylvia’s hair grew at a phenomenal rate, the hair resting on my thighs wasn’t attached to her anymore. Was Kate really cutting it off like that, with Sylvia draped over me?
I felt another hank on my thighs. Sylvia was getting shorn, with me as the receptacle for the hair that was being cut off. I tried to imagine what the scene must look like. Where was Rob? Where was the mystery man? Had they just pulled up chairs to watch a woman get her hair cut off over a naked, blindfolded woman? It was the not-knowing that made the situation so erotic. Here I was, being watched by my boyfriend, two work colleagues and a man I’d never met before, who was on a promise. I’m not sure which excited me more. More hair fell. Still no-one spoke.

I heard the clippers and prepared myself for the shower of hair that would surely follow. I didn’t have long to wait. I was covered in the stuff. Sylvia’s expensively-nourished, beautiful long hair was now piling up all over me. Kate hadn’t been on the phone to her for that long, so she must’ve been very persuasive in setting all of this up. I suspect that Sylvia’s boyfriend was easier to convince about the part that he had to play, than Sylvia herself. Hank after hank of her hair was tumbling. I rubbed my hand over my belly, over my chest, progress smoothed by the layer of hair between my hand and my skin. It was so sensual. It was also something that caught the imagination of someone else, because a hand placed over mine stopped my own movement, but then someone else was doing it for me. It was a sort of hair-massage. I was starting to wonder if ordinary sex would ever be enough for me again. Or Rob for that matter. We’d have to put some serious effort in, to match tonight’s experience.

Hands were pulling at me gently, getting me out of the chair. Someone was still caressing me with Sylvia’s fallen hair. I wanted to see her. Wanted to see what she looked like without that luscious mane. I stood up and felt myself being guided somewhere else. Silent hands were urging me to reach out, to bend forward. They made sure that I was holding on to something in front of me. A table to, or something similar. I’d got the idea though and eased my feet apart. I felt hair on my back. Someone had a real thing about that. I was being covered in it. It was weird. Fingers were spreading me open. The main event was about to start. This was someone who knew that dinner and polite conversation wasn’t on offer, so they were just straight down to the task in hand. The fingers were considerate. Not someone who worked with his hands. I’d tried to pick up his scent earlier on, but there were so many different smells in the shop that I couldn’t pick anything out. It was a place of men, he was just one more. I’d have fancied my chances in a ladies’ salon, but…OH MY GOD, he was huge. Not pornstar-freak huge, but huge in my experience. There was no way he’d get inside me. Fuck! I gasped. I was up on my toes trying to put off the moment when I’d split in two.

My backside was held in a vice-like grip as the stranger tried to slide home. Rob wasn’t small by any means, but this guy appeared to have got a double-helping. There was another hand on my backside, a female hand, someone who wanted to see one of the wonders of Nature about to happen. I concentrated and tried to control my breathing and then I felt his belly against my buttocks. Vital organs must’ve leapt out of the way, but he was in. He paused to let me adjust. I suspect that he was used to this, otherwise he’d just scramble someone’s insides. I braced myself, losing count of the number of hands that were touching me, caressing me, using Sylvia’s severed hair to tease me while the unseen man snaked inside me. Now that the initial shock was over, I was enjoying it. There was no urgency, but he was more insistent than Rob’s earlier Tantric lassitude. I went with his movements, enjoying every sensation that was combining to make this such a sensory delight. I wondered whether Rob was regretting his part in the events.

The mystery man gradually picked up the pace, allowing me to match him as he went. I wondered whether I’d be able to walk when he’d finished. I stopped wondering, stopped thinking and just focussed on what was going on behind me. His firm hands were gripping me again, other hands had retreated to a safe distance. I was on my own in the face of the storm. He was hammering into me and then he wasn’t. Many hands were on me, guiding me to my knees. I was hit with a warm blast in the face, on the top of my head. I wondered if I’d still have the spackled outline of the mask when I took it off. I was panting. I wanted to see him. Hands prevented me reaching for the mask. I was being stroked, caressed. My scalp was being massaged with cum, professional fingers sliding easily over my skin. I heard a door open and close.

Someone patted me on the back. ‘Good girl’ Sylvia congratulated.

The mask was eased off me and I blinked myself back into the light. Sylvia was still attractive, but in a very different way. I could see her dark hair strewn all around me. Kate or whoever had clippered her as short as they could. I sneaked a peak at her perky boobs, just because I could and noted that she favoured a carefully-crafted narrow landing strip rather than the bare-look that Kate and I shared. My eyes found Kate, saw her smile and then moved on to Rob. I looked for signs of condemnation. There was no-one else there.

‘Why did he leave?’ I asked.


‘Your boyfriend’ I replied.

‘Sylvia hasn’t got a boyfriend’ Kate replied on her behalf.

‘Who was that then?’ I asked, flustered.

‘I’ve no idea’ Sylvia replied with a smile.

‘What the..!’ I exclaimed.

I looked at Rob. He shrugged.

‘You’re all bastards and I hate you’ I said, not sure whether I meant it. I’d find out eventually who the mystery man was.

I was naked, spent, and covered in a stranger’s cum. I got to my feet gingerly. Kate put a hand on my arm, in another attempt to comfort me.

‘I think I just resigned’ I said, surprised that I could still put one foot in front of the other.

‘You know that you can never leave. Not now that we have that video’ Sylvia said.

I looked at Rob. He shook his head slowly, with a little smile.

‘You nearly had me there for a moment’ I said. Sylvia smiled. I paused. ‘You know, you look better with long hair’ I told her, before breaking into a smile.

‘Speaking of which, we’d better finish each other off, if you’ll pardon the expression’ Kate said to Sylvia. To the untrained eye, they were both bald, but that wasn’t enough. They busied themselves with rectifying that and I sidled up to Rob, squeezing his hand.

‘Are you okay?’ I asked.

‘I’ll never be able to sleep with the light off’ he said. ‘That image will haunt me for as long as I live. Well, for as long as we’re together anyway.’

‘And how long will that be?’

‘I don’t know. It depends on whether I’ll ever touch the sides again’ he said, shrinking back from the slap that headed his way. ‘You’ve got admit, he was big’ he added.

‘It’s okay for you. You didn’t have it rammed up your insides, did you?’ I objected.

‘Now, now, children. Play nicely’ Kate called across from where she’d already got Sylvia’s scalp lathered up.

I hugged Rob. ‘When I’ve had a shower, we’ll give it a try. See if I can feel anything’ I teased. I felt something come between us. ‘You’re not serious’ I said.

From my vantage point, I could watch my two naked colleagues shave each other’s head slowly and tenderly. They, in turn, were able to watch Rob reclaim what is his and fuck me from behind. I felt every stroke.

Coming in to work was going to be interesting from now on.









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