Something Different

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It’s was Sunny day in Florida, There was lot of corporate companies which are situated in the most active part of the city, where one could see lot people hastily moving towards their respected destination with a attitude that showed that they are looking forward to what the day had in store for them
In one of the corporate buildings, There was Caroline sitting in her cubicle, blankly looking at her Computer screen and tapping her keyboard lifelessly with her delicate hands which had pink nail polish on it, which she had painted yesterday feeling bored, still doing her work, she looked at her watch and sighed “Till 15 more minutes to go”
After fifteen minutes she switched off her computer and looked at the vague reflection of herself in the computer’s monitor and thought in her mind “I should get my hair done”, Caroline is a beautiful girl in her Late twenties, she had a gorgeous body and She looked just perfect with her thick Golden blonde hair which cascade down her shoulders till her breasts and it was wavy in a perfect way, seeing her getting ready to leave, Caroline’s colleague and best friend Emma came with a smile on her face and said “Going home early today ?”.
Caroline replied “Yeah, Just feeling little tired”
Emma responded “Caroline, sometimes you to have lay off all the work and spend time for yourself and relax”
Caroline replied” Hmm, I was thinking the same thing till now, just couldn’t find the time for it”
Emma smirked and said “Then want are you still waiting for, get going and relax while still got time now”
While she was saying this, Caroline noticed Emma’s Platinum blonde hair which reached till shoulders and said “Hey Emma, Did you get a Haircut”
Emma replied “Yup, just got some layers, You should do something with your hair too”
Caroline replied while caressing her blonde hair and Said “Yeah, I have been thinking about getting a trim on my way Home”
Emma said “Yeah, you can always do that or try something different for a once in a while, You might even find it fun”
Caroline thought it about said “something different huh ? ,Maybe, I’ll do it, if I’m feeling up to it”
Caroline got up from her cubicle, after saying her goodbyes to Emma, she got to the Parking lot and got in her car, she took her phone from the handbag and started calling a number saved “salon” and a sweet voice answered the phone “This is luxury Hair salon, How can I help you ?”
Caroline replied “Yeah, I’m Caroline, I was hoping to get a appointment for a trim today”
She responded by saying “I’m really sorry to say this, But we are currently fully booked today, Maybe I can arrange a appointment for tomorrow, Is that Ok with you”
Caroline thought about her Work and ended the call saying “Never mind”
She started driving and after driving for 10 minutes, a mall came into her view and she thought in her mind “Might as well do some shopping while I’m free “and Parked her car And bought some Clothes and cosmetics and she roamed around the mall looking for anything interesting that she could buy and she saw a pair of large gold hooped earrings Placed for sale and thought “Those looks like the ones mom used wear when she was young” She remembered seeing her Mom’s old photos and thought she looked beautiful when she was young. She bought the pair of earrings and excitedly looked into the mirror placed in the shop and started removing her previous earrings and replaced it with the gold hooped earrings and she moved her head left and right observing her new earrings dangling around and smilingly looking in the mirror, she thought “I guess, It suits me too” and she started changing her clothes to the ones she bought, Now she wore a floral blouse and white skirt which reached till her knee.
After finished shopping she sat in a coffee shop near the Mall, The coffee shop which had tables both inside and outside the shop, there were some customers sitting inside the shop, But Caroline chose to sit in the table outside, she thought It was pleasant with fresh air.
She ordered a cup of coffee and started drinking it while gazing across the road observing people and vehicles move and she inspected every shops as to whether she could find any shop useful for her, While she was gazing across the road, she caught pole in her sight, The pole was bright with red and white lines on it, and she looked at the board nearby the pole that read “Kathy’s Barbershop” Caroline observed the shop and looked at her own Golden locks and thought “Maybe, I can get my hair trimmed there but it says “Barbershop “” and so she hesitated because it stated “Barbershop” and started drinking her coffee, After finishing her coffee she put her cup down, and took a glance at the shop once again and was surprised to see a mother of late-thirties holding her daughter’s hand and entering the shop. She thought “Looks like they do women’s hair too huh” and she remembered about her tight schedule and looked at the shop and said “might as well give it try, it’s just a trim anyway” She got up and paid her bill and crossed the road.
Now Standing before the shop she pushed the door open and a bell rang indicating her arrival in the shop, A women of early forties greeted her with smile and said “Just two ahead of you dear” She observed the mother who was sitting in the waiting chair and her daughter was already sitting the barber chair . Caroline made her way to waiting chair and picked up a magazine to read, and looked up and observed the shop, It looked like a traditional barbershop with Brown leather Barber chair and Large mirrors front and back and some tools lying on the shelf like Clippers, a pair of scissors, and there was can of shaving cream and brush
While she was pretending to read the Magazine she heard the barber ask the mother sitting aside her “So Mary, What are we doing with Little Amy here”
Her mother responded by saying “Just give her something shorter Miss.Kathy, It’s Summer after all, it’s gonna be hard to deal with long hair”
After hearing her Caroline realized “Oh it’s already Summer huh, That’s why I’m always feeling tired”
While she was still thinking, Caroline looked at chair the girl sitting in the chair, The girl was beautiful with her blonde hair in a high ponytail
Kathy placed her hands on the shoulders of the girl and said ” I guess all this hair will be coming off today” hearing her Amy gave a Sheepish grin
Kathy threw a cape across Amy’s neck and placed it tight around her neck and pumped up the chair and then she started removing her tail and started combing her blonde hair straight and after that
Kathy said “Say Mary, What do you think about a Crewcut for Amy”
Mary said smiling “I guess it would suit her right, What do think Honey do you want a Haircut like your friend Emily, She got her haircut from Miss.Kathy too”
Amy hesitated for while and asked in “Mom, it’s too short, would it really suit me”
Kathy replied with a smile “Of course Honey with features like yours, You would look gorgeous with it”
without waiting for a answer from Amy, Kathy just unhooked the clippers and placed No.2 Guard and Flicked it on with a “SNAP”
Caroline was still reading the Magazine and hearing their conversations she started Wondering “What is this crewcut that they are talking”
She didn’t Known that all her Questions will be answered in the Next moment itself
Suddenly she heard a Buzzing sound fill the room and she looked up to find the source of the sound
See saw Kathy holding a white machine in her hand and placed it in the forehead of the girl’s head and started pulling it back till her nape, Which left path of short bristles of blonde hair on the girls head, Caroline was shocked beyond words seeing all the lovely blonde hair fall on the floor. After that she looked intently towards the chair, Kathy started running her clippers again from the right side of girl’s head and left too without leaving any portion she ran her clippers sending all locks of blonde hair down the floor while the girl in the chair had already closed her eyes tightly. After Kathy made sure that every length of hair is even by running her clippers over the already shorn head of bristles once again.
Seeing the girl’s haircut Caroline thought in her mind “So, this is crewcut huh, but it’s too short for a girls haircut though” While see was thinking
Kathy removed the Cape off of Amy. After her hands were freed she moved her both hands to top her head rubbed it while looking in the mirror. She said “I guess it isn’t Bad” Hearing her reply Kathy smiled wide and said “Don’t worry honey, You will get used to it”
Amy smiled still looking in the mirror
Seeing her smile Caroline thought “Looks like she likes cut too is she crazy” after seeing it clearly, she thought “I guess she does look kinda cute, Wonder if it’ll suit me”
and after thought came “Yeah right, Why would I even get something like that” interrupting her thoughts
Kathy said “Ok Mary, come on it’s your turn”
Mary replied “Oh I will be coming tomorrow for my cut, I have take Amy to her grandparents house now, so you tomorrow Miss.Kathy”
Kathy said “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then”
After they left Kathy standing behind the chair and looked at the Caroline Who was still reading the magazine said
“It’s your turn young lady”
Caroline came to realize that she was the only one left in the shop, She put the magazine down and made her way to Barber chair clumsily and sat herself in leather barber chair. after sitting in chair
Kathy pulled all her Thick golden blonde hair back and said “My my, That’s a nice pair of earrings you hiding in all that hair”
Caroline replied with a smile
Kathy said while caressing Caroline’s hair “So, what are we doing today, with all this lovely locks”
Caroline remembered what Emma said and after seeing the girl leave happy with haircut like that she couldn’t think of anything and she heard Emma’s voice in her head saying “Something different”
with that Caroline just said
“I was thinking of get something different”
Kathy said excitedly “Oh, I have just the Haircut for you, it’ll look wonderful with your earrings and with summer coming it’ll be Just perfect for you”
hearing Kathy excited suggestions Caroline didn’t know what to say and without thinking she said “I guess, we’ll go with that then”
Kathy said smiling “Its settled then, Something different for summer that looks good with your earrings, But it exactly isn’t a haircut huh.. but it’s all the same”
Caroline thought “what did she mean by it exactly isn’t a haircut” while she was wondering
Kathy threw a cape across her neck placed it tightly around her, to her surprise a Buzzing sound filled the room once again which she had heard just moments before and she noticed Kathy in the mirror with a white machine in her hand, which she had used on the girl before
Looking at Caroline all nervous Kathy smiled and said “Oh, It’s nothing dear, It’s easier this way than scissors”
Kathy said while turning off the clippers “We don’t need this for you now, do we ?” and removed the No.2 guard she used on the girl and left the clippers guard less
While the clippers were off Caroline thought “I guess she wasn’t really going to use it on me huh” But She felt a slight disappointment in her heart. right at this moment she heard buzzing sound once again
Without saying anything, Kathy placed her left hand on Caroline’s head and pushed it the forward. While she sat staring at her own feet and at next moment Caroline felt the cold steel on her nape vibrating.
Kathy pushed the clippers up her nape just stopping before the middle of neck the clippers left only stubble of hair behind and she started moving her clippers her nape clearing of all hair, A huge mound of Golden blond hair hit floor. Caroline felt a chill on the backside of her head but she just started enjoying the sensation of the clippers against her scalp and closed her eyes . After Kathy completed the nape portion she moved on to right side of her head and pushed the clippers on her side burns and cleared of long hair and Kathy placed the clippers in the middle of her forehead pulled the clippers back sending a chunk of Golden blonde hair falling on Caroline’s lap. Caroline felt something fall on her lap and opened her eyes to find out what it was.
She was shocked at the amount of hair lying on her lap and tried to look up towards the mirror but it was futile. Because her head was being held down by Kathy’s hand firmly, and she started seeing more and more blonde locks sliding down her shoulders and gathered on her lap and some were lying limply down the floor. Seeing more hair come off
Caroline panicked “Oh my god! ,How much of my hair is she cutting”
While she was panicking Kathy finished shearing all blonde locks to stubble and turned the clippers off. and removed the cape and shook it let hair fall down
Caroline thought “Finally, it’s over ”
Freed from Kathy’s hand and cape, she slowly raised her head to look at the end results of her haircut, Shock hit her when she looked at reflection
She watched with disbelief at the reflection, the reflection showed a girl sitting in the chair without a single strand of hair on her head, Caroline knew that she was the one sitting in the chair but refused believe that it was her reflection. but she soon finally accepted the realty that it was her reflection but all her lovely blonde hair were gone now. She tried to get up look at her reflection but she was once again held down by Kathy.
Kathy said “Not so fast young lady, we are not done with you yet”
Caroline thought “What else is there to cut” but didn’t say it out loud
Kathy placed a towel on her shoulders, Caroline watched Kathy pick up the Shaving can and shook it pressed it and white substance came out on her hand
Kathy spread it across on Caroline’s head without leaving single place
Caroline just watched with disbelief at what was happening and began to think just a few minutes ago she had crown full of beautiful blonde hair but now she was sitting in a Barbershop having her head shaved Bald.
Kathy placed her fingers on Caroline’s forehead and pushed it backwards making her look up and then Kathy placed the straight razor on her forehead started clearing of any stubble left and she did the same every portion of her head and wiped the excess shaving cream with a towel. she pulled the towel placed on her shoulders and
Kathy announced “There you go Young lady, Don’t you look Absolutely gorgeous with Bald head, It makes your Features and earrings stand out, and Now you can’t hide your earrings, now can you ?”
Hearing all her remarks Caroline smiled wryly at her reflection there was only skin on her head.
But she stared at her reflection and thought in her head “But it does make my features and Earrings stand” she moved her hands to her head to feel what it was like, it was very smooth without any hair or stubble on it
Seeing her caress her Bald head Kathy said “Doesn’t that feel good, Moreover you’ll feel fresh every morning without any stress and you’ll have more time for yourself than maintaining your hair and it’s the best haircut for summer”
Caroline moved her head left and right looking at her reflection and her cue ball head while the earrings dangle she came to realize somehow she liked it and thought next problem how is he going to office with a bald head and sighed “Maybe I’ll have buy a wig on the way home” saying that she smiled widely looking at her reflection, and got up from the chair and take her handbag took out purse and opened to pay for her haircut, she paid with generous tip and while she opening the door to leave
Kathy said “Come again for a trim”
Caroline replied with a smile opened the door walking out, While she was walking to her car she would always check her reflection on every window she come across and she realized that now she attracted a lot of gazes while walking and she giggled at their response.
Caroline looked at mirror in car while rubbing her Bald head and thought “It really was an adventurous day Today, I wonder what did Miss.Kathy meat by a trim”
While she was thinking that, her phone rang and it stated “Emma”
The End

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