Something Different

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By Buzz Cut Brandon

It was June, Jerry had just finished school, and he was walking home with his 3 friends, Carter, Steve, and Jack. They were on their way home when they passed a barbershop. Jack said “Let’s get haircuts!”

They looked at him like he was crazy, but followed him in. It was pretty full, but enough seats for all of them. Jerry, who hadn’t been in a barbershop in years, was confused by the strong smell of hair gel and cologne.

They waited for at least half an hour, when a man walked over to Jerry. Jerry’s hair was about 2 feet long, and it was platinum blonde, impossible to not notice. He came over and asked him if he was hear for a haircut, but told him that Jack was, not him. The barber was disappointed, and told him that he looked like a girl.

It was Jack’s turn, he went up there not knowing what he was going to get. He asked the man, and he pointed to a picture on the wall, Jack agreed, but no one else knew what was coming. He did the sides with no guard.

That wasn’t a big deal for Jack because he only had about 3 inches on top, and a little on the sides. Then he stopped, changed the guard to a #1, and went down the middle of his hair. They all gasped; but Jack smiled through the whole thing.

After he was done, he went to pay the man, but he said, “Short buzz cuts are free of charge.” They had walked out of the shop, and then started walking home. Jack was ecstatic. Jack’s girlfriend saw him and broke up with him, because of his haircut. But, he didn’t care. His hair made him feel like a millionaire.

It was the next day, the first day of summer. Jack rang Jerry’s doorbell, and Jerry’s dad answered. “Hello Mr. Paschul!” Jack said. “Oh my god!” Said his dad. He than told Jerry that he wants him to look like this. Jerry and Jack waited outside for the rest of them to come.

“What are we gonna do today?” Was everyone’s question. Carter said, “I think I want to get a buzz cut today.” And Steve agreed. They walked to the barbershop and went in. It was deserted, only one customer. So, Steve and Carter sat down, and They said that they wanted what Jack had.

Jerry watched both of them have the clippers run down their hair. After they finished, they looked great. The guys went out for lunch at Arby’s and then went to Jerry’s. His dad saw them and was mad at Jerry that he didn’t get one.

Carter went inside to get a drink, when Jerry’s dad came out and said “I want his hair gone” and they came up with a plan to get him to buzz his hair. They were outside and were talking about hairstyles that Jerry could get that would be good for his busy life. He plays soccer, lacrosse, baseball, and he swims. His hair gets in the way a lot so they tried to find a good haircut. He usually just put his hair into a man bun, but that hurts his hair.

They went on a walk to the barbershop where everybody got their heads buzzed. He walked in and said “I want it shorter, but NOT what they have.” He got his sides shaved to a #2, and his top trimmed down to about 22 inches, only 2 inches shorter.

He went home and his dad wasn’t happy that he only got the sides cut. Later that night, he was in his room, when he heard a knock on his window, it was Carter, Jack, & Steve. They had a box with them. They took him to the bathroom where his dad had a chair and a Cape setup. He started panicking. And tried to run but his dad held him down. Mr. Paschul put a cape over his shirt. And started buzzing his head with a number 2 guard.

He looked like shmuel, and he hated it. He started crying and ran out of the room. His friends went in to comfort him, but he already had a plan.

He and his friends were surprised that he came outside, he had a hat on so no one saw his hair. They were at Walmart and when they weren’t looking he ran into the hair section and bought 6 boxes of purple hair dye. They somehow didn’t notice. They went to his house, and, he convinced them to sleepover. While they were sleeping he dyed all of their hair purple, even his dad’s.

His dad is the CEO of a very big company, so when he woke up to go to work, he was mad. He couldn’t go to work with purple hair, so, he had to Buzz it off. But the only guard that didn’t show it was a #0, so he had to shave his whole head. The boys thought their purple buzz cuts looked cool, but their parents didn’t. But they understood Jerry’s frustration and weren’t mad at him.

* * * * *

It was August 29th, and school was starting today, his hair was about 1 inch long on top, and very short on the sides. He had dyed his hair rainbow in July, which was his way of coming out gay. His dad was not mad, he was just happy that he had found his way. (And that his hair was not 2 feet long) All of his friends supported him, and he finally felt home.

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