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Twyla and her mother walked into town for a little girl’s day out. The sun shined down on them brightly and Twyla found herself getting pretty hot. Her shoulder length’s blonde hair wasn’t doing her any favors but she went on like nothing was wrong. Her mom and her went to farmers’ market, garage sailing, and clothes shopping before the girl told her parent of the uncomfortableness she was having.

”Oh dear”,her mother sighed, feeling like such a fool,”I knew I should’ve made you a hair appointment for a summer haircut. Well, I guess a trimmings in order. Come”

Mother and daughter walked briskly down Main Street in search of a salon or likewise hairdresser’s shop. There was a rotating pole across the street and seeing it made the mother usher her daughter through it’s doors.

Inside, the place looked like a barbershop but that didn’t faze the duo, Twyla did have her hair cut in such a place before. A woman came out of the back to greet the new customers. She was an angular, elderly, black women with slightly grey hair. She wore a black and white striped dress with a utility belt splitting the dress in half. She had on a ring and a bracelet that was very colorful. Her glasses were connected by a string that wrapped behind her neck.

Her experienced eyes looked down at the child and she smiled,”Well how do you do”

”Uh… good”,Twyla could only say.

”I’m sorry to bother you”,the mother of the child apologized,”But my daughter here needs a summer haircut and I…”

At that, the lady barber started to smile and laugh,”Oh you ain’t bothering me hun. I can take your daughter today. Why just come on back”

Welcomed with open arms, mother and daughter made their way to the lone barber chair the barber lady had positioned herself behind. Twyla mounted the chair and got comfy as the hairdresser gathered up her long, blonde hair and clamped it to the top of her head. The old coot opened up a cupboard and retrieved from it a black, vinyl cape. Mother watched as her daughter was swaddled in the fabric sheet and heard the faint snaps of its buttons. With the cape firmly secured, the elderly barber released the blonde tresses, combed through it, and asked mum,”What’ll we be doing today”

”A summer haircut”,the mother repeated and then explained,”Something short and above the collar”

”So any short summer haircut?”the barber asked.

”Anything that you think would look good on her”,the mother added to her request,”It just has to be short and keeps her head cool”

”I see”,the lady put a finger up to her bottom lip in thought,”I may have something in mind”

Entrusting her daughter into the barber lady’s hands, the mother excused herself to run some errands. This was no surprise to Twyla, her mum sometimes left her with the barber to have her hair cut while she shopped for toiletries.

“Alrighty”, the barber lady started to separate the girl’s crown from her sides,”Let’s get you sectioned off, huh”

With borders defined, the woman grabbed from off its hook the clippers. They were long and reddish in color, its handler didn’t apply a guard to its blade. Twyla just sat contented, this wouldn’t be the first time she got an undercut.

”Oh, I do believe I haven’t introduced myself”,the older lady said,”I’m Rhonda”

”I’m Twyla”,the girl squeaked a response.

”That’s a nice name”,Rhonda smiled at the girl in the reflection of the mirror. Her thumb flicked on the clippers and she laughed,”Bend your head down, please”

Twyla obliged with the request, letting Rhonda clip up her nape and clear off the backside of her head. What was left was microscopic and very fine. Rhonda did what she did to the back to the sides of Twyla’s head, reducing the hair to nothing but super short stubble. When the clippers died, the blonde hair became very evident on the backdrop of the black cape.

Rhonda put the clippers back on their hook and unpinned the top hair of Twyla’s head. She took a comb and scissors and cut the remaining hair short, really short. After that, she dusted off the girl and took her bark to the only shampoo bowl. Washing her hair thoroughly, Rhonda put the girl’s hair up in a towel and walked her back to the chair. She leaned Twyla’s head back slightly. Taking her comb and a roller, Rhonda started to roll the girl’s short hair into the small rollers. With each small section rolled in, Rhonda started to spritz in an elixir into Twyla’s hair. Passing ten minutes, the barber lady took out the rollers which left the short, blonde hair very curly. With all the rollers out, Twyla’s hair looked very big and fluffy on top of her small head. To expand the curl, Rhonda attached a funnel atop her hairdryer and blow-dried the girl’s hair until it could fluff out no more. With what she couldn’t get with the dryer, Rhonda used a comb to tease the hair. And finally, she was done.

“So what are we thinking?”Rhonda asked Twyla.

”Well…”the girl trailed off, feeling her short, fluffy, blonde hair on top of her head,”It is short”

”Of course”,Rhonda started to unbutton the cape,”Just like your mum requested”

Twyla felt the short stubble on the back of her head, it was a prickly field and its shortness beguiled her. She looked around the chair, so much hair lay limply on the floor. The girl got down from the chair as Rhonda started to sweep away the shorn hair.

Rhonda kept the girl until Twyla’s mother came back to collect her and when she did, the woman was very surprised to see her daughter with such short, poofy hair.


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