Sophie Chooses

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I first saw Sophie at my best friend John’s house party.  I wasn’t looking for a new girlfriend, but, she was just the most beautiful girl I had seen.  She was very tall and had a body to die for, but the thing that I really loved was her long brown hair.  It was very wavy and had natural highlights.

I wasn’t going to even talk to her, but Johns wife Mallory had decided to play the matchmaker.  It started out with me bringing her a drink and before I knew it we had been talking for 4 hours.  By the time the night was over we had exchanged numbers and made plans to see each other again.

Sophie and I started seeing each other on a regular basis, and I was happy that things were moving forward without any major hiccups.  That was until she had a girls night out with my best friends wife.  Mallory told Sophie that I attended barber school before I started working with her husband, but had to quit because I broke my hand and couldn’t finish.  She also told her all about my last 3 girlfriends, and how everyone of them ended up with really short hair when they were dating me.

The following weekend Sophie and I were out for dinner when she first started “Nate, do you think I should cut my hair?”  I knew immediately that Mallory had told her about my other girlfriends…”No way Sophie, I love your beautiful hair.”  It was like that was the only thing Sophie wanted to talk about all of a sudden.  The night ended way shorter then it was supposed to with me spending the night in my own bed, rather than her place.

The next day I ran into John and Mallory at the grocery store and I asked her why she had to bring up my old girlfriends to her. Mallory laughed and said “For years Sophie has told me she was going to chop off her hair but never did, and I know how you like your girlfriends to look.”  I insisted that I wanted Sophie to keep her hair long, but neither John, or Mallory would believe me.  As they started to walk away Mallory told me…”It’s time for me to have the sexiest hair in our group.”

That afternoon Sophie and I had planned a picnic in the park.  We finished our food and were laying on our blanket, just watching some ducks swimming in the pond.  Then Sophie points out a girl not far away, her hair just touches her shoulders…”Would I look good with my hair that short?”  I tried to defuse her “Sophie, you will look beautiful with any haircut, but it’s so wonderful now, why would you want to cut it?”  It seemed from then on Sophie would point out all the short haired girls we saw.  It was always “Nate, do you want me to cut my hair like hers?”

A month later, we were back where it all started, John and Mallory were having another party.  We were hardly there an hour when Mallory starts talking with me “So, have you decided how short you’re going to cut Sophie’s hair yet?”  No matter what I told them, they didn’t believe I wanted Sophie to keep her long locks.  “Come on Nate, everyone knows she’s going to end up cutting it off if she stays with you.”  By then Sophie had come back from fixing her make-up…”I keep asking him which short cuts he likes, but he won’t cut mine.”  Needless to say I was not in the best of moods for the rest of the party.

Global warming or not, it was only the beginning of June and we were having daily temperatures in the 90’s (32c).  I could tell Sophie was somewhat miserable under the blanket of thick hair she had.  It was 8:00 Saturday morning, and the heat was already overwhelming our a/c unit.  I saw her go in the hall closet, and was surprised when she came in the kitchen with my haircutting kit.  “Nate, can you please cut my hair?”

I honestly didn’t want her to cut it, but I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable either.  I had her wash it first, then it seemed like an hour to comb thru it all.  When I asked her how she wanted it, she just told me “As short as you want it babe”.  I was hesitant as I started to slowly chop off her hair.  First just taking a couple inches off the bottom, before deciding to take it to just below her shoulders.  I thought she would like that I left a good amount of length, and I was happy because her wavy hair became a bit more curly when it was shorter.

I started to put away my stuff as she walked to check it out in the bathroom mirror.  I expected her to tell me it was perfect, but instead she wanted more.  “Nate, it’s still to long.  It needs to be shorter.”  All I could do was sigh.  I really didn’t want her to have short hair, especially because I know that it was Mallory putting the idea in her head in the first place.

Sophie walked right back to the stool, waiting for me to cut off more “Nate, you can cut it as short as you want”  I combed thru her hair again, still telling her that I thought it looked good like this, but she kept insisting…”It’s just to hot for long hair”.  I again cursed at Mallory as I began to snip away at the back of Sophie’s hair.

I tried to leave at least some length, deciding to cut it even across even with her lip, with a tiny bit of an undercut at the base of her neck.  Sophie seemed to really enjoy the transition to shorter hair, and couldn’t wait to run to the mirror once I put the clippers down.

As much as I hated taking Sophie’s hair so short I actually thought she looked quite sexy with her little bob cut.  As she walked back in the kitchen I could tell she still wasn’t satisfied. “Nate, Mallory showed me how beautiful your last girlfriend was.  Why won’t you cut mine like hers was?”

I shook my head, knowing that Mallory was going to get her way.  Sophie looked me straight in my face and then said the words that would deal her fate “You can cut it however you want.”  I picked up my clipper, this time deciding that if she wanted it short, then that’s what I would do.

I started with a larger guide, taking off the bulk of the back and sides.  My last girlfriend had a short pixie-cut, but since I really never wanted to cut off her hair in the first place and her giving me the okay to do so, this was going something shorter.

My training as a barber was definitely useful as I clippered the sides tighter and tighter.  Rather than a standard fade cut I tried to make it at least feminine, taking her to the skin around her ears, but leaving the rest of the fade longer.  I finished the cut by using a razor to give her a hard-part.

Sophie squealed with joy as she saw her new look in the mirror.  Running back into the kitchen she threw her arms around me “Nate, this is incredible.  I look so hot.”  Needless to say that night was one of the best of my life as Sophie was unstoppable all night long.

While I knew Mallory might have thought she would have the best hair once Sophie cut hers short.  That was never going to happen because Sophie was even more beautiful now than she was before, and I would make sure she stayed that way.


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