Sophie Ditches Her Bob

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Today, on her eighteenth birthday – and coincidentally the first day of summer vacation – would be the day for her hairstyle to finally change, Sophie decided.

For the last five years Sophie had always kept her strawberry blonde hair in a neat, center-parted straight bob without bangs.
It reached to her jaw at the front and tapered slightly towards the back of her head. It ended exactly at the height of her hairline at the back of her neck. This style suited her well with her flawless light skin, her petite figure, and her forest green eyes.

Good thing her parents were not at home that day, so she had the whole house to herself. She had spent forever in the shower in the morning making sure she scraped every single hair on her body, only leaving her eyebrows and the hair on her head.
When she got out of the steaming shower, she toweled herself off and let her hair dry by itself. Without putting on underwear, she changed into a thin summer dress with a floral pattern to cover her smooth body.

Time flew by, as Sophie spent most of the day lazing around. On her special day, she didn’t need to be stressed, she thought. When the evening finally came, she rose from her lethargy and felt awake and ready.

“I’d better get on with it or I’ll keep my guest waiting,” she thought with a smile of anticipation.

Once the sun went down, she would throw a party for all her friends to celebrate their birthdays and the end of highschool for most of them. And the drastic change in her hairstyle would be the icing on her birthday cake.

She entered the bathroom and turned on the light. It reflected off the large mirror behind the sink and filled the room with its summerly glow. Her silky hair fell perfectly, as always, and Sophie admired its lustrous shine. Standing in front of the sink, her hands darted towards the cordless clippers she had previously placed there.
She hadn’t attached a guard to it – she wouldn’t need one. Sophie knew that despite her determination, if she hesitated now, she would chicken out of her plan. So she flicked the battery-powered machine on and placed it right at the parting of her hair, in the middle of her forehead.

She closed her eyes and paused for a moment. All her senses were sharpened. She could feel the terracotta tiles under her bare feet, she could smell her shampoo, she could hear the hungry hum of the clippers.

Without her conscious effort, her hand began to slide backwards over her head. The whirr of the blades seemed to turn into a defeaning roar as they plowed through the middle of her hair. As the clippers passed over her crown along the top of her head, Sophie could feel the heat of the metal shears. Their vibrations sent down her spine and made her legs feel like jelly.

Once she had gone over her head, the grandiose feeling suddenly stopped. Sophie abruptly opened her eyes – just in time to see strands of hair sliding down to the left and right of her head. She could feel them landing on her feet.
A narrow strip of stubble stretched straight from her forhead to the back of her crown. The slight tickling from her falling locks was the last thought she ever wasted on her discarded locks.

With her eyes wide open she stared at herself for what felt like an eternity. One heartbeat later, however, her blank expression gave way to a huge smile. Sophie felt a mad joy, stronger than anything she had ever experienced in her life.

Even on closer examination the stubble on her head was hardly visible. She had sheared off her light hair so close to the scalp, she could hardly believe it. Sophie could barely manage to raise her free hand to stroke the bare strip. It seemed to weigh as much as if it were made of lead. When her fingertips finally reached it, a feeling like touching sandpaper sent an even greater shiver down her back. The feeling was so overwhelming that her legs almost gave way.

As she pressed her pelvis against the sink and tried to keep her balance, she realized just how incredibly wet she was.
She managed to regain her balance and forced herself to stop touching the stubble. Instead, she stood on tiptoe and began to grind her crotch against the corner of the sink while readying the still running clippers.

First she decided that it was time to rid the right side of her head of remaining hair. She placed the blades next to where she had started. This time she kept her eyes open and focused on the movement of the clippers as she slowly pulled them back.
She continued in this manner and quickly made short work of most of the hair on this side.
She especially enjoyed shaving the wispy hair around her ear. Starting in front of it, she first shaved away her sideburn and then guided the clippers in a semicircle around her rosy ears. She was sure her dress was soaked completely by now.

However, that didn’t stop her from rocking against the cool ceramic of the sink.

The right side of her head was now completely bare. She had to fight against the urge to touch the stubble again.
Sophie quite liked the look of her hair in its current state – a kind of extreme side-shaven style. Maybe she would consider this hairstyle for the future, but at the moment she could hardly imagine ever letting her hair grow out again.

The longer she continued, the more difficult it was to contain her joy. Sophie knew she had to finish her haircut quickly before she would be overwhelmed by how good it all felt.
She placed the clippers on the left side of her head and let it loose on the rest of her hair. Both manically and methodically, she worked her way from the crown to the side while. Cascades of reddish-blonde tresses tumbled down onto her shoulder.

When the last wisps of hair had disappeared from her head, Sophie stopped rubbing herself on the sink. She slowly shifted her weight back to the balls of her feet and switched off the clippers. The whirring stopped immediately and her panting breath became the only sound she could hear.

She put the clippers down and slowly turned her head in front of the mirror to inspect her work. Her whole head was covered only by an almost invisible peach fuzz. Sophie felt so agitated and excited that she almost felt as if she would faint. With one hand she felt her bristly scalp and with the other the wetness under her dress. At this point she desperately longed for some relief.
But she knew better – as much as she wanted to finish herself off right then and there, she still had work to do.

Sophie gathered her last willpower and rushed to the shower to get her razor. Her shuffling feet spread the locks on the floor all over the bathroom, but she didn’t care. As soon as she had the razor, she rinsed it in the sink and tried to handle her father’s can of shaving foam at the same time. She managed to put a considerable amount of foam on her crown, which she tried to spread as evenly as possible. However, she was far too excited to put too much effort into it.

She placed the razor in the same place where she had placed the clippers only minutes before. Then, with a steady, routine movement, she scraped the foam off along with the last remainder of her hair. Like in a trance, Sophie freed her entire head from shaving foam and stubble. She then paused briefly, lathered up her scalp a second time and repeated the shaving. She wanted to feel completely smooth.

Without even rinsing off the foam, she took off her dress and let it slide into the pile of hair on the floor. She ran to the shower, turned on the water and immediately climaxed when she touched her hairless scalp. Without a doubt this was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Her knees felt so weak that she had to sink to the floor and sit there for quite a while.
The feeling of water splashing on her bald scalp and running down her head was just so bizarre, so intense. For a brief moment, she actually thought she had lost consciousness.

After what felt like hours, she turned off the water, stepped out of the shower and dripped all over the floor. As she walked past the mirror, she took one last look at her reflection. In just a few hours, she would welcome her guests.

Sophie had never been happier in her life.

Author’s Note: Thanks for reading my story! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it.

– rightdownthemiddle

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