Sophie’s Punishment Cut At The Barbershop

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“I’m sorry,” cried Sophie. “I won’t do it again.”


“Your damned right about that,” Tim shouted angrily pacing the bedroom. “Bend over that chair in the corner right now!”


Sophie whimpered but did as she was told. There was nothing else that she could do besides take whatever Tim dished out. She had made a huge mistake and he was now in control of her fate.


Minutes earlier, Tim had come home from work sooner than usual and had heard some unusual noises coming from upstairs upon entering the house. As he climbed the stairs, he distinctly heard Sophie cry out loudly in ecstacy, and hurried down the hallway toward the bedroom.


He threw open the bedroom door to find his wife Sophie in bed with Brian who was their new neighbor from down the street.  Brian was plowing Sophie from behind as she was crying out in shear pleasure.  Their neighbor was recently divorced and had just moved in weeks before.


Tim was furious, shouting obscenities and grabbing Brian by the back of the neck. After punching Brian hard in the face, Tim demanded that he vacate the house immediately before things grew worse. Brian quickly grabbed his clothes from the pile on the floor beside the bed and raced out of the room and through the front door as fast as his legs could carry him.


Sophie, her face flushed red with embarrassment, immediately climbed off the bed. Her long wavy blonde hair a mess and her large breasts swinging freely, Sophie pleaded to her husband that she was sorry for her indiscretion.


Other than an ultra-short black skirt that barely covered her butt cheeks, Sophie was naked. Tim recognized the short skirt as part of her naughty dress-up costume that she liked to tease with when they were role playing.


Now Sophie obeyed her husband, fearing what he was about to do. She spread her feet wide and bent over the front of the chair, grasping the armrests with her hands. Tim approached Sophie from behind ready to dish out his punishment. He lifted the back of Sophie’s skirt up out of the way, exposing her bare butt.  Then he spanked her good and hard five times.


“Owwwww,” Sophie yelped as Tim’s giant hand made contact, stinging her bare bottom. The loud smacks resonated throughout the small room, as Tim’s hand left behind a bright red mark on her pale skin. She trembled as Tim wound up again. Smack, smack, smack. Sophie flinched as his hand slapped her butt cheeks several more times leaving them searing in sharp pain. Her wobbly legs wanted to collapse as she felt his hand one more time for good measure and at last Tim was satisfied.


Tears were dripping out of Sophie’s eyes as she barely heard him ask if she had had enough.


“Yes Tim, I’m soooo soooo sorry,” she cried. “I promise that this will never happen again.”


“Stand up straight,” Tim demanded. “Go put on a top and some heels, we have to get going.”


“Where?” Sophie asked, grabbing a tissue and dabbing at her eyes.


“We are going out, I need you to put on a nice top and a pair of heels quickly,” Tim demanded again with more urgency. And I don’t have all night to wait for you.”


“Where exactly are we going? I need to put on a nicer skirt to go out in public,” Sophie stated. “This skirt is far too short and everybody will see my butt.”


“You should have thought of that earlier. Leave that skirt on and put these on now!” Tim angrily grabbed a pair of black 4″ pumps and a low-cut frilly pink blouse from the closet and tossed them toward his wife.


Sophie quickly donned the outfit and whimpered, “I can’t go out in public like this. I don’t have any panties on and my pussy is going to get cold. My hair is a mess and I look like a little girl ready for a dress up party.”


“Well that’s just too bad young lady, you screwed up and now you have to take the punishment. I want everybody to see your red bottom. Let’s go now.”


Tim grabbed his wife’s slender arm and pulled her out of the bedroom and down the hall. He made her march down the stairs and outside to his truck which was parked in the driveway.


Once inside the truck, they took off down the street toward town. Tim glanced toward his 26 year old wife sitting in the passenger seat, wearing her short skirt that showed off her bare legs. Just imagine what is going though her little mind right now, he thought.  Sophie used to be such a good girl. When did she become such a slut, he wondered. I will teach her a lesson that she won’t soon forget.


Sophie sat there trembling as they continued driving into town, trying to figure out where they were headed. It didn’t take long before they pulled into the parking lot of the local barbershop. There were four other cars already in the small lot.


“What are we doing here?” Sophie asked.


“You are about to find out young lady. Get out!”


Sophie climbed out of the truck hesitantly as Tim came up behind her.


“You will march your little butt right into the shop with me and you won’t make a scene,” Tim ordered. “I already called ahead and they can fit us in this evening. You are already treading on thin ice, don’t make it any worse for yourself.”


Sophie slowly turned and started toward the front door, her heels clicking on the pavement. The short skirt flicked up with every step, displaying the bottom edges of her reddened butt cheeks. Sophie’s gorgeous blonde hair spilled down her back in messy waves.


Tim followed her closely as they stepped through the door and into the shop. The overhead bell tinkled, alerting everybody in the shop to the presence of new patrons. All eyes turned toward Sophie and Tim as they entered.


Brad the Barber saw Tim and Sophie and nodded. “Take a seat and I will be with soon. I have one to finish and then have two others ahead of you,” he stated.


Sophie, face red again with embarrassment over her outfit and her presence in such a manly domain, quickly took the nearest seat in the waiting area. The others watched her flinch as her sore bare butt and pussy contacted the cool leather seat and laughed.  Sophie crossed her pale legs quickly trying to cover up her exposed private area from view of the men. Laughing at her humiliation, Tim took the seat next to her.


Sophie sat nervously, legs and hands shaking, watching and waiting for the male customers ahead of them be done, wondering what Tim had in store for her.


The masculine smells of the barbershop overtook her nostrils as she stared at the wall trying to pretend that she was somewhere else more pleasant.


The men in the shop took turns learing at her, trying to figure out what she was doing here in the shop.


Two gruff men soon came into the shop and sat down across from Tim and Sophie. Both stared long and hard at Sophie, sizing her up. Sophie nervously stared at the wall avoiding eye contact with either of them.


Pretty soon Brad came over and announced that he was ready.


“My wife Sophie needs a nice short haircut, she has gotten herself into a bit of trouble and is about to recieve her punishment,” Tim explained quickly as he stood up, pulling his wife to her feet.


“Well short haircuts is about all that I do here,” Brad laughed as he gave Sophie a quick once over and nodded his approval. “We do all types of short haircuts, though not too many females ever step foot in here.” Sophie trembled nervously as Brad spoke, her plight really sinking in.  There was no way out of this, she was going to get a haircut today whether she liked it or not.


“Sophie is long overdue for a good chop. All of this long blonde hair has to go now. I want her to be reminded of what she did for quite some time.”


“Let’s get started right away. The barber chair awaits you,” Brad told Sophie beckoning her forward.


Sophie glanced nervously toward the big chrome barber chair with the bright red cushions ahead. Tim gave her a nudge forward and reminded her not to cause any trouble or there would be further consequences. Sophie took a deep breath and slowly but surely walked over to the big chrome chair on wobbly legs. Each step caused her skirt to flip back and forth giving the men behind her a full view of her long pale legs and red behind.


Upon sitting down and wincing as her sore butt and exposed pussy contacted the cushion, Sophie crossed her long pale legs in front of her to maintain what little dignity she could through the rest of this ordeal.


Sophie managed a glance in the full-sized mirror mounted on the front wall. She saw the two men still learing at her from the waiting area, along with the prior customer ahead of Sophie who had decided to stick around after hearing about her punishment cut. Tim boldly sat down in an observation chair off to the side watching his wife seated in the big chair.


Sophie gripped the armrests tightly with nervous hands. The cool air from the fan overhead caused goosebumps to stand out on her pale arms and bare thighs as she awaited her fate. Her healthy long blonde hair flowed over the back of the chair, caught in the bright fluorescent lights from above.


Brad approached the chair and tied Sophie’s long hair into a quick ponytail. Next he wrapped a tissue paper around her slender neck, then placed a shiny black cape over her petite body and tied it snuggly over the tissue paper.  Sophie was still shaking nervously as Brad began pumping up the chair to a proper working height.


Brad was always happy to welcome new business and he was happy to have a female in his chair for a change. He felt lucky to have such a pretty young thing with such a long beautiful mane to work on.


“It will be a shame to cut off such healthy long hair. How short do you want her hair to be cut today?” Brad asked Tim. Sophie saw the men in the mirror craning their necks as they waited for an answer.


“Very short. Very short indeed. I want you to cut it so short that she will be humiliated for a long time. Remember this is a punishment, therefore I don’t want any other men to be attracted to her for a very long time.” Tim smiled with satisfaction as he said the words. He knew that Sophie would probably hate him for it but she needed to be taught not to mess around behind his back again.


“But….but….” Sophie sputtered from the chair.


“Silence,” Tim ordered. “You will sit still and not talk during your haircut. You may cry. Brad, go ahead and begin the haircut.”


Brad stepped over to the counter and selected his newly sharpened pair of large scissors. He came back to stand behind Sophie wielding the sharp instrument. He held up the ponytail with one hand and used the scissors to slice through the thick hair. Schiiiiiick.


The foot long ponytail was released as Sophie watched in horror in the mirror, heightening her anxiety. Sophie began to cry as Brad held the swinging tail out in front of her, teasingly.


“I will save it for you if you want to keep a souvenir,” Brad quipped as he placed the ponytail on the counter under the mirror. Sophie sobbed; she just wanted this ordeal to be over with as soon as possible.


Not missing a beat, Brad was back at the chair in jiffy with comb and pair of scissors. He stood there for a moment snip snipping the scissors open and shut in front of Sophie as if to further taunt his victim.  She stared wide-eyed as Brad combed up a long shiny blonde lock right at Sophie’s forehead, held the strand out with his fingers and slowly severed it about three inches from her scalp. After swinging the lock in front of her for a moment, it was dropped onto the cape below.


Sophie was petrified as she stared straight forward with wide eyes watching Brad carefully comb up another golden lock. A loud snip sent shivers down her body as the lock was released from her forehead forever. Sophie fought for control as tears began to flow again.


Brad continued on his ruthless mission without pause, snipping here and there, releasing torents of beautiful blonde hair. The scissors ate hungrily across Sophie’s tender scalp as the hair rained down onto her lap and the floor below.


The rhythmic combing and snipping continued as Sophie’s heart fluttered in her chest. The tears kept flowing as Sophie gripped the armrests tighter and shook nervously as Brad continued lopping off the long hair until magically it was all gone, relieved from it’s owner forever.


After the scissors fell silent, Sophie managed to nervously suck in a deep breath, staring back at her reflection. Her hair was alredy shorter than Tim’s. Little did she know that there was more to come.


Sophie reached out a pale shaking hand from under the cape to feel the shortened pieces of blonde hair that remained attached to her scalp as Brad set down his pair of scissors on the counter. Sophie slowly rubbed her fingers around her exposed ears and across her neckline, coming to grips for the first time that there was no longer any blonde hair framing her pretty face.


Sophie didn’t have much more time to explore as she heard Brad approaching again, this time wielding a pair of hair clippers without a guard and a small comb.


Sophie watched in the mirror as he began on the left side in front of her ear. He plunged the hungry clippers into the hair and began to create a fade using the comb as a guide. Brad worked feverishly as the clippers hummed away slowly peeling off more hair.


Sophie could feel the vibration on her scalp send shivers down her spine. The clickity clack of the blades against the comb continued tirelessly as Brad rotated around the chair shaving the hairline down to almost nothing and slowly working upward. The hair was removed entirely from around both ears. It was quite some time before the clippers were switched off and returned to the counter. Sophie finally felt some relief as she thought the worst was over. Brad might actually leave some hair on her head.


Sophie made the mistake of turning her head slightly making eye contact with the men in the waiting area. They were all absorbed in her haircut, obviously taking great pleasure in her plight. She averted her eyes again as Brad returned to her side.


Brad began misting the shortened locks on top, using a comb to maneuver the hair back and forth to ensure that it was thoroughly wet down. He created a parting on the left side of Sophie’s head, taking a moment to comb the hair properly into place.


Selecting a different pair of scissors from his pocket he began cutting the remaining hair on top even shorter. Hair was combed, snipped and then recombed only to be snipped again as the hair was shortened further.


I might not have any hair left at this rate, Sophie thought sadly as the snipping continued. Just when she thought he was done, Brad went back over every single strand again combing and snipping. He is hell bent on making me bald, she sniveled.


Brad finally stepped back to take a good look at Sophie as he ruffled the hair with his free hand to dislodge any stray pieces. He placed the scissors back in his shirt pocket and reached for a can of gel from the counter.  After squirting a fair amount into his palm, he rubbed both palms together and worked it into the short hair on Sophie’s head.


Brad maneuvered the comb once more, allowing the teeth to redefine a clean side part on the left and comb the remaining hair into place.  It was a great barbershop cut and looked very good on Sophie, he thought.  He had thoroughly enjoyed the work and secretly hoped that Sophie would be back again someday for another close cut.


“Is that short enough for you Tim?” Brad asked. “If it’s not, I can go shorter.”


Please no Sophie thought sadly. Sophie looked at her reflection in the mirror and began to cry again. Her mistake was really costing her. She had lost most of her hair and her pride and she could still feel her sore bottom from the spanking.


“That should do it,” Tim announced coming forward to rub the top of Sophie’s head, causing her to flinch some more. The haircut was masculine indeed, shorter than any haircut that he had ever recieved. Sophie’s hair was no longer than an inch and a half on the top and it gradually got shorter down the sides and back until it was shaved at the hairline.


“This looks very good indeed. Sophie will now be reminded of her big indiscretion every day when she looks in the mirror. I think Sophie will be keeping this style for a long time, as it appears to suit her well. As a matter of fact, I will bring Sophie here every two weeks to get it trimmed up when I get my hair done,” Tim continued as he glared down at Sophie.


“That’s a deal sir!” Brad’s face lit up as he ran this idea through his mental cash register. “I will look forward to it. I can always use another regular customer in my shop.”


Poor Sophie just sulked in the chair knowing that her future fate was sealed as Brad untied the cape and began to dust her off.

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  1. There’s something about a freshly spanked ass in the barber chair. For whatever reason, I’ve always liked to administer spankings right before haircuts. Maybe it’s the idea that she’s extra aware that her ass is in that special chair.

  2. I agree and feel that a spanking adds a very important aspect to the build-up of any forced female haircut. It keeps the victim on edge while they recieve the unwanted haircut. Whether the spanking is an actual punishment or just role-play, there is something very intimate about spanking. It wasn’t originally planned, but I soon liked the idea of Sophie being forced to wear her short skirt along with no panties for the duration in order to really humiliate her out in public. Thank you for commenting.

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