Sophie’s Scissors

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This is a story I first wrote and published in 2017, I’m going to add a few of my popular ones to this site.

Sophie’s fingers were tightly wrapped in her dark hair, pulling it against her scalp, as she finally climaxed. She’d found a head shaving video that she greatly enjoyed, a cute auburn haired girl kneelt nude on the floor as a man sheared her long locks. Her breasts were a similar to her own, fairly average size but firm and perky. She’d nearly gone off when he took her eyebrows, but what finally did it was skipping ahead to when he finished razor shaving her. The pink, raw flesh of her scalp sent her orgasm soaring.

Sophie hoped that getting off now would dull her urges later on. She was invited to a house party-come-sleepover of sorts at her friends new flat. Freshly out of Uni Amy had been the first of her circle of friends to get her own flat, a lovely 2 bedroom place near Warrington. The problem was the sleeping aspect. Sophie struggled at the best of times not to fetishize her own friends hair, weather it be Amy’s dyed bob, Rebecca’s oaky curls, Anna’s ginger waves or Claire’s cascade of golden blonde.

When the girls made an effort, say for a house party, it was even worse. They always looked beautiful, and she could never help but imagine cutting it off. It had been almost a year since they’d all slept in the same room – a party they had in the first week of their final year of study – but Sophie had spent much of the night awake, staring around the room at how the crack of moonlight reflected on Amy’s then-neon-blue hair, or how Claire’s draped over the cushion of the sofa she slept on. She had stroked it tentatively and allowed herself dangerous thoughts.

She shook her head, ‘don’t do anything stupid’ she thought firmly to herself. She closed her laptop and got off her bed, time to get ready. Sophie tied her hair up into a small bun and covered it with a shower cap, she’d washed it this morning, this was just spruce up. She set the shower warmer than her brother liked it and stepped in. The pounding water soon started to steam lightly around her. She rechecked her legs, still baby smooth – you never know. She washed herself in a frothy soap that smelled of apples and vanilla, taking care to give her underarms, the small crease under her each of her breasts, and her pert ass, extra attention.

Once she was dried off she picked out some puritan white underwear, boys liked her good girl looks so she played up to it, and a deep blue dress that cut just above her knee. She tipped her eyeliner with small wings to draw more attention to her clear-water iris’s, she’d always loved her eyes. Not long after, she was in her car and on her way.

When she arrived at Amy’s flat the party was already underway, boys she didn’t know chatted with girl’s she’d seen at Uni once or twice, maybe. She looked for Amy, found her in the kitchen re-filling empty bowls with fresh crisps. Even in the midst of party admin she was stunning, a vision in crimson, from her deep red bob to her velvety dress and pointed high heels. “Hey, I’ve not seen those before!” Sophie gestured to her shoes before Amy greeted her with a hug. “They’re not new, I just don’t wear them anywhere that I have to walk to,” Amy gave an exaggerated wink and giggled to herself “help me with these?” she offered a pair of snack filled bowls. Sophie took them as Amy filled her arms with bottles of cheap alcohol and walked with her to the lounge.

Sophie spotted Rebecca and Claire chatting near the TV, she unloaded the snack bowls on a coffee table next to a definitely already stoned couple. Rebecca had embraced her inner tree-spirit with a deep green dress adorned with delicate sequin patterns. It went well with her smoky eye makeup and thick brown curls, clearly styled but in a let-loose, wild sort of way. Claire was more of a Barbie, always had been, even had glitter on her cheeks tonight. Her white-blonde hair hung to her hip, infuriatingly straight and well behaved. Her violet dress seemed largely backless, but her hair hid much of her skin. They chatted and drank and chatted more, an hour passed before Sophie asked “Hey, where is Anna?”

Rebecca and Claire smiled knowingly at each other, after a moment Rebecca gestured to Claire that she could explain. “The bedroom,” Claire bobbed on her feet as if telling some precious secret, “with TWO guys!” she put a finger over her own lips to shush any reply. “You should have seen her Sophie,” chimed Rebecca “her new hair is insane, its white! But like, starlight white, fantasy white, its insane!”
“Oh and this dress!” Claire was fumbling to describe it. “It looked like her tits might well leap out of it and kill us all!”
Sophie’s eyes were wide as she tried to absorb this. Ann was a bit wild sure but this was another level. She’d dyed her hair? She had always kept her natural sun-kissed orange, maybe Amy had gotten to her, seems it had gone well though. “Sounds like she made a real effort then.” Was all she could think to say.
“Well it certainly worked,” said Claire “she had half the guys in the room trying to get her as soon as she walked in, she just picked two and went to the bedroom, this was,” she checked her phone for the time “Wow, over an hour ago.”
“I guess I should wear sluttier dresses and dye my hair silver then.” joked Sophie, the girls had a laugh about he whole scenario then moved on. Through the evening they all drank more than they their rational selves told them to, Claire wound up draped on a muscular bearded man. Sophie spotted Rebecca secretly (she thought) making out with a shorter blonde girl in the driveway, not the first time she’d seen such a thing, but they’d never spoken of it.

As the evening wound down around 2am Amy gently encouraged many of her guests to go the fuck home. She seemed a little exhausted by the end of her hosting duties, and groaned to see the mess. “You’re going to help me clean this up tomorrow, right?” she asked of Sophie, Rebecca and Claire.
“Of course,” replied Rebecca, “sleep first though…” she yawned as she stretched broadly.
“Right, erm,” Amy thought a moment “Well the guest room is available, I saw Anna sneak out with a guy around oneish, as if she can sneak anywhere with luminescent hair. One of you could take some floor space in there. Otherwise the sofa is free, or there is room on the floor in my room, and my bed is a double if someone wants to share.”
“Dibs on your bed!” Called Rebecca, already walking towards the room.
“Hang on it’s locked!” Amy called after her.
Claire locked eyes with Sophie, “Guest room?” she asked with a glitter cheeked smile.
“All yours” she relented. She looked at the sofa, covered in crumbs, ah well. A room with the girls would be better anyway. “I guess I’m on your floor then Amy,” said Sophie “I hope you have nice carpets.”

Sophie heard Claire crash onto the guest bed, obviously ready to sleep then. Amy smiled at her as she unlocked her bedroom for the other girls, they slid out of their dresses as they found space to sleep. Amy threw on a large shirt and discarded her bra from beneath it. Rebecca asked Amy “would you mind me sleeping topless?” which earned the snarky reply,
“sure, you barely have titties anyway.”
“At least mine are even!” she quipped back as she climbed into bed.

Sophie threw some spare blankets down with a pillow, it looked comfortable enough, and indeed it was. She ditched her bra and pulled a soft throw cover over herself. Time passed by. She could hear Rebecca and Amy breathe as they slept. Her underwear itched, she took that off as well and tried to settle again. She looked forward to seeing Anna properly in the morning, apparently her hair was quite incredible after all. Sophie wandered if it was as pristine as that Asian-American girl she’d seen get shaved on some video site. Oh man, she was thinking about it again.

She wandered, far from the first time, how Ann might look bald, with her large cleavage she may well look like a third tit, just with a face. Sophie stifled herself chuckling at the thought, but she was soon imagining pink raw skin over Ann’s head as her hair came away in cascading chunks. She could feel herself getting damp between her legs. Dammit, she needed to stop.
She could not.
Ok she needed to release a little then. She sat up and looked to the bed, the girls seemed fast asleep, no one would know if she snuck to the bathroom for a quick rub. She picked her phone out of her bag and crept towards the door of the room. Something shiny caught her eye on Amy’s desk.

It was a pair of nail scissors. No, she told herself even as she reached for them. Put them back. She looked just behind her to Rebecca’s sleeping form she was facing the centre of the bed, her thick bush of hair faced her. No, no, no. She wouldn’t notice a little missing at the back would she? Her finger and thumb were in the scissors holes, when did that happen? Sophie reached for the back of her friends hair, she stroked its fluffy mass with her finger tips. Don’t fucking do it, come on. She took some between her left thumb and forefinger and stretched it towards her slightly, curls straightening a little as she gently tugged. She brought the scissors towards the small lock of deep brown hair. Please stop. She closed the scissors. Rebeca’s hair sprang back in her hand, barely over an inch, she wouldn’t notice, right?

She dashed to the bathroom and turned the light on. Sophie studied her prize in the cold light. The lock had curled back into one and a half stained-wood ringlets. She looked close at it, still not believing what she’d done. She pinched her arm, ow, not dreaming. She pinched her nipple, ow, ok definitely not dreaming. She wouldn’t notice. She would never know. She gently sniffed the hair, mild coconut. She rubbed it softly on her cheek and let her mouth fall open, watching herself intently in the mirror. She put the hair between her lips, holding it tightly as she bit down inside her mouth. Then she wrapped her fingers in her own dark hair and masturbated as she stated at the stolen ringlet dangling on her chin.

She bent double as she finished and gasped over the sink. Rebeca’s hair fell from her lips and the lock landed right in the ceramic dish. When her afterglow subsided Sophie picked it from the sink, glad she didn’t lose it. This would be hard to replace. Or would it? No, don’t think about it. She sat on the toilet to wee, and looked around Amy’s new bathroom. It was nice, modern and clean, she even had a bath. Are those…? They were! A small set of electric clippers sat atop a basket of beauty products near the bath. Amy must use them on her legs, or other areas. Sophie wondered if Amy ever considered using them on her head, no, stop it.

She flushed the toilet and left the bathroom, actively avoiding looking at the clippers. There was still a lamp on in the lounge, casting a dim glow across the room, enough to see the guest room door was only half closed. Sophie crept across to peak in in Claire. The rooms curtains were wide open, letting the cold light of night fill the room. Claire was collapsed on the bed, chest down, face buried in the pillow towards the centre of the single mattress. Her hair trailed back off her shoulder and over pillow, it spilled over the bed, its ends tickling the floor.

Sophie felt an intense urge to feel it, she tried to fight it off as she walked close, but found herself kneeling beside it. Don’t wake her! She screamed in her mind even as she reached for that platinum curtain. She lifted a section and pressed it to her mouth while she twirled Rebecca’s curl in her left hand. Sophie softly brushed the ends of Claire’s hair across her own breast, her pink nipple sharply at attention. What are you doing? She fought her body. I just got off, I don’t need more. I do not.

She stood up and left for the kitchen, maybe a snack would calm her thoughts. She picked out a few small cakes, they tasted a little odd but she didn’t want to risk the crackling of the crisps. Amy had stocked the place well, from wine glasses to a proper coffee machine, turns out walking out of Uni and straight into a engineering post pays well. What really caught her eye however were the steel blades in a half open draw near the sink. She investigated. Long blade kitchen scissors, brand new. She pictured Claire’s long hair trailing away from the back of her head, an easy target. No, no way, she’d already had a part of Rebecca’s, she couldn’t take from Claire as well. She shouldn’t. she could though. It would be easy.

She winced as she held the scissors by the closed blades in her hands. She gripped so tightly it hurt. Sophie squeezed her eyes tight and played furiously with the curl of Rebecca’s hair in her other hand, this is enough, I don’t need more. She lied to herself. Her body ached with anticipation of the images in her mind, begging her to bring them to reality. She walked into the lounge, looked towards Amy’s bedroom, then to the guest room.

Claire was where she left her, face buried against the pillow and sleeping peacefully despite her awkward position. The moon cast a cold glow on her. The light dancing along her bare back, picking out a long swirl of silver-pink glitter on her spine that Sophie hadn’t noticed when her hair had been over it. Now though her three foot drape of platinum blonde streamed away from her head above her shoulder. Sophie stood over her with the scissors grasped in both hands, almost as if praying. Please don’t, she told herself, not again. She came to her knees beside her sleeping friend and studied her hair, so beautiful, she wanted to have some so, so badly.

Sophie reached out and took a small section among her fingers. She looked at the wad of soft gold and found her hand moving closer to her head. She couldn’t, it had to be only a small bit, near the end, near the back. Though she was practically touching scalp now. Her knuckle rubbed lightly against her friends hairy head, Sophie twitched at her own excitement as it did. She would notice this for sure. How would she react? She wouldn’t know it was her though, would she? There was no way she could ever find out. She took a larger portion of hair, she almost filled her hand with it, gathering half her hair like a pony tail and staring at it. She could do it, she could cut it off and no one would know it was her.

She closed the scissors’ high on Claire’s head it took more than a couple of seemingly deafening crunches as she worked the blades, but within seconds, she was done. She held nearly three feet of perfect blonde hair, the guilt closed her throat as she looked at it. She nearly cried as panic rose in her, she held the stolen hair to her chest. Then, as the hair crushed against her breast and tickled the bottom of her belly, another voice crept back in. You’ve come this far, why stop now?

She lowered the stolen hair as she relaxed her arm, then brought it back up to her pussy. She felt its soft mass press against her smooth flesh, softly moaned as she felt the hair become damp with the waters of her sex, she stared at the damage she had done to Claire’s hair, and the pristine length left on the right side of her nape. She shook as she fought between her pleasure and the need to stay still, stay quiet. She couldn’t be doing this here. She dropped the sex-soaked hair to the floor and revisited the kitchen.

She soon found what she wanted, what she needed. Freezer bags, large, zip locked. She could store the hair in this, hide it in her bag, and take it home.

Back in the bedroom she picked up Claire’s severed hair, this was no good. Part of it was wet from her own quiet masturbating, but more was soaked with beer. She hadn’t noticed the puddle on the wooden floor, someone must have spilt drinking here with Anna. Dammit. She looked at Claire again, she could take more… she’d already chopped half her hair down to barely over an inch at the nape, on one side. It only made sense to do the same to the other. She reached over and slowly cut across what hair she could reach, it was less neat on this side as Claire was laying on more of it, but it wouldn’t be too hard for a hairdresser to get the sides to match. Her hair would be far shorter of course, she may even need to buzz her nape, that would look amazing. With each side of the back of Claire’s head reduced to short choppy lengths of soft blonde, Sophie very carefully brushed her fingers over the ravaged hair. She shuddered at the touch of the freshly cut hair while she held the stolen locks firm against her chest.

Sophie turned away from Claire, biting her lip as guilt hit her again. She carefully folded the three feet of perfect blonde so it would fit in the freezer bag she’d found, then sealed it. What now? She checked a wall clock, 3:20am, still the middle of the night. Maybe she should go back to sleep, she had already claimed a stunning prize. But another voice wrapped around her mind, why not carry on? She’d come this far, claimed this much, when would she get another opportunity like this?

Sophie returned to the master bedroom, scissors still in hand, and hid her bag of smooth blonde at the bottom of her handbag. Then she stood and looked across the bed. It was darker in here, the lamp in the lounge barely cast a glow through the door. She could make out the shapes of Amy and Rebecca, but they were more shadow than girl. She twitched the curtains open slightly, the night was all but cloudless, cold moonlight seeped into the room and cast its pale glow across the bed.

Sophie stood over Rebecca, the light was better on this side of the room, closer to the glow of the doorway. She looked down over her sleeping friend, clearly curled slightly under the duvet, her rich brown curls cast back from under her face. She could see the place she had already taken a curl from, maybe it was just because she was looking for it? Anyone else wouldn’t notice. Who was she kidding, anyone would notice what she was about to do, what she was unable to stop herself from doing.

She opened the scissors wide and pushed them slowly into the top of Rebecca’s mane. Sophie crunched the scissors through this top layer and watched as the curls came free, some caught among the rest of Rebecca’s hair, others fell to the pillow and the floor. The scissors found their mark again lower this time, the short curls remaining on crown of Rebecca’s head shone as their longer sisters fell to the floor.

Sophie lifted a wad of off cast curls to her face, she inhaled the rich scents of fruit and forest and shuddered as she drew the cold flats of the blades across her own breast. She needed some to keep. Sophie lifted the hair on the exposed right side of Rebecca’s head, she held it carefully as she slowly worked the scissors into it, as close to Rebecca’s head as she dared. She lifted away a little near the ear, but otherwise by the time she was done the decimated remains were barely long enough to curl. She stored the hair in a zip lock bag and stowed it with Claire’s. Sophie’s nipples felt so hard they hurt, and she could feel herself practically dripping between her legs. But she wasn’t done.

Amy, her hair looked almost like a deep red wine in this light. Sophie could see only a peek of her friends pale skin between her dark crimson bob and the duvet pulled high to her cheek. Sophie knew what she needed, she had stopped fighting it. She could only reach the hair on the top left part of Amy’s head, so that’s where she aimed. She lifted 12 inches of ruby hair and sliced the section away near Amy’s scalp. Then she did it again. And again. And again. She had made sure to guide the destroyed hair back away from Amy’s face, but the last section she kept for herself.

A strip of choppy red hairs caught the moonlight like tiny fairy lights, Sophie wanted so very desperately to touch them, but fought herself – keeping her free hand firmly gripped to her own bum instead. She made herself turn away and secret Amy’s less stuffed bag of red hair away with the others. Then swiftly walked to the bathroom.

She needed to get off again, her mind unable to supress her supreme arousal at what she’d just done. Her eyes were drawn again to the small electric clipper partly protruding a woven basket of beauty products. She picked it up this time, studied it as her hand went to her crotch. She imagined how Amy must use it. To shave her legs, to trim her pubes. She imagined Amy struck by the urge to shave her head, plunging the narrow clippers into her hair in shallow frenzied strokes. She imagined her naked and bald, smiling through perfect teeth and turning, bending, spreading herself to reveal her smooth pussy and bare asshole. Sophie came, louder this time, she gasped a moment after her shriek, surprised and panicking, trying to keep quiet as her muscles wracked her body. She fell to her knees on a fuzzy bathmat and held her arms tightly to herself as she relaxed.

She stoked her own long dark hair between her finger tips, drawing it across her breast and pushing it slowly back across her shoulder, savouring the sensation. The clippers sat inert on the floor at arms reach. What would it be like to shave her own head? Would it feel liberating as so many claimed, or devastating as it often seemed when she watched fetish videos of the act.

No, she couldn’t shave her head. But she couldn’t be the only one to wake up whole either. The realisation of her predicament sunk home, she’d known she couldn’t get away with this unscathed, maybe one of the girls but all three? No, there was no way to blame this on some creep sneaking back in if she was the only one with all her hair. She took up the scissors again and looked at herself in the mirror. Her black hair, let down, swept over her body to below her bosom. She had to consider how she’d sleep, what someone could reach if they cut her hair as she dreamed, as she had with the others.

Sophie lifted a long lock from the left side of her head, and cut it away. Hacking with the scissors as she slashed through years of growth and nurture. It came away like broken black lace, collapsing into her hand as she finally pulled the hair free. She studied herself, biting her lip and examining the destruction with wide eyes. Sophie had fantasised countless times about being on either end of this moment, now that it came, it didn’t seem real. She felt numb, maybe it was the guilt? She was doing this not to fulfil her lust, but to escape the consequences of it. Fuck. She dropped her hair into the sink and cut more from the left and back and crown, she chopped randomly now, angry at herself, taking it out on her mane. She found herself crying as she threw the scissors down into the black mass of the sink.

In the mirror she was a duality, her right side remained largely untouched, while the left seemed like a ragged crewcut performed by a barber safety scissors and no thumbs. She wiped away the tears in her eyes. It was done. Whatever the morning held, she’d have to face it boldly, and pray she wasn’t found out. She took her hair quietly back to the main bedroom and cast it about near where she would sleep, then lay down while making sure the hair she still had was tucked away beneath her. She didn’t sleep, she could not.

She waited for morning.

# To be continued, probably.
## For real this time, I have a sequel near completion…

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  1. Wow! I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time.

    Backstory: I’ve been writing erotic haircutting stories for quite awhile now, for two different sites … under two different pen names. The one thing I always try to consciously do … is to be creative. Based on personal experiences and fantasies … I try to keep things, interesting. With my stories, and my characters. No barber shops. No hair salons. Nothing ordinary. Nothing.

    And then there’s you, Kailer. You are a breath of fresh air. You, and your provocative stories on this site, are simply … extraordinary! Just when I was getting bored to death by the lack of imagination and subpar writing skills from so many amateur writers on this site … you appear.

    The way I see it, there are two noticeable differences between the two of us. First, you are the better writer. For multiple reasons. And, second … you know how to take sex / shaving fetishes and fantasies to the next level! How insightful of you.

    Also, I don’t know how I missed your first two story submissions … The Fixer ’20 and, The Second Visit ’19. That being said, out of the three … ‘The Fixer’ and ‘Sophie’s Scissors’ are absolutely spectacular!


    1. Thank you for taking the time to write such a kind comment! We’re all writing niche fetish material here, and often targetting a niche within that niche … so its always great to hear your works are landing well with at least a few people.

      I’m sure that you’re putting your own works down too harshly 🙂

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