Sophie’s Shaving

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“Awh, look at you now, such a pretty girl, such pretty hair. All gone now, keep sucking … yeah … who’s my bald whore?”

“Me!” Moaned Sophie, replying to the TV in her bedroom, one of her favourite porn videos was nearing its finale.
She was on her bed, on her knees, naked. One hand exploring her freshly shaved body, she kept herself as hairless as she could from the neck down – her way of indulging her hair shaving fetish, without facing any of the social consequences of suddenly showing up to a family dinner with a bald head. She wondered how this particular porn actress explained it, did her family know this was what she did for a living? Was her father angry?

She bent as her nerves wracked with electricity, her vibe screamed against her cunt as she watched the last of that poor girls hair get shaved off while she sucked some lucky guys cock.

Burying a hand in her dark hair, Sophie gripped and pulled at her scalp, closing her eyes – she imagined someone shaving it off as she begged them to stop, or begged them to do it, and soaked her panties either way. She listened to her TV, she knew what was happening just by the sound, soon the newly shorn girl would finish getting savagely fucked, and her master would cum across her ravaged scalp.

Sophie thought back to her night of indulgence, a few years ago now, when she’d let her fetish dominate her common sense and chopped chunks out of not only her own hair, but the hair of a few of her close friends. Not that they ever knew it was her. Their reactions the next morning … even now they were enough to push her over.

Collapsing back onto her sheets, Sophie squirmed as the orgasm took her. She swam in it, cresting each wave and delving for more. She breathed.

A shower.
The closet.
Hair & makeup.

Sophie prepared herself for an evening with friends. It was Simons 27th birthday, and they were keeping it low-key. Kinda. Unfortunate enough to be born in early January, Simons birthdays were frequently cold, dark, and lost in the post Christmas haze. It was just gonna be him and a few close friends, drinking away the cold at his place, fake-fireplace roaring.

Simon was sexy, not much way around it. Not the tallest fella, but built, years of rugby made him strong, years of pies stopped him from being cut like a superhero, but his strength was self-evident without the six pack. Sophie had used his big arms in her fantasies more than once. He was single, why not make a move? They’d worked together for a while now … and he’d maybe never really looked at her that way, she didn’t think, but maybe if later that night she shed her jumper by the warm of the fire, her rosey tits could do some work … she wore a light shirt under her jumper, and a bra that was just shy of lingerie under that.

That night would turn out to hold more surprises than naughty underwear.

The little group sat together, drinks in hand, on a thick grey rug by the warmth of Simons fake-fireplace.
“How about a game then?” asked Becca, “Truth or dare?”
Simon nearly snorted his drink as he stifled a laugh. “We’re not teenagers Becca, you really want to know my secret celeb crush I’ll just tell you, it’s Eva Green.”
“What!” Becca exclaimed, “but she’s old!”
“Naaah!” Simon replied, “She’s like, 40, and she’s hot.”
“Pft, Simon likes milfs!” teased Nikki in a singsong tone.
“I don’t think she has kids,” said Paul, “but she is French, and she fucked James Bond, good choice mate.” He elbowed Simon as they laughed about it, Sophie noticed the big man hardly moved.
“You see!” Simon said, spreading his arms “She fucked James Bond!” he said, as if that had won the argument. “That and she has a twin sister, so you know, double prize!” he laughed heartily as the girls rolled their eyes. Except Nikki, who had clearly looked Eva up on her phone and was now debating with Becca that yes infact she was quite hot.
“Ok ok ok!” Becca shouted, regaining the groups attention. “Not truth or dare then, just dare, the adults version.” She got a few questioning glares. “X rated.” She let the statement sit in the air.

Simon took a swig of his drink, “alright then, I’m happy enough playing if it means seeing your tits.”
“Maybe we’ll see your cock then?” Sophie butted in.
He laughed, she smiled. “You’ll all need to stand back if I get my cock out! Ok, so how do we do this?”
Becca dragged her bag to her side and reached in, pulling out a pen and a note pad. “We each write a dare, shuffle them, then take turns drawing. Whatever you draw, you do, no chickens!”

After a little more chat, a fair bit more drink, and a group pinkie promise not to chicken out of anything, the group was ready.

Round One

Sophie stared at her bit of paper, what should she write as her first dare? Assuming there would be more rounds that was. They might stop at one, should she try to make the most of it? She considered trying to get Simon to kiss her, bit lame maybe. Fuck her? Bit much maybe. She glaced at Beccas mass of curls and thought about a haircut dare … but no, she couldn’t stop herself last time she opened that door, and poor Becca had needed three years to get her hair back to the length it had been before Sophie chopped so much of it off all those years ago. Everyone else had finished writing, she wound up playing it safe, and writing ‘snog one of the lasses’, maybe she’d get lucky.

Becca shuffled the slips and looked around the circle. “So, who wants to go first?”
Paul reached in and took the top slip, “I’ll break the tension then… ‘Down your drink’, oh, well that’s easy then.” He palmed his can, and finished it in impressively short order, letting out a gasp and then looking to Simon at his left. “You next then mate.”

“Well, alright.” Simon picked the next slip, “Argh man, this was my one, ‘Take your top off’, you get away this time Becca!”
“Don’t know why you’re so obsessed with my tiny titties anyway, shirt off big man!” she leant in, perching her chin on her hands in a show of sarcastic anticipation.

Sophie’s anticipation had her a little flustered already, but she tried not to show it as Simon pealed his shirt over his broad shoulders. She thought his solid pecs were probably larger than Becca’s tits, and admired the dark hair that spread over them. She briefly considered the weirdness of her sexuality idolising hairless girls and hairy men. Then the moment passed, and it was her turn.

Snatching up the next slip she read, in obviously a mans hand, this one must be Paul’s, “make out with a girl.” She said for the groups benefit. The guys laughed, Nikki and Becca looked at each other, smiled, then fluttered their eyes at her in unison.

Sophie thanked her hormones for her bisexuality, then considered her options. Becca, whom she’d known for years, who she’d seen practically nude a few times, who’s hair she’d hacked a large chunk out of a few years back, which she still had in a plastic baggie at home. Or Nikki, pretty much a stranger, her body far more distinctly femme than Beccas flat frame, and her blonde locks were to die for. They were both as gay as fire is hot, so … she tossed a mental coin. Nikki.

“Ok then Becca, but don’t blame me if I accidentally steal your girlfriend!” she crawled over to Nikki, thinking she could probably get away with a peck on the lips, but knowing she’d go for more. She practically assaulted her, their lips fighting battles as Sophie let her hand run up the back of Nikki’s neck, into her long hair, where she locked her fingers into the girls skull and held her in the kiss, she felt Nik return the gesture as her own dark tresses went taunt. After an eternity, a few seconds, she broke away. Her bottom lip hanging as she caught her breath. She looked at Becca, Becca looked at her, she seemed impressed.

“Alright, that’s more like it”, Becca reached for the next slip as Sophie returned to the circle. “My turn. Aha, this is good too, you’ll get to see my tits afterall.” She turned the slip around, Sophie felt herself shift two shades towards bright red as she read ‘let the next player undress you.’
Nikki didn’t miss a beat, moving up onto her knees and starting to deftly strip the clothes from her lithe and compliant girlfriend. Her shirt flew from her thin shoulders, and they made no ceremony at all about tossing away her little bra. Sophie stared at Becca’s chest, her petit tits couldn’t form cleavage with all the wonderbra’s in the world. Becca stood to let Nikki haul off her thick winter stockings, and seemed to show no shame at all when everyone got an eyeful of her short, but bushy, brown pubic hair. It looked like she maybe shaved her cunt, but left the outlands wild.
Looking to the guys, Sophie could image the bulges in their trousers, just as much as she could feel the throbbing in her own.

When Becca sat back down, all eyes on her, she crossed her legs, scratched at her pubes a little, shook out her broad curls, and simply said, “What? I did say X-rated. I hope you’re all less boring next round eh?”

Simon and Paul looked at each other, they definitely wouldn’t be going easy with their next dares.

Once everyone was resettled, Nikki took the last card of the first round, drawing the solitary slip from the shaggy rug. She looked a little alarmed as her eyes darted to Paul, then back to the card. She held it up to show the group, “it says to give oral to the next player …” she looked at Paul again, “I’m gay as fuck, I don’t think I can …” the circle was quiet for a moment.
“You don’t have to then!” Paul piped up, “I sure wouldn’t want to suck off Simon here” he elbowed his mate, as he put on a grin. “I know we said no chickens though so … maybe just roll it on to a player you can, erm ‘perform’ on.” He leaned in, and looked past Simon, right at Sophie, the next chick in line.

Her mouth fell agape a little as she realised the implication. “oh!” Sophie looked at Nikki, who was staring back at her. Before she could respond, Nikki did. “That I can do!” she crawled forward onto her hands and knees, approaching Sophie like a hungry jungle cat.

“Do you want to take off your pants, or shall I?” she asked, placing a hand on each of her thighs. Slowly moving them firmly towards her hips.

Fuck, Sophie thought. She was about to get eaten out by one of her besties girlfriends. No way out though, she stood up, and let blondie tug down everything she wore below the waist. This earned an impressed whistle from Becca, and comments on her entirely hairless pussy from Simon – whatever he said though, Sophie barely heard him, she was already lost somewhere between her pulsing clit and Nikki’s dancing tongue.

Looking down at her bobbing head, she couldn’t help but be reminded of earlier that same day, masturbating on her bed to something very like this… only she didn’t have a cock, or the means to be shaving Nikkis head, but gods she wished she did.

Sophie gripped into her own hair, as she so often did. A handhold to ride the storm. She could already feel her blood rising, Nikki was good, very good. But it was the fantasy of shaving off her golden hair, degrading and debasing her as a slave, eating her masters cunt, that surged her towards the finish.
By the time her mind stopped swimming, Sophie was lay on her back – catching her breath and only just starting to realise that she was giving everyone present a premium view of her crotch. She sat back up, her face staying flushed from embarrassment, as much as from the orgasm she’d just come off. Nikki had prowled back to her spot, and Becca was proposing a second round. Breathlessly, Sophie agreed to go around again, as did everyone else.

Round Two

Round two started off tame by comparison. Paul’s card had him swap all his clothes with Nikki, and while it was amusing to watch him stretch out her shirt and try to get her thin underwear to cover more than half of his cock at a time, Sophie found more fun in watching Nikki unveil herself, only to then vanish again under oversized clothes – although her hips at least did fill out Paul’s boxers quite well.

Simon wound up covered in sharpie, his card allowed every player to write something on him, which of course quickly devolved into drawing dicks on his chest and an arrow pointing at his dick, with a suggestion of where he could put it, and another at his arse, with a suggestion of what could be put into him.

Sophie was almost relaxed when she drew her card, it seemed that while everyone had gotten comfortable with the sexual turn the game was taking, nobody had gone too wild with their ideas yet. Her card read ‘masturbate onto the previous player’. She looked across to the boys, one squeezed into womens clothes and the other with ‘man-slut’ written on his pecs, and thought how amusing this card could have been played out on them.
Then, realised she’d have to get off ‘onto’ said man-slut. Her cunt was barely cooling off from the tongue lashing Nikki had subjected her to not fifteen minutes ago… but she expected she could manage.

Sophie stood and slipped off her damp panties, again, then gestured for Simon to lay on his back. “Down you go big lad, I’m gonna have some fun with your face”, Sophie smiled as he complied, and she straddled his broad shoulders. Having a bisexual beauty’s hairless hips hovering just over his chin had obvious repercussions in his pants, but despite the size of his bulge, Sophie made it clear that this was for her, not for him.

She began to touch herself, gently. A caress through her cotton shirt, which she still yet retained. A brush of a hand down her thigh. One hand, twisted in her hair and the other starting to slowly work her cunt. She used his chin when she wanted, and although he stuck out his tongue, she chose not to let him lick her, enjoying her dominance over the well built, seemingly well hung, man who right then wanted nothing more than her smooth cunt on his lips.

So he lay there, erect but impotent, eager but refused, as she built towards her pinnacle. She was lost in a favoured fantasy, shaving a willing and supplicant Cara Delavigne, with Natalie Portman and Karen Gillan waiting in bondage gear to go next. It was coming, she was coming, but it felt … different. A sort of unfamiliar warmth alongside the building electricity.
Her thighs trembled and her hips bucked as it hit her, and she hit Simons face with a gush of thin, milky cum. He gasped as it splashed over him, as much in his mouth as across his face, then she fell forward onto his chest. Simon wiped his face with his hands, and watched the strange girl-cum leaking from Sophies bare cunt down onto his chest. “Sorry,” she panted, “I don’t know what happened…”
Nikki clapped and coo’ed, “Awww! You never squirted before? You’re way too innocent for a girl with no body hair you know?” Sophie stifled a laugh and rolled up off of Simon, so she really had managed to cum on him, she hadn’t seen that coming. This time, she didn’t bother putting her panties back on, she just stretched down her shirt a little as she sat, cross legged, back in her spot in the circle. Red faced but satisfied.

Becca drew her card, which bound her to letting everyone take erotic photos of her. Already being naked, she didn’t find this difficult. Nikki let her choose a pose herself, to which she kicked out her hips to the left, and dramatically spread her arms, as if looking for a fight – naked. For Paul she pushed up her small tits into some semblance of cleavage, and for Simon she bent low – with her legs kept tight together – and offered a shot of her privates. Sophie wasn’t sure what to ask of her at first, and maybe it was because she was still coming off her second orgasm of the hour, but she chose something rather more erotic. Sophie stood, and Becca knelt before her, legs spread and one hand on her cunt, her mouth open and her tongue out. Sophie used one hand to hold Becca’s hair, and framed the shot so it seemed like she could pull the petit girl into oral sex at any moment. When it was done, Nikki had obviously enjoyed that stunt at least as much as Sophie, her red cheeks betraying her flushed body.

Nikki drew the last card of the round and giggled at it, before saying aloud, “dance naked in the garden! But it’s freezing out there!” then she stood and beginning to strip out of Paul’s oversized clothing. Her dramatic figure glowed again in the absence of the engulfing garments, her hips were broad and her breasts were full, Sophie knew she was no lightweight on the sexy-scale, but felt like a half grown child by comparison, Nikki should have been on magazine covers, but instead she was dashing out into the late night chill to twist and dance under the security lights.

While the boys cheered on their unachievable lesbian goddess. Sophie caught Becca looking up and down her body, she smiled when she got caught. Shaking out her brown curls, she asked “one more round?” Sophie, with her eyes firmly on those curls, assented “Of course,” with a broad grin.

By time time Nikki tired of dancing in the garden, her feet were stained with grass and dirt, and her nipples protruded from her round breasts, solid, trying to resist the cold. Sophie felt a little silly as the only girl still wearing any clothing at all, particularly as Becca had been in the nude for over an hour now. Yet, the boys both still had their pants on…

Getting the others to agree to another go around was easy, and visibly horny as they each were, Sophie was itching to play too. On her card, with her barriers of caution and civility broken down somewhere between her friend eating her out, and cumming on her crushes face, she wrote – choose another player to shave your head. If it was one of the guys, that would still be fun, but she was really hoping to nab Becca or Nikki. Though if she drew it herself … she had fantasies of getting shaved too, she’d just never been brave or drunk enough to commit to them…

Round Three

Paul drew his card first, “lick another players ass” he read aloud. Sophie shifted a little, kinda hoping he wouldn’t choose her, when Becca piped up. “You can lick mine, I’m kinda into it, Nikki is great at eating ass.” She laughed a little as Nikki turned through seven shades of scarlet at the revelation.

Already being naked, it didn’t take long for Paul to get his tongue between Becca’s cheeks. Despite the fluffy hair on her pubis, her cunt and arse were entirely bald, Paul couldn’t help but wonder if Nikki helped her keep it all this smooth, which brought all sorts of interesting scenarios to his head. Thoughts that were quickly reflected in his throbbing cock. Becca was maybe more into it than she had initially let on. It didn’t take long, grinding her ass back against his face, before she was groaning towards orgasm. She touched herself as well, Sophie was slightly surprised again at her shamelessness as she flickered over her cunt. Between her deft hand on her clit and Paul’s tongue on her asshole, Becca swiftly bent double into a shuddering climax.

As she was still catching her breath in he floor, she gestured vaguely towards Simon, saying “ok big man, next card.”
Simon drew. “Choose a player, that player has to go home naked tomorrow. Ha!” he chuckled at the thought. “Ok ok … he considered. Well I’m giving Paul a lift, and don’t want his naked butt in my car so … ladies… how are you all getting home?”
“I’m taking my scooter.” Sophie offered, concerned by the thought of trying to ride home with her tits out.
“We brought my car” began Nikki, “So Becca is riding with me.”
“Ok then, easy.” Simon concluded “Becca stays naked, try not to get too distracted on the way home Nik” he grinned. “Sophie, you’re up.”

Sophie kept an arm crossed over her breasts and reached for the next card. “Shave your head” … She looked at it, dumbfounded. It wasn’t her handwriting; it wasn’t her dare. Someone else had written in the same idea! She scanned around the little circle of players, who could it have been?

“Soph!” Paul called, snapping her attention back to the moment, “So, you gonna tell us what it is or what?” Everyone was staring at her.
“Oh, erm. It says to shave my head.”
“What the fuck?” snapped Simon, everyone was staring at her, or rather, staring at her jet black hair, and wondering if she’d really do it.

“You don’t need to do that, it’s too much” offered Paul, he was about to say more, but Sophie cut him off.
She’d been thinking her own card might have been too much, and rejected, but there were two now. The boys had already gone, so either Nikki or Becca would draw it. So, if she went through with it, surely they would too. “I’ll do it,” she said to a stunned group, although she was sure she saw a twitch of a smile from Becca.

“Simon, do you have scissors, or clippers anywhere?” Sophie asked. Her crotch was already burning in anticipation, she was actually, finally, going to do it.
“Erm, yeah, bathroom, I use them to tidy my hair before matches… should I get them?”
He left the group briefly, they sat in silent tension until he returned, heavy clippers in hand. Sophie took them from him as he sat back in his spot.

She considered her shirt, then took it off, her bra too – much to the enjoyment of everyone present. They’d already seen her cum in Simons mouth, and she was the last girl still wearing anything so … what more was worth hiding? Also, she didn’t want her clothes covered in bits of her hair forever.

“Well, ok then, hear I go …” Sophie could hardly stop snickering to herself. She was actually going to shave her own head. Naked, in front of her friends. She’d fantasised about it over and over, but never expected it to play out quite like this. She wondered if anyone had noticed how wet and swollen her cunt had already become.

Everyone was watching. She turned the clippers on in a snap of roaring energy, grabbed some hair from her scalp, and pushed the machine slowly to her hairline, roughly over her right eye, taking a four inch stripe out of her jet black mane in a scream of slashing steel.

Sophie heard one of the guys say something like “holy fuck”, but it seemed a distant voice, dissociated. She pushed the blessed machine into her hair again, feeling her mane slide down against her body then slip to the floor. She didn’t touch herself, desperate as she was, but couldn’t stop herself from gasping in pleasure as she pushed the clippers over her ear. Most of the right third of her head was reduced to dark stubble.

She doubled over and planted her empty hand on the floor, what remain of of her hair still covered much of her face as it fell forward. She couldn’t do this, she felt like she was going to explode. She was going to orgasm from shaving her own head, right in front of everyone, how could she explain that? She couldn’t explain that. Unless she was honest with them. She set her jaw.

“Erm, would someone else mind cutting the rest for me? It’s … kinda turning me on, a bit, it’s … hard to focus on what I’m doing.” She offered a weak smile. Simon, Paul and Nikki looked at her dumbfounded. “You’re getting off on shaving you hair off?” Nikki asked, her hand playing with a strand of her own blonde hair. “I mean, I’ve heard of stranger things I guess” drawled Paul. “I’ll help you, if you want” Simon offered.
“I want to do it!” Becca cut through the half-offers and confusion. “I’ll help, it’s ok.” She smiled directly at Sophie. Then moved behind her, taking the clippers and guiding her to sit back on her knees.
She brought the clippers to bare on Sophie’s nape, running them up to her crown in short strokes as the hair tumbled down between them in thick clumps.

Sophie couldn’t hold on anymore. She considered where she was. Nude, having her head shaved by her naked friend, a friend who she’d once stolen chunks of hair from in the dead of night, hair she still had at home. A friend who’s beautiful, long haired lesbian lover, who herself had already licked her to a powerful orgasm, was sat naked and watching with fascination. And two men beside that, one of whom she’d just watched eat her friends arse, and the other who’s face she’d recently squirted all over. If there were any barriers of sexual civility left between them, they were razor thin anyway…

Sophie began to squeeze her breast, and touch her cunt, and run her fingers between the course little hairs on the right of her head, and the long soft hair still sat on top. She didn’t care that she was being watched anymore. It was her hair being shaved, and she would enjoy it. Her hips rocked and her jaw went slack as waves of pleasure erupted through her.

She felt Becca round the clippers to the centre of her forehead, and hold them there as she leaned in towards her now exposed ear. She whispered, “I’m so glad you drew my card… I know it was you who cut our hair that night.”
Sophie jolted, the two fingers in her pussy slamming against her insides with surprise. She knows?! Since when? How?! “It’s okay,” Becca continued, “turns out I’m kinda into it as well…” then drew the clippers back through the centre of Sophies hair.

A tear ran down her face, not at the loss of her hair, but the loss of her secret. Becca knew! How? Was this why she wrote that card? To expose her? Or maybe to punish her? Possibilities wheeled as more of her hair fell to the floor.

Her head jerked as Becca flicked the clippers off the back of her scalp. More dark hair scattering across the floor. Then, fingers. Sophie felt Becca reach across her chest, holding her breast in one hand as she took another slow harvest from her hair. “It’s ok, go on” Becca whispered against her ear, “I know you want to cum, so do it, cum for us while I shave your head, pervert.”
The rest was pleasure. Sophie utterly gave herself over as the last remnants of her hair fell. She’d imagined this a thousand times and a thousand ways, now, it felt like all those fantasies were hitting her at once, a thousandfold orgasm that was almost painful as much as pleasurable. Her body shook, and eyes rolled, and her cunt pumped hot liquid cum over her fingers and down onto the floor. When Becca turned the clippers off, Sophie simply fell limply to the ground, her bare head against cool wooden flooring.

She blacked out, for a while, she thought. When she came around, her friends … her naked friends … who had just watched her get her head shaved by her friend, her naked bisexual friend who’s hair she’d once cut off in her sleep, Rebecca … who was into it, and had just returned the favour and more… Sophie closed her eyes. She rubbed a hand over her scalp, it felt like fine grit sandpaper, maybe she’d razor shave it herself later, why not at this point …

She shook her head, and opened her eyes again. Her friends had new drinks, and were chatting, she’d maybe been unconscious for a while… “Hi again” she said, getting their attention, “wow.” She laughed, peeling herself from the floor and joining them.

“Ah, welcome back baldy” smiled Becca, flicking her own chocolate curls as she did. “It looks good on you Soph” followed Paul, “kinda like when Portman or Gillan cut all their hair off, sorta sexy actually…” he trailed off.

“There are still two dares to draw” Nikki slurred a little as she spoke, clearly the drink was starting to get to her “one for Becca, and one for me” she giggled, “we wouldn’t want to miss out!” hey eyes lingered on Sophie, hungry.
“Okay okay, go on then, I can continue, just pass me a drink” Sophie settled back to her spot in the circle, her cunt felt swollen, and her head was still swimming a little, but she was sure she’d manage.

“Alright then girls, your draw” Simon pushed the last two slips along the floor to Becca, who reached out for them, then stopped. “How about we double up Nikki? A grand finale!” She took one card, then let Nikki pick up the last.
Becca smiled at her card, as she cast her eyes across to Nikki “Fuck another player, ha, should be easy enough…”

Nikki flipped hers and her jaw dropped, her gaze locked on Sophie, drilling into her from between long strands of her sandy blonde hair. “Shave your hair.” She said, she chewed her lip a little as she dropped her eyes down to the long hair cascading into her lap.

“I don’t…” Nikki began, as Becca snatched the card from her hand. “Lets swap! I don’t mind.” She glanced again at Sophie. She obviously knew it was her who put that card in, everyone must have figured that out by now. She had hoped Rebecca might draw it, but hadn’t expected it to be this obvious that she wanted to see her friend lose her hair.

“Do you want to do it?” Becca asked the exhausted Sophie, “Obviously you do, baldie.” Becca stuck her fingers into her curls and shook them about. “Taming this stuff is a full time job, maybe I’ll keep it shaved for a while? Would you like that?” Sophie was certain she would, Nikki seemed less sure, but was probably just glad her girlfriend was taking this shearing for her…

Hauling herself behind the petite brunette, Sophie readied the clippers. She stared down at the thick mass of Beccas hair recalling that night, years ago, when she had cut chunks out of it with long bladed scissors deep in the dead of a drunken stupor. Now she would get to shave it all, fate had a funny way about it sometimes.

“Wait!” Becca jerked just as Sophie was about to dig into her hair. “Lets combine these last two a little – Nikki, come here?” Her lover approached and joined Becca on her knees, they began to kiss softly as everyone else watched, unsure what to do. Becca guided Nikki’s head down to her cunt, and in a well practiced manoeuvre the busty blonde flipped onto her back and shuffled her face under Becca’s fluffly pubic hair. Her breasts fell wide, although one squashed against an arm that stretched down to her own bare pussy.

Becca rocked as Nik’s tongue began to tease her. “Ok” she began, looking across at the two stunned boys “you two as well, come here.” Paul and Simon didn’t hang about, and quickly stood to attention, waiting to see what their commander wanted them to do, they were both already erect again.

Becca took one of them in each hand, and tugged them each slightly closer – then began playing with their balls, and slowly stroking their dicks with a wry grin on her face. She looked up, twisting her head and body to lock eyes with Sophie – “Shave it all.”

Sophie didn’t need asking twice to shave her first girl.

The blades roared as they slowly struggled their way over Becca’s crown, Sophie could feel the resistance in her hair, but compensated as she peeled a deep valley from her friends hair.
It fell between them, brushing against Sophie’s belly, then Becca’s bum in its way down, where it came to rest against Nikki’s long golden hair sprawled on the floor.

As she took another long strip Sophie found herself staring, fascinated, at the dark sandy stubble left in the clippers wake. Deliberately, she pushed the severed hair forward this time, letting it fall onto Nikki’s breasts.

Simon stepped over Nik as Bec tugged him towards her mouth, then took his girthy cock deep into her mouth and began trying to suck him off as more of her hair fell across her shoulders. Sophie peeled the last long curls from one side of Becca’s scalp, just as Paul reached his limit and blew his load into the half-shaved girls hand. She took his warm cum and pressed it against the stubbly side of her head, rubbing it into her scalp.

Despite the punishment her pussy had already taken, Sophie found herself swelling again. She flicked more of Becca’s hair down, letting it slide off Simons cock as it made its way down to the growing pile on Nikki. She alternated between feeling her own shaved scalp, and Becca’s increasingly buzzed head. The grain on Bec’s hair felt denser, thicker, she had such strong and beautiful hair – on the floor.

Just as she was shearing the last curls from Becca’s nape, Simon came hard. Bec gagged as she tried to swallow, long strings of cum followed his cock as he pulled from her mouth, they broke and splattered onto the hairy mess covering much of Nik’s bare chest.

Sophie completed her task just as the sweat-drenched hair-covered Becca swallowed down the rest of Simons cum, and closed her eyes to relax into her own orgasm, building steadily from her lovers mouth far below. The clippers went quiet, and Sophie dragged her fingers over her friends buzzed, cum covered scalp as she rocked and gasped towards an exhausting climax.

Becca lifted herself from Nikki’s mouth and all be collapsed by her side, giggling as she took handfuls of her own cut hair from the floor and played with it.

Nikki brushed what she could from her chest, but found countless little grains of hair had stuck to her sweat dripped body. She was just glad most of Simons cum had gone down her girlfriends throat, and not onto her own body.

Simon and Paul were both shattered, and sat nearby with flaccid dicks, still staring at the girls they’d been so lucky to play with. Even with two of them all but bald, they were still each beautiful. Paul even mentally admitted to himself that maybe he preferred Sophie and Becca this way.

Everyone settled to sleep not long after, Sophie soon found herself as the last one awake. She went upstairs alone, and finally got a good look at herself.
The lighting was harsh, she felt it made her look both blotchy and pale. She was still naked, still covered in flecks of both her own hair and Bec’s. She examined her scalp in the mirror, tugging at the skin, testing the texture. Her skin was pale as parchment beneath the thin dusting of hair she still had. She smiled. She looked good. Her ears were small, they didn’t look so large or strange as she’s often feared, and she liked the shape of her head – she’d worried her hair was hiding strange lumps or bumps, but no. Sophie still felt beautiful, and she felt freer than ever, maybe she’d keep it like this, although she had no clue how she’d explain that to her family. For now though, the one thing she was sure of was that she’d need to find a way to thank Becca for writing that card…

Part Three Someday?

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