Sophie’s Story: Part 1

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Sophie Haywood had just graduated from college. She had earned a degree in marketing from Pradue. After college she had moved back home with her parents for the summer to find a job. Her parent’s sleepy suburb town was a far cry from the life she lived in St Louis for the past four years.

Sophie had done well in college and had a full ride on the soccer team. It was on the soccer team that Sophie had fully explored her sexuality with women. She had been with both boys and girls in highschool, but in college she decided to come out fully as a lesbian. Sophie normally went for the short haired tom boyish type girls. While her own style was rather girly with a hint of sportness. She had been keeping her hair golden blonde hair rather long. It reached well to the small of her back and she often braided in different ways.

Sophie had struggled to find a proper salon like the ones that she was used to getting trims and ombre highlights at in college. Her parents small suberban city didnt really have anything like that. She also didnt have the money to pay for a highend salon haircut and color. At least not until she got a good marketing job. However, she knew she was despretly in need of a trim. The color could wait.
She voiced her conundrum to her mother one day.

“Well there arn’t many salons in Branville, Indiana sweetie. I could make you an appointement with Roberta.”
Her mother said, suggesting the beauty parlor where she got her hair done. Sophie hated the thought of going to an old lady beauty parlour whose clients were mostly older ladies getting sets and perms. Her mother fitting in the latter catagory.

“No mom. That is not what i am looking for.” Sophie said shaking her head trying not to laugh at how out of touch her moms suggestion was.

“Well there is aways Anne’s Styling Station. You used to go to her when you were a girl. She gives nice haircuts at fair prices.” Her mother replied now out of ideas.

“I guess Anne’s is the best option.” Sophie replied to her mother with a shug.

Sophie was reminded of always going to Anne’s for haircuts up until her senior year in highschool. When she was a little girl Shopie remembered her mom always having Anne’s hair bobbed short for the summer. Sophie was relieved when the summer bobs came to an end when she turned forteen and was allowed to be incharge of her own hair.

Anne’s was a tiny unisex family hair salon. Anne Chadwick cut mens, womens, and kids hair. She was equally good at barbering and hairdressing; although she did little in the way of color services. Sophie always remembered Anne taking walk-in’s. So she decided she would just drive over. Sophie showered and changed into a cute green top and blue jean caperees. She towel dried her hair and pulled it into ponytail.

Sophie arrived at the small white building with blue trim. It had not changed a bit since the last time Sophie had been there five years ago. She parked her car and walked inside. The little bell on the door ringing as she walked inside. Sophie took a seat in the waiting area which only consisted of a brown leather couch and a coffee table. Sophie looked around around the salon and it had not changed a bit either.
The salon only had one station with sturdy brown leather salon chair and a wash basin built into the counter. Anne hadnt changed much either except her slightly above shoulder length dark brown hair and a few streaks of gray now that she was nearing forty.

Anne was currently seeing to a little boys haircut, while being supervised by the boys mother. Sophie watched Anne work as she buzzed the boys hair. She found Anne to be pretty attractive for an older woman. Anne had definitly taken care of her figure. Which was accenquated by the black apron Anne wore. Sophie smiled to herself blushing a little at the thought of checking out the middle aged woman. Surily Anne was not gay and probably had a family. Sophie laughed at herself and her silly train of thought.

Soon Anne had finished with the little boys haircut. Sophie watched as Anne collected her payment and gave the boy his choice of candy. Sophie remembered taking candy from the same basket as a little girl. She stood up from her place on the couch knowing it would be her turn when Anne was ready for her.

“I dont normally do walk-ins for womens haircuts at the end of the day for new customers.” Anne told Sophie as she swept up the boys hair. She had plans to go out with some friends and didnt want to be held over seeing to some long haired college girl even if she was a cutie.

Sophie pursed her lips at the thought of making an appointment and coming back. She really wanted to just get this trim over with.”Oh well I am not really new client and I only need a trim. Are you sure you cant fit me in. Dont you remember me; its Sophie Haywood.” Sophie plead her case while twirling her long ponytail.

“Oh my; you are Helen’s girl. I haven’t seen you in ages! you have really grown up and your hair is so long.” Anne replied now remembering her old client. The thought of chatting with a cute little blonde was just too fun of an opportunity to pass up. “Well I guess I can make an execption and we can catch up.” Anne said as she finished cleaning up her station.

“Oh thanks.” Sophie said smiling at the complment as she strode over to the chair. She was happy that she wouldn’t have to make a second trip. She took a seat in the familar brown chair. She watched Anne as she took a large silver nylon cape off the rack holding a collection of capes. Anne draped the cape over her arm as she wrapped a bit of tissue around Sophie’s neck. Then she draped the big silver nylon cape over her cute client and snapped it snuggly around Sophie’s neck. Finally Anne folded the tissue neatly over the capes collar. Lastly Anne placed a weighted rubber cutting collar on Sophie’s shoulders.

The caping process was as Sophie remembered. It much more restrictive than the robes she had grown accustomed to at the salons she frequented. However, Sophie didnt mind too much. She was oddly enjoying the sense of nostalgia. She was also starting to notice things about things about her childhood hairdresser that had escaped her in her youth. Sophie liked the smell of Anne’s perfume and the feeling of her finger tips on her neck as she caped her. Then Sophie spotted something that really sparked her interest: a faded triangle tatoo on her hairdresser’s wrist. A sure fire sign that Anne was lesbian just like herself.

“So what have you been up to? I am sure you have a boyfriend. You probably have to beat the boys away with a stick.” Anne said as she released Sophies long blonde locks from the elsastic band. Anne placed Sophie’s ponytail holder on her wrist as she pumped up the chair quickly. Then she spun the chair 180 degrees and lowered the back; so Sophie’s head was in the wash basin.

Sophie’s heart raced with each pump of the hydrualic peddle. Her head spun as the chair turned and was reclined. She normally would not have not be so nervious admitting her sexual prefeance to anyone. However, it was different now that she was admitting it to a woman she now knew to be a lesbian that she also found to be attractive. Before she could reply Sophie found herself looking up into Anne’s pretty blue eyes. This made her admission all the more intanment for her. “Well I do get hit on by boys a lot but I actually like women.” Sophie said softly her heart fluttering.

Anne grinned when she heard the news. “Well it is always a pleasure meeting fellow lesbain.” Anne replied looking down on Sophie as she tested the warmth of the water. Anne couldn’t avoid locking eyes with Sophie’s light brown eyes. She believed she caught a twinkle in the younger girls eyes. A little spark of possible cemestry between the two of them. After a moment Anne turned her attention to shampooing and massaging Sophie’s scalp.

Sophie didn’t say anything for a while; she just enjoyed the feeling of the water and Annes hands in her hair. She carefully thought of how to respond. The water was warm, but Sophie wished it was a little hotter. Sophie swallowed before replying and felt the cape momentarly tighten around her neck as she did. “Oh wow if I had only have known. It would have been so nice to talk to someone that understood that stuff when I was younger.” Sophie said then added. “May I have it a little hotter?” Sophie requested; feeling a little like a kid again and slightly anxious.

Anne had finished shampooing Sophie’s hair and turned the water hotter as requested when it was time to rinse Sophie’s hair out. “Well I am sure you figured it out on your own. I heard you graduatied college, so I am sure you are a smartypants too.” Anne told her with a smile sensing Sophie’s anxiety and possible slight immaturity. Then she wrapped Sophie’s hair with a towel and raised the seatback upright.

Once Sophie’s hair was towel dry Anne let it tumble free onto the cape. Then she began combing it out inspecting what kind of condition it was in. Anne could tell that it had been a long time since Sophie had recieved a healthly trim. The last six inches of her hair were rather damaged. No doubt from coloring and styling with hot tools. Anne decided she would deliver her verdict and plan to give little Sophie a well needed cut. She was also testing the waters as to how willing Sophie would be being under control of an older toppy lesbian.

“I hate to say it but you are really overdue for a good haircut. You are beyond needing a tiny trim.” Anne said with a bit of authority in her voice as she held up a lock of Sophie’s hair. Her fingers indicacting that she intended to cut off about eight inches of Sophie’s crowning glory. Anne had choose to go two inches higher than the damge for good measure. “If you want me to cut your hair this is what it will be. It will be good for you to go a little shorter for summer anyway.” Anne said testing Sophie and gauging her response.

“Oh shit thats a lot.” Sophie replied in shock as her hairdresser practically handed down an ultimatum. She felt even more like a kid now. A summer haircut just like old times. At least it wasnt a bob. The tone in Anne’s voice was making her pulse quicken a little bit again. She liked a woman that took charge but this was getting a little awkward.

For a moment Sophie thought about what would happen if she said no to the proposed cut. Would Anne just kick her out of the salon damp hair and all. She didnt want to loose this much hair but it didnt seem like Anne was giving her a choice. She thought about asking for her to leave it a little longer but Anne seemed too imtemidating. “Umm, I know I have some split ends, but I didn’t think it would that bad. Fuck it! Let’s just get it over with. I am sure I can donate it.” Sophie said as she threw her hands up under the cape as she gave into her pushy hairdressers demands.

Anne raising her eyebrow at Sophie’s swear words. This was the first of many ways she would take control of a young bottom girl. She had won; if Sophie and her had a future Anne would always win. Anne pulled out her scissors and snipped off the eight inch lock of hair. “Good girl. However, your length is much to damaged to donate” Anne told her as their eyes met in the mirror. Sophie looked so accepting of Anne’s authority. Could this really be the start of something great? Anne thought to herself as she went to work combing and cutting.

Sophie watched as Anne cut large chunks off of her hair. The damp locks falling on the silver cape. The surrender of her hair was so powerful and intamite. She couldn’t be imaging that Anne was enjoying this. Sophie wasnt enjoying the loss of her hair but she was intruiged by the power exchange with such a dominate woman. She also felt a pang of guilt for not taking better care of her hair. All this length was being cut off and couldnt even go to a good cause. Being called a good girl for agreeing to the chop hit her in so many crazy ways.

Half way through Sophie’s cut the salon phone rang. Anne left Sophie in alone in the chair while she answered the phone. Sophie did her best to evesdrop. It sounded like Anne was meeting with some friends later. The conversation went on for a while so Sophie batted the hair off the cape and onto the floor. Then she pulled out her phone; slouching a little in the chair as she scrolled on Instagram.

When Anne returned she noticed Sophie casually playing on her phone. She decided that this was a moment to assert her authority once more. “Come on put your phone away and sit up straight. I told you I didnt want to be held over earlier.” Anne said sternly. Sophie reacted quickly by tucking her phone back in her pocket and pushing her body back up straight. Sophie felt tingly at being talked down to like that.

“Shit alright; I didn’t realize you had somewhere to be.” Sophie replied as she put her arms back on the armrests. Anne eyed Sophie in the mirror she felt the itch to reign the girl in. “I am meeting some friends for a drink and dinner. I do not want to be late” Anne told her as she strightened the cape and went back to cutting.

“Oh sorry; sounds fun.” Sophie replied softly feeling even more like a little girl after being scolded. She caught Anne’s no nonsense glare and it made her feel small. There was no doubt in Sophie’s mind that Anne was toying with her. Sophie watched quitely as the rest of her hair was reduced to bra strap length with some layers. This was the shortest her hair had been in two years.

When Anne finished cutting Sophie’s hair she removed the cutting collar and popped the snaps open on the cape. Then she lifted it off Sophie’s body. Anne dumped the hair left the cape on the floor to join the rest of Sophie’s severed locks. Sophie looked down and took in just how much hair Anne had taken off. Sophie reached up and played with her hair. It was long enough to put in braids and Anne had done a good job cutting it straight.

Sophie was about to get out of the chair when she noticed Anne exchange the cape for a pink comb out cape. Sophie felt Anne’s hand on her shoulder guiding her to stay seated. “Let me give you a blow out. Braids and ponytails are for the gym and little girls. Now that you are out of college you need to have some style.” Anne told her as she buttoned the comb out cape under Sophie’s chin. The comb out cape only covered Sophie’s shoulders. She sat still for Anne as worked the blow dryer and round brush. Anne was right; Sophie rarly would take this much time to blow out her hair.

Sophie felt a little confused by her new haircut. She looked in the mirror and no longer looked like the fun soccer playing soroity girl, but a more adult verson of herself. However, on the inside she felt smaller and controlled by the person that had chopped her hair. Was that Anne’s plan all along? to make her look more business like; but on the inside feel a little girl under an adults control. If that was her plan it was working.

Anne finally finished with Sophie’s blowout and removed the comb out cape. “If you help me clean up I won’t even charge you.” Anne told her as she handed Sophie a broom. Sophie just nodded and started sweeping. She felt so weird sweeping up her own hair almost like she was being taught a lesson. Sophie dropped the pile of hair in the trash then helped Anne clean up the rest of the salon.

“Are you doing anything the rest of the evening? Why don’t you come hang out for a bit.” Anne coexed as the two cleaned the sink. Sophie was surprised by the offer. Anne had spent the whole appointment making her feel small; now she felt like was was being invited to sit at the grown-up table. She was so under Anne’s spell that of course she wanted to hang out and maybe even more.

“Well I dont have any plans. I am actually living with my parents right now until i find a job….” Sophie started explaining and was about to say yes before she was cut off.

“Good then you will come?” Anne asked not interested in hearing Sophie’s story at the moment. There would be plenty of time for them to get to know each other. Anne was eager to show off her new catch to her friends. Getting Sophie to come with her was the most important matter right now. Anne didnt want to loose the advantage she had right now. She had this girl just were she wanted her…cute, quite and confused.

“Yes I will go and hangout. Jeeze you are so pushy.” Sophie said with giggle. She could tell Anne clearly liked her.

As soon as Sophie said yes, Anne took her by the hand and walked her out to the parking lot. Anne drove a Subaru Crosstrek. Sophie smiled at the completed sterotype…a middle aged lesbian in a Subaru. It was a nicer car than Sophie’s old Civic hatch back she named Winston “Just follow me it isnt far.” Anne told her as before driving off.

Sophie drove to the restraunt and bar and walked inside with Anne. When they got near the table Sophie knew without a doubt that they where were Anne’s friends. Anne took Sophie by the elbow pulling her close. Sophie was kind of confused by the Anne’s aggressive social action. Why didnt she just hold her hand? It made her feel kind of little again. On the other hand it was kind of hot; as if Anne was claiming her infront of these three other women.

Anne introduced Sophie to the table. “This is Sophie. I rescued her from a bad hairday just at closing time.” Anne told her three friends. Then they introduced themselves to Sophie. There was Emma, Laura and Kylie. They were all Anne’s age except Kylie who was a similar in age to Sophie. Emma was apprently mostly straight. Laura was Kylie’s girlfiend and they seemed to have a similar dynamic to the one that seemed to be developing between Anne and Sophie.

Once at the table things between seemed pretty normal. They all laughed and joked amoungst each other. At one point Sophie felt a little insecure and moved to pull her hair up. However, she noticed she didnt have a hair tie. She glanced at Anne and spotted the green band on her wrist. “May I have my hair tie?” Sophie asked holding out her hand.

This should have been an easy request, but to Sophie’s surprise Anne pushed Sophie’s hand away gently. “Remember you are supposed to be wearing it down like a big girl.” Anne told her loud enough for the rest of the table to hear. Sophie’s face flushed red with embarressment. A big girl seriously, why did she say that infront of every one.

“Oh yea I would hate to ruin the awesome blow out you gave me.” Sophie said with a forced laugh as she tried passing this off as a joke. There were a couple looks exchanged between the women but the conversation moved on quickly.

After a few drinks over the two hour dinner; Sophie decided she best be going before she got too drunk to drive. “I need to be going she whispered to Anne. It was nice meeting you all Sophie told the rest of the table Anne who had not been drinking nodded her head. Anne thought about suggesting Sophie stay and that she would drive her, but decided against it. Responsiblitly was something she liked to see in her girls.

Without another word Anne took Sophie by the hand. “Yea I would hate to keep you up past your bed time.” Anne said joking as she walked Sophie to her car. Once in the parking lot Anne tied Sophie’s hair back with the green band and pecked her cheek with her lips. “I hope you had fun. Maybe we can get coffee this week.” Anne suggested with a smile.

Sophie blushed and squeezed Anne’s hand at the little kiss. “I would like that.” Sophie replied with a smile. Having her hair put up felt as if Anne was releasing her for the night. “Here is my number.” Sophie told her as she held out her phone to exchange numbers. After exchanging numbers Sophie drove off.

Sophie’s head was all confused. Tonight had been fun but the way Anne treated her like a little girl even infront of her friends was a little different. She had liked it when it was just her and an alone in the salon but in public it was way less thrilling and way more humilating. Sophie decided that she would bring it up if they met for coffee.


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  1. Nice contrast, as she become more adult in her looks, she is also becoming less mature emotionally. Anne should take more forceful control of her image until she is a “regressed” to a pretty femme teenager – fashion crazy over her makeup, clothing, dressing, mannerisms, etc. When she finally gets a job it’s as an assistant and has to stay local with Anne who finally gives her the dreaded summer bob with little girl bangs and pale gold color to complete her journey to emotional dependence.

    1. That is a very interesting take. I had originally thought about this being a loving lesbian domestic discipline story. During the story Sophie would be punished with progressively shorter haircuts. However, like your more unique the idea of having Anne continue to emotionally regress sophie while insiting she act like a grown up. I will incorporate more of that in future parts. Thank you for the ideas.

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