Sophie’s Story: Part 2

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This is part two of the Sophie series read part one first.

The weekend went by and Anne had still not heard from Sophie. She decided that the ball was in the Sophie’s court now. Well, side of the field seeing as she was a soccer player and not into basketball. Anne was starting to wonder if Sophie was going to reply at all. She had used the big trim test on a few girls like Sophie before. It normally got her at least another date. Anne had once kept a kinky relationship with a girl named Serria going for two years.

Anne knew her lesbian domestic displine ways was a hard pill for a lot of girls to swollow. Most girls were happy to be spanked in the bedroom but few would submit to full time displine. Anne’s brand of domestic displine was unique in that she incorporated haircuts. Most LDD couples stuck to spankings and time outs. A few added in punishments like writing lines, mouth soaping, enemas, and butt plugs. Anne stuck to her method of spankings, humilation and haircuts.

Anne felt haircuts were particularly effective at controlling a naughty brats behavor. Even though they didn’t cause pain, most brats were attached to their hair. Anne wouldn’t use any discpline methods on Sophie until she had Sophie’s permission. That took time and trust. She wondered how accepting Sophie would be of the idea.

Sophie wrestled with her emotions all weekend. She liked Anne even if she was a good bit older than her. She doubted that it would be a forever relationship if it happened but she wanted to give it a try at least for the summer. Anne had been really sweet but also pretty controlling. It was the controlling part that obviously holding her up.

She had heard of kinky relationships like this before. In fact she had been with a college senior named Katie that liked to spank her when Sophie was a college sophmore. The spankings hurt but did make her more focused. She didnt get turned on by the pain but she did enjoy the chase before and after the spanking. The spankings were never that serious; most the time revolving around Sophie’s poor study habits.

Katie was way less intimidating and controlling than Anne seemed to be. They both decided to end their relationship when kate graduated. Sophie decided she would give things a try with Anne. She picked up her phone and decided to start texting Anne.

“Hello lady. So how about that coffee?”

Anne was with giving buzz cut to a older man when her phone beeped on the counter. She normally wouldn’t answer her personal phone when she was with a client. However, when she saw Sophie’s name flash on the iphone lock screen she couldn’t switch the clippers off fast enough to reply.
“I would love that ?. I am free at 8am tomorrow. Does Melonio’s Coffee Shop suit you?☕”

Sophie smiled when she saw the text. She also giggled at Anne’s old person use of emoji’s
“See you then.”

Sophie arrived at the coffee shop first and she ordered a rasberry green tea. She really didn’t care for coffee or coffee shops, but she did want to see Anne. Sophie sat in a corner booth and played with her long blonde hair while well she anxiously awaited Anne’s arrival. She decided to impress Anne by wearing her hair down and straightened. She had been busy the last few days and frequently used dry shampoo to keep her hair looking fresh if not a little oily.

After about five minutes Anne arrived. Shopie’s heart beat faster as they exchanged smiles. Shopie waved at Anne; which was made ackward by the fact Anne didn’t return the gesture. Instead, Anne ordered her drink and waited for it to be made. Sophie was now slightly more anxouis as she waited for Anne to join her at the booth. She fought the urge to get up and walk over to Anne.

This was another one of Anne’s little descreet power moves. She loved to keep dates waiting just out of reach. Finally, her cappuccino was ready. She elegantly walked over to the table Sophie was waiting at. Instead of sitting across from Sophie at the table she slid in next to her on the bench.

“Oh good girl wearing your hair down and straightened.” Anne congratulated as she gave Sophie’s hair a playful sweep of her hand.
“It is good to see you again. I hope all has been well.” Anne said as she rest a hand on Sophie’s thigh.

Sophie was very relieved that Anne had finally joined her. She blushed slightly at Anne’s comment about her hair. Anne always seem to add in some sort of slightly embarressing moniker when the subject of her hair came up. Sophie didnt mind too much, in fact it was kind of cute. She did secretly wanted to be Anne’s girl anyway.

“Everything has been good. I have been busy trying to find the right job and putting in applications.” Sophie replied as she took a sip of her tea holding the cup with both hands. “However, I have not heard back or recieved any job offers yet.”

“Well as long as you are trying; your hard work will be rewarded soon.” Anne replied and gave Sophie a little playful peck on the cheek. Which caused Sophie to blush even more.

The pair continued talking and sipping their drinks. Conversation came easily and it was obvious that they both shared a connection, as well as cemestry. Once they had both finished the drinks they continued to talk and giggle at each others jokes.
“How about you come over to my house.” Anne whispered into Sophie’s ear. Sophie giggled and squeezed Anne’s hand while shaking her head yes.

The two of them left together without saying much else. Sophie followed Anne to her house.

It was a cute smaller house with shutters located on the queter side of town. After parking her car Sophie followed Anne inside. They past the afternoon watching netflix and enjoying a charutree board Anne had whipped up. The two of them also both had a couple glasses of wine. The wine and food had made Sophie a little sleepy.

Awhile into the movie Sophie found herself wanting to snuggle. She was really enjoying the evening. Anne remained seated but guided Sophie to lay down and rest her head on Anne’s lap. Sophie found the posistion to be comfortable and satisfy the desire to be closer to Anne. Anne enjoyed being the in the “big” position as she looked down on Sophie’s face and played with her hair.

As Anne played with Sophies hair she slowly worked the tangles out with her fingers. She also noticed Sophie’s hair was rather oily. Anne could tell that Sophie had gone a few too many days using only dry shampoo. However, she wouldn’t ruin the sensual moment they were sharing by bringing it up. They stayed like this the rest of the movie; enjoying each others company.

As the credits started to role Anne shifted positions and had sophie turn her head so she was looking up at Anne
“Have you given any thought on accepting domestic displine?” Anne asked rather bluntly

“Umm yes. I am open to it.” Sophie replied knowing this topic would likely come up tonight.
“I guess my major queston is what would you punish me for and how?”

“Well I do have a list of general rules.
No swearing at me or causing a scene
You will not smoke or do drugs or drink excessively.
No lieing
You will take care of yourself and be presentable at all times.
You will work hard and be on time.
I will reserve the right to add rules as I get to know you better.
I am a spanker and I always end a spanking on the bare bottom. I will also incorporate haircuts and humilation if I feel you deserve it.”
Anne explained while looking down at Sophie.

Sophie was not surprised by the rules or the spanking. However, the thought of a punishment haircut at the hands of a pissed off Anne was a little terrifing.
“Haircuts!?!” Sophie questioned as she instinctively touched her hair. She remembered how stern Anne was during her visit to her as a customer. She could only imagine how hard Anne would be on her during a real punishment haircut.

“Yes I find a haircut is a great way to change a naughty brat’s attitude.” Anne said with some added authority in her voice. “Of course the cut would fit the crime.”

“I see. Well, I will try not to get on your bad side. I am pretty responsible and respectful.” Sophie replied
“I am good with your ideas and it will motivate me.”

“Very good. I know you are a pretty good girl but that doesnt mean there isnt room for improvement or accountability.” Anne said as she moved and helped Sophie sit up.

“Now, I remember how I said you should take care of yourself and be presentable. Your hair is rather the oily mess; also I suspect that you have gone too many days using dry shampoo. As a hairdresser I am a proponent of not over washing your hair but you really need a good scrub and a spanking.”
Anne informed Sophie.

“Well I have been rather busy!” Sophie said surprised that she was to be disciplined so quickly. “Please dont cut my hair for this.” Sophie squeaked out in a plea.

“No, you will not be receiving a haircut. However you will take those pants down and go over my lap right now!” Anne insisted as she reached out and took hold of Sophie’s wrist. Anne made sure Sophie wasn’t going anywhere and waited for her to drop her pants.

“Fine.” Sophie replied as she st9od up from the couch. Then she worked her leggings down to her thighs with her free hand. She was wearing boy short cut pink cotton underwear. With her leggings now lowered she found herself being pulled over Anne’s lap.

“It is not “fine,” you will be respectful when you are in trouble missy. It will be “yes Anne” or “yes Ma’am” from now on.” Anne corrected as she gave Sophie a few hard smacks once she was in position.

The spanking stung and Sophie let out a undignified grunt. “Yes Ma’am.” She replied only to feel more smacks landing on her round butt. Anne was a much harder spanker than Katie.

“We will get you some more suitable undergarments. You are not a kid anymore.” Anne said and she give a series of spanks that made Sophie’s cheeks jiggle. Then she hooked her fingers in the girls waist band and pulled her boy shorts down. They were a little harder to pull down than a thong or panties. All the more reason for Anne to change up Sophie’s undergarments.

Sophie stayed pretty much in place laying on the couch over Anne’s lap. The spanking had stung but so far she had kept from crying or yelping in pain. She knew from their earlier talk that Anne would likely spank her on the bare bottom. Her embarressment grew as she felt her underwear being pulled down over her round cheeks. Her face grew red with embarresment and she squeezed her thighs together to keep from giving Anne any glimpses of her pussy. It was possible in this laying down position for Sophie to retain some of her modesty.

Anne took a moment to look over Sophie’s bare bottom. She had a cute butt with well toned cheeks and thighs. It was clear that Sophie had not been spanked in a long time by how quick her blond victims rear had colored up.With little warning Anne begin the spanking hard and fast again.
“You know that dry shampoo is not a magic cure to laziness.” Anne said as she smacked away at her parters bottom

Sophie had found herself hugging a pillow and burying her face into it. “Yes Anne.” She mumbled as the pain and embarresment grew. After about another minute or so of spanking Anne stopped.

“Alright lets get you cleaned up.” Anne said as She helped Sophie up and led the way to the bathroom. She held onto Sophie’s wrist while she pulled her along.

Sophie didn’t have time to pull her bottoms up. She found that with her underwear and leggings down around her knees that she had to shuffle quickly to keep up. She reached back to rub her sore cheeks and found that her butt was warm to the touch. The whole thing was so embarrassing: being led away by the wrist while being bare bottomed. Luckly bathroom was close by.

Once in the bathroom Anne closed the door. It would help keep the heat in and it just seemed more cosy. “Okay dear get undressed and in the tub.” Anne practically ordered.

Sophie looked over her shoulder at bathroom mirror. She could now see how red her cheeks were. Sophie didn’t think that she would have to get naked. She figured on Anne having her lean over the tub for the shampoo. Being naked and sitting in the tub like a little girl would make this so much more humiliating.

Not wanting to get another round of spankings, Sophie got underdressed and knelt in the tub. She waited there with her legs pressed together and her arms folded acrossed her chest. She hoped that Anne at least liked what she saw.

Anne watched closely as Sophie undressed and got it the tub. She thought Sophie was very cute with her smallish perky breasts and atheltic figure. The only thing she didnt care for was that Sophie shaved her pubic hair. However, that could be addressed later. Right now she had a lovely sorry girl in the tub to tend to. Before Anne began the shampoo she took her top off so not to get it wet.

Sophie looked up at Anne and grinned slightly when she saw her disciplinarian remove her top. This made her feel a little better about her current predicament. Anne’s breasts were much bigger than her own. She could image cuddling and sucking on Anne’s large pink nipples.

“I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t splash or make a mess.”
Anne requested as she moved next to the tub and took the shower sprayer off the hook. Turned the water on, making sure it wasn’t cold. Then Anne leaned in closer to Sophie and began wetting her hair.

“Im not five!”
Sophie snapped back as she playfully stuck out her tougne. She washing sure if her mild bratting would earn her more punishment or not. However, she thought she was cute. Sophie watched as Anne’s breasts hung freely and jiggled with her moments as the warm water showered her. She began to relax and dropped her arms to her sides.

“No you are not; which is why uou should take better care of your hair Soph.” Anne told her as she Sophie’s eyes to meet hers with a finger under her chin. The firm gesture was ment to put an end to Sophie’s mild back talk. Then she added some shampoo to her partners hair. Anne made sure to work Sophie’s hair into a deep lather. She also gave her a nice scalp massage. Anne didn’t mind pampering Sophie a little bit despite the circumstances of her bathtime.

“You should just shampoo my hair from now on.” Sophie suggested seriously enjoying the smell of the shampoo, scalp massage and Anne’s company.

“Oh, perhaps that could be arranged; however you still will be responsible for our own hair. You will not use me as an out for it being a mess.” Anne clarified wanting to set the record straight. She could imagine Sophie trying to use Anne’s lack of personal attention as an excuse to get out of a punishment haircut. Shifting the responsibility to someone else was a classic brat move.

“Oh, yea I guess so. How about you just shampoo me whenever I stay over then.” Sophie said seeing Anne still ment to hold her responsible. Then Sophie tilted her head back Anne could rinse her hair. Sophie had closed her eyes to prevent shampoo from getting in her eyes.

“We will see.” Anne said still refusing to agree to anything. Then as she leaned in closer after she had finished rinsing Sophie’s hair; surprised her with a kiss. It was a quick kiss but more than a peck on the lips. After she had finished shampooing Sophie’s hair Anne hung up the sprayer and began removing the rest of her cloths.

Sophie popped her eyes open at the kiss. She smiled up at Anne as she watched the older woman remove her cloths. She started to open her mouth to continue to advocate for Anne to shampoo her, however decided against it. It was a little frustrating that Anne wouldn’t give into her suggestions.

Sophie slid forward in the tub, making room for Anne. She hoped that Anne getting naked was a sign that she would join her in the tub. The way Anne switched between being dominant and sweet all while maintaining her sensual dominance really played with Shopie’s emotions.

“You are so adorable.” Anne said as she leaned over and turned on the water so it began filling the tub. Then she dropped a vinalla scented bath bomb in the tub. As the bath bomb began fizz Anne slid in behind Sophie pulling her body back against her curvy body. She gently cupped Sophie’s breast, rolling the girl’s nipple between her fingers as the water level rose around them. Her other hand slide down between Sophie’s legs. When the tug was full, Anne reached up with her foot and rotated the faucet to stop the water.

Sophie leaned back against Anne as let out a deep breath. She willingly opened her legs welcoming Anne’s touch. Sophie let out a little moan, then tilted her head back further on Anne’s shoulder for a kiss. She had never had such a romantic bath before. This all felt so elegant. Perhaps Anne was right in the fact at the age of 23 she had yet to fully “grow up.”

After finding the younger woman’s slick pussy and aroused clitoris Anne began massaging it. She met Sophie’s lips with a deep kiss and slide her tongue inside. Anne held Sophie tightly against her as she water transformed to an amber shade. The pressure Anne applied Sophie’s sensitive area’s increased as she felt the younger woman’s body responded to the pleasure.

Sophie welcomed everything Anne was giving her. When her orgasm did come her moans were silence by Anne’s mouth. She liked that; as if she Anne was drawing the pleasure right out of her like some sex vampire. As her orgasm subsided Sophie broke the kiss and rolled on her side some. She took Anne’s nipple in her mouth and began to suck and play with her large breasts. Then Sophie tried to move her hand between Anne’s legs to return the orgasm.

Anne pushed Sophie’s hand away and pulled her in close. She swept Sophie’s damp hair back and allowed her to continue to suck at her breast.
“We can do that later.” Anne said in a deeper tone as she rubbed Sophie’s back. She enjoyed Sophie’s closeness; additionally Anne prefered that when Sophie was giving her pleasure that she use her mouth.

Sophie nodded her head more than content to suggle in the warm water.
“I really enjoyed this.” Sophie said as she took a break from sucking at Anne’s large nipple.

“I did as well. You are delightful to be with.” Anne said as she smiled and thought about if now was the right time to address a few changes. She decided that being direct was always best.
“From now on I would like it if you grew out your pubic hair some. I at least want you to have a patch on you mound.” Anne annouced as she touched Sophie’s pubic area. “Also I was serious about you wearing a panties or a thong…preferably something lacey.” Anne insisted

“Yes Anne.” Sophie said as she nodded her head in approval to Anne’s simple requests. However, she wasn’t naive enough to know what was requested was practically a mandate. What was requested was easy enough to agree to. Sophie wondered what other changes Anne would make to have her meet the image of a grown up girlfriend.

After a while longer of soaking in the bath Anne pulled the plug from the drain with her toe. As the bath water drained the two of the them rinsed off. They helped washing each other as necessary. Then they stepped out of the bath and helped dry one another.
“I would like to give you a hair mask treatment.” Anne said breaking the silence as she wrapped her robe around her body.

Sophie not having a robe settled for wrapping a towel around herself.
“Oh sure. That would be nice.”

“Good. Have a seat then baby.” Anne instructed as she pulled a wooden stool from the corner of the bathroom and positioned it in front of the mirror. Then she opened a drawer wear Anne kept her hair stuff. She removed a small folded comb out cape and wide tooth comb. Then she waited with a look of inpatientance for Sophie to take a seat.

Sophie saw the look on Anne’s face and knew this wasnt a choice. She also noticed that the drawer contained scissors, clippers, and other haircutting instruments. Even at home Sophie would be under the treat of a punishment haircut. When she took a seat on the stool the found that the towel rode up and completely exposed her ass. Although she was more comfortable being naked around Anne, this indignty still made her feel small on the inside. Sophie realized that whenever Anne did anything with her hair it would not be on her terms.

“Perfect.” Anne stated with a smile as she placed the pink comb out cape around Sophie’s shoulders and buttoned it under her chin. The comb out cape was short and only covered Sophie’s shoulders and back. Then Anne placed a hand on top of Sophie’s head and preceded to combing the tangles from the girls damp hair. She didn’t mind having a good view of Sophie’s bubble butt while she worked either. She notice the red had all but faded from Sophies cheeks.

Sophie watched in the mirror as Anne stood behind her with a determined look on her face as she raked the wide tooth comb through her blond locks. Even during something simple as combing out Sophie’s hair Anne maintianed her air of dominance. The back was rather tangled and Anne wasnt being overly gentle. Due to the rough treatment Sophie shifted on the stool which caused the towel to come undone completely.

“Sit still or I will give your hair good cutting.” Anne admonished as she continued to comb Sophie’s hair; intirerly indifferent to Sophie’s nakedness. When Sophie’s hair was finally combed out Anne reached for the bottle containing the hair treatment.

“Yes Anne.” Sophie replied as she forced herself to sit still. She watched in the mirror as Anne applied the hairmask; not wanting to find out what a “good cutting” would consist of. Anne’s authoritive demands and the irony that she had just threatened to cut off her hair all while taking care of it hit Sophie with so many emotions. All she could do is sit there squeezing her thighs together. She discovered that Anne’s head games had once again succeeded in making her wet.

Once the application was complete Anne rinsed her hands, leaving Sophie to sit and wait for the hair mask to process. While she waited Anne took the time to blow dry her hair. She couldnt help but to admire how cute Sophie was naked, caped and under her command.

Sophie waited patently for Anne to rinse her hair. She had gotten a slightly more comfortable with sitting on the chair. For a moment she imagined that she was a model for a painter. It was a silly thought but it was kind of true. Her hair seemed to be Annes canvas. Sophie looked over at Anne as she finished blow drying her hair, she was very aluring.

Anne set down the hair dryer and turned her attention to Sophie. “You are going to love how silky your hair will be.” Anne told her as she walked behind Sophie. The sink was deep for a bathroom sink, with a tall faucet.
“You will have to lean forward baby. I know it’s not a salon…but it works”
Anne instructed as she placed her hand Sophie’s satin cape covered shoulder.

Without saying a word Sophie lowered her head under the faucet. Once again she felt like a little girl, dispite Anne calling her baby and telling her how pretty she would be. The water and Anne’s touch on her scalp were relaxing. Half way through the rinse, Anne began playing with Sophie’s nipples, and kissing at her neck. This gave Sophie goose bumps.

When Anne as finished rinsing out Sophie’s hair she helped her to sit up and wrapped the towel around her hair. After toweling sweet Sophie’s hair dry; Anne began blowing out Sophie’s hair using a flat brush.

By the time Anne finished styling Sophie’s hair, she began to feel a little more like herself again. Anne was right that in the fact that her hair was very healthy looking. She watched in the mirror as Anne removed the cape from around her shoulder. Sophie scrunched her face in a smile when Anne gave her a peck on the cheek.

“See, I told you I would elevate your hair. Lookhow great it looks when you take care of it like a woman should.” Anne chided as she cleaned up the counter. Then she helped Sophie off the stool and returned it to its place in the corner.
“Now we have unfinished business.” Anne said as she pulled her cute atheltic blond in close and took her by the hand.

Sophie nodded her head in agreement to Anne’s statements, as she met lips with a kiss. “Thank you. I do look more grown up.” Sophie agreed, dispite once again feeling little again do to Anne wearing a robe versus her nakness; in addition to Anne’s comments. More of Anne’s head games to toy with her.

Anne gently guided Sophie to her knees on the bathmat. Sophie squeezed Anne’s hand and found herself been guided willingly to her knees. Then Sophie wrapping her slender hands around Anne’s thick thighs. She had no objection to pleasing her dominant hairdresser girlfriend. A firm hand on the back of Sophie’s head ensured that she found Anne’s wet pussy. Sophie immediately began showing off her skills to Anne’s delight.


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