Spare Time (Part:1)

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It was sunny day, with green leaves glistening whenever sunlight would fall on it, It really was pleasant to look at, Elizabeth was admiring the pleasant scenery through her windows with a smile on her face as her golden wavy hair fluttered through the wind
Elizabeth was a gorgeous high school student with slime and petite body, perfect skin and beautiful green eyes and one of her most striking features of all is her long wavy strawberry blonde hair which cascaded down her shoulders and reached just below her breasts, framing her face perfectly, She was one the most beautiful girl in her school and she attracted lots of attention from boys because of it, Which got lot of girls envious of her beauty and some were even Angry with her, But Elizabeth never paid much attention to either of them and does her studies diligently. With her lively character she had developed a friendly environment around her by creating her own friend circle with the girls she liked or girls that had similar personality to her. As she was in her summer break now, she was feeling extremely bored as most of her friends had many places to visit and enjoy their Holidays, But she never liked holiday As much, as her father worked abroad and never had time to go for a family trip and her mom was busy with her work in a business firm she worked, So she had started hating holidays as she had to spend the time alone and she was already accustomed to spending her time around her friends all time.

Standing near the window, Elizabeth was wearing a White tank top and Blue jean shorts, she turned her gaze from the windows and picked up her phone and called a number that stated “Penny”
A voice answered the phone with an excited tone “Hey, what’s up Beth how’s your summer break’s been”
Elizabeth sighed and responded in a low voice “I’ll tell you what, it’s been super boring for me, I was just staring through the windows all day long waiting for you to return from vacation”
Penny answered with a hint of pity “Oh, that must tough, say what, why don’t we meet up for shopping or something like that?”
Elizabeth responded with little cheerful tone “That sounds great let’s meet at The Mall then, at around 11 o clock”
Penny replied “It’s settled then, I’ll Meet you at the mall later, Bye”
Elizabeth jumped with excitement at finally having something fun to do after a long while and She started getting ready, she showered and changed into a floral blouse and matching skirt which reached till her knees and blow dried her hair and put it in high ponytail after combing for a while, then took a final look at her reflections making sure everything was perfect. She looked at her watch and sighed after realizing that she still had one hour left before the designated time, she thought “might as well go early and wait for her while doing some shopping”
While she was going to pick her car keys up but looking at the empty stand where her keys used to be, she remembered her car was sent for maintenance and she cursed inwardly at her situation “That’s just great” and She started thinking about other ways to reach the mall and she reached a viable solution “I’ll just ask mom to drop me at the Mall”
She started climbing down the stairs and reached the living room and saw her mom and brother were already getting ready leave somewhere just as her mom grabbed her coat and moving towards the door
Elizabeth asked her mom “Mom, can you drop me at the mall I have planned to meet penny there, I can’t use my car as it’s been sent for maintenance” Her mom replied “Oh, at what time do you have to reach there?” Elizabeth answered, “I have to be at there at Eleven” Her mom replied with smile “It won’t be problem then, I was just going to take your brother to the Barbershop for his summer haircut, I can drop you at the mall after that”
As Elizabeth’s father worked abroad her mom had to always took her brother to the Barbershop for his haircut and Elizabeth knew sometimes her mom would also return with a trim and then Elizabeth remembered that one time when her mom suddenly returned home sporting a short Bob and said she had done it for a change. But now her mom grew out her Blonde hair and was just barley touching her shoulders, she had straight hair unlike Elizabeth. Elizabeth didn’t like the idea of going to barbershop with her mom, but she didn’t have any other choice.
Her mom opened the door and said “let’s get going then”
Her brother was sitting in the front beside her mom and Elizabeth was sitting at the back, seeing everyone remained silent her mom turned on the car radio to make the environment somewhat lively after some screeching sounds a clear voice stated from the radio “So What do you think about the weather this time of year, Jim” Jim replied “Oh it’s super-hot out there Sean and the weather forecasters are saying that the temperature’s just gonna keep on rising from her on out, it’s going be tough” Sean replied “Well you heard him friends get used the heat and we’ll back just after a short break, don’t melt away till then”
After ten minutes Elizabeth realized the car has stopped and it was parked in front of a shop with pole at side of with red and blue lines on it and then board stated, “Family Barbershop”. Her mom turned off radio which was playing advertisement and took her car keys, and everyone got off the car. Her mom at front and the both followed after her
As her mom pushed opened the door a bell rand notifying their entry and a lingering smell of cosmetics and shampoo hit their nose, but only Elizabeth reacted to it as both her mom and brother were already familiar with the place.
A slim woman of mid-thirties with perfect bun greeted her mom with smile on her facing saying “Ah, your back Miss. Green, please be seated I’ll be with you in a minute” and she watched Elizabeth entering after her mom and following her, his brother. After everyone seated in the waiting chair
While taking one of the magazines beside her Elizabeth’s mom spoke “Miss.Ava,  look like your shops been very busy with lot of customers”
Miss.ava replied with smile “Yes, Miss.Green as the temperature’s getting very hot outside we have been getting a lot of customers these days”
Elizabeth’s mom replied while glancing through the magazine “Good for you, then”
While they were conversing, Elizabeth looked around the place, It looked like a traditional barbershop with huge mirrors in the front and back and scissors, shaving cream, spraying bottle was placed in the shelf and in front of her were two huge barber chairs with two people stationed them, As Miss Ava was attending to small boy, there was middle aged man attending to elderly who was just raising from his chair after getting his haircut. After observing Elizabeth didn’t have anything else do while waiting and she just sat watching Miss.ava giving the small boy his haircut. Miss.ava was handling the scissors very fast with precise and speedy movements and very soon the boy’s hair was reduced to once inch all over his head.
Miss.ava realized Elizabeth’s gaze and said “Miss.Green looks like you have brought your daughter this time”
Elizabeth’s mom said “Yeah, I’m giving her a trip to the mall on my way”
Suddenly bell’s door chimed, and a cheerful and lively voice was heard in shop stating “I’m back mom”
The owner of voice was High school girl with chestnut brown hair in a pigtail hairstyle with red ribbon holding them and she wore modern denim jumpsuit and wore pair of silver hooped earrings, altogether she looked cute and lively.
Elizabeth realized the person entered was one of her classmates and but Elizabeth had never had a conversation with her and so she decided to ignore her.
While Miss.ava was releasing the boy after his haircut, she looked the girl arrived While the shaking cape of hair and said “Your late Sharon, what were you doing, Paul was waiting for you a long time here, looks like I’ll have to teach you lesson by snipping one those tails off”
Sharon said “I’m sorry Mom, I was caught up in the traffic”
While Miss.ava threw a cape around Elizabeth’s brother who just went up on his own accord without her mom saying and was sitting obediently. Picking up her scissors from her pocket Miss.ava said “Whatever, just get to work”
Cheerfully she went to another barber chair beside Miss.ava where the middle aged was stationed and said with cheerful tone “I’ll take it from here Uncle Paul”
Paul has already finished giving the elderly man’s haircut and he was waiting for his grandson’s haircut to be over, who just arrived after receiving his haircut from Miss.ava and Elderly man took out his wallet and paid for both of their haircut and went out of the shop and Paul was getting ready to go to leave for his lunch break and after getting ready he left the shop hurriedly.
As Elizabeth’s mom saw Sharon standing behind the chair while sweeping the floors of stray hair she asked “So Sharon how have been”
Sharon looked at the voice’s owner and said “Oh, I have doing great Miss.Green”
After laying down the broom Sharon asked excitedly with a wide smile “So Miss.Green, what do think about the Bob I gave you last time”
Elizabeth’s mom smiled replied “Well, it was easy to maintain, and it looked pretty good too”
Sharon said with smile “Looks like it grew out, it’s no biggie just few minutes in my chair you’ll be as good as new”
Elizabeth’s mom replied “Oh, But Sharon, I have been growing it out to get it permed on your Mother’s suggestion”
Just when she finished her sentence Sharon turned to her mom and asked her in a whimpering tone “Mom….,Why are stealing my customers ?”
Miss.ava replied while smiling “Don’t worry Sharon you will get new customers, why don’t you ask the Young lady beside Miss.Green”
Sharon looked at Who here mom referred to and realized that blonde girl sitting beside Miss.Green was her daughter Elizabeth Green. She knew very well who she was and How high her reputation in her school. But Sharon knew that in Elizabeth’s eyes she was just nobody even though they were in the same class, such as was Elizabeth’s character, So Sharon didn’t like her very much but didn’t hate either. But She realized that a lot of Sharon’s friends are mad at Sharon as the boys would not pay attention to them because of her presence, and Sharon decided to do them and herself a favor by do something about it as she had a opportunity in front of her.
After running her thought’s like a train within seconds she smiled warmly at Elizabeth and said “So, Beth what do think about getting new look for summer, it’s pretty hot out there, what do you think Miss.Green”
Elizabeth’s mom said “Hmm, it does sounds like good idea with the Summer heat rising”
Elizabeth realized that they were trying get her to cut her long locks and panicked and said “But Mom, I have to go the mall”
Hearing this Elizabeth’s mom thought her daughter was willing to get her haircut, but it was reaching the mall was her problem and said “It’s not a problem dear, we still have spare time to reach there and you can get your haircut done while we are waiting for your brother, now be a good girl and get on the chair and have your haircut”
Hearing this Sharon rejoiced in her heart but didn’t show it, bu smiled warmly at Miss.Green
Elizabeth was going say something, but her mom looked at her sternly and said “Elizabeth green”
Sharon watched while swirling the ends of one of her tail with her fingers and pushed back both her tails back as she watched Elizabeth standing and walking towards her chair with her high ponytail lying in front of her shoulders on one side.
Elizabeth nervously grabbed the metallic handle with her trembling fingers and hold it firmly and placed her legs on the footrest and sat herself down in the brown leather barber chair and she was surprised to realize that it was extremely comfortable chair and she looked straight at her reflection in the mirror in front and made eye contact with Sharon who was smiling while swirling the ends of one of her tails and immediately said “Let’s get to work then”
Sharon pulled Elizabeth’s ponytail back and took a piece of tissue and placed it around her neck and threw the red stripped cape in her hands around Elizabeth’s neck and placed it tightly and took the comb and started combing while she was doing so
Sharon playfully stated “I had picked out a great haircut for you Miss.Green, but it looks like lucks on your daughter side today”
Miss.Green looked at playful girl and asked “Oh, what’s this great haircut that I’m missing out on”
Sharon said while smiling “I’ll show it you, but you are not allowed to tell or show mom”
Miss.Green said smiling “Alright, Little Missy, I won’t show it your mom”
Sharon picked up her phone and went near to waiting chair where Elizabeth’s mom was sitting and showed her the photo. Elizabeth’s mom looked at the picture and smiled “You were planning on giving this haircut to me, it’s really short, but it does look kind of cute, but do you think I’ll be able to pull it off”
Sharon said smiling “I think Beth would look fabulous with it and it’s easier to maintain”
Elizabeth could not hear what they were talking about she just looked helplessly at them through the mirror in a distant at their smiling faces
Sharon returned back behind Elizabeth and removed the high ponytail and pulled back all the hair and combed through it and she looked at the mane before she wore sinister grin on her face at thought of all this will be lying down on the floor lifelessly. She immediately wiped her grin off and picked up the sprayer and started wetting Elizabeth hair on all sides and combed her hair straight but there was little wavy hair here and there but they were natural and could only be ignored after series of damping and combing, Sharon picked up her scissors and placed the combed just above her ear and removed the comb and then placed the scissors just 2 cm above her ear, When Elizabeth saw her hair in between the scissors and where Sharon kept it, her eyes widened and while she  was opening her mouth to say something, Just at the right moment Sharon closed scissors and sent 14 inches of blonde hair sliding down and fell on Elizabeth’s lap, Elizabeth was speechless looking at piece of hair on her lamp while stilling looking at Sharon who kept on snipping and sending another lump of her on her lap without stopping Sharon just kept on cutting and made blunt line on the right side of her head and combed out the remaining hair on the top of blunt line and made sure it ended at the blunt line and was straight if not she would snip them once more making a clean Blunt line and she picked up the remaining long hair below the blunt line with comb and snipped close to the scalp she did the same for all hair below the line and after the checking line on right side once more, Sharon placed her left hand on Elizabeth’s head firmly and made her bend down her head looking at her lap and took the comb and placed it horizontally at center of her head and made sure it was equal in length with right side she started snipping at the base of the comb sending large chunks of wet blonde hair down the floor and she just kept on cutting with speedy movements sometimes, one of Sharon’s tail would fall in front from her shoulders as was snipping and she would just pushed it back and started snipping, Very soon she made clear blunt line on Elizabeth’s back and took the long portion below the line and snipped it close to scalp.
Elizabeth her head was starting to feel her head was getting light and she felt cold air on the back side of her head and While she was constantly hearing snipping sounds, Sharon paused and grabbed Elizabeth’s cheeks firmly with her left hand and made her turn left and right while the hair on her left side would swing, while right could not as there were hair no longer than her ear. While Sharon was playing with Elizabeth’s head, Elizabeth caught a glimpse of how her hair looked now and was on shock beyond words, While her eyes filled with tears and was just going to flow out, Sharon didn’t  pay attention to it and just kept on snipping on the left side, after creating a blunt line she snipped the remaining hair close to close to scalp. Sharon made Elizabeth look at her reflection forcefully while holding her head making her unable to turn her gaze away from the mirror.
Sharon placed her hands on Elizabeth’s shoulder and said while smiling “You look gorgeous Beth, we just have clean the sides and back then your are good to go”
Hearing Sharon, Elizabet just smiled wryly unable to comprehend what she meant
Sharon unhooked the clippers from the shelf and switched it on with a snap and the room was filled buzzing sound, Miss.ava looked at Sharon after finished giving Elizabeth’s brother his haircut and thought “This girl.., She really didn’t hold back on shearing Elizabeth like a sheep”
While smiling Miss.ava thought “Looks like It’s been a long time since Sharon received a haircut from me, The temperatures been rising and looks like it’s a good time do so”
Sharon placed No.1 guard on the clippers and pushed Elizabeth’s head forward made her bend down and pushed clippers up her nape forming a path of skin on bristles of hair below the line and made pass after pass just barely avoiding the blunt line, She took the comb and lifted the blunt line and moved the clippers under and she passed clippers on the right side leaving behind only skin.
After finishing Sharon blow dried the hair left on top of Elizabeth’s head and shook the cape out sending lumps of blonde locks fell down on the floor.
Elizabeth just kept staring at her reflection on the mirror and was out words to express her current state, She was just on her way to the Mall to meet her friend but here she was sitting in barbershop after shedding all her locks and looking blankly at her reflection
Sharon was trying really hard to hold back her laughter, But looking at what she done to their high school Beauty, She could help but grin widely looking a Elizabeth’s condition
Sharon placed her hands on Elizabeth’s Shoulders and Whispered on her ears “This cut looks perfect for a condescending Bitch like you”
Elizabeth was in state she couldn’t hearing anything and was dazing at her reflection. But she came to her senses soon but she didn’t hear what Sharon Whispered to her.
Miss.ava came looking at Elizabeth’s haircut she said “So, You have been thinking about giving a Chilie Bowlcut to Miss.Green, I guess it could work on her”
Sharon said while pouting “Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, But you just had to give her ideas about perming her hair”
Elizabeth rose from her chair and looked at back side of her and couldn’t help other than to raise her hand to find out how it feels and she touched the blunt line and felt how bouncy it was and moved her hands caressing the skin and it strangely felt good to her and after finally taking in her Whole image She had thought’s like “It wasn’t really that bad”
Elizabeth mom saw Elizabeth inspecting her haircut with a smile on her face and smiled and said “you look wonderful baby, Let’s get going then we are out of time”
Elizabeth realized and went her to mom’s side
Elizabeth mom said “I’ll come next week for my perm then, Miss.ava”
Miss.ava said “Yeah, sure Miss.Green” and looked at Elizabeth and said while smiling “If you want, you could tag along with your mother next week”
Elizabeth said with a smile “Sure, Miss.ava”
When she saw Elizabeth smiling Sharon was dumbfounded at expression and realized that Elizabeth had grown to like cut and was happy with it and she didn’t really think Elizabeth would start like a Bowlcut
And cursed inwardly “What’s wrong with this Bitch, she actually liked the cut, Maybe I should have given her crewcut to teach a lesson”
And came to a conclusion “No use regretting it now, I’ll just shave her bald the next week”
Saying so she kept her anger in check
Miss.Green paid for Elizabeth and her brother’s haircut and left towards the mall
After that Sharon was slightly feeling exhausted and went on sat in on of the barber chair and closed her eyes, as there was no customers in shop she thought she would rest for a while.
Miss.ava started sweeping all the blonde hair to trash and looked at Sharon and smiled, while Picking up her scissors and went behind her. Miss.ava Picked one of sharons tails with her hand and rembered how she would keep swirling it with her fingers and smiled
At the Mall
Penny had already arrived and was waiting for Elizabeth
Penny glace at her watch and it was already “11:10” While penny was looking at entrance she felt someone touched her shoulders and when turned, She looked at current Elizabeth And just went “Oh my gosh”

The End


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