Spare Time (Part:2)

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At Family Barbershop

While Miss.ava raised one of Sharon’s tail with her hand and was just going to snip it off her daughter’s head with her scissors suddenly a sweat dripped down from Miss.ava’s neck and she felt exhaustion wash over her and realized that she was feeling extremely exhausted working all day without taking any sort of break and need some rest so she put down Sharon tail and shrugged it off sating “Maybe another time then”.

she decided to take her rest while the Shop was still free of any customers, Miss.ava placed her hands over her perfectly placed bun and pulled the pins holding the bun and let her wavy chestnut brown hair flow down her shoulders which reached till her considerably large breasts which complemented her tender and slender body perfectly, she combed through her thick hair with her fingers and she looked at herself in mirror, realization dawned her that “It’s gotten pretty long, Maybe I should trim it down a bit, considering the temperature outside it’ll be good to reduce one or two inches”

She went to her barber chair and sat herself down the barber chair comfortably and turned her head towards her daughter Sharon, who was leisurely resting in the barber chair beside her with her eyes closed, she said “Sharon, wake up you have customer up here”

Sharon abruptly opened her eyes and got up from her chair and looked around the waiting chair searching for customers, but she failed to find any and looked at her mother who was sitting in her Barber chair with her legs crossed and asked her while pouting “Mom, now who is this customer your talking about”

Miss.ava smiled and replied “Can’t you see me sitting over here waiting to caped”

Sharon smiled playfully and said “Oh…”

Sharon picked up the cape she just used on Elizabeth and walked towards her mother’s Barber chair and threw her cape across her mother’s neck, while she pulled back all the chestnut brown hair back and hold it place with her hands and placed the cape tightly around her neck. she let her hair fall freely, as she picked up her comb and started combing through it.

While combing Sharon asked causally “Mom, so what are we going to do with all this hair today”

Miss.ava said nonchalantly “Hmmm Just trimming 2 inches… or wait…Maybe 3 inches should do”

Sharon replied with a hint of disappointment in her tone “huh…Just a trim…, So boring, I thought you’ll be going short again after long time, like the time once you decide to let uncle Paul gave you a haircut”

Miss.ava looked at her reflection and pondered for while and thought “Maybe I should go short after all, it’s been a long time since I had short hair and it’s easier to work around, as the shop will still be flooding with customers for a next few weeks” arriving at conclusion

Miss.ava said to Sharon “Ok then, cut it like the bob I used to have, try anything funny you’ll be leaving here bald”

Sharon replied with an excited smile “aye sir” realizing that all these lovely locks will coming off today she was ecstatic

Sharon started spraying Miss.ava hair wet and combed it straight with her comb and picked up her scissors and she started sniping the hair at chin length on the right side and started working precision and speed with that, one could hear consistent snipping sound filling the room and she was frequently comb it down the hair and made sure it’s till chin length if not she’ll give it another snip at end of the hair to make it perfect, which results in little tufts of wet hair sticking to scissors or some sticking to Miss.ava’s neck and she kept snipping monotonously while large strands of hair kept sliding down the floor, some lying lifelessly on Miss.ava’s shoulders and some slid down and fell from her shoulders and get gathered in Miss.ava’s capped lap which kept growing heavier as the time passes and Sharon combed down the hair in the back straight and sprayed water making it more damp which made the brown hair little darker and again combed it down straight and placed her scissors just 2 inches above her hairline and started sniping in the backside of her of head.

Miss.ava looked at herself in mirror and moved her attention to the pile of hair resting in her lap and inspected her once long hair taking shape into chin-length bob,

She faintly smiled at her reflection once and blissfully closed her eyes once again and she started listening to snipping sounds of the scissors that’s surrounding her, while Sharon sent locks and locks of brown hair down the floor, she combed down all hair in back side checked whether it looked perfect and Sharon giggled while touching the fluffy back portion of her mother’s head with a look of satisfaction she moved on to the left side and combed it down a few times and snipped it uniformly similar to the right side of the head and she sent several long strands of hair slipping down the shoulders Which fell lifelessly in Miss.ava’s lap joining already large pile of her, within minutes she finished left side of her head which was end of the end of haircut

Moving back a second, she inspected the haircut she had given her Mom from all sides and she was satisfied with the outcome and just as she was going to release the cape resting on her mom indicating the end of haircut,

she realized that her mom was not paying any attention to anything was still in her peaceful state with her eyes closed,

Sharon had mischievous smile on her face and she combed down the front portion of her hair, hearing the snipping stopping for brief amount of time she decided to open her eyes, When Miss.ava opened her eyes she found her vision blocked with strands of her hair blocking her vision and to her surprise, gradually the hair before her eyes started falling from right to left with each snipping sound and soon her vision becomes clear and she gawked at her reflection that greeted it was herself without all her locks but with a super short bangs and chin length bob, She was particularly frustrated about her bangs because it was very short, just barely reaching her eyebrows and Miss.ava frowned at her reflection.

Miss.ava said looking towards Sharon with a stern expression “I thought I said don’t try anything funny, I don’t remember having bangs last time I had a haircut

Sharon said while giggling “Mom, don’t sweat the small details, I thought bangs would go well with the bob, and you used to give it to me all times”

Sharon released the cape and shook it to let the stray hair fall down and Miss.ava got up from her chair and took the comb from the shelf and tried to comb down the bangs till her eyebrows but it didn’t reach as it was too short to do so. Miss.ava gritted her teeth in anger and just as she was going to yell at her daughter she heard the bell chimed and she looked towards who entered the shop, it was Paul the middle-aged barber who worked under her.

Paul smiled at Miss.ava’s look and said “Looks like you two had a lot fun while I was out”

Sharon giggled and let out compressed laugh before saying “What do you think Uncle Paul, I think I overdid myself with my mom’s haircut this time”

Paul just smiled and replied “Looks like the brat got you good this time Miss.ava”

Miss.ava replied with a playful smile “oh…is that so, Let’s just see who gets the last laugh”

Hearing this sent shivers down Sharon’s back, making remembering some bad memories that she didn’t want to remember and She subconsciously caressed both her tails hanging down from either side of her shoulders and thought “Oh my gosh, I gotta go before Mom grabs me and shear me like a sheep”

Miss.ava was grinning playfully at her dazed daughter

Sharon saw her mom from the corner of her eyes that she was grinning while covering her mouth with her hands and she decided to just get out of here while she’s was distracted and not come to barbershop for the time being

Sharon a with forced a smile on her face and said hurriedly “Ok then, Uncle Paul now that you have come, you can take over my spot as I have plans with my friends”

Paul said while still laughing “Yeah, right…. got it”

Sharon hurriedly made her way to door abruptly and opened the door and went outside the shop and she barely heard her mom shout something to her

Which if she heard it, she would have heard to something all these long “Oh, wait Sharon, let mama give you haircut”

While her mom was still smiling and said “Let’s just see how long you can run little Missy”

Seeing her daughter’s response, elated her mood to another level and then Miss.ava picked up the broom and swept her own hair and drop it in the trash and looked at her reflection once more and let out a dry laugh

After a While Customers started flooding the shop that following day and been busy for next few weeks and Sharon’s been skipping to help her mom in the barbershop and Sharon contacted her mom through her phone and begged her mom to notify her if Elizabeth was to come back for her trim and that she would be glad to do it. Her mom agreed to it for the chance of getting her daughter in her barber chair.

Author’s Note:

Check out first part if you haven’t, and tell me in the comments if you liked my work, if didn’t just mention my flaws too.



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