Spare Time (Part:3)

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At Elizabeth’s Room
It has been a month since the day Elizabeth got her long golden locks cut into short Bowlcut by her classmate Sharon.
And now she was sitting in front of the mirror attached in her dressing table and she was holding a comb in her hand and she was combing out her Bowlcut which has now grown out below her ear lobes with wide grin in her face. As she was combing she heard a knock to her door and she placed her comb down and made her way to door and opened to find her mom standing
Her mom said “Oh, Elizabeth I was on my way for getting my hair done, I thought I would give you heads up if you want to get a trim or something”
Elizabeth was surprised and looking at her still waiting for an answer she just said “Oh, yeah sure Mom, I’ll be downstairs in a minute”
Her mom replied “Oh, if you want, you can ask your friends to tag along, Miss.ava said that shop’s free now, oh you don’t know dear I have been trying to get my hair done for the past few weeks, but they have been very busy past few days, I said it so to you so that you can help out your friends in this hot weather”
Elizabeth said with a smile on her face “Thanks mom, I’ll ask penny she liked my haircut very much last time when we met in the mall”
Her mom said “Oh, alright dear” and got downstairs
After her mom left she picked up her phone and called penny while still looking at her reflection in the mirror and combing her grown out bowl cut with her fingers and She heard a sweet yet excited voice rang from her phone
“what’s up, girl what are up to now” asked penny in cheerful tone
Elizabeth replied “Yeah penny, I’m going to get my hair trimmed and just wanted ask you if you want tag along with me so that you can get your hair trimmed or something like that”
Penny was taken back and said with in sheepish tone “oh Beth, is it really alright, it is a barbershop….”
Elizabeth replied while giggling “Oh, it’s totally alright penny, they do girls haircut too, Ok then wait outside your home I’ll pick you up” after that she disconnected her call
Elizabeth changed into a loose blue top and a light floral short skirt which barely reached her knees which showed off her slender legs and looked into mirror and replaced her earrings with earrings made of long pink feathers which she bought in the mall after her haircut, after taking in her final look.
Elizabeth got downstairs and heard her mom’s car horn from outside and opened the door and watched her mom waving at her from the SUV car and smiled back at her and made her way to the car and sat down in at the backside.

In the car
Elizabeth’s mom was sitting in her driver’s seat with her business black suit and her dark blonde hair neatly placed in tight bun
Elizabeth’s mom said “Say Elizabeth, is any of your friends coming?”
Elizabeth replied while inspecting her looks in the front camera of her phone and “Yeah Mom, she’s gonna been standing out her house, there right before the next turn”
After turning her car, a girl came into their view standing next to a traffic signal, she really was looker with her glossy raven black hair pulled back in a low ponytail which reached till her middle back and she had a gorgeous slender body with her ample breasts which showed off her maturity, she would be the High school beauty without considering Elizabeth
Elizabeth notified her mom and she pulled over the car, near her and Penny got on the car and settled down backside beside Elizabeth
Penny greeted Elizabeth’s mom (Miss.Green) with a warm smile and said “Hello, Miss.Green”
Miss.Green replied while maintain her concentration the road “Oh penny, how have been dear”
Penny replied pleasantly “I’m doing good Miss.Green”
While the penny and Elizabeth chit chatted for a while, after what looked like five minutes suddenly the car came to a halt and penny strained her neck to the front and looked at where the car has been parked and a big board with bold letters greeted her with words “Family’s Barbershop”
Elizabeth woke her friend for her daze and replied “Let’s get going penny”
After saying “Yeah, right” she got off from the car and she looked at Miss.Green who was opening the door to the shop and penny couldn’t put her finger on it but felt something amiss looking at shop
Elizabeth knew her friend was in for a whole new experience and she was anxious and excited at same time
Elizabeth said while giggling “chop chop hurry up, move your butt penny”
Penny followed Elizabeth into the shop and smell of shampoo and various other cosmetics hit her nose and she observed surroundings to find two women, and the first was women of late twenties with short bob and the another was cute girl with a twin-tails hanging from her shoulders, she didn’t know why but she felt like she had seen her somewhere before.
Penny made way to waiting chair and looked at two women working with precision and speed while tufts of hair fall down the floor continuously, it was all a peculiar sight for her while was still observing breaking the silence
Miss.Green spoke “Miss.ava looks like you couldn’t handle the heat and chopped off all your hair, it suits if must say so, particularly the bangs.”
Just after she finished her sentence a giggling sound filled the room, everyone looked towards the source of the sound and found Sharon covering her mouth with both her hands struggling to control her laughter
Elizabeth chuckled at her reaction and
Miss.ava sighed and said “It’s all my daughter’s work Miss.Green”
Miss.Green looked at Sharon with playful smile and said “oh, is what I hear right little Missy?”
Sharon compressed her laugh and said “yup, Miss.Green aren’t I awesome?”
Miss.Green said with a smile “Well, aren’t you nice helping out mother” and both Sharon and Miss.ava got to finish the already sitting customers in their chair with speedy actions. And the first one to finish was Miss.ava and the little boy paid and left the shop
After that Miss.Green made her way to barber chair and sat herself comfortably and placed her hands on the arm rest and looked at straight at her reflection in the mirror and a white cape was draped around her and placed it tightly around her.
Then Miss.ava started removing the pins holding her bun after placing all pins down and she combed it straight
After that she placed her hands-on Miss.Green’s shoulders and said “So what are we doing today Miss.Green”
Miss.Green with a pondering expression on her face “Well…. Even though you have suggested for me get a perm, But I was hoping get something shorter for the heat, something like your haircut if I’m to be precise”
While combing her hair Miss.ava “Sounds like good idea, Let’s take it short then”
Hearing her mother’s choice of haircut piqued her daughter Elizabeth’s interest and she watched carefully at her mom
Miss.ava picked up her spraying bottle and sprayed an ample amount of water on her head and combed out making sure every part is damp, she picked up her scissors and started snipping at her chin, While chunks of wet blonde hair slid down the cape and hit the floor, she combed the clipped part twice, looked at it making sure ever part is at even length and moved on to back side of her head, she lifted up large amount of hair with her comb and snipped continuously repeating the same process lifting the hair with comb and snip, and within minutes the back portion of her was fluffy with hair perfectly ending just an inch above her hairline, Miss.ava took a step back to inspect her work, Which allowed the two girls sitting at waiting chair to view what she had done to the person in the chair
When the view in front of them became clear, Penny sucked in cold breath at the scene in front of her
Seeing her friend’s reaction on her mother haircut, Elizabeth giggled with one her of hands on her back feeling once she had it like that on her head
Miss.ava looked at the source of giggles and caught penny’s attention and smiled at her reaction
Penny was struck with shock at the smile intended at her
Sharon just watched Elizabeth giggling at the waiting chair and sneered “Humph, let’s how you laugh after I’m done with you today” and back to her work, she was rushing the haircut of the boy on her chair because she couldn’t contain herself from wanting to make Elizabeth despair right on her chair.
Miss.ava finished with all sides and asked “Miss.Green do want me to give you bangs?”
Miss.Green said with a smile “Huh, Maybe, not the bangs, it won’t look professional on me”
Miss.ava just gave her nod and removed the cape resting on her shoulders and shook the cape of all stray hair and looked to the waiting chair and straight at penny with a smile on her face and said “come on up, let’s give you a haircut”
Being caught by surprise Penny didn’t know what to say and started thinking of an excuse by ramming her head, suddenly she said unhurriedly “Oh, maybe another time, I wasn’t thinking getting my haircut today and didn’t brought any money with me” after finishing this sentence she sighed with relief by to her surprise
Miss.Green who is just raising from the barber chair said “Nonsense, I’ll pay for you, just get your butt on the chair, you shouldn’t be making things difficult for you parents during this summer, without taking care of your hair during these times you can get sick”
Elizabeth didn’t expect her mom to reply elaborately but she was inwardly happy and just smiled at her friend who was sitting with despair written on her face.
After checking her reflection Miss.Green went back to the chair and Penny just staggered her way to the large barber chair and placed her foot at her footrest and tightly gripped the arm rest sat on the edge of the chair.
Seeing her behavior Miss.ava let out a chuckle and grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her back forcefully and said “That’s how you sit”
Penny just gave her an awkward nod
With that the same white cape draped around her and placed it tightly around her neck and pulled the raven black pony from under the cape.
Freeing the hair from the ponytail, Miss.ava gathered all the in her hands said “wow look at all the hair, looks like you have skipping a lot for your haircuts huh, hmm seems like you don’t like to waste time go get haircut huh”
Elizabeth cut in on their conversation and said “Yeah Miss.ava, she’s been traveling all the time, so she didn’t got time to look after her hair and she going for another trip next week”
Penny looked at reflection of Elizabeth with an expression of “What are you saying girl” while she was still struggling to understand her situation.
Miss.ava said with a warm smile on her face while she still caressing penny’s long hair “Oh, I have just solution for you that’ll make travelling a lot easier for you”
With Miss.ava combed the long raven hair few times and make her way to shelf and looked for something and picked up No.2 guard and picked up her white Oster clipper.
Penny’s eyes wide with surprise with her thoughts “Oh my gosh what am I doing, and what’s is that on her hand?” all thoughts flashed when she heard a peculiar sound filling the room
Miss.ava made her way back to chair while holding the buzzing clippers on her hand, Elizabeth and her mom were watching the seen unfold
Miss.ava said with a smile “Let’s get started then” Penny was just awe struck and didn’t respond
Miss.ava grabbed penny’s head firmly and pushed it forward and picked up her long hair with the left hand and with her buzzing clippers on her right she placed the clippers at the base of head and started mowing down the hair on the clippers path
Penny felt the vibrating sensation on her scalp while facing her lap and she felt it was a soothing sensation and she never wanted it to end, she didn’t know why by she felt she should close her eyes and she did just that, closed her eyes
The clippers made tugging sound faced with thick but it made it ways under all hair with ease and Miss.ava plunged the clippers at another portion of her head, her actions made mounds and mounds of thick black raven hair fall down the floor some on penny’s shoulders. With repeating her action, there was only tiny bristles of hair on back side.
Seeing penny close her eyes, Miss.ava smiled and decided to be more efficient and placed her left hand on penny’s fore head and made her look at ceiling and placed the clippers at the middle of her head pulled the clippers back till the nape and large chuck of black hair made its way down the floor.
Elizabeth was stuck with shock with her friend’s behavior and the haircut she was getting but she didn’t know why but without her knowing she was feeling a hint of envy
Miss.ava placed the clippers in different portion of her head made sure every hair is even and made her middle portion devoid of any long strands of hair and placed her clippers on right side burn and pushed her clippers side wards and the long side burn fell down on penny’s capped lap. Miss.ava ran her clippers sideways in middle oh her twice and moved on to left side pushed the clippers up till to middle portion and reduced it same length on every part of her head.
Miss.ava switched of the clippers, sensing the clippers stopped moving against her scalp, Penny slowly open her eyes with a hint of anticipation, but what she was her reflection without her long black raven hair but with tiny bristles of hair all over head, but she couldn’t believe that it was her reflection looking back, she was horrified at the fact that it was reflection and she denied it to herself that it wasn’t reflection. Suddenly clod air assaulted her bare neck and she realized that it was her head and she was on the verge of tears, she was staring at her reflection with watery eyes but to her surprise the familiar noise reached her ears once again and she watched the machine approaching from her right side while buzzing and she felt the vibrating sensation once again and closed her eyes once and gulped, signify that she already accepted her fate.
Miss.ava replaced it with No.1 guard started tapering the sides and back portion after she finished, she flicked the cape open and raised the cape resting on her shoulders and it shook to let all stray black hair fall down and join with the blonde hair already on the floor.
Miss.ava smiled at dazed Penny said “Well, what do you think young lady, now you won’t have to take care of your hair for while”
Penny didn’t how to responded to her question and just forced a smile and went back to waiting where Elizabeth was grinning with joy at her friend’s predicament. Just then Sharon finished client on her chair and looked towards grinning Elizabeth and her friend penny and her haircut and formed a plan in her head and smiled. After the customer paid and left.
Sharon said with a mischievous smile while swirling one of her tails “you’re up Beth”

Author’s note:

Come on , let’s get some comment’s down here, part :4 will be up, and give your suggestions

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  1. A great awesome story.May I suggest that while caping Elizabeth and preparing to shave her head bald,Elizabeth cellphone sounded and Sharon overheard that Elizabeth has a younger sister, maybe by the name of Lisa who so happens to be in the same class as Sharon’s younger sister, maybe by the name of Jennifer.Sharon knew Jennifer has been sad due to being bullied by Lisa for stealing her boyfriends because of her equally stunning beauty and alluring smile that Elizabeth has.Sharon decided to drop her plans and gave Elizabeth a mini trim and subsequently took Elizabeth out for a drink on the pretext of finding out more of Lisa.After doing more digging and after knowing Lisa has a fear of barbershop, Sharon devices s plan to get both Elizabeth and Gina skinheads on their next visit.Sharon in turn pot a skinhead from her own mother too for being naughty herself.

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