Special: plateau cut

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A young lady walked down the lane, happily humming to herself.
It was a blue sky day in the plains and flowers bloomed all around her.
Near the end of the lane, a barbershop stood.
A plump man by the name Harry ran the place, he was very talented.
The young lady did come to him to have her long tresses trimmed but today was special.
Harry’s shop had a sign out.
Special of the day:
Plateau cut
The young lass bent over and inspected the sign innocently,”Should I give it a try?”
She felt daring today and so, she went in.
“Ah, Bella Bella”,said the chipper lad,”A trim today, yes?”
She shook her head, letting her light-dark brown hair fly with grace about her.
She sat down in his chair and he snuggled a cape in her lap,”Then, what’ll it be?”
She pointed at the sign,”I’ll have the special, please”
Harry was dumbfounded,”Do you know what the cut entails?”
She put a finger on her chin,”No, but I’m sure you’ll make me beautiful”
Harry was touched by her words,”Oh, Bella”
He knew this lass since she was a babe and when she wanted to switch up her routine, she would, no matter the cost.
A strip of paper was tied around her neck and secured comfortably.
As he combed through her hair, he could remember the first time he bobbed her.
She was possibly eight and she had drug her mother along to watch.
The girl was giddy to have the bulk of hair removed from her scalp.
And when it was finished, she cried.
Not of sadness but how beautiful she looked.
And now she wanted an even more extreme cut, any girl would run at the sound of clippers but not her.
She marveled at the device as the barber sectioned off the areas he would shave.
Up the sides, the clippers took the girl’s hair off to where skin was showing.
The lass was awed at how much came off and she was hellbent on seeing the process through.
When the device stopped its hum, her sides felt so soft when she touched the stubble.
Her barber lathered the parts he buzzed and whittled away the creamy white foam.
A smile on the girl’s face grew wider as the clippers regained life.
With a comb, her hair was raised and cut straight across.
Her top soon became a round table of brown and she loved the result.
Little strands that clung to her sides were blended into a fade of the cut.
Finally, the clippers died for the last time and the barber hovered scissors to make every hair its proper length.
When she was released, her palms went up her hairless sides, into the tidied lawn of the sides, and upon her straight- up plateau cut.
“Thank you. Just what I wanted”
“You know”,mused the barber,”If you desire to get this cut again, I will keep the plateau cut as the special”
“No thank you”,replied the lass,”I shall want to go shorter the next time I come”

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