Spin the wheel (part 2)

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It had been a week since Riley had gone bald in Justin’s salon. She had long auburn hair, 30 minutes later, her head was completely bald.

Riley was enjoying the bald life. She had experienced her firsts with her bald head, including her first bald shower, her first head massage from a friend, and her first licks on it from her friend’s dog. She had gotten tons of compliments about her shiny head that which stood out. Riley’s confidence was at an all time high, and she regretted never going bald earlier.

Riley’s hair had grown a bit in a week so she returned to Justin’s salon to get it re-shaved. He was delighted to see her return. “Hey, welcome back! How are we enjoying being bald so far?”

Riley replied, “I’m certainly enjoying it, clearly enough to keep it bald,” she joked. Justin took her back and seated her, and went and got a spa towel to put on Riley’s head. It felt just as amazing as it had the first time.

Justin slowly removed the towel a couple minutes later, and evenly spread shave oil on Riley’s stubble. After that he steadied her head and began scraping at the crown to her forehead. Riley relaxed and enjoyed the experience. It was pleasant hearing the sound of the razor scraping against her hair, the feeling of the razor scraping on her head, and the fresh feeling of exposed skin where the hair once was.

Justin carefully scraped down towards Riley’s ears, before making his way towards the back of her head, and scraping upwards from her nape. He made a couple touch ups before Riley’s head was completely smooth.

Riley then began slowly caressing her bald head again. “I missed this feeling,” she told Justin. He smiled and said, “There is this new gel we have. It basically is supposed to kill the hair follicles for a while and the hair won’t grow for about a year. Would you be interested in it for your head?”

Riley’s eyes widened. Having her head completely bald, no shaving needed, for a year? It sounded perfect. She told Justin, “Let’s do it!”

Justin went to the back and got the new hair follicle gel. He came back with it and set it on the tray. He looked Riley in the eye and said “Are you sure about this? I’m willing to do it but if you regret it, it won’t grow for a year. Are you positive?”

“Hell yeah!” Riley replied. Justin opened the the container. The gel was blue and smelled like flowers, but it was very thick and took some effort to get out of the container. Before long, Justin got Riley’s head completely covered in the blue gel. “The directions say to wait 10 minutes, then we’ll wipe it off.” Justin told her.

Riley’s head felt tingly and warm as the gel dissolved and killed off her hair follicles. Despite the slight discomfort, Riley was well on her way to a completely bald head.

After 5 minutes, Justin took Riley over to the shampoo station. He turned on the warm water and started spraying directly onto Riley’s head. The blue gel washed off along with tiny hair follicles from her head. As the gel washed off, underneath reveal completely smooth skin from Riley’s head.

Justin completely rinsed off Riley’s head. With a towel, he gently dried her bald head.

Riley’s head was now permanently bald. Her head felt even smoother, it was incredible. She began running her hands all over it. It was honestly surreal, just a week ago she had long, flowing hair, now she was as bald as could be.

Riley looked at herself in the mirror. Her head shined, and she felt sexy as ever. There was no need to ever worry about shaving it.

She went and gave Justin a hug, and tipped him $100. “If you had told me 2 weeks ago that I would be bald and enjoying it, I’d think you were crazy. Well, thank you for making me bald.”

Justin and Riley exchanged smiles, and Riley grabbed her purse and began to walk out, rubbing both hands over her head. Justin watched and admired at the brief glimpse he got of the sunshine bouncing off of Riley’s shiny head.


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