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Riley’s hair was long, auburn, and thick. It was time for a change. She had long hair her whole life and it was time to get it cut. She didn’t want it too short, like a bob, but a manageable length.

On a Friday afternoon, she walked into the salon owned by Justin where she was greeted. “What are you thinking of doing today?” asked Justin. Riley replied, “I don’t know. I just want something different and to go shorter.”

Every Friday, Justin had a wheel that customers could pay $100 to spin. If they spun the wheel and went through with the style they landed on, they got their money back and their hairstyle for free. If they didn’t, they’d have to pay $100 plus the cost for a hairstyle.

The wheel had styles such as layered mid-length, a trendy shag, bangs, a sleek bob, a layered pixie, and bald.

“Would you like to spin the wheel?” asked Justin. He explain it to Riley the rules. She agreed and really liked the idea of having mid-length hair, and hoped she would land on it.

Riley handed 5 $20 bills to Justin and spun the wheel, and closed her eyes praying to herself she would land on the style she wanted. When she heard the wheel begin to slow down and finally heard the wheel click to indicate it was done spinning. “Bald!” Justin told her.

Riley opened her eyes and the spinner had landed on bald. “Are you serious?” she said shockingly. Justin laughed, “If you go bald, you’ll get your money back!” He said while mockingly waving the $100 she had given him.

What more could Riley lose? She was already out $100 and it would cost a lot more to get the style she wanted. Her hair meant a lot to her, but it was hair. She could use the $100 she’d get back to pay towards a wig.

“Alright, let’s do it.” said Riley.

Justin led her to a chair where he caped her. “So, are you going to just buzz off my hair?” Riley asked him. “Oh, I’m going to do much more than just buzzing it. You’re going to be completely bald, like a cueball.”

Riley thought to herself, What am I getting myself into? Justin brought out the clippers and took the guard off. He spun Riley’s chair around so she wouldn’t be able to see herself until he was done.

Justin flicked the clippers on. “Ready? Last chance to back out.” Riley nodded. He started with her right temple and folded her right ear down.

The buzzing clippers effortlessly glided through Riley’s long mane and reduced the hair behind her ear to short stubble. Justin made another pass right next to the line of stubble, which got bigger. Before long, he was nearly reaching the middle of the middle of her scalp.

Justin made his way to the left of Riley’s head, shaving behind her left ear and proceeding just like he had on the right side, making passes next to previous ones. Riley was so turned on and relaxed by the sound and feeling of the clippers. They tickled and soothed her head in a way like never before, she forgot that she was going bald.

Then Justin held down the strands of hair in the middle of Riley’s head with his left hand before pushing the clippers through them. After that he gently tilted her head so that he could shear off the strands in the back, and a couple of wisps near her ears.

Riley’s head was now completely buzzed. Her chair was still turned around so she couldn’t see herself yet, but her head like it could float, and she saw her long strands of hair which were once on her head were all over her cape, shoulders, and the floor.

Justin returned with a warm towel from the spa. He gently placed it on Riley’s head, pressed and molded it on, before leaving again to get the shaving supplies. Riley moaned, the towel felt amazing on her head and she was beginning to feel eager about being bald.

After about 3 minutes, Justin came back to shave Riley smooth. He slowly removed the towel, and took some shaving oil to spread all over Riley’s head. He got out the straight razor, steadied her head, and began scraping away at the crown of her head, before slowly scraping from her crown to her forehead.

Justin took short, slow scrapes near her ears and temple, but took longer ones once he got to the back of her head and her nape. Riley’s head felt cold and she could feel the air on her exposed scalp, it felt amazing. Justin made a few touch ups, before he was sure that Riley’s head didn’t have a hint of hair on it.

Just 30 minutes ago, Riley had a long, thick, beautiful mane of hair, but now her head was completely bald.

“Do you want to feel it or see it first?” Justin asked her.

Riley slowly put her hands to the newly bald head. She took a couple minutes savoring the new, fresh, unique feeling. She felt every part of it, it felt completely smooth and sexy.

Justin then spun Riley around to show her her new look. Riley slowly opened her eyes and saw a gorgeous bald woman staring back at her. She couldn’t even recognize herself. The bald look would take a bit of getting used to, but Riley felt confident and sexy.

As Riley was rubbing her head, Justin brought out some more stuff. First was aloe vera to soothe her sensitive head, and next was lotion to soften it and make it shine.

Justin took her cape off, and led her to the front desk to give Riley her $100 back.

“Actually…you can keep it.” Riley told him.

“What?” Justin asked, confused. “I told you if you went bald, I’d give your money back.”

Riley replied, “This feeling is worth $100, please keep it. Thank you for making me sexy. Have a good night.” She walked out of Justin’s salon, caressing her bald head with her left arm. As she was leaving, another customer walked in, staring at and admiring Riley’s shiny bald head.

As Riley walked out to her car, the sunlight beamed off of her bald head. She felt amazing and couldn’t wait to experience all of her firsts as a bald person.



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