Sporty girl at the barber shop

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It was a beautiful night at the barber shop, Pete was cleaning up for the day. When he finished cleaning up his shop, a woman who was in her early 20s come in.

Woman: Excuse me? The sign says you’re open.

Pete: Oh… I forgot to flip the sign (he flip the sign that show “close”). If you’re here for a haircut, I don’t mind working overtime for a pretty lady.

Woman: Thank you, you’re so sweet. Call me Beth (she smile)

Pete: I’m Pete, give me a minute and let me wipe the chair clean for you sweetie.

The red leather chair was fill with the scent from male customers, Pete slowly dip some alcohol on the cloth and wiped on the chair. When its cleaned he invited the Beth to sit.

Pete obvious the the woman appearance, an dark skin athletic slim body, a cute face, and a black hat on her head. Dressed in a sport short, t-shirt, and shoes, all of it are Nike brand.

Pete: What sport are you in too?

Beth: Running, and volleyball (she adjusting herself to sit comfortably)

Pete: I can tell, you have an athletic body. What you wanna do today?

When Pete took off Beth hats, he saw a beautiful chocolate straight butt length hair fall in front of him. He immediately finger comb the silk and feel the thickness of it.

Pete: Beautiful long hair you have there, my female customers don’t have hair like yours.

Beth: Thanks. Today I was thinking of a bob.

Pete: A bob? I was hoping that you’ll asked for a trim. Because your hair amazing.

Beth (smiling from the complement): Well, I have a marathon coming soon. I will not have time to take care of it, so its better to cut it off. Because I’m training everyday for the marathon.

Pete: I see, what a shame. Is this shortest hair you’re getting because you don’t seem nervous. (flipping his cape)

Beth: I had a pixie cut, until I was 15 years old. (Pete putting the cape on her)

Pete: Pixie cut? so this hair is the longest you ever have? (Pete combing her hair out)

Beth: Yeah, I wanna try how I looked like with long hair. (Twirling her long hair with your fingers)

Pete: How’s is it? Don’t like your hair being long?

Beth: I love it, I get a lot attention from the guys. Some of my friends even begged me not to cut it. But you know, washing it everyday and blow drying it take extra work, and my hair is very thick.

Pete: It sure is thick. Did you wash your hair today? I could wash it for you if you didn’t (inspecting Beth hair)

Beth: Oh please wash it, Before I came here, I was practice my running technique, I was sweating a lot.

Pete started applying shampoo and rubbing her hair. It the same time, he was massaging her scalp. The shampoo was used only for women hair, because it bring give a nice sweet smell to it. After for a good 10 mins of shampooing Beth hair, he rinsed with warmed water. Beth felt relaxed through the whole process.

The blow dry took 20 mins because the hair is not only long but thick as well. Beth was enjoying it too, Pete was gentle on her hair like he’s taking care of a baby. Afterward, he brushed her hair until its all smooth and shiny. Beth looked in the mirror and saw the freshly washed hair, and it was much beautiful than before.

Beth (She grab a piece of her hair and smell it): Wow… my hair look amazing and it smells so good!

Pete: Glad you like it, and I would like to suggest you a much better style for your marathon. (he comb her chocolate butt length hair)

Beth: Well… I don’t want anything shorter than a bob. But it could be a different style of bob cut, I’ll trust you on that, and surprise me.

Beth trust Pete because he did so well on shampooing her hair. The scissor and hair clips were arranged on the tray prepared by Pete.

Pete (tied Beth long hair into a ponytail): Do you mind of I could keep your ponytail? It would be wasted to throw this away.

Beth: Sure, do anything you want with my hair. Why would I want it anyway?

Pete stroke Beth long ponytail a few times, and holding his scissor. He looked at Beth indicating to her that he’s ready. She nodded her head, and Pete started cutting. It was a fight cutting Beth ponytail, and it seems her hair doesn’t want to give in to the scissor. Pete was enjoying every snip, and it’s a music to his ears hearing the crunching sound. After a min or two, the 30 inch chocolate ponytail was off her head.

Beth: Gosh !! my head feels so light! (She looked at her newly chin bob hair)

Pete: Didn’t expect your hair to be this thick. ( He started put hair clip the side of her hair)

Pete got his clipper and buzz both side of her head. Beth was a little nervous, she thought it was a bad idea of letting Pete to decide a bob cut style. When Pete was done on both side of her head, after that he clipped the back of her hair exposing her nape, and slowly he buzz off the hair at the back. When he was done with the clipper, he took out the scissor, and started snipping away to even out her hair.

Pete finished cutting Beth hair, when she saw her new bob cut. She love it. Pete gave her an undercut bob style. She run her hands through the side of her head and nape, enjoying the its the spiky feeling.

Beth: It a little short but I love it! I can feel the cold air at the side and back of my head! This is an amazing style! Thank you Pete!

Pete: A sporty girl like you need an undercut, it help you to cool down quickly.

Beth: that’s thoughtful of you (she got up from the chair and kiss Pete cheek). How much do I owe you for this amazing cut?

Pete (shy): No, you don’t have to pay. Your ponytail is the payment. (with a nervous smile)

Beth: I like you, let’s be friends, and maybe we could hangout sometimes.

Pete: Sure… I would like too.

Beth left the barber shop with happy heart. Pete not knowing what had happen, he shook it off the weird nice feeling between them. He grab the 30 inch ponytail and walk to a secret door. When the door opened, collections of ponytails from his female customers that he cut off. Before he add Beth ponytail into his collection, he took a final sniff of her scent and put it in a glass box.

After a few month later, Pete and Beth become close friends. Beth regularly came to the barbershop and have a hair washed. But, the feeling between them started to grow stronger.

(Part 2 coming soon)


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