Spring Cleaning

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It was a gorgeous Spring afternoon, and I had to run a few errands at the local outdoor shopping center. I decided to take advantage of the warm weather by wearing a t-shirt and shorts. The shopping center wasn’t quite close enough to my house for me to walk there, but I decided to park far away from the stores so that I could enjoy walking outside.

As I pulled into the parking lot, I selected a spot far from the stores I planned to visit. I got out of my car and began walking, but I noticed that it was a bit hotter out than I originally anticipated. My dark hair reached down to my eyebrows in front and covered my ears on the sides. I pushed my hair off of my forehead, realizing that it was trapping a lot of heat.

“Oh well,” I thought to myself, “I guess having hair this nice comes at a price.” I had been growing my hair for the better part of 6 months and I enjoyed the results so far. I liked the way it flopped over my forehead, I thought it made me look young. I ran my hand through it one more time and started walking towards my first destination: the local department store.

As I walked along the sidewalk, I enjoyed looking into each of the shops that I passed. It was fun to see the creative displays that the store owners had set up in their windows to mark the beginning of Spring. I continued walking past the shops, looking ahead towards my destination.

That’s when I saw it.

About three storefronts ahead of me, I saw the red, white, and blue pole spinning next to the door. A barbershop. Had that always been there? Beneath the pole, a blonde woman with a gorgeous figure was leaning up against the wall, looking at her phone. Perhaps she was waiting for someone to finish getting a haircut and wanted to enjoy the nice weather. I concluded that this must be the case as I quickly approached the barbershop.

I decided that I wouldn’t let my fetish get the best of me today. I wouldn’t glance in the barbershop or at the gorgeous woman, I’d keep on walking and go on with my day. I continued at my brisk pace, keeping my head down slightly and attempting to pass the barbershop without thinking about it too much. I had just begun to pass the blonde woman when I heard her speak.

“Hey there mister! What’s your name?” I froze in my tracks, knowing immediately that she was talking to me. Why? Maybe just to start a friendly conversation about the weather, I thought. I turned towards her and my jaw almost hit the floor. Up close, she was even more beautiful than I could have imagined. She stood about 5’5″ tall, but that was boosted by the black high heels she wore. She had on a short, black, leather skirt that showed off a generous amount of her tan legs. She wore a white halter top that hugged her every curve, accentuated her large breasts, and left little to the imagination.

She slipped her phone into the pocket of her leather skirt and flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder. It was loosely curled and fell a few inches past her collarbone. Her nails appeared expertly manicured and were bright red. I noticed she also wore large hoop earrings. She was dressed to kill. Whoever she was waiting for was lucky to be seen with such a beautiful woman, I thought to myself.

“Hi, my name’s Tom,” I said, trying my hardest not to stutter or appear too awkward, “What’s your name?” She flashed the whitest, most perfect smile I had ever seen. Her green eyes sparkled in the sun.

“My name’s Laura,” she responded, “You look like you could really use a proper haircut there, Tommy!” Calling me Tommy caught me off guard, nobody had called me that in at least 10 years. And why was she talking about me getting a haircut? What was going on?

“Actually, I’m growing it out right now,” I explained flimsily, running a hand through my hair subconsciously. Suddenly her expression changed from cheerful to… Mischievous?

“Well not anymore, boyfriend. C’mon, let’s get you in my chair,” she said with a slightly more dominating tone to her voice. Did she just say “her chair”? Before I could even process it, Laura had reached out and grabbed my hand. She marched me towards the door and we began to enter. I was in too much shock to do anything about it.

A small bell above the door jingled as Laura threw it open, dragging me inside behind her. Her heels clicked against the tile floor as she walked. A tall brunette at the front desk looked up at the sound of the bell, a smile quickly spreading across her face.

“Hey Laura! Looks like you found someone to fill that 1 o’clock spot you had open, huh? He definitely needs a major haircut!” The woman looked up at my hair as she said this. What did she mean by a “major” haircut?

“Yes he does, I’m excited to get him cleaned up!” Laura responded emphatically, maintaining her strong grip on my hand.

“Well get to work, then! With hair that long, we can’t waste another second waiting!” The other stylist exclaimed. The girls both laughed and Laura continued dragging me across the shop. She walked me towards a black, leather chair near the back of the shop. As we approched, Laura gave me a small but firm push towards it, forcing me to sit down.

As Laura spun the chair towards the mirror, I took a look around the shop. Despite the chairs being reminiscent of a chain salon, this was most definitely a barbershop. The clientele appeared to be entirely male, and I could see a few of them having their hair peeled away from their heads by gorgeous barberettes wielding a variety of clippers. Yes, this shop most definitely specialized in short haircuts. What had I gotten into?

Laura looked at me in the mirror as she stood behind me, a knowing smirk on her beautiful face. “Hmmmmm, what to do with all this hair…” Laura purred as she ran her nails up the back of my neck and into my hair. I shivered as I felt her nails gently scraping across my scalp. I had to get out of here, I didn’t want a short haircut!

“I… I really don’t want a haircut today…” I stammered, “I think I’m just gonna go…” I put my hands on the arms of the chair and began to stand up. In an instant, I felt her hands pressing down firmly on my shoulders, holding me in the chair.

“Oh no no no, I don’t think so, shaggy. You’re not leaving here with anything longer than a nice, tight buzz cut,” Laura said firmly, still smirking as she held me in place. I sat, stunned, as Laura tied a neck strip around my neck and swished a cape over me, snapping it tightly in the back. I was completely trapped.

Laura once again started running her perfectly manicured fingernails through my hair. “You know Tommy, it’s starting to get warmer out. I think it’s time to get this hair off and help you cool down a bit,” Laura said, excitedly. I didn’t know what to say, I still couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

Laura spun the chair away from the mirror and began rummaging through a drawer. Soon she was behind me again, and she grabbed the hair on the top of my head with her left hand. “Look down for me sweetie, it’s time to get you buzzed nice and short,” Laura said a little louder than necessary, increasing my nervousness. As I realized the situation I was in, I began to get hard under the cape.

*Pop* “Bzzzzzzzz,” I heard from behind me. Laura had started her clippers and was now holding them at the base of my neck. In just a matter of minutes, I was suddenly caped up and about to receive a brutal shearing. This day had taken a serious turn that I had definitely not been prepared for.

“Say good bye to your hair, Tommy!” Laura giggled. Slowly, she ran the clippers from the base of my neck up into my hair. As they climbed higher and higher up the back of my head, I became more and more nervous. Why hadn’t she pulled them away yet?

The clippers had sailed up almost to the crown of my head before pulling away and beginning another pass up the back. I could immediately feel the breeze on the path Laura had shorn. I could tell it was extremely short, I just didn’t know exactly HOW short… Yet.

Laura mowed several paths up the back of my head as my formerly long hair rained down the cape and slid onto the floor. I had never seen such huge chunks of hair before, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Alllll this long hair coming off… It’s amazing to see,” Laura mocked as she finished running her clippers over the back of my head. She scraped her nails over the area she had just buzzed and I could tell there was very little hair, if any, between her nails and my scalp.

Laura shoved my head to the right as she ran her clippers up the left side of my head. She folded my left ear down aggressively and quickly buzzed around it. My hair began to accumulate in my lap and I could feel its substantial weight building.

Laura repeated the process on my right side, shaving off every trace of hair in her path. The back and sides of my head felt much lighter, and I could tell she hadn’t left me much hair there. I struggled to keep myself from getting harder at the thought of this gorgeous woman shaving me as short as she pleased.

“Almost done, boyfriend! Just need to get the top shaved down!” Laura said as she ran her hands over the shorn back and sides of my head. She then grabbed a fistful of my remaining hair and forced me to look straight ahead. In front of me, a redheaded barberette was running her clippers up the back of her client’s head, creating a brutally short high and tight.

“Hold still,” Laura commanded. The clippers were at my forehead and before I could say anything, they had run straight down the middle of my head. Long hair fell in front of my face dramatically, joining the massive piles in my lap and on the floor. In seconds, Laura had run several more passes over the top of my head, mowing the rest of my hair off.

Laura ran the clippers all over my head a few more times, ensuring she hadn’t missed a single spot. She turned the clippers off and set them down on the counter. “That’s much better, handsome. No more long hair for you!” Laura giggled, enjoying her position of power over me. She again ran her nails over my scalp, this time not meeting any resistance from my hair. I shivered at the feeling of her sharp nails gliding gently over my buzzed head.

“Ready to see the new you?” Laura asked. I still couldn’t believe I’d gotten a haircut like this, but I meekly nodded my head yes. Laura turned the chair towards the mirror, and I braced myself for what I was about to see.

As I faced the mirror, Laura continued running her hands over my head. I was completely bald. Laura had taken the guard off of her clippers and shaved my head down to the scalp. I couldn’t believe that all my hair was gone. “Nice and short, just like it should be!” Laura smiled at me in the mirror, “I really do love a nice buzz cut on a man.”

I was speechless. As I looked in the mirror at my buzzed scalp, I saw someone in a chair behind me having the clippers run over the top of their head by another blond barberette. His hair fell to the floor as the clippers left a bald path in their wake and the barberette simply smiled.

“Actually, I think we should get this taken down just a bit shorter,” Laura said, a hint of determination in her voice.

“H-how?” I managed to ask. My throat was dry, and I realized I hadn’t said a single word since Laura had started her clippers.

“With this!” Laura exclaimed as she picked up a foil shaver from her station. She turned it on with an even louder buzz than the clippers. “Let’s get you shaved ALL the way down, boy toy.”

Starting with the back of my neck, Laura ran the shaver up and down, back and forth across my neck and head to remove every trace of stubble. I shivered violently at the feeling of the vibrating shaver running slowly over the back of my exposed neck. “Steady now, I can’t get you shaved down if you’re going to jump like that,” Laura giggled. She took a firm grip on the top of my head to ensure I stayed in place as she mowed off the rest of the stubble from my head.

After a few minutes and multiple passes over the entirety of my scalp, Laura suddenly began running the shaver over my face. I’ve never had much in terms of facial hair, but the fact that she was just shaving me however she wanted was sending me over the moon. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the vibrations as she shaved me down to the skin all over.

After what felt like hours, Laura turned off the shaver and replaced it on the counter. She picked up a dusting brush from her station and began to whisk it across every inch of my neck, scalp, and face. I could feel every soft bristle tickling across my newly exposed head, increasing my arousal even further. After dusting away all of the shorn hairs, Laura set down the dusting brush.

“All done, baldy! You look so much better now. The shaved look is really sexy on you!” Laura said as she ran her nails once more over my exposed scalp, now tracing her nails down to my face. Despite not wanting a haircut in the first place, I enjoyed every second of having my head shaved by this gorgeous barberette.

“Y-you really think so?” I asked. I wasn’t sure what to make of my newly bald head, but hearing her say I looked sexy was music to my ears.

“Absolutely! I personally love a shaved head on a man, but you really rock the bald look! I’m so glad I brought you in for a haircut. Now that shaggy mop is on the floor instead of your head, just like it should be!” Laura said, smiling her perfect smile. She continued running her hands over my head, now gently massaging it.

“Wow, okay… Thank you,” I said, still unsure how my day ended up like this.

“You’re very welcome, baldy!” Laura exclaimed happily, giving my head a playful slap and confirming that there was nothing but skin left on my head. She removed the cape and the neck strip and dusted the back of my neck one last time. I got up from the chair and walked to the front desk to pay.

“Wow, you look so much better! I’m glad Laura shaved it all off,” the brunette at the front desk said. She reached over the counter and quickly rubbed my bald head.

“Thanks Tammy, I’m glad, too! It’s so much fun shaving off a full head of hair,” Laura said with a smile. Both girls laughed again as I payed for my unexpected shearing. Despite it being against my will initially, I loved the attention I was receiving from these beautiful barberettes as a result of having my head shaved. I made sure to leave a generous tip.

“Thank you, come back soon!” Tammy said excitedly, smiling as she gazed at my bald scalp.

As I walked out the door, the bell jingled again but I also heard Laura’s heels clicking on the floor behind me. I turned to see that she was following me out the door. Reading my confused expression, she explained, “I think I’ll wait out here for my next victi–I mean, customer. Lots of long-haired guys around to shave bald!” I smiled as she giggled to herself.

Walking away from the barbershop and towards my destination, a man with long hair walked past me in the opposite direction. Seconds later I heard Laura speak up behind me, “Hey there, shaggy! You look like you could use a major haircut!”

I just smiled and kept on walking. I ran a hand over my bald head, enjoying the new sensations I was feeling. I couldn’t wait to go back in just a few weeks to have Laura shave it all off once more.

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