Spy Story

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A shadow slinks by a security camera on a rooftop and the feint whirring sound can be heard around the corner as a door clicks open. At the bottom of a flight of stairs a man in a black suit stands guard, “All clear at the roof access.” He speaks into his wrist communicator as the shadow sneaks up behind him and shoots him in the heart with a silenced pistol. In a secure room an old Chinese man sits at a desk tapping away at a keyboard, he looks dishevelled and emaciated. The door to the room hisses open “I’ll have the bank codes for you in a few moments. Please, I just need more time.” He wheezes at the woman with a thick Chinese accent who just entered. She’s a 5’3” woman of Chinese descent dressed in a black cat suit, as she pulls off her hood and googles her long black hair flows down past her buttocks. “It’s alright Mr. Wu.” She speaks to him in Mandarin “I’m Alexandra Han from Shadow Hand; I’m here to get you out of here.”

A few days later the same woman is filing paperwork in an office. Her form fitting cat suit has been swapped out for a more conservative navy blue dress shirt with a black blazer and gored skirt. A knock is heard at her door “Come in” she says not looking up, a man in a grey three-piece suit enters “Agent Han.” He greets the woman. She picks her head up at the formal greeting and stands up “Good morning Director Warrens, sir.” “Calm down Agent I’m just here to tell you that you’re work with the Wu rescue was stellar, especially for someone fresh out of training. In fact you did so well that we’ve decided to immediately put you on another mission. If you’re willing to go that is.” “Of course sir,” Agent Han responds “just tell me where and when you’ll need me.” Warrens nods “Great, meet Barry down in Mission Control in 30 minutes, he’ll fill you in.”

In the Control Centre Alex walks up to a blond man in a lab coat sitting in front of a keyboard facing a wall of screens. “Barry, Director Warrens said you guys had a new mission for me?” The man turns and looks at her with a half-eaten sandwich in hand “Whu-,” he says with a mouthful of food “oh uhhh…” he swallows hard, “Right yeah, sorry Alex.” He apologises “We’ve received Intel that one of the biggest crime bosses in China, a woman named Zhou Li, had plans to meet with the head of a Japanese crime cell, another woman only ever referred to as Kiyohime.” He taps a few buttons on the keyboard and a picture of a beautiful Japanese woman with long black hair reaching past her ankles and dressed in a black cocktail dress with a snake design wrapped around it appears on the screens “We want you to go in disguised as Zhou Li and meet with Kiyohime to learn what their plans were, and where her operations are located.” “Won’t Kiyohime notice I’m not Li?” Barry shakes his head “No, Zhou Li has never been seen by anyone, the only thing people know about her appearance is her bright red hair.” “Okay and what about Zhou Li herself? How do we know she won’t appear at the meeting?” Barry smirks “Who do you think gave us the Intel?” He presses a few more keys and a high definition photograph shows up on the monitors. Inside of a grey cell a Chinese woman with hair the colour of fire, and styled into an A-Line bob, sits on a bed behind a glass wall. “Agents Esposito and Bianchi caught her a few days ago after a long sting operation.” Agent Han nods “Alright final question, if this meeting is happening tomorrow then how am I going to disguise myself as Li? It’s too short of time to get a dye job to match that exact of a colour, especially with hair as dark as mine, and hop a jet all the way to China.” Barry shakes his head in agreement “We knew as much, that’s why we got this prepared.” He stands up and heads over to a panel recessed into the wall. Placing his hand against the scanner the panel opens and reveals a wig the exact colour and style of Zhou Li’s hair. “Wow, how’d you guys get this done in only a few days?” Barry chuckles “We couldn’t be one of the top black op groups in the world if our tech wasn’t top of the line.” Alex takes the wig “Damn and it’s so soft too, almost feels like it’s made of real hair.” “Oh it is.” Barry responds “Zhou Li’s in fact.” He walks back to his keyboard and again types something on it, this time the screens reveal a live camera feed of the cell but now instead of a bright red A-Line bob Zhou Li’s head is completely bare. “Christ, don’t you think that’s a little cruel?” a scoff comes from the tech “Not if you’ve read her file. Anyway, we’re going to want you to get to China A.S.A.P. to get settled at the safe house and prepare yourself. Head into the bathroom and get that wig on so we can make sure it fits.”

Once in the bathroom Alexandra tries to get the wig to lay flat on her head but her real hair underneath is too thick making the hairline appear lumpy and misshapen on her head. “Shit,” she mutters “no one will believe this is real. I need a way to keep my hair flat but any pins and clips I try dig into my scalp and no amount of spray or gel will keep it down.” She ruminates for a few moments “Argh, there’s got to be something!” She paws through the supplies in the company bathroom. “C’mon, c’mon the best black ops group in the world and no one has a method for keeping down thick hair?” She starts to dig through the closet and her hand catches on a wire. A heavy metallic object falls towards her head and she swiftly dodges causing it to hit the floor with a loud bang “What the hell?” she mutters. Picking the item up she notices it’s a pair of clippers. She stares at the device for a few moments before smirking “Well, it would definitely solve my problem, plus with shorter hair I may even be able to pass for a guy and double my disguise options. Now what choices do I have?” She says as she looks through the closet the clippers were hiding in for any kind of guard “None is the answer. Oh well, all in or nothing I guess.” She picks up a hairband and pair of scissors sitting on the countertop pulling her hair into a tight ponytail before sawing it off with the scissors. The clippers pop on with a low hum and Alexandra takes a deep breath as she places them in the centre of her head pushing them up through her hairline and towards her crown, the machine leaves practically no hair left behind without a guard on. “Holy shit,” Alex gasps “this is so awesome.” She runs her hand down the strip the clippers made “Mmmm” she purrs. The clippers continue chewing through the rest of her hair and soon she’s left with a feint cap of grey fuzz on her head. She rubs her right hand over her head and purrs again “Oh, I could get used to this.” She says as her left hand sneaks down past the waistband of her panties and her first two fingers make their way into her wet pussy stroking her throbbing clit. “No, no wait, have to finish first.” She opens the cupboard again and digs around until she finds a can of shaving cream and a dusty, old, ornate straight razor with a copper handle “How could someone leave this hanging around” She questions looking at the razor “Oh well, guess I have to be extra careful now.” She fills her hand with cream and smooths it out all over her head before taking up the razor and carefully running it over her head leaving a totally smooth strip on her head. Checking it before removing the next strip of cream and denuding her scalp further Alex’s legs turn to jelly as her hand rubs her bare skin. “Okay, definitely gotta hurry up now.” She mutters as she picks up the shaving pace, still being mindful not to cut herself. As she finishes shaving the last bit of her head she checks over it all for any remaining hairs “Ohhhhhh” she moans as she feels her freshly bared scalp for the first time and her left hand resumes its journey into her pussy. She can’t help but grunt and moan as her fingers travel across all of her most sensitive spots moving faster and faster until she can’t take it any longer and she falls to the floor orgasming all over the tiles. She sighs contently as someone knocks on the door “Is everything alright in there? I heard what sounded like something fall.” Another woman’s voice calls out “shit” Alex whispers under her breath “Yeah we’re all good, I just dropped… a hair dryer.” She lies “Alright, just wanted to make sure you were okay.” “Yup, thank you.” Han says as she hears the woman’s steps fade away. Alex grabs a towel off of a shelf and a broom and gets to work quickly cleaning up her mess, pocketing the razor, and then she picks up the wig and wig tape carefully attaching it to her head. It fits perfectly now that there is no other hair to interfere and even Alex herself finds it hard to believe it’s actually a wig.

Returning to the Control Centre Alex walks back up to Barry “What do you think?” she asks. Barry turns around in his chair but before he can speak another voice responds. Turning around Alex sees Director Warrens “Very good job Agent Han, if I didn’t know better I’d think that was your real hair.” He says “Now as Barry told you earlier we want you to be completely settled in the Chinese safe house as soon as you can be so we’re going to need you to head to your apartment and only grab essentials, don’t worry about clothes or anything of that sort, they will be provided for you in the safe house, as well as a phone with an emergency line to us and all the information we have on Kiyohime and her plans with Zhou Li. Then head immediately to hanger 2 and take the Blackwing to the outskirts of Beijing, we have a private air strip there, you should land about 3 am their time.” Agent Han salutes and heads off to the hanger bay.

It’s dark by the time Alex lands at the strip. She thanks the pilot as she departs the plane and watches him take off back to headquarters. There’s a car provided for her in the hanger bay and a secure phone containing all that Director Warrens told her it would. Following the predesignated GPS in the phone Alex makes it to the safe house at 3:30 and enters inside as the phone rings. “Uh Hello?” she answers hesitantly “Agent Han, its Barry. We’re just calling to make sure you arrived safely.” “Yessir, just walked in the door now.” “Good. Now if you ever need to call us just redial this number, there will always be someone watching the phone.” “Got it.” Agent Han replies hanging up the phone. She quickly strips down, dumps her clothes into a laundry basket, and turns on the taps for the tub. Sinking into the warm, bubbly water Alex stares into her reflection in the water “Something doesn’t look right…” she thinks to herself “Oh that’s right!” She reaches up and carefully removes the wig from her head and lightly tosses it onto the counter top. “I nearly forgot; guess it really is that good a wig. Still don’t see why shaving the real Zhou Li was necessary but Barry is right she’s a wanted criminal that’ll be the least of her punishments.” Taking thoughts of work out of head Alex’s right hand slowly crawls back up to her scalp, gently running itself over the fresh, smooth job she did “Ahhh, this is still so wonderful.” She thinks as her left hand finds its way back into her vagina returning to its job back in the HQ bathroom. The feeling of her head excites her more than she’s ever been before and she can’t help but lose it within seconds. Back in the bedroom, still wigless and dressed in only a silk robe, Alex picks up the agency phone she was given and looks for the information regarding her meeting with Kiyohime. “Tomorrow at 8 pm, the Golden Dragon Café. Should be easy enough to remember.” Alex slips the robe down her naked body and goes to sleep still rubbing her head.

The next evening Agent Han, her wig flawlessly reapplied and wearing a gorgeous purple qipao, arrives at the Golden Dragon. She enters to discover that there is nobody else in the restaurant save for a familiar looking Japanese women sitting in the back corner wearing a black cocktail dress not to dissimilar from the one shown in her file photo. As Alex walks closer she sees the woman is flanked by two tough looking Japanese men dressed in black suits. Agent Han is stopped by one of the men and patted down for any weaponry or surveillance equipment, before being allowed to continue to the table. “Wow, she’s a lot younger then that photo made her look.” Alex thinks looking at the woman in front of her “So, you’re the one they call Kiyohime?” Alex says in Japanese. The woman stands and bows to Alex “Yes, and I presume you are the mysterious Zhou LI?” She responds in Mandarin with a small, quiet voice. “And I wasn’t expecting her to sound so young.” Agent Han returns the bow “You would be correct.” “Very good.” Kiyohime and Alex sit back down and the crime lord waves her hand at her men, indicating them to leave. A woman dressed as a serving girl walks in with a teapot and 2 cups, setting them down on the table and quickly pours both the woman a drink before returning to the kitchen as fast as she can. When the two women are finally alone Kiyohime looks straight into Alex’s eyes and speaks again “Very brave of you to arrive without any form of protection, Miss Zhou.” Han crosses her arms “Looks less suspicious walking by myself then flanked by guards.” She replies. Kiyohime smirks “But how do you know that I did not arrive here to take you out?” Agent Han returns the look “I’ve heard about your work. If your plan was to kill me I never would have even made it through the front door.” Kiyohime nods “I’m always glad to know my associates do their research before making a deal.” She takes a sip of the tea in front of her “Now, onto business. I’ve come here to China to ask of you a request.” Agent Han simply continues to stare at Kiyohime “My organisation is trying to strength our grip on the Japanese underworld, but we are unfortunately undersupplied compared to our competition. Now I’ve heard that you and your people have managed to synthesize a new, even more potent strain of Carfentanil and I’ve personally come here in hopes that you would make a trade deal with me.” Agent Han relaxes her arms and sits up straighter “What’s in it for me?” She asks. Kiyohime takes another sip of her drink “I’d be willing to give you a 10% share of all profits my people make selling the drug on our streets, on top of the price of buying the drug of course.” ‘Zhou Li’ snorts “How about 33%?” Putting her cup down Kiyohime rests her chin on her hands her eyes getting intense “The highest I’m willing to go is 17%.” She says sternly. Alex is taken aback for a moment at the sudden change in attitude “Deal,” she says bowing once again “now how about we go out for a celebratory drink. On me.” Kiyohime stands and returns the bow “Apologies Miss Zhou, but I have other things to attend to.” “Come on, you wouldn’t want to turn down your new business partner would you?” Kiyohime lowers her head, “No of course not, but my guards may not be too pleased with this change in plans.” ‘Zhou Li’ looks at her cocking an eyebrow “I’m sorry, are they your boss?” “…no” Kiyohime says softly, the delicate nature of her voice still catching Alex off-guard “but I am still dealing with some dissenters since taking control after my father’s passing.” Alex looks at the girl “I’m sorry about your father.” She says “But trust me if you don’t put these people in their place they’ll never give you the respect you deserve.” Kiyohime looks nervous “I just don’t want to start a war with my own people and bring shame to my father’s memory.” ‘Zhou Li’ laughs causing Kiyohime to jump “They won’t start a war if they’re afraid of you. All you gotta do is scare them into obedience.” Kiyohime’s eyes cast downwards “I don’t know if I’m strong enough to do that.” Alex laughs again “Miss, if you’re half as scary with them as you were making that deal with me you shouldn’t have a problem putting them in their place.” Kiyohime smiles softly at the complement “Of course.” Alex follows as Kiyohime walks up to her guards “Hiro, Shinji” she addresses them loudly in Japanese “Your work is done for tonight.” “Sorry Ma’am, Mr. Ito told us to not leave you side tonight.” The guard on the left responds. Kiyohime’s eyes narrow and her voice hardens “I am the head of this organisation!” she shouts “And I told you to return to base!” The two men’s eyes widen at their boss’ anger and they bow deeply “Apologies Miss Kiyohime, please don’t be upset. We’ll be on our way.” The right guard says as the men leave the restaurant. “And you make sure Masahiro hears about this!” Kiyohime yells as the guards leave in their car. She startles as Alex claps in response to her outburst “Very well done Kiyohime. You even had me scared for a second there.” “Thank you,” Kiyohime returns to her normal, timid voice “but please use my real name, Chiho, Chiho Sato.”

It’s nearly dawn when the two women return to the Shadow Hand safe house that was provided to Alex. Having drunk more drinks then either one of them sanely should have, they simultaneously crash on the bed giggling and wrapped in one another’s arms. “Zhou Li, this has been the best night of my life.” Chico slurs “Mine too.” Alex agrees. Suddenly Sato rolls on top of Alex kissing her passionately, with Alex returning the action. Both women move higher onto the bed hurriedly ripping their various garments off barely breaking their embrace. The next few minutes are filled with grunts and moans of pleasure and ecstasy as the newfound lovers can’t help but explore their partner’s most sensitive areas. Between the flicking of tongues, twisting of nipples, and bending of limbs the two soon find themselves exhausted and lying next to one another trying to find their breath. Chiho’s hand goes up to Alex’s head as they catch their breath “Zhou Li I just love the colour of your hair.” Sato says running her hands through the wig “Is it natural?” Alex smirks “It couldn’t hurt to tell her the truth here right? She’ll be in Shadow Hand custody by the end of the week and by then she’ll know the whole truth anyway.” “Do you want to know the truth dear Kiyohime?” She asks circling the crime boss’ nipple with her finger “Unhhh,” Chiho moans “y-yes and I told you, call me Chiho.” Alex stops playing with her breast and slings her leg over Sato’s body straddling her “No Chiho, it isn’t natural.” “I knew it. How long did it take to make such a beautiful and amazing colour for the dye?” Alex chuckles “Oh it’s not a dye job either.” Sato cocks her head “But I thought you said it wasn’t natural?” “It’s not.” Agent Han replies and raises her hand to her ‘hair’ sliding it back and revealing her smooth, creamy scalp to the naked woman under her. “Oh my god.” Kiyohime gasps “Zhou Li you look amazing!” “I know” ‘Zhou Li’ responds while throwing the wig into the corner of the room “and we could make you look amazing too Miss Sato.” “Wh-what do you mean?” Chiho says shocked. Alex leans down and gently nibbles on the Japanese woman’s ear before whispering into it “I never go anywhere without the supplies necessary to keep my head clean. Just say the word and you can join me in this bliss.” “I, I don’t know. How do you know I could pull it off?” Agent Han takes Chiho’s hands in hers and put them on top of her head before cradling the woman’s face, staring into her eyes intently. “Chiho Sato, you are one of the strongest and most beautiful women I have ever met. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that you could absolutely make the bald look seem even more gorgeous then I do.” Sato blushes “You really think so?” ‘Li’ nods “Okay, let’s do it!” Alex jumps off the bed, grabs Chiho’s arm, and heads into the bathroom.

Sato sits on a stool in front of the bathroom mirror as Alex carries in a small case of haircutting supplies. Opening the case up Sato sees a large pair of hair clippers, a pair of scissors, a can of shaving cream, and an ornate looking straight razor with a copper handle. “I assume you know how to use one of those?” Chiho says indicating to the razor “It’s the only thing I use to shave my head.” ‘Zhou Li’ replies. A towel is wrapped around Chiho’s shoulders and Alex takes Kiyohime’s long, luxurious hair into a huge ponytail with her hands before moving the scissors towards the fist sized mass of hair. Sato winces as she hears the slice of the blades opening at the back of her head “Zhou Li, are you sure I’m going to look even half as good as you?” she says her voice quivering “Sweet Chi-Chi, I promise you that you will be the even more stunning than you are now.” Kiyohime takes a deep shaky breath “Okay, I trust you.” She responds softly. Agent Han stops for a moment at this comment “She sounded so genuine there… I, I think she might actually be serious, she honestly trusts me, a woman she not only just met but is actually lying to her. I can’t keep doing this can I? It would devastate her when she finds out the truth…” Alex shakes her head quickly “What am I talking about she’s a dangerous criminal. I shouldn’t be worried about her emotions… yet I am…” “Zhou Li, are you alright?” Chiho speaks up taking Alex out of her thoughts “Uhh, yeah, yeah” she clears her throat “I’m okay. I was just thinking, we don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. Wouldn’t want to make you do something you’re unprepared to do for my sake.” Sato turns around in the stool “Are you sure Li? I saw how excited you were to do this before in bed.” Alex shakes her head “Yeah it’s cool; we aren’t talking about my head here. You do whatever you want with your hair; don’t let me or anyone else ever convince you to do things you aren’t happy with. You’re an amazing woman Chi-Chi, always remember that.” Sato giggles “What’s so funny?” Alex asks “You called me Chi-Chi that makes twice now.” “Oh sorry, I didn’t even realise I said it the first time.” Sato smiles at ‘Zhou Li’ “No it’s okay, I like it actually.” “Well then Chi-Chi it is, but only in private. Wouldn’t want your secret released in front of either of our crews would we?” Alex says smiling, Chi-Chi smiles back and giggles again “No, of course not.” The two women retire to Alex’s bed and fall asleep cuddling one another, blissfully.

It’s nearly noon when Alex is startled awake by her phone ringing. “Hello?” she asks blearily “Agent Han,” the masculine voice calls out “it’s been over 24 hours since your last report, how is the mission going, do you have any more information regarding Kiyohime and Zhou Li’s meeting?” Agent Han quickly rises and dashes into the bathroom, locking the door. “Uhh no sir, Director Warrens.” She lies “I have been unable to make any contact with Kiyohime. She cancelled the meeting last night due to some other business causing her to return to Japan.” “Damn,” Dir. Warrens says “did she say when she would be available again?” Alex rubs sleep from her eyes “No sir only that it wouldn’t be for some time.” The line goes quiet for a few seconds “Very well agent, we’ll be giving you another few days. If you can’t make contact with Kiyohime by then we’ll have you return.” “Yes sir.” Agent Han replies hanging up the phone. “What the hell am I doing?” Alex thinks to herself “I just boldfaced lied to the head of my organisation, and for what a girl? Have I lost my mind?!” Alex jumps at the sound of knocking at the door “Zhou Li who are you talking too?” Chiho’s quiet voice barely passes through the door “Nobody important Chiho, just one of my lieutenants wondering what’s going on.” “Oh gosh, I hope our time last night didn’t lead to you getting in trouble.” ‘Zhou Li’ chuckles “Chiho I’m the boss, I can’t get in trouble.” “Oh right…” Alex unlocks the bathroom door and embraces Sato, stroking the shorter woman’s long hair. Chiho tries to return the gesture but is shocked by the feeling of sandpaper on her hand Alex laughs again “Yeah, guess I have to take care of that don’t I?”

Alex carefully shaves away the last few hairs on her head and bows her head to Chiho “Here, check to make sure I didn’t miss anything.” Chiho’s hands gently glide over the clean head causing a soft moan to escape Alex’s lips “Li I was thinking about it and…” Chiho speaks up “and I really want to have my head shaved like yours!” she quickly blurts out; Alex looks up at her surprised. “Really Chi-Chi, are you sure?” Sato nods assertively “I am positive.” She says more bravely “Okay, if you’re so set on it I’m not going to stop you. Take a seat.” Alex stands up and dusts off the stool. Chiho stares ahead into the mirror as Alex drapes a towel around her neck “Chiho, I just want to be certain you won’t regret this. It’s only been a few hours since you were last in this position and you changed your mind then. If you’re going to do this I want to be sure it’s because it’s what you want, not what I want.” The Yakuza boss narrows her eyes and looks at ‘Zhou Li’ “Li, I couldn’t sleep at all last night because of this idea running through my head over and over again. Trust me, this is what I want.” She says sternly, ‘Li’ nods and picks up the scissors. She grabs a large handful of Chiho’s thick, black hair and slices through it with the scissors, causing over 4’ of hair to slide onto the floor. Chiho gasps as she witnesses this. “Are you still okay Chi-Chi?” Alex asks. Chiho takes a deep breath and smiles at her lover, “Yes, I’m good. I just wasn’t expecting the rush of pleasure as my hair separated.” She giggles. Alex laughs when the words register and grabs another pile of hair “I guess I should hurry up then huh?” she says as more hair falls to the ground. Soon enough the length is gone and Chiho Sato is left with only a crop about 3 inches long all over her head. “Wow,” Chiho exclaims “I haven’t had my hair this short since I was a baby!” She runs her hands over gleefully. Alex smirks, “Yeah,” she starts “and it’s about to be even shorter than when you were born.” Chi-Chi jumps as the clippers pop on and start shearing up the back of her head “Oh my goodness. Those feel amazing!” Chiho screams in ecstasy. Alex nods “I know right?” she says and laughs again. As the clippers continue their path over Chiho’s head she can’t help but get excited. Her hands begin to gently massage her pussy and she starts moaning. “Hey,” Alex chides “don’t go exhausting yourself before I get to play.” She says smiling at Chiho who continues masturbating. The clippers continue buzzing over Chiho’s scalp, revealing more and more stubbly skin and soon enough her head is completely denuded. Chi-Chi runs her hands over her head, feeling her new style and screams again in pleasure. “Oh Zhou Li, this is so amazing! I’m so glad I decided to go through with it.” ‘Zhou Li’ smiles “And we’re not even done yet.” She says shaking the can of shaving cream and spraying its contents over Chiho’s head.

The scraping of the razor excites Chi-Chi even more as she finally sees the beginning of her smooth scalp. She once again begins to run her hands over her moist pussy and moaning in delight “Oh Li, how can this feel so good.” She cries out “I don’t know Chi-Chi,” Alex says “but damn am I glad it does.” She laughs. The razor continues to scrape away ever last inch of Kiyohime’s former waterfall of hair until all that is left is a match to Alex’s smooth head. As Alex makes the final pass over Chiho’s head the Yakuza boss stands up and hugs her lover. “Let’s go back to bed right now.” She begs Alex, who quickly obliges.

Alex picks Chi-Chi up, kisses her on her newly bald scalp, and carries her into the bed, all the while Chiho is running her hands over Alex’s scalp. Reaching the bed Alex carefully places Chi-Chi down and crawls in next to her, embracing her in a deep kiss before descending to her crotch and beginning to eat her out. Between Chiho’s screams as she’s being fucked, and the sound of the bed slamming against the wall, Alex is unable to hear her cell phone ringing in the bathroom where she left it. “Zh-Zh-Zhou Li! ZHOU LI!” Chiho shouts trying to get the other woman’s attention. “ZHOU LI!” Alex pulls away from Chiho’s vagina and smirks at the yelling woman “Oh yeah babe,” she purrs “I love it when you shout my name.” Chiho pants slowly, “No Li… it wasn’t… that… Your phone… was ringing…” Alex curses under her breath “Couldn’t have picked a worst time.” She mutters. Sighing she looks back at Chiho “I’ll be right back.” She says smiling before returning to the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.

“Agent Han here.” Alex answers. “Agent Han, this is Director Warrens. I know we just spoke a few hours ago, but one of our other agents over there just informed us that they saw some of Kiyohime’s men operating in a shipping warehouse at the dockyard not too far from your safe house. We have reason to suspect that she is still there as well, but we don’t know for how much longer. Our operatives are watching the area for any changes, but we just cannot risk losing her. The parameters of your mission have changed Agent Han, head to the warehouse and capture Kiyohime immediately.” The Director commands before abruptly hanging up on Alex. Alex just stares at the phone mouth agape for a few moments, and again Chiho’s knocking shakes her out of her revere. “Are you alright Li?” Chi-Chi asks sweetly. Alex sighs and opens the door. She kisses Kiyohime passionately again and walks over to the bed where she flops down on her back. Chiho, confused by this action, heads over and sits on the bed next to ‘Zhou Li’. She runs a hand up and down her lover’s arm “Is everything alright Li?” she asks again quietly. Alex takes a deep breath and sighs “No Chiho, everything is not alright…” She says solemnly “Is it something I did?” Chiho questions “No,” Alex responds “it’s something I did in relation to you though…” Chiho looks at her quizzically “What did you do Li?” another sigh from Alex “I fell in love with you Chi-Chi, I fell in fucking love with you.” Chiho giggles amused “I don’t see how that’s a bad thing.” She says laughing. Alex stands up “It isn’t, or at least it shouldn’t be.” Alex begins to pace the room “However it is when I’ve been lying to you this whole time…” she admits. Chiho gasps “What!?” she says alarmed. Alex rushes over to her, kneeling next to her, and takes her hand. “I’m sorry dear Chi-Chi; truly, honestly, and absolutely sorry. I didn’t want to, not after I got to know you, but it was my job.” Kiyohime takes her hand out of Alex’s and stands up, beginning to put her clothes on. “What on Earth do you mean, your job?” She spits the question to Alex “Were you supposed to kill me Zhou Li?” she snarls. “No, the opposite in fact, I came here intending to capture you alive and bring you back to Shadow Hand HQ.” Alex explains. Chiho’s eyes grow huge, “The great Triad boss Zhou Li is actually a Shadow Hand agent?” she sputters. Alex shakes her head “No again…” she rises and fishes her official identification to Chiho “My name is Alexandria Han. I’m a First-Grade Shadow Hand operative. We captured the real Zhou Li a few days ago and I was sent here pretending to be her after she revealed her incoming meeting with you.” Kiyohime examines the various credentials and paperwork Alex handed to her “Why are you telling me all of this now?” she asks. “Because the director just called, informing me that our timetable for your capture has been moved up to ASAP. I’m supposed to join a squad of other agents that will be raiding your hideout in the docks as soon as I arrive.” Chiho looks at the agent confused “Why would that happen?” “Because I lied to him last night and said that you had to make an emergency trip back to Japan.” Alex says despondent “So when those other agents discovered your base, they thought you were planning something.” Chiho’s eyes tear up “You-you honestly risked everything for me?” she says sobbing. Alex begins crying too “Yes, and I’m so sorry Chi-Chi.” She says walking over to Kiyohime and hugging her. “Oh Alex you don’t have to be sorry about love.” “No,” Agent Han starts “not that. I’m sorry about this.” She finishes as she quickly plunges a syringe of tranquilizer into Chiho’s neck knocking her out immediately.

A few days later Chiho Sato, the Yakuza boss known as Kiyohime, is sat in a small, grey, windowless cell in Shadow Hand’s top secret headquarters. The slot on her prison door slides open and a tray of formless, grey food substance plops into the cell. The shaved woman picks up the tray and as she does so feels something odd under it. She turns the tray over and taped to its bottom is a note that reads:


“I know you’ll never truly forgive me for what I did to you, but I hope that this can at least begin to repair our relationship for the future. I love you Chi-Chi, forever and always.”

Chiho begins to cry reading the note and runs her hand over her bristly scalp. Attached at the bottom of the note is a key that she uses to unlock her cell door and escape quietly into the night.

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