Stacy goes to college

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Stacy was finally living her dream of attending college. As her parents bid her farewell and left her dorm room, she felt a tingling excitement race through her veins. Eager to explore her new surroundings, she decided to venture into the nearby town.

Walking the streets, Stacy’s eyes fell upon a barbershop. Unbeknownst to her, a strange force seemed to pull her towards it. Her body moved on its own accord, guiding her inside the shop. She sat in the chair and blurted out, “All off, please.”

The barber, taken aback by her sudden request, hesitated but obliged. He removed the guard from the clippers and buzzed her hair until it was no more than stubble. Unwilling to stop there, Stacy declared, “I’m not bald yet.”

Without hesitation, the barber draped the cape back over her, applied a lather of shaving cream, and skillfully shaved her head until it was smooth and shiny. Surprisingly, Stacy felt a newfound sense of freedom and confidence wash over her.

As she left the barbershop, the cool breeze kissed her newly bald head. Strangers gave her sideways glances, and one person even dared to rub her smooth scalp. Unfazed, Stacy maintained her pride and walked back to her dorm room with a smile.

Weeks passed, and Stacy returned to the barbershop every seven days. She became a regular customer, enjoying the feeling of having her head shaved smooth, even opting for the barber to shave her eyebrows. Eventually, she even landed a job at the barbershop.

Back in her hometown, Stacy’s arrival was met with shock and disbelief. Her parents, gasping for air, could hardly process her alien appearance—completely bald with no eyebrows. Yet, Stacy remained unchanged, standing proudly in her newfound identity as the weird bald girl.

Her story became legendary on campus, and she became a symbol of individuality and fearlessness. Stacy’s college years were transformative, not only for her educational journey but also for her journey of self-discovery

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