Stalker – part 1

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If someone had ever told me that I would get involved in this, I would not have believed it. For a long time, I was too timid and not popular with girls. I was in a temporary relationships times to times, but things weren’t going well. Partly because of my appearance, partly because of my character. Several years later, I’m still impressed by what I did back then.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           7 years ago

It’s hard to believe. After so much time of dreaming, long preparation, choosing a place. I was really going to kidnap her and make her mine.

And it all started so long ago and so usually. I was surfing Instagram looking for pictures of beauties. Among them there were many wonderful ones, but so typical for me. I didn’t find anyone interesting until I scrolled down the search and saw her. He is approximately 165 centimeters tall, has an ass pumped up with the help of fitness, beautiful legs, size 2 breasts. And, of course, long red hair that reached her buttocks. I became interested.

She was a fitness trainer in a small city that was in the same region as mine. That’s luck.

I had another dream girl in mind, but this one also intrigued me.

She uploaded quite a few stories and photos from places in her city, so I was wondering where I could find her. I decided to look through photographs for the exact places where she visits. While the names of some places were directly given by her in the description, many had to be found by my own. I had to compare data from Google maps and search queries with what was in her photos.

As a result, I was able to approximately determine the places which she visits sometimes, but still I did not know the exact places where it could be guaranteed to be found.

But the clue was that I was able to find out the name of the fitness club where she works out. I decided to sign up this club and appear there more often. Fortunately, I was on a two-month vacation and could afford to spend time on this.

My looks was not repulsive to women, but it was not memorable either. The most ordinary person, of which there are many. Normal height, average weight for a person in Russia, inconspicuous face, black hair. An looks that is difficult to describe, knowing which it is almost impossible to find a person. This was my plus in this situation. I wasn’t afraid that someone would identify me if I did what I really intended.

I decided for myself that if I had the courage to do what the darkest parts of my soul told me, then I should do it in a month. Therefore, I took a subscription to this hall for 6 weeks. If I disappeared immediately along with the object of my passion, I would arouse suspicion.

I didn’t meet her right away. The first week I couldn’t catch her, but this moment happened. At that moment I was stunned. While many people look different in photos and in real life, she looks amazing in both ways. It turned out that she is one of the coaches in this place. At first I did not dare to follow her, I was too timid. I preferred to wait until our next “meeting” with her.

Next time, I waited until her working hours ended and carefully followed her. As I said before, my inconspicuous looks did not attract much attention, neither from her or from other people. Therefore, I was able to carefully get lost among other people along her route without any problems. And so I managed to find the place where she lives. It was a large multi-story building. At first I thought about following her into the entrance, but I realized that there was no point in that. It was a risk of being discovered. In addition, the idea of kidnapping her from this building where there might be cameras or people who could see and remember my face seemed absurd to me.

The next few times I followed her again to make sure she was taking the same route. I remembered each part of this route, there were only a couple of places where there were dark corners where I could try to somehow realize my plan.

At first I was very worried about what I was doing, but now I calmed myself with the thought that now I have not yet done anything illegal.

As a result, after I was able to get all the information I needed, I decided to prepare a plan.

I chose one of the places on her route that was mostly deserted and decided to do everything there. According to my plan, I was supposed to quickly inject her with a fast-acting tranquilizer and when she passed out, put her in a wheelchair, covering her with a blanket. She was supposed to look like a sleeping invalid person in wheelchair. This was supposed to give me the opportunity to quietly take her to the car that I left nearby.

The moment of truth was near. Whether I decide or not? Everything was ready, but until the moment of the fateful step I could give up. But the impulse in my brain told me to go to the end. I carried a folded wheelchair and followed her at a normal pace. As we turned to the right place, I sharply accelerated and stuck a syringe hidden in my pocket into her neck. I closed her mouth for several tens of seconds, during which the tranquilizer went off. This seconds felt like an eternity. But in the end, according to their results, she passed out and I was able to sit her in the wheelchair I deployed. Then, without any problems, I was able to take her to my car and load her into it. I drove the car to another dark alley on the outskirts of the city and, tying her up, put her in the trunk of my car.

Luckily for me, there were no police watching the road anywhere along my route. I was nervous the whole way, but in the end everything worked out well. I got to my house.

My house was in a small regional village. The village was not crowded. When I built my house, I chose a place away from other houses. Didn’t like being the center of attention. Therefore, when I brought my prey no one could see it.

My home had a wonderful basement prepared in advance for my new pet. It had wonderful sound insulation, so no one couldn’t even hear what was going on there from inside the house. When I made this basement, I didn’t know if I would ever find a use for it, but now the answer was given by itself. There was a small cage in it, in which I placed her. Soon we would have to “get acquainted” with her.

Her awakening was indescribable. She tried to kick cage and scream, but the handcuffs and gag held her back perfectly. I opened the cage and loudly ordered her to crawl towards me on my knees. My face was hidden by a balaclava, but she understood perfectly well from my eyes and voice that she had to obey. She obediently crawled towards me.

I slapped her and told her that she would be my slave until I got tired of her, and that the outcome of our “acquaintance” directly depended on the degree of her submission. Right next to the cage, I ordered her to spread her legs so that I could shave her pussy. After that, feeling her submission, I put a steel collar and chain on her and led her to a bed located in the same basement. I was going to fully enjoy what I was doing this for.

After a day of repetitive “entertainment” she was tired and depressed. But this was not enough for me, I wanted her to be completely broken, so that not a single part of the soul in her would have the will to resist.

The next morning I decided to use the tools that I had ready in advance. Shaving machine and straight razors. I was in the mood to play with my red-headed mouse.

First I decided to give her a “medieval” style. I wanted to make my own variation of the «Mona Lisa» painting out of her. I shaved almost all of her hair above the forehead and to the center of her head with a clipper and finalized the result with a straight razor. Her hair was followed by her eyebrows, which I mercilessly shaved away with the same tools. The result exceeded all my expectations, and for several days I “had fun” with her tirelessly.

She was sexy, but it wasn’t enough for me. I decided to tie two braids of hair from the back of her head and shave the rest of her head, except for this two braids. You should have seen her eyes full of fear and despair. But they were not destined to stop me. In a few quick passes, I cleaned the entire area around the two long braids with clippers and shaved them with a razor. Her braids were too long, so I cut them down to a length that I could hold in my hands.

She looked both ridiculous and sexy at the same time. Her tears only whetted my appetite. Therefore, another «marathon of fun» lasting several days was started immediately.

There was a mirror in the basement that allowed her to enjoy her unenviable position. Instead of long red hair down to her butt, she now had only two ridiculous pigtails in the back of her almost completely bald head. She understood the absurdity of her looks and, crying, asked me to shave them off. I decided to prove myself as a gentleman and agreed on request of my lady. As a result, after a week of our “adventures” with her, her head was completely bald.

Despite the fact that this situation seemed to be unforgettable, I always thought that time would pass and everything would be forgotten. Hair will grow back, memories will fade. Physical painful injuries did not seem attractive to me, but I wanted the state of moral depression and the memory of what happened to remain with her till end of her life. I couldn’t and didn’t want to hold her forever, but I needed me and my deeds to live in her memory like an immortal ghost, even when I was no longer around.

So I decided to leave her a few “gifts” as a keepsake. I found an expensive laser hair removal machine and tattoo machine on the Internet. I was going to make her permanently bald and leave my initials on her forehead. Even if she can remove the tattoo, she will never grow her hair back.

I treated her body with laser for several days. I climbed into every area where at least one hair could hide. She had to forget that she ever had red hair. For that, I worked even on her eyebrows and eyelashes. She will never have hair again.

So that all the people around her could see who she belongs to, I tattooed the letters A and L on her using a tattoo machine. They symbolized the first two letters from my nickname. It didn’t matter that it was my nickname, what was important was that everyone saw her slave status.


When I finished modifying her, I felt ready to have fun with her for a few more weeks. Towards the end of my vacation, I decided that it was time for me to get rid of her, since my opportunity to live in the village was running out. I had to return to the city to do my job. I closed my house and began to prepare myself and her for the journey.

Although she didn’t even have an approximate idea of where she had been all this time, I decided to take her as far away from my village as possible, in the other direction from the cities where we lived. I injected her with a tranquilizer and threw her into the trunk of my car. Just in case, I even stained the license plates of my car so that it would be impossible to see them.

At night the highway was practically deserted. There were no cameras anywhere on these roads, so I was able to calmly take her several tens of kilometers away and throw her out of the car naked on the side of the road.

I did this not far from another roadside village, so she was not in danger of death. And her deatd didn’t interest me. It’s a pity that I could only fantasize about what both she and someone who found her experienced when morning came.

And I calmly turned the car around and drove to my city apartment.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        End of the first part

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