Stalker – part 2

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It’s been almost a year since I threw the poor ex-redhead girl out of the trunk on the highway. I decided to be careful and lay low for a while. I didn’t want to get caught. The story about this kidnapping resonated locally, but has now died down.

During this time, I began to feel a hunger within me for enslavement. It was very difficult for me all year, but my caution mixed with fear slowed me down. And at that moment it seemed to me that the person I was before had died. And now there was someone else in his place. Another me. No longer a man, but a predator in human form. Wolf.

As time passed, the fear of being caught lessened, and my hunger for violence only grew. This dulled my caution, and in the autumn I realized that the time had come for a new wolf attack. I needed another goal and another plan.

My perverted mind told me that this time I want someone younger. Fear of being caught in pedophilia suggested that it was better to look for the minimum legal age. I decided to choose a victim who would be 18-19 years old.

I started my exploration. I worked at the university, and the choice before my eyes was simply huge. The temptation was to kidnap someone I know, who studied on our program. But this meant the risk of exposure. I decided to take a closer look at other students, fortunately there were a lot of programs.

Soon I found a suitable victim. She was a pretty brunette. She was short, around 165-170 centimeters. She had long slender legs and wonderful breasts of the first size.

However, her main decorations were her shoulder-length dark hair and large blue eyes. I understood – she is my “client”.

This time, searching for information was easier than before. I followed her to the auditorium where she would have classes. Through the university website I was able to find her study group, and then through the list of this group I found out who she was by finding her from a photo.

The next part was a little more tricky. I could not directly obtain information about her place of residence. But I knew several people who are involved in admitting students to study at the university. Their software had the necessary information. It was enough to know the student’s first, last name and age to find him

I asked one such friend for help, telling him that I needed to check the information on one applicant with whom there were problems at the department. He gave me access, and now I already had in my hands the information from her passport, which contained the address of her apartment.

As a result, I was able to choose the most optimal route from the university to her apartment. But still, I decided to follow her to confirm my information.

I turned out to be quick-witted; she walked to her house as I expected. She lived in another city, not the same one where the university was. It was too dangerous to try to take it in Moscow; there were a lot of people on the roads to the metro at any time of the day. But in her own town everything was easier – it was very small, had many secluded places. In the evenings there were not many people on the streets. I needed to grab it somewhere away from the train station.

Based on results of tracking her and based on approximate calculations on the maps, I selected the approximate time and place where I need to catch her. And yet I risked to fuck up, since I needed to go to her city in advance and by car. I could have missed her and wasted so much time in vain. Or maybe even attract unnecessary attention to myself.

The place I arrived at was a good point between her house and the train station. There were almost no cameras or people there at that time. I can hide here. Tall grass and a few trees. I began to wait for her, armed with my magical syringe.

And then I saw her. Walking in a light jacket, white t-shirt and a short skirt. She looked like a dream.

There was no one around. She was returning from university late, and there was almost no one on the train. And those who were, apparently, took other routes to their homes. I was able to calmly wait until she came within a short distance of me and attacked. I grabbed her fast, covering her mouth with one hand, and with the other hand I inserted a tranquilizer syringe into her. I quickly tied her up with tape, put her in a large black trash bag and sealed it, making sure she wouldn’t suffocate in it.

Then I carefully put it in the trunk and covered her with a blanket.

Everything went so smooth again, without any problems. It began to seem to me that higher powers were on my side. I calmly got into the car and returned to my city. Fortunately, there was practically no one on the roads late in the evening.

In the time that has passed since my first time, something has changed. I grew in teaching qualifications and increased my income. I was no longer a young novice assistant, but a senior teacher. This helped me move from an apartment in my city to a private house, which was on city’s outskirts. Commuting to work became more difficult, but I was able to acquire all the amenities of my own home, including a spacious basement, which, after purchasing the house, I began to remodel to suit my own passions. So I had a place to accommodate my new guest for the next few months.

I surrounded the house with a giant fence, this made me sure that my territory is not visible, and the basement was reinforced with materials that increased the level of sound insulation. As in my village house, the sounds from this basement could not be heard anywhere outside of it. I also purchased a new large reinforced dog cage here. If only the seller knew what kind of “dog” I was going to keep in it.

Besides all this, I bought a bunch of other toys for my basement. Gags, shackles, handcuffs, whips and other tools that will be necessary to train my new “dog”. All these tools were in sight at basement, so it was very interesting for me to watch the girl’s reaction when she wakes up and, seeing all this, understands that her little delicate body will have to come into “close contact” with all toys of this room.

Soon the sleeping pet was lying naked and tied up inside her new little home, which now is cage. All that was left was to wait for her to wake up. I placed a camera in the basement that transmits video with sound and connected it via wi-fi to my PC. I had to be sure that I would not miss the moment of her awakening while I was doing my work.

This moment came a few hours later. The tied up girl began to kick as hard as she could inside her cage, continuously moaning loudly into her gag. I put my balaclava on my head and went down to her. I explained to my victim that her fate depended on her willingness to cooperate with me. That the higher the degree of her submission, the greater her chances that someday she will get out of here alive. I unhooked the gag from her mouth, awaiting words of submission.

But this time everything turned out to be not as simple as it was last time. The girl turned out to be hysterical and started screaming, threatening me with prison and harm from her relatives. She tried to pretend that her father was an important person and that he would not forgive me for this. Her brain thought it would help, although if I was actually going to listen to what she was saying, it would have been easier to kill her, because then no one would have known anything.

The diplomatic method of coercion did not work, but what do people do when they cannot agree peacefully? They start using force. I didn’t experience anything like that with my previous slave due to her pliability. However, this time it’s time to check out the whip originally designed for horses. Glad that I have a wild little horse that needs to be taught a lesson.

I opened the cage and pulled her out onto the basement floor, placing her on her knees. Literally 10 blows of the whip on the back and ass were enough for her to become more accommodating. She started crying and stopped trying to threaten me. She started begging me to stop spanking her and let her go. This was the effect I wanted, but I had no doubt that in order to consolidate it, I would need to repeat the procedure periodically.

I turned her around and forced her to work with her mouth to consolidate my initial success.

She reluctantly complied with my demands, after which I returned her to her cage and left her until the morning. I needed to get some sleep after a long day in order to begin “re-modeling” my new princess with fresh energy the next morning.

Good morning began for her with the loud hits of my whip against the walls of the cage. She woke up. This time I saw in her eyes not anger, but fear and readiness to obey. I liked it. It’s time to rid her body out of hair.

I took my good old set of razors and clippers. Without thinking twice, I started with her pussy and ass. I ordered her to sit on her ass and spread her legs. I wet her pubes and everything around this area with warm water, then smeared shaving cream over the entire area and shaved off everything there in a few minutes with slow, smooth movements. After that, I ordered her to kneel and spread her legs wider again. I repeated the same operation on her back side, shaving everything that I couldn’t reach before.

After this, I again ordered her to return to her original sitting position. She has no hair on her legs, then there were small dark hairs on her arms. Soon her arms (with armpits included) were smeared with shaving cream. After 10 minutes of my painstaking work, her hands became as smooth as her legs.

Despite my preference for bald girls, I liked her hairstyle, her dark hair and dark eyebrows. But on the other hand, I still wanted to make her hairless. As a result, this time I decided not to fantasize with hairstyles for my animal like last time, but simply to please both of my desires.

It was decided to shave off all her hair on the right side of her head. Remove all hair from that area, including shaving her eyebrow and plucking the eyelashes on her right eye.

A devilish grin lit up my face. The poor dog clearly realized that I was up to no good and got scared. But she couldn’t do anything. I picked up the hair clipper and turned it on. The princess trembled even more – she clearly understood what was about to happen. I ran the clippers just to the right of the center of her head, making a line from her forehead to the back of her head. Thus, I outlined the boundary between the two parts of her “hairstyle.” Then, using several similar movements, I removed all the hair on the right side of her head. Now it was time for the razor. I applied the foam to the stubble that had formed on her head and to her wonderful dark eyebrow. I removed her eyebrow with 3-4 passes of the razor. The stubble from her head also disappeared after 10 minutes of smooth operation of my tool. After that I used my tweezers to pluck off her eyelashes on right eye.

I liked what I saw. A striking contrast between her old appearance, which was before, and her new, slave one. Like a symbolic border between life before meeting me and life after. I showed her the result in the mirror. When she saw herself, she burst into tears. I felt triumphant again. I was on my way to suppressing the will of another bitch again. This excited me, I felt wolf’s instincts in me. For the next hour and a half, I used every hole of her body with a frantic appetite.

The next month passed quite routinely. I regularly shaved her in the same style, and in order not to have to do it all the time, I conducted laser hair removal sessions with my device, which I bought a year ago. I regularly trimmed her nails to the smallest possible size. Long nails are not for pets, they are for real ladies. With each new hair removal session, the hair grew slower and slower until it stopped growing at all.

Regular practice of spanking reduced all her resistance to zero. For some time she fell into periodic tantrums, but the whip was excellent cure for the manifestations of her temper. She no longer looked like a wild, militant girl, she was a small depressed pet, completely devoid of all dignity. This was what I wanted. I forced her to lick my sneakers with her tongue every day after I returned from the street. She has already been destroyed. But I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t want more.

I had a tattoo machine. This time I decided to give free rein to my creative side. I again stamped the letters from my nickname on the poor girl’s forehead (L and R), and on her pubis – the letters of my real name (A and K). But I decided that this was not enough. I gradually began to draw three large arrows on her belly that led to her pussy. Then I tattooed the word whore on her upper back. I made tattooed targets on her buttocks. On her wonderful cheeks I applied tattooed dicks to her, with painted droplets which were in the direction of her mouth. On each of her legs there was another large black arrow that led to the pussy area.

She cried every time she realized what I was doing to her, but when she was able to see the big picture of my art, she was even more upset. She cried for an hour or two. At this moment, the already thin line between her life before and after was completely erased.

Therefore, the time has come to destroy the remnants of what connected her with the past. Hair on the left side of her head. The merciless clipper in my hands was like a sword that cut off the dragon’s head. She quickly removed the remaining hair from her head, and the razor finished the job, destroying the remaining stubble. My tweezers finished off her last eyelashes. Now there was not a hair on her body. Nowhere. Of course, in the future I was going to work with hair removal there too.

I decided that her hair should not go to waste. I collected them after both cutting sessions. I had an idea that I thought was funny. I found a seller in one of the sex shops who agreed to make me an anal plug with her hair, which was supposed to serve as a tail. There I also bought false dog ears of a similar color.

That’s how my pet and I started a new nighttime tradition. When no one was looking and when it was dark, I took her out on chains, with false ears on her head and an anal plug in her ass. Her mouth was always closed with a black gag, and she moved exclusively on all fours. I can’t imagine how crazy this picture looked from the outside – a man walking a hairless girl on the street, covered in tattoos, with dog ears on her head, a gag in her mouth and a tail in her ass. But fortunately no one could see this (partically not fortunately).

All this time I furiously took advantage of her slave’s position, I was very excited by hew new look. After another month, her hair no longer grew anywhere, she became forever hairless. After the end of its modifications, I played with her for several more months until I realized that I was tired of her. I was tired of my toy again, I played with her too much for a long time. It’s time to throw toy away.

Last time I took my broken ex-redhead toy to a completely random place, this time I decided to play differently. I decided to first stain my license plates so that they would not be visible, I even decided to change the color of the car this time. I again chose night time, and, having put my dog to sleep with a tranquilizer, I brought her to the city where she lives! Especially for my undertaking, I bought new handcuffs and very short leg shackles. I handcuffed her hands behind her back, depriving her of the opportunity to cover her breasts and pussy with her hands. And the shackles were supposed to slow down her movement as much as possible.

I dropped her off on the outskirts of the city, near the old bus stop. I chose a point that was as far as possible from the apartment where she lived. So when the princess wakes up, a surprise will await her. She will either have to appear like this to strangers or hide at Solid Snake’s level. My only regret was that I couldn’t see what she would do and what the people who would eventually see her would think.

Smiling, I got into the car and drove back to my home. I again felt like a winner who had succeeded and gotten away with everything I did. In the year since my first abduction, no one found me, this time I also thought that everything was clean. But from my successes the question grew – what to do next? If I continue to kidnap the girls I like, even rarely, there is a chance that in the end I will make a mistake. In this case, my life will be over. But at the same time, the girls I had kidnapped before eventually became boring to me, which led me either to the conclusion that sooner or later I would get caught, or that I needed to restrain my desires. Neither the first nor the second suited me. I thought about it the whole way home.

And then in my city I saw a public service announcement on a billboard with a happy family. And it dawned on me! I used to have a love interest, a girl whom I really liked, but I had no chance with her at that time (and at the present time too). Over the years, my feelings for her settled somewhere in the depths of my soul and stopped constantly reminding me of themselves. Especially against the backdrop of my new “hobbies”. But this was the answer I needed. I understand. I will be not in need to kidnap someone again if I will have her as my slave!

Now I have a major task ahead of me. I will have to kidnap my beloved and make her my slave for the rest of my life.

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