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Hello everyone. I used to be a follower of this site for a very long time and finally decided to write a story by myself. I am a guy from Southern part of India and here just to share my fetish story with you all. Kindly ignore any grammatical mistakes as English is not my main language.

Early days:

It was the early 2000s and i was around 13 yrs old. I grew up watching anime and cartoon most of my childhood days. There was this one fine evening while I was watching Animax – Ranma 1/2 was telecasted. There was an episode where Akana Tendo hair gets cut(A girls hair is her life – Abridged chronicles) in a fight and the scene was something that caused hormonal changes in me. I was getting a boner watching it and I did not knew what that feeling was that time as i was a small kid.

That night I couldn’t sleep properly and the scene was running in my mind again and again and how the girl would have actually felt with such an incident happening to her. They re-telecast the same episode at night and also next day morning. I kept watching the episode repeatedly and without knowing what mastrubation was I was doing it. I couldn’t share it with anyone as I am an introvert and don’t have many friends. It was my first incident with hair fetishism.

After that whenever I watch any movie or soap or cartoons I was keenly looking for the girls hairstyles but it was not the same feeling I got while watching a haircut scene and also the men haircuts didn’t arouse me. I was able to satisfy myself with haircut scenes from naruto (sakura and ino haircuts), law of ueki (pink hair girl haircut), powerpuff girls blossom haircut, malena( actress humiliation haircut), Everyone says I’m fine( few salon haircuts), Xena warrior, fear factor and many more for few years.

Over the years I relived those girls lives during the haircut thinking it was me who is getting the haircut and random thoughts used to run through my mind. I was more into the forced and surprise haircuts as it was a thriller for me. I wanted to go to next level and watch a real haircut but in my surroundings all are boys and I didn’t get any opportunities to watch a girl haircut anywhere. I had lost hope and I couldn’t find new haircut scenes even on the Tv as during those days there was no internet and tv was the only source of my fetish content.

A real haircut scene:

My uncle was getting married so myself and my parents went to our native village to attend the wedding. Since it was a long weekend, most of the relatives came early and we were all staying at the same house. Along with us 4 of our relative family joined in the house. I had a female cousin and she was there too. Her name is Vidhya. We were good friends and I spent some good time with her as we were the only person around same age. Since the wedding was next day whole house was in a rush and all were busy.

A pleasant surprise:

The house decorations were done by the family members itself and my grandma asked me to get scissors for something. I took the scissors from my mom and searched for my granny and was told she was in the garden and I started moving there. To my great surprise, Vidhya was sitting before my granny and getting her hair combed. It was the first time I saw her in open hair as she always used to keep her hair braided by her mom. I just stood with scissors and my cousin was looking at me with an embarrassed look on her face. I asked my granny whats happening and she just took the scissors and asked me what took you so long and said me she is going to trim Vidhya’s hair a bit as it will look neat for the function. Those days only the rich people used to go to beauty parlour and middle class people like us used to do girl haircuts and trims in home itself as parlours are very costly.

The haircut:

My cousin hair is little longer than midback in straight line and bit wavy hair due to the braid. I just stood there and watched my granny insert the big shears into my cousin hair. I could still remember the moment as everything was happening in slow motion for me. She cut a good 4 inches from her back from the right side to middle and continued to left side. Vidhya saw the cut hair and took in her hand and was bit mad and asked granny why have you cut so much, you told you will only trim it( en paati ivlo mudi vertininga, trim dhane panran sonnenga). My granny just beat her hand and asked her to drop the cut hairs and said her its all damaged. my granny was trying to even out the hair when Vidya’s mom came to the garden. She saw the trimmed ends and it was all uneven as the scissors were tailoring scissors and it was not for cutting hair.

This time Vidya’s mom asked me to get the sharp scissors from the kitchen and i ran to fetch it and gave it to her. Vidya’s mom was complaining to granny its so uneven and started to cut it herself with the sharp scissors now. Watching all this Vidya was not even having a mirror to see how short its being cut. she was complaining to her mom that you and granny are planning to cut all of my hair?( neeyum paatiyum mothamma vetti vitralam nu plan podrengala?). I was getting a boner all throughout this haircut and I was trying to hide it and also enjoy the haircut same time. Vidya’s mom cut another extra 1-2 inches to make it all even and now her hair was just reaching between her shoulder and midback. The difference was clearly seen after the haircut and it was not a small trim which Vidya was told earlier.

The cut hairs:

Vidya’s mom collected all the cut hairs and rolled it in a paper and gave it to me to throw it away. I took it and was touching the cut hairs and how sharp the edges were and played with it before throwing it in the dustbin. I came back and Vidya was gone and my aunt and granny were having talks for the wedding preparations. i left from there and went to search Vidya but couldn’t find her hair that day and I was caught up in the wedding decorations.

Next day:

The next day at the wedding I saw her but she turned away from me and went away. I saw her braid and it was just touching the shoulders. It was like half the length got reduced from her hair and she was bit sad for it. I caught her again and said the new haircut looks good on her and she gave a small smile and asked me whether I was telling her real or to console her. Ahe then told me that she was mad at me because I didn’t stop granny from cutting so much hair off. she herself answered even if i said, granny wouldn’t have listened and we both started laughing and she asked me sorry for showing the anger on me. I said it’s fine and told her to stay away from granny next time.

Thanks for reading:

It was my first visual haircut treat and i cherished those moments even now. It was an era before the internet and was very hard to get haircut content those days. I will continue to post my other hair encounters whenever i get time to write it. Thanks for reading.

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