Starting a trend

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May woke up groggily in her bathtub.
She stumbled to the sink and splashed water on her face.
“Man, I feel so light…”May stopped as she gazed into the mirror.
Her boo Stephen ran into the bathroom,”What happened?”
May was gasping and rubbing her crown which was devoid of any hair.
“What… what… Where’s my hair!”, she wailed.
She started vigorously rubbing her clean top,”I look old!”
“OOOH, that… yeah, you… just watch this”
May snatched her boy’s phone and pressed play.
The video started in a barbershop.
May: Document this!
Stephen: Are you sure about this?
May: WWWWOOOOOO!!!! YEAH, Time for freedom!
The barber seemed freaked out by the enthusiasm and tried to talk May out of the chair.
May: You want your ducking money or not?
Stephen laughs nervously behind the camera.
May: Come on! We don’t have all day
The barber parted her crown and took out his scissors and chopped the crown’s hair almost the skin. He then used a number zero guard to shave off the remaining hair.
May: Cream me!
The barber obeyed and lathered her top scalp and used a razor to scrape away the cream.
The barber took the cape off and May slobbery kissed him.
Barber: Get the duck out of here!
May: ring finger, come on. Let’s go party!
The vid ended and May looked horrified.
How could have I done this to myself?,she thought.
“Yeah, now take a look at this”
“Please! I can’t any more embarrassment”
“Just look”
May caved and looked. A new trend on the social media site Bam-Yama! showed girls of all ages voluntarily shaving their crowns and daring other girls to do it.
“How can this be?”
“I guess you just opened the floodgates for a new fad”
May took another look into the mirror.
Maybe this look rocked, she thought.

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